Thursday, July 7, 2022

Arsenal sign Petr Cech from Chelsea

Arsenal have completed the signing of Petr Cech from Chelsea in a deal believed to be worth around £11 million.

The Czech international makes the move across London after a decade at Stamford Bridge where’s he’s achieved legendary status winning four league titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups, four Community Shields, the Europa League and the Champions League.

Just for good measure he’s also been crowned his country’s footballer of the year on seven occasions, secured three Premier League ‘Golden Glove’ awards and been voted UEFA’s best goalkeeper in 2005, 2007 and 2008.

A player of obvious pedigree the 33-year-old arrives at the Emirates determined to secure the first team football that was denied him last season when he lost his place to Thibaut Courtois. He’ll compete with Wojciech Szczesny for the number one shirt with David Ospina looking increasingly likely to leave for Turkey after just one season.

Cech is held in such high esteem by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich that the Russian sanctioned the move to Arsenal even though Jose Mourinho expressly stated his dissatisfaction. Just for good measure he also handed over a £4 million golden goodbye bonus. They do things very differently over there…

Cech is only the fourth Chelsea player to make the move to Arsenal in the Premier League era, following in the footsteps of William Gallas, Lassana Diarra and loanee Yossi Benayoun. He’s the first to do so sporting a funny little hat.

All being well, he could make his debut against his old club in the Community Shield on 2 August.

Welcome Petr.

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Never saw that coming!!! Unbelievable


Either abramovich knows something we dont or he does actually have a heart


I had to keep Cech-ing the Arsenal website to believe we were signing him, finally we have. Brilliant signing. Id love us to sign a CF who can win and change games. A 30 goal a season striker. And i think we could win the league then. Vidal rumours are very strong but as i said id like a striker. And give Coquelin the chance. Well done tho Wenger, stealing from Maureen hahahaha, specialist in bargains. Chuffed!

John Terry's a prick

Obviously I think it’s a great signing, but I wouldn’t class it as a “bargain” £11 million for a 33 year old with one more year on his contract? I don’t want this to be misinterpreted as me saying that it’s a bad signing because I think it’s rather splendid


Never mind how much we payed for him or how long his contract with Chelsea was, just the fact that we managed to sign Petr fucking Cech from Chelsea makes this a bargain as far as I’m concerned.

Bitter Pill

Bloody fantastic top, top signing. Now get me Vidal & Aubameyang. NOW!!!

jack jack jack

Strikes me as a sort of weird mafia code of honour rather than having a heart particularly.

Jose must be spitting blood. Arsene’s coming for you matey.


I hate Chelsea as much as the next person, maybe more, but I have to say this is a classy move by the rich Russian. Not something I pictured myself ever saying, but there we are.

I cant wait for super szez to learn from a proper maestro, exaxtly what I think he needs to kick on.

Welcome to the only club in London Mr Cech.

bims lay

unbefuckinglievable!….premier league title definitely ours next season!

Well done Arsene!……..please surprise me more!


Thanks very much, Chelsea. You are still, however, massive cunts.


…as is Mourinho….


Abramovich as well, don’t ever forget that.


Petr Cech is magic,
he wears a rugby hat,
he could have stayed at Chelsea
but he said nah fuck that

Andre's Sandals

Impromptu and not shabby at all. This should stick and you sir, should get an attribution every time it wafts at the emirates.


I hope he’ll wear a red hat!


Fuck yeah !!


Awesome signing!! Can’t wait for next season!


IWhat a signing. This is up there with an Ozil / Sanchez-esque signing. And to get such a Chelsea great, and fan favourite, under Mourinho’s management, makes it even sweeter. I’m excited for the prospect of Szczesny’s development under Cech as well.


Jesus Christ, I feel like my I my penis just grew by two incechs.

David C

you might want to get that Cech’d out…or is it Czech’d out?


Or Szczecked out…….



Rozza the samourai

Most stupid comment of the year! Even the pun with inch and Cech was forceful and really really unintelligent.


You do know samurai is spelt with a u not an o Mr Rozza


Hahaha shit pun but it’s a good day.

.. You Petr Cech yourself before you wreck yourself

*coat, I’m outta here


Only two?

Some Weird Guy

lets all welcome the awesome Czech. Great news!

Anonymous Kumquat

I won’t believe it until it’s on The Metro.


Or his father is spotted near the Emirates


He looks good in that kit.

Really doesn’t look like him and Maureen left in good terms – he didn’t even mention him in his open letter. Good! He’ll fit right in here haha.


Shows rather good taste, doesn’t it?

David C

Let’s take the Community Shield to penalties just so Cech can save one from Terry to give us the trophy!

Welcome Petr, I’ve always been a huge fan!


Seems Wenger’s also always been a huge fan. Took over a decade, but he finally got his man.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Terry’s style is more to sky it over the bar to be fair. His style is also to be a horrible waste of air and space.


His style is to fall down on his backside, missing the football completely, looking on forlornly as we go on to win the game 5-3!

Jon Snow

And fuck other people’s wives


John Terry takes penalty, but falls over. Ball slowly rolls up as Cech lies down sideways to stop ball then gives the finger to Terry. I never liked you, you prick, I slept with your wife by the way, we all did.

Mr. Burns



Great news, nice and early in the window. COYR.




I did not see this one coming …


fantastic news… ! COYG

monkey knees

Have that, maureen!


Good buy no doubt. But what hurts me is the widely predicted, consequent good bye for Ooooooooooospina! He was such a steadying influence in our stability last season and is seemingly being sacrificed for doing everything right. In any case welcome Petr, I’ll try to forget you played for the scumbags down town.

Glaswegian Gonner

I’d let go of Szczesny if I’m honest. Ospina has done very little wrong and provides a greater sense of calm at the back.

I don’t understand where all the “Szczesny has the potential to be world class” views come from. Ospina’s a better keeper, he deserves another season with us.


Think its more to do with Ospina not wanting to be second choice to anyone.. We know that Cech will ve No1 next season.. Sczcz is probably more willing than Ospina to be understudy.



Merson's grin

Which ones precisely?

Dick Swiveller

I’m not sure how much Opsina had to do with it, we found a good balance in midfield and Koscielny got fit agian, along with the real Mertesacker returning after some imposter played early on in the season. He played his part, and was solid whenever the ball wasn’t above head height, plus he has an awesome Ooooooooospina; I like him but I like winning more.

bims lay

I love Ospina to bits but shit happens man!……the choice is his to stay or not. if he leaves, i wish him all the best, but, i agree with arsene 100%…..the opportunity to sign one of the best keepers in the world for the next few seasons (3-4?? at least!) is too good to pass over sentiments. World class keepers are very difficult to find. We should know……we’ve been looking for one for God knows how long! With all due respects, Ospina, depite his undoubted talent and all his heroics is not one….and Szczęsny, despite his talents and all his… Read more »


Opportunity certainly trumps sentiments when it is this level of decision making. We have Cazorla, Rosicky, Jack, and Aaron, but we got Ozil because for some unbelieveable reason we were able to make him available. Right decision. We have Theo, Ox, Poldi, Gnabry, and again Rosicky, but we got Sanchez, again unbelievably available. Right decision. This is that same category. Patience and determination to make the Right choices are putting us back up top.

Welcome, Petr!


1) Wenger has NEVER discarded a player he’s scouted and bought after ONE season

2) It’ll be Ospina’s choice to leave or go from No.1 to No.2

3) from what we know of the Ospina who arrived, waited patiently and didn’t let us down when he got his chance – he will stay.

Couldn’t care less what Sczcesny decides to do, and if Wenger did, he wouldn’t have benched him for the ENTIRE season.

Dick Swiveller

Santos was only here 18 months though, that’s pretty close. I’m not entirely convinced that Park Chu Young actually exists, but I think he was out on loan after only one season too.

Replacing Ospina with Cech makes a hell of a lot more sense than Szczesny, I’d be a little more lukewarm towards the Cech deal if it’s Szczesny on his way, as we’d need to find a brilliant keeper again in 3/4 years rather than let the mantle pass naturally.




Get in!

Sebastian Frey

What about me?


Still linked, mate. Don’t worry. Maybe we’ll do a swap deal with Ospina.


lovely…. Just lovely…

Rozza the samourai

Finally ! Too bad Chelsea won all those titles Cech won. Hope he wins three major titles with us including two PL and one CL.


I hope he smuggles all their trophies out under his magic hat and burns them in an epic bonfire just before the Charity Shield.


Only one?

East Gooner

To quote the Chav’s own song:
Petr Cech is magic, He wears a magic hat(literally)
He could’ve stayed at Chelski, but he said fuck that
He saves with his left hand, he saves with his right,
And when we win the Premier League, we’ll sing his song all night!
Also Fuck Off Maureen.
Welcome Cech.
And finally COYG!

Jack's Right Foot

I am leaking with excitement.

Sideshow Fellaini

I can’t believe it. I’m living in coo-coo land.


Very classy open letter he wrote.

Merson's grin

Arsenal type class, too good for Chelsea.


I have mixed feelings. Cech is a great goalkeeper, easily amongst the very best in the world. I’m really rooting for SZCZ #1 though and can imagine this signing has chunked down his ego some. Also what happens with Ospina? I’m happy at least that with this level of competetion for the position, there is a strong “110% only” attitude in place for whoever gets the nod (zero doubt its Cech) as the starting keeper. Either way, welcome to the real club in London Cech! Waiting to see the “I can’t believe how everyone around me isn’t a cunt anymore”… Read more »


“Der Der Der DER – Pete’s a Gooner…!”


Fucking top stuff, this.


He’s not as good as Ospina or Szcz

Glaswegian Gonner

Be quiet.


Too transparent this time fats.

Pascal Cygan

Poor trolling


Just having a bit of fun!


Try to make it funny then…




Laughing at you comment CB got me four thumbs downs!
It’s a funny old game….


Come at us, bro!


Can’t wait to check out Cech our new Czech keeper.


since the rvp statement we boucht best 10 in the world, one of the best attackers in the world and one of the best goalkeepers in the world..not bad for a club without a vision

A Gooner

Absolutely true. He looks like such a stupid cunt now.


now? 😀

John gibbings

This is a big signing make no mistake. Ospina has to go, to small for the premiership


“D-D-D- DUN! Pete’s a gooooner”

super guy loves the arse

yyyyyeeeeaaahhhh boyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! etc..


Welcome to Arsenal! #Cechmate

I am hoping our new keeper can join the pre-season tour so we can have a good look at him first hand.

Tanzanian Gooner

Now that’s a statement. #COYG


Fuck yeah Fuck yeah Fuck yeah Fuck yeah Fuck yeah Fuck yeah Fuck yeah Fuck yeah Fuck yeah


People would normally be terrified of Drogba but i can confidently say cechs inclusion in chelseas lineups each time had me worrying. The man was near impossible to beat….so welcome to arsenal you One of the goalkeeping greats you!

Yorkshire gunner

Just thinking, could anyone knock up a Red hat for him, with “FUCK YOU MOURIHNO” in big bold white letters on it?


World class stopper. Flabbergasted that Chelsea would sell him to us, but Cech won’t usurp Courtois despite there being no difference quality wise IMO. I wonder if he’ll be given the number 1 Jersey.

the only sam is nelson

this is really going to send a message to the entire squad that when we can obtain an improvement in any position, that’s exactly what we will do. competitors like le Coz, Sanchez. Rambo – they are all about rising to that and proving that they are the best. We have really healthy competition at full back, in attacking midfield, in the middle of the defence now that gabriel is looking strong and chambers will grow into the role, and now between the sticks the HFB must be waiting to see who will be keeping him on his toes next… Read more »


Another world class addition……more please Arsene and thank you…


£4m just to say thank you and goodbye? Funk me I’m in the wrong job!! Welcome to Arsenal though. £4m?


Mr. Wenger has simply got his mojo back. What ruthlessness! Mourinho must be downcast wherever he is right now. Welcome CECH… I’ve always been a fan. He seems to be a good lad with a good attitude and always a great professional. Suits ARSENAL.

Getso gunner

We signed a player from Real then Barca and now Chelsea……Officially a signing club not a selling club anymore


Maybe we could chant Petrrrrrrs a goonaaarrr…when he takes goal kicks out of respect for Ospinnnaaaaa…..


You can.

dick law

Great signing. Hope it works out well for both.
Maybe we were waiting for Columbia to go out to make an official announcement
Can someone tell me why does arsenal not disclose transfer fee?

chippy's chip

Shouldnt YOU know that?


Chelsea en-cashed Cech via Arsenal.


Rosicky to stay another year and get a testimonial: Check
New youth signings: Check
New world class GK: Cech
New striker that Wenger sees fit: Pending


Absolutely buzzing right now!


Well, that’s that then.
Thanks to Mr. Abramovitch for showing everyone he has a heart by letting Cech come to us. Now I hope Petr takes his boot and crushes said ‘heart’ into a bloody fucking pulp by helping us win the Shield, FA, and PL trophies this coming season. Terry’s a Cunt! COYG!


I was hoping for Sebastien Frey. Oh well, maybe next year 🙂

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