Friday, June 2, 2023

Sunderland ready £2m Jenkinson loan deal

Sunderland have emerged as the new favourites to take Carl Jenkinson on loan this summer after the right-back’s impressive spell at West Ham United.

It’s believed the Black Cats, who recently confirmed coach Dick Advocaat will be staying at the Stadium of Light, are thought to have tabled a £2 million bid for the 23-year-old and are ready to cover his wages in full.

Jenkinson proved a popular figure at Upton Park last year making 29 Premier League appearances as the Hammers finished 12th. It’s believed the East End outfit would like to retain his services for another year despite a change in management that has seen Fat Sam replaced by Slaven Bilic.

Arsene Wenger said towards the tail end of last season that he’d sit down with the lifelong Gooner to discuss his Arsenal future.

“We will sit down together at the end of the season, but my target is to keep him here at the club.

“He has had a great season for me and he has moved forward and overall he has gained a lot of confidence.

“The decision I have to make is do I bring him back now or does he need one more year now to play in the Premier League. It is not decided yet.”

Given the club signed two right-backs last summer, Chambers and Debuchy, and ended the season with a third, Hector Bellerin, looking very distinguised in the role, it looks like a loan for Jenko is inevitable.


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One more year on loan and hopefully come back and fight for his position, I personally think he did very well for West Ham last season.

David C

yeah, agreed. Loan him out until Debuchy’s contract expires or he starts to slow a bit. He is 30 after all.

Jenks and Bellerin could be a RB combo for years!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

He walks into their starting XI in my opinion, so it would be a great move if he’s willing to do it. Staying at West Ham would also be good, if that’s even being discussed? I just hope it’s another loan, I’d hate to see the club have to sell him.


West Ham doesn’t want to pony up 2 million just for a one-year loan. We’re playing hardball. I think they probably do pay up, and this is just leverage, but we’ll see.


I do hope he goes on loan again rather than getting sold. Chambers is a CB long term IMO and Jenkinson had a good season so him and Bellerin being the two RB’s long term is feasible.


It’s amazing what a year can do. Last year after two signings and the emergence of HB made us feel that Jenko will be gone permanently. And now he has another loan spell. Hopefully he will take up his chances there and come back stronger. It will be interesting to see Debuchy’s role this season. Interesting times ahead.


If Jenko is happy with another loan I think it’s the only feasible option we’ve got. He appears to have a really good attitude and hopefully can see the bigger picture because I’ve been to Sunderland and it’s true what they say, it’s grim up north.

Mein Bergkampf

That’s not your name anymore you doughnut.


Self trolling?


Benn to major Cities in the world currently living in Brazil, live London. But to say youve been to Sunderland and its grim up North just shows complete and utter ignorance!!! I choose the north east every time.

Aden Mooosiefate Joseph

2 mill and both of Swancross’s legs should be fine eh gang?

Juan Cornetto

A fine sentiment, save for the fact that the freak you are referring to is named ‘Shawcross’ and he plays for Stoke.

Mark Hughes

When did Shawcross start playing for Sunderland?
Not sure Stoke would be happy about that deal. What do they get out of it?


He’ll certainly have a lot more work to do defensively at Sunderland! Covering for creaking dinosaurs like O’Shea and Brown will either make of break him!


Jenks and Bellerin is the future. No doubt about it.


In my opinion if possible I think it would be better if he went back on loan to West Ham seeing how well he performed there. There wouldnt be a need for a settling in period at a new club and he basically walks into the team every week. That said a possible relegation scrap with Sunderland might also stand him in good stead on the long run. But without a doubt Jenko is a Gunner!


Another aspect is that he will still be based in London.

Siz C

A nice headache…. Debuchy or Bellerin or Jenkinson….also a mouthwatering though


I wouldn’t drop Bellerin when debuchy us fit. Only if he needs a rest or for suffers. Long term no.1 RB. potential to be best fullback we have produced since Ashley Cole. Let’s hope we have a happier outcome (Damn Barca DNA)!!


Hey, you never know. After Barca signed Aleix Vidal and with Dani Alves staying, they seem to be set at right back for the foreseeable future. The “Barca DNA” may not even be a problem.

Less rambly Pete

I don’t get the impression that Hector is so into the whole ‘barca DNA’ thing. But at the same time I’d expect any players head would be turned by the opportunity to play there. It is quite the problem we have at right back. If we’re to challenge for the title my money would still be on a fit Debuchy holding that place. Good as Bellerin is I’d expect a few mistakes/off days in his formative years. Accepting that, is there a case to be made for sending him on loan to develop and bring Jenko home? I’d maybe err… Read more »


Spot on re: Bellerin’s propensity for errors. Because We Won the Cup!(tm) people have been tripping over themselves to fete him as a great RB. He is good, please don’t misunderstand my point. However, it should be mentioned that he all but gave away a penalty in the cup final, the referee simply did not call the obvious foul, and the kid has previous there. He has also been substituted after picking up an early yellow card. You would hope not to need to substitute your RB most games. Compare his performances to Nacho Monreal’s this season, and you can… Read more »

Mach iii

He should make the deal permanent…

Bellerin … Debuchy…

Sorry Jenko.


It should be his choice as to where he wants to go on loan.
With that being said his long time future lies with arsenal.


So who do we have in defence to choose from now?


…and Jenkinson when or if he returns. Anyone else?

David C

2006 CL LB Flamini, haha! And don’t forget the Coq can play RB or LB.


Out of interest, what retard thumbs down a list of our defensive players? What on Earth is there to thumb down?


Why get so emotional over a thumb down? It could’ve been a mistake or maybe someone just didn’t like your comment, it’s no big deal mate.


Or everyone hates you?


Emotional no, curious yes. Let’s say I compile a list of our defence and say they are shit. Thumbs down galore. Or I compile a list of our defence and say the sun shines out of their arses. Thumbs up till next year. Understandable reaction as I have just expressed an opinion. But here is a list I made of who I know to be our defence with the added part of “who might I have missed”. The thumbing down of a neutral question is strange. If not retarded.


I know mate it is annoying but it’s the old Interweb innit

Getso gunner

A very good offer from the magnanimous Sunderland. Him and Bellerin are surely the future RBs

Ramsey's Spirit

I’d like to see him go with Dick, the coach impressed i think so he can probably teach a fair bit, depends not on who offered most money i think but on who would value him as a more first team regular and im afraid i don’t know enough about the relative strength of Sunderland and West ham’s other options at rb, 29 appearances though seems to suggest a reasonable game time.

Mate Kiddleton

Who knows, maybe one of them will end up doing well at left back as well, Philipp Lahm styles


With his stamina, and defensive mindset (what with him being a defender!) I think Jenkinson could also do very well as a DM for us. His height would also be an advantage – its been a while since we had anyone tall in midfield – defending against free kicks etc


Girouds' Hair Wax

I think the height would help but the main weakness I thought of jenko was his ability on the ball. Always seemed a little rushed to me and a dm needs to be assured on the ball under pressure. But physically yes he could do it


Jenko whips in great crosses. Giroud would love him. I’d prefer Jenko stays in London with West Ham for one more season, after which we can access the performance of Debuchy, Bellerin and Jenko and decide which two should be kept in the club, based on performance and what they can bring to the team.

IF we do have Bellerin and Jenko as our RB, we can take comfort in the fact that we have the most handsome RB duo in the country.



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