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Wilshere frustrated by season but going nowhere

Jack Wilshere says he’s happy at Arsenal despite another injury hit campaign peppered with more lows than highs.

The 23-year-old required surgery on an ankle injury sustained against Manchester United in November and didn’t plau again for six monnths. The ligament damage, caused by a bad challenge by Paddy McNair, came at a time when the player looked to be coming into form.

Speaking to press on international duty with England, the midfielder reflected on his fitness woes and how he’s determined to stick to his style of play.

“I was just starting to play well, I was feeling good about myself.

“When I was injured, a few people said I should change my game, that should get it and pass it,” he continued.

“It did go through my head, I thought: ‘Maybe they are right, maybe I should.’ But as soon as I came back and I got on the ball, I just wanted to run with it.

“You look at the best dribblers in the world, [Lionel] Messi and [Andres] Iniesta, it seems to stick to their foot. I can work on that when I am dribbling, but I am never going to change my game.

“You have to learn from your mistakes and the only way you are going to evolve as a person and as a footballer is by making mistakes and learning from them.”

In recent weeks Wilshere has been linked with a move to Manchester City, who are known to be on the lookout for players classified as homegrown. Stressing his eagerness to stay at Arsenal, where he started his football career as a child, the midfielder noted:

“I’ve grown up at Arsenal and as long as Arsenal want me, I’m happy. I’d want to be wanted by a club, I want to be wanted by Arsenal. It’s been a frustrating season. There have probably been more lows than highs.”

Wilshere looks set to start for England tomorrow evening against Slovenia as Roy Hodgson’s men look to stretch their lead at the top of European Championship qualification Group E.

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Easy to forget that he was in better form than Ramsey at the start of the season, before he got injured. When he was on the pitch he wasn’t bad at all so for me there’s no question about his future. No reason why we wouldn’t want him at the club. Just needs some luck with injuries.

Mein Bergkampf

Jack has next season to get a lot of football under his belt so he will be ready to take over the ball playing, forward running, deep lying centre midfielder role from Cazorla in 2016/17. No more injuries please. And for the love of Bergkamp, stop smoking!

Bould's Eyeliner

Loving Jack is about as easy as Steve Carrell loving lamp. He’s got more than the best years ahead of him, there’s no reason to put up such a fuss – the press is just out of things to report.

David C

speaking of Rambo, I hope everyone watched his amazing performance in the middle as a number 10 for Wales. He was a real force in the game.

Belgium are such underperformers; they barely created any chances in that game. Contrast Hazard’s weak performances with his country to what Sanchez does for Chile! I still feel Sanchez was robbed of player of the year in the EPL.


Aaron and the rest of the Welsh team had a pretty poor second half. He gave away way too many balls, but that’s probably fatigue.


Thanks to CB for initiating this.
Please vote Ramsey NOW for best CL goal…
Barca rigging us out of this again with Messy’s goal slightly ahead.
He’s now up to 35%. Process is a bit of a hassle but defo worth it for Ramsey’s sweet strike.


He is one of ours and still young.

Looking forward to see his increased dynamism next season and see him develop more.


A legend in the making. Abd the FA is trying to make him a martyr. Suckers! !!

Sideshow Fellaini

He’s an Arsenal player. They’ll barely concede the title of best striker to Thierry…. If it was up to them it’d be Ricky Lambert every year..


Second time he’s used the same slightly odd construction. Not sure that he is definitely staying. Something not right in these interviews.

Andy Mack

All he’s saying is he doesn’t want to move as long as we want to keep him.
If the club no longer want to keep him then….
Nothing ‘odd’ about it.


Why even say it though? Contrast Wilshere’s interviews with Walcott, who sounds more positive.

Andy Mack

I guess he was asked a question. He could have said nothing but then if the club ever do want to sell him then the press will harp on about him saying he never wants to leave.
You’re just making issues where there aren’t any.


Not sure what odd construction you mean, but I understand him to be saying that he wants to be wanted on merit – i.e. as a very good player in his own right, as opposed to one whose main value is that he’s home-grown and doesn’t take up a scarce foreigner’s place in the squad. He’s also saying that he especially wants to be wanted on merit by Arsenal because we’re his club. I can’t see anything at all odd about these sentiments or about him responding, presumably because he was asked, to the rumours that City are after him.… Read more »

Rozza the samourai

Wilshere superior to Pogba. Have always told a Juventus fan, friend of mine, that I have never seen anything that Pogba did that Wilshere couldn’t do. Shame on media for creating the phony Pogba buzz.


Rozza, what are you smoking dude??

Rozza the samourai

What did Pogba do during the CL final that Wilshere couldn’t do ? Any useless technical gesture from Pogba and media put 10 additional millions onto his price. That’s all it is.

Ljungbergs Mohawk

He was a key player in the team that made the final.


Quit smoking that strong stuff.


Don’t shoot the messenger!


You’re misinterpreting what he’s saying… look at it this way: I want to be loved by someone; I want my mother to love me. Literally all he’s saying is that he’d prefer the love to come from the club he loves. Nothing more.


Does he feel wanted? Wenger 29 May 2015:

“I made Jack Wilshere start at 17 years of age,” said the Arsenal manager. “That means that you cannot show a bigger desire of wanting a player. We have always extended his contract and we have been very patient with all his injuries. At some stage I think he must feel wanted. We always stood by him through every difficult moment. Does that mean we want him to stay here for a longer period? Yes, as we would like to benefit from his talent now.”


Maybe… But last time he said that Arsene got arsey about it in a press conference saying he had supported him throughout his many injuries. Now he’s saying it again and making thinly veiled references to Man City. I think it’s odd. Odd like there’s a conversation about selling him which he does not want.


“.. in November and didn’t plau again for six monnths.”

Still recovering after FA Cup-celebrations, don’t you?

Love it.

Merlin's Panini

“Still recovering after FA Cup-celebrations, don’t you?”


Stringer Bell

Can’t believe how some cubits started scape goating him. There are a few very fickle jonny come lately Arsenal fans now.


Cundits, man 😉

Stringer Bell

Have I invented a new word, cubits I like it

Stringer Bell

Ah thanks man. Sometimes me dyslexia kicks in and I come across as a right silly cnut


Like so many footballers – he’s his own worst enemy and the attempts to palm the blame off elsewhere are pretty feeble. When he first came onto the scene – and that was a good five years ago now – he looked like he could really make something of himself. But he hasn’t. He’s been unlucky with injuries. But he’s also been patently stupid ; and his willingness to bite and senior pros who’ve told him to get his act together suggests an excess of sensitivity combined with an unwillingness to take any criticism on board and learn from it.… Read more »


Or he wants to go and doing his best to position it as not his fault

Andy Mack

You’ve got to be stirring it.
You’re the only person that reads it that way and you’re twisting it to make it fit your wishes, assuming you are a $iteh fan.


Are you a daily mirror sports writer??

chippy's chip

He is one of us and i love him to bits. Long may he stay and keep taunting the spuds.

chippy's chip

Is the moderator on holiday? I dont know why i bother sometimes. Moderator: “i dont know why you bother EVER!”

King Henry the xiv

In your dreams Citeh, in your dreams…


He looked wonderful in his late season performances and reminded all why he really is special. I wonder if deep down he knows that he did develop a bad habit of holding onto the ball a bit too long at times, breaking up our attacks and inviting too many whacks to his ankles? Surely he can fine tune that without “changing his style”?

Mayor of Woolwich

We want you Jack! The Arsenal want you.


As Take That say “Want you Jack for good”

Coat on bye….


Thank you for the thumb down, penis hole.


Make a shit pun like that, then complain about the thumb down????

Coq Au Vin

You know what would be ducking excellent? If he stayed fit for a very long time. Then we’d see the real Super Jack!


BTW: It looks like we won’t be signing Rahim Sterling. Man City will out-bid any offer that Wenger makes.



Hopefully Wenger will make a couple of halfhearted bids to drive the price up even further. I’d laugh my bag off if Schitty paid 40 million for him.

monkey knees

Fuck paddy mcnair.


There’s a difference between changing your style and making sure you don;t dribble one player too many. Heck I don’t care if you dribble the whole field as long as you don’t lose possession, which leads to us being put us on the back foot, or fail to pass when a player is in a better position to score. All what people who are telling him to change his style mean is learn to keep possession at all times – shield the ball well when dribbling and most of all, be conscious of your environment at all times so that… Read more »


2 cracking goals for England! Jack must be on cloud 9. Are we seeing the birth of Jack as serious goal threat? That’s 3 fabulous strikes in his last 4 games! Arsenal and England want you Jack…


Make that 3 in his last 3 games.


Two cracking goals indeed. And man of the match by a mile. If FA think he is a bad boy then they should ban him for the next 2 England games and cross the line

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