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Ajax unveil Sanogo

Ajax have officially unveiled Yaya Sanogo as their player for the duration of the 2015/15 season.

Using the hashtag #welkomyaya (which Google Translate tells us is ‘Hello Young man and come on into the Capital of the Netherlands of Holland’), they show him signing his contract.

Earlier today Arsene Wenger spoke about Sanogo spending the season away, saying, “He will go on loan, I believe he needs to play. He’s ready and he’ll get an opportunity to play in the Champions League.

“Dennis Bergkamp and Marc Overmars work there and we have a good relationship with them.”

So, good luck Yaya. Or, as they say in the Capital of the Netherlands of Holland, “good luck”, because lots of them speak perfect English.

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Don’t you dare hurt him!!!


Good luck Yaya. Come back bigger and better.


Remember that time Wenger trolled us by started Sanogo is massive game against Dortmund and he scored in the second minute.


Excuse the typing, a couple too many desk beers.


Go Yaya. Go do a Le Coq in Holland.


All the best in Ajax, Yaya! Working with DB10 will improve you for sure! Come back stronger and better.


Yes, perfect move for him. There’s a nice video on twitter of his welcome. Really hope it goes well for him and he can stay fit.

And in other cheering news Ainsley Maitland Niles (Conservative) has scored already for Ipswich – against Fortuna, quite a decent Bundesliga club.


“Dennis Bergkamp and Marc Overmars work there and we have a good relationship with them.” – having DB10 sure does help but what’s striking here is how Wengers network is really extensive. Fine they’re our ex players after all, but every one who’s worked with Wenger in any capacity, players, coaches, certain opposition managers even all seem to maintain good relationship with the boss and that translates to opportunities like the Sanogo loan. It may not seem much to most of you but imagine Mourinho in the same spot; his best assistant coach in Lee Clarke doesn’t give two toss… Read more »


But Yaya if you’re reading this, the city after dark? It Sanogo area



Santi Caz is gunning you down

That’s it. Get your coat. Not getting better than that.



monkey knees

Am I alone in being ever so slightly excited about this chap?!



You are not. I still believe he’ll come good. Wenger sees something in him and if we can say anything for sure than it is that Wenger knows how to spot a fantastic French striker.


He’s shown on 2 occasions he can be a real force – once against Liverpool and in the Bayern game when he was dominating the defenders until we went a man down. He’s also been unlucky having 2 league goals disallowed incorrectly which could have got him started confidence-wise.


i am not excited actually…sorry 🙂


I’m with you on this. And to make things better the Ajax loan is by far the most ideal for him, in fact I’d put him there on loan for two years, Giroud still has plenty in his tank Yaya won’t be doing much if he gets back to the grove. Getting to work with one of the best strikers in Dennis as your coach, and honing your technique down to perfection at Ajax; that could really be what Yaya needs to be top class as the rest of his game is pretty well developed (physique, positioning amongst a few).… Read more »


Still wearing the red and white. Good man.


Ajax are a good club too so if they think he’s worth a punt it’s a better sign of encouragement than a team like crystal palace coming in for you. He’ll at least play better football there.


Ajax have a tradition of development and do not tend to take on rubbish.

If they have selected Sanogo (as Wenger) it must say something about his latent potential.

Who are some of these numpties online to continually call judgement on some young players like Walcott and Ramsey, Bellerina nd now Sanogo?

Give Yahya a chance, at least for the next 2 seasons to develop. What’s the rush? Its a win win situation for Arsenal.


I’m a big fan of your Bellerina typo there. That’s a keeper.


I don’t do it to the youngsters but Walcott is 26!

Anonymous Physicist

Actually, Ajax have build a strong tradition of buying rubbish over the last 15 years or so, which is why they usually end up relying on 19 year-olds from their academy instead of any of the players they’ve bought.

Andy Mack

They may buy it but this time they’ve loaned a player with great potential.


“Who are some of these numpties online to continually call judgement on some young players like Walcott and Ramsey, Bellerina nd now Sanogo?”

May I speak for people who, when asked about their views on whether Sanogo will become a great striker or not, just give their opinion and the opinion is “no” – it doesn’t make us “numpties who attack young players”!

In reply to Arsonwenger.


Well said.


Hope Wenger pulls of another Eduardo type striker. I don’t think we need a higuain or benzema just a striker with a killer instinct a Fox in the box doesn’t have to be expensive


Go to Ajax and come back ‘stronger than Dirk’ (Kyut)


Sorry, terrible pun on the Ajax cleaner advert claiming the product is ‘stronger than dirt’


It’ll serve the lad well to go off on loan for a year to ply his trade. Hopefully he can come back looking a little less like Bambi.


Well, personally I dont think Yaya will develop into a Henry, Wiltord, Kano, Wright. No… best a Chamakh. Nevertheless, I wish him all the best.


Well Adebayor wasn’t supposed to be a good striker, was he? He came to arsenal worse than sanogo. But someway somehow wenger worked his magic and helped him develop into a top class striker. His career has fallen away since then but the transformation was there for all to see. The difference with adebayor tho was that he had henry, bergkamp and van p to learn from everyday. Sanogo doesn’t have that quality of strikers at arsenal now to work with. I really believe he’ll become a top striker.


Yaya’s a go.


2015/15 season* huh blogs? Are they stuck in time over there in Holland or something


I hope Ajax makes it into the CL. Sanogo can use that experience.

Nigerian Kanu

Yaya Sanogo go and grow into a man! @Joe its Kanu Nwankwo not Kano


Miracles still happen…

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