Monday, July 4, 2022

Brand new pics of Arsenal’s 2015/16 away kit

So it’s confirmed – Arsenal will wear a gold and navy strip on their travels next season. To further whet your appetite, here’s a few new images of Puma’s latest offering…

You can pick up one of these bad boys from today via Arsenal’s official online store.

Gold and navy for the first time since we won the league at Old Trafford
This is a blue pair of shorts
This is a blue pair of shorts
Cazorla Özil Wilshere Flamini and Cech at the PUMA Arsenal Away Kit Launch
The boys line up in Singapore
Santi does some keepy-uppy
Santi does some keepy-uppy
The players flank a weird washed out hologram
The players flank a weird washed out hologram

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Mesut's Kisses

Cech looks to be the only one that is comfortable, which is good, considering he is the new guy.


Totally off topic but I had a good laugh at Rio’s tweet: for Chelsea fans wondering who the new Leicester manager is, he is the guy who used to manage your club before you started supporting it.


Definitely hilarious. Bear in mind it wasn’t really Rio account, but still.


Which one is the blue one?


Wasn’t keen on it from the pictures floating around the past few weeks but it looks decent on the players.


I like it.


Strangely – so do I.


Flam and Ozil always next to each other. The bromance is strong on this one

Dale Cooper

Diane, it struck me again earlier this morning, there are two things that continue to trouble me. And I’m speaking now not only as an agent of the Bureau but also as a human being. What really went on between Emmanuel Adebayor and his mother and who really pulled the trigger on the design of this kit?

Hamburg Gooner

Guess you haven´t had you´re cherry pie today …

Djangoon Unchained

The owls are not what they seem…


This should not have so many thumbs down!


the blue of the names & numbers on the back of the shirt looks awful. Don’t get why they haven’t chosen black as they did in 01/02 when they wore that golden kit. Got that one with Bergkamp 10 and was really looking forward to Wilshere 10 on this one but the color destroys it big time.


It’s a kit.
Get over it.


Well. Its a post about kits so I comment on kits. That’s really strange, you’re right. Apart from that I bet 90% of the people who thumped me down haven’t even seen the color of the names & numbers.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Özil is one sexy fox.


Blimey. That picture of Giroud.

I believe handsome just got handsomer.


Someone tell Olivier to remember the suntan lotion next time


He does look distinctly…tangoed, doesn’t he?


More than made up for by the nipple action.

Thierry Bergkamp

Best looking kit in a while


Pretty awful shirt in my opinion. The new home kit isn’t too bad, however the new away reminds me of this delightful shirt:×450.jpg

Lightening Pace

One of the best shirts we ever had for me. I used to wear it when I was about 14. Mad Arsenal shirt, happy days.


Pretty much the same as last season, just gold instead of yellow

Adam santi theo ozil cech

with this new kit, I am sure we will beat man u @ home this season.

Arsenal's Legend

That smile on Santi’s face looks so authentic…. Cech seems to have being with us 4 decades.

I no cech is silently cursing terry for being a terrible cunt.

die hard gooner

i like it but why are the puma kits always tight?


Take my money!!


Marketing boys having a field day clearly!

I’m down with this nice design evolution of the gold and blue, but as with the home kit, not keen on those extra large Puma logos on the socks.

Shame we’re not keeping our retro rings (they may come back in a few seasons I guess). What do you guys think?


Sorry about last comment (blaming the 404). But honestly … Looks a bit like my ants table cloth


The kits look schmick!
Checking the store I love the new jackets too. Fuck there goes my wage..


The gold is a little too dark to me.

Really preferred the bright yellow one.


Looks good….If you are an HFB with a tan and abs. On my ginger haired, pasty white, out of shape frame the visual would not be as appealing. I have a feeling the pattern won’t be as cool on the “Normal people” Kit. (If they are doing that again).


‘This is a blue pair of shorts’


F*ckin hideous


Looks like something from Pringle knitwear circa 1978.



In the keepy-uppy photo it looks like Cech has brought his little boy along with him to the kit launch.


This kit looks terrible. It looks like a mustard colour. Who wants to spend 50 pounds or $100 on this. The third away kit black is even worse. Broo many colours. Arsenal some advice. Keep it simple. Look at Man city liverpool,away kits. Sack the marketing team Wenger. !

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