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De Boer: Ajax eager to help Sanogo flourish

Frank de Boer believes Ajax can help Yaya Sanogo fulfil his potential and revealed that Arsene Wenger still firmly believes the 21-year-old can be a top player.

The French striker will complete his season-long loan move to the Amsterdam Arena tomorrow after the Dutch giants pipped Lille to his signature.

Having scored only one goal in competitive football for the Gunners it’s fair to say Sanogo hasn’t set the world on fire since arriving from Auxerre two years ago.

However, speaking optimistically to local press about the attacker’s qualities, De Boer hinted that could be about to change.

“He’s obviously had a lot of competition at Arsenal and was very young when he arrived there.

“He showed a lot when he was 17 at Auxerre, albeit in the second tier, but he’s also come to the fore with Arsene Wenger. He stands to be a great talent, it’s just difficult to get there at Arsenal.

“I think we can give him the opportunity to once again show that he has talent. Wenger is also still fully behind the idea that he is a top class player. He just needs to make the next step now.”

For his part Sanogo says he’s aiming to emulate Highbury hero Nwankwo Kanu; a player who came to the fore at Ajax before making his way to Arsenal via Inter Milan.

Reflecting on his move to Holland, he told AT5: “I’m fit, I’ve been training for the last two weeks.

“The manager of Ajax called me last week and said ‘I want you to play for Ajax’.

“I’m very happy, I didn’t think a big club like Ajax wanted me. Now I want to work hard to play.

“I hope to score a lot of goals. I know of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Nwankwo Kanu, legends who played for Ajax. Kanu was a special player, a top player, very technical…and a good finisher.”

Good luck to Yaya at Ajax, it’ll be interesting to see if he can find the scoring form that turned Arsene’s head a couple of years ago.

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Good luck Yaya. Hopefully you make the people making fun of you look like complete tools, the same way Rambo did a couple of years ago.


I’m sure we’d all like that! 🙂


If he actually does end up being even half as good as Kanu then most of us, me included will be served humble pie. In the words of Martin Tyler, “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!” A beautiful moment oblivious to the plastic Chelsea fans who think football began in 2006.


If he ends up half as good as Kanu he will be nowhere near good enough for us!


On a note of caution: humble pie tastes funny. I have experience. Ugh!


He’s at that critical stage for a striker where he just needs to start scoring. If he scores a couple and breaks his mental barrier they are going to come like a flood.

Even in the games for us where he looked like he could have been on the field for 5 hours without scoring, he’s had loads of chances. I don’t know why exactly. He may just have that sixth sense that some people have for being in the right place at the right time. If he can just start scoring he won’t stop.

Mr. G

He could be an absolute beast if he’s given the chance to develop properly, and Ajax are a great club to go to for that. Still very raw but the potential remains there.


Isn’t he at a big club already?

Andy Mack

Yes but he’s not getting any game time………….

Le Jim

Awww “I didn’t think a big club like Ajax wanted me” broke me :((

Fuck the haters Yaya, we got your back <3

Thierry Walcott

Le Jim for President.

Yeah Yaya, we’ve got your back and, after you shine in Holland, we want you back.

Le Jim

I would enjoy being President. Of the world. I would probably find a legion of slaves to command. I’ll spare you guys if you bring me chocolate xx

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

Shame he’s in that train of thought, but he really does have a massive, massive opportunity here. Really happy for him & looking to the transition from Sir no goal to Sir mo goal, in a Flopianski to Stopianski fashion


This will be a great opportunity for Yaya.
He came in as a player badly struggling with injuries and form, and when he was put in team, people were expecting him the ground running straight away and score hatfuls of goals.

An injury free season at Ajax, with a solid amount of games, may well show us that Sanogo is a much better player than he gets credit for!


bims lay

Yes, i agree. Huge opprtunity for him and testament to his latent potentials that a club as good as ajax is willing to take him on. They, as well as arsene obviously sees something in him, that most don’t see, else this move wouldn’t be happening. I, for one agrees, arsene has been right so many times and i hope he comes back and prove all his doubters wrong. When you watch this guy play, he leaves you scratching your head why its not happening for him…he is big, powerful, quick, makes all the right runs and is obviously comfortable… Read more »


Please prove me wrong. I constantly struggle to see the ‘massive’ potential.

Always felt Afobe was better and still do. Welbeck as well to my mind would be a better striker.


Maybe. But I look at his U21 international record, the goal he scored against Dortmund, the 4 he scored in the Emirates cup and the way he genuinely changed the tone of the game in the 2014 FA Cup Final, and I like to hope.

Maybe nothing will come of this. But a season of regular play time with a club like Ajax can only be a good thing – it’s make or break. Let’s hope it’s the first one, eh?


If this kid can stay fit for the whole season, I have no doubt that he can score plenty of goals at Ajax. He needs that bit of confidence, and hopefully staying fit and playing regularly (and scoring goals) will give him that.

Arsenal's Legend

He has the best opportunity now so it all depend on how he maximise it. Even his critics wants the best for him except they are just spurds (shit).

There is something in him that makes Wenger throw him in big matches…….. I think he is the type that dont get scared of opposition and he can take anybody on. He just needs a little polish in his control, link up and end products.
with the help of the legends there am looking forward to a better Yaya by January


“Just needs a little polish in his control link ups and end products” for goodness sake!!
What am I missing here?…he is not good enough!

Andy Mack

Maybe you don’t have a clue what you’re looking for in a young player.


That photo is how his statue will look, 15 years from now.


The question is Kanu do it at Ajax too Yaya?


I hope he comes back all ripped with huge muscles and powerful legs like Jack’s and have that burst, after legends like Daboer and Bergkamp finishes with him he will be scary up front.


Yaya is like a puppy, all long legs, big feet and enthusiasm, but I really have a feeling there’s a future star in there somewhere and he’s going to the best place to find that star. Good luck Yaya!

Mental Strength

Yaya! Thanking him for inspiring the classic #ArsecastExtra question: “Does the existence of Sanogo help explain the Chaos Theory?” after #FACup11… Classic I tell you! Good luck in A’dam, avoid the coffee shops, come back stronger!


Yeah yeah go to the land of ajax and let the masters teach him the art of scoring goals out of nothing. Now yaya, that celebration! Do something about


Yeahyeah Yaya. I’m sure there’s a chant in there somewhere…


He’s such a lovable chap, I hope he fulfills his potential. There’s obviously something there if the likes of Wenger and De Boer believe in him.

Glenn Hoddle's chin

Let’s face it. If he can’t score bucket loads in the Eredivise, he has no chance here. If the likes of Altidore, Finnbogason and Depay can do it, then so can he.

AN other

I think his first challenge would be to keep fit which, given his track record won’t be that easy. He is definitely got it what it takes.


Somebody else also joined Arsenal from Ajax via Inter Milan. I think his name was Dennis or something.


Really clutching at straws now…!…

Andy Mack

His name is ‘GOD’ (and he was a very different type of player).


Really sorry but what has he done to get us thinking he could be a great striker?
Before thumbing down just because we all love a success story please outline the bits of potential brilliance we have seen or the super goals…


In pretty much every game he’s played in he’s had multiple good goalscoring chances. He looks all arms and legs on the field but for whatever reason he has an uncanny ability to end up with chances.

He fluffed 95% of them, and that’s undoubtedly his biggest issue. But if he can start finishing he is going to end up one of those poachers who you can’t for the life of you figure out how they score so many goals.


Well, he’s still young. He’s scored goals at all levels of the game up to now. He’s a beast of an man who can give defenders hell. Not to mention Wenger sees him in training every day and has a pretty good eye for spotting a real player. If you need evidence, have a look at his debut against Bayern in the champions league. Or the game against dortmund. Or the cup final against Hull when he came on for Poldi. The goals haven’t come yet but when he gets off the mark and his belief grows, he can be… Read more »


in response to Paul.


Not convinced but thanks for the reply.


Well said gar14

Andy Mack

Although it doesn’t guarantee he’ll make the step up to senior level, his youth numbers were really impressive. At that level (inc international games) he was a real ‘force of nature’ in attack. The potential is definitely there (even if Paul can’t see it) but will he take the step up or not… fingers crossed.


You can’t polish a turd…


Bergkamp, Wenger and de boer all thing the boy has potential. Some of us think otherwise! Told you, we should be in charge of this club. We know best


I’m with you Paul. Again I hope Sanogo proves me wrong.


There aren’t many British players with the same willingness and determination as foreign players. Generally speaking of course.

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