Galatasaray confirm Podolski deal done


There’s a not a lot to add to yesterday’s story about Lukas Podolski’s move to Turkish giants Galatasaray, but his potential new club have confirmed negotiations are underway with Arsenal.

On their Twitter account they posted:

So, it looks like it’ll all be done sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: It’s done.

The most exciting part about this transfer from our point of view are all the Galatasaray fans who keep trying to comment on the articles.

While we understand completely you think your club is the greatest in the world, and even that some of you get a little bit carried away by suggesting you would cut our penises off if we ever had fisticuffs together, we’re still not going to publish them.

We like our penises attached to our body and we have no desire to fight in the first place. Just chill out dudes, and enjoy the wonders of Podolski when he arrives.

#hotshot #shootfromdistance #dontcutmypenisoffwithacutlass #aha

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Say hi to eboue 🙂


Say hi to Van Persi!

Brian Mendoza

I find the lack of AD CODE, disturbing


Agreed. Where’s the AD CODE?!?!


I’m not convinced unzipping a grown man’s trousers would be so simple in a fight situation.

Sideshow Fellaini

Yeah and why not suck on the penis while it is attached.. actually I suppose that’d be rather gay. If you just detach it and carry it in your manpurse no one would know because only someone severely mentally disturbed would think of such a thing. You could even do it while in the stands while making manly monkey racist chants.


Nothing like a nice piece of penis jerky to get the saliva flowing.


What is going on here?

La Défense

That escalated rather quickly.


I thought you said the Galstasaray fans couldn’t post here?

Bould's Eyeliner

I admire this pyramid structure of comment tiers, which I shall now ruin. Beautiful things never last.

chippy's chip

Ahhhh….wonderful copenhagen.


Are you trying to tell me you don’t go into battle cock out?

Sideshow Fellaini

Good ol Turkish league dumping ground.


Interesting that Galatasaray would use social media in such a way. Us Arsenal fans know full well how a deal can collapse at the last minute. I am sure it is confidence, but it could also be an insecurity about the deal that has led them to publicize it. Put it on Podolski if he doesn’t end up signing.

Dr Funke

Turkey has strict info disclosure laws for publicly traded companies. Galatasaray have to announce any negotiation or signing as early as possible.

Getso gunner

Happy for Poldi and Gala

chippy's chip

Why them?


Why not? 🙂
Be generous.


Absolute jonkers…Eboue and Poldi in the same team…Good luck to Poldi though. He looked like a genuinely good fellow


Goodnight, sweet prince. #aha


They’re not cutting his penis off!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I like him and I hope he does well there, I enjoyed watching him play for us. But I’m glad the deal is done, he’s not good enough to get many minutes anymore. Not because I think he’s gotten much worse, but Arsenal have just gotten much better.


A little bit of both I reckon, Poldi was going a little off, and we were definitely getting better.

the only sam is nelson

a cutlass to cut off a penis? no wonder they don’t get beyond the group stages in europe that often with muddled tactics like that, clearly never going to work

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

I feel sorry for the crossbars and goalposts in Turkey! Poldi, thanks for everything and if you must punish an inanimate object make sure it’s the back of the net.


Thanks for everything and good luck.
around 30 goals in 80 games from the wing!
#aha #power #poldi #aha


I didn’t realise Ramsay Snow was a Galatasaray fan.


He”s not a snow anymore

santi dressed as santa


Titty Twistah

Come on then


More good news!


Poldi seems a genuinely nice fellow. Always enjoyed his antics on’s behind-the-scenes videos and his thunderbastard goals. But this is the right move for all concerned. Though I wish he had moved to a decent league, not that fucking wasteland. (Apologies to Turkish gooners, but you know some of your fellow lot are scum)

chippy's chip

How about murdering scum?


Good news. Campbell, Sonogo and Silva next. Bring on the upgrades!








Not in the squad


Thanks Poldi and now we have room for a new striker?


Not sure if others use it but, the arsenal section of the bleacher report app is gonna have nothing on it without all Podolskis Twitter updates haha

Best of luck thunder thumbs


Still have a simmering dislike for Galatasaray. Their fans are just the same as they were in 2000. While you can’t begrudge Podolski his move there I won’t be wishing him success. I hope they get found out for some financial doping and relegated to the Bursashpong Hyper League 12.


Gd luck lukas. Should be a good signing. A lower standard league. Should have no problems banging 15-20 goals away.

Arsenal's Legend

I love the guy but I think the love for Arsenal supersedes and the standard is now being raised that makes it difficult for average players to nail a starting berth…. #ruthelesswenger #goodbyepoldi #cantforgetthegoalvsbayarn


I assume the money is probably pretty good for him, I just can’t understand why any European would want to live in Turkey. Pretty screwed up country these days.

chippy's chip

Good luck pod but not ya team obviously.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Fucking despise Galatasaray. Cuntish fans in a shite league supporting a mediocre team. Hope they don’t rub off on Poldi.


Also………………………………… John Terry is a Cunt

Nigerian Kanu

#Aha #Poldi #ThunderFoot #Bye


Galatasary are an OK team and they probably suit Podolski. The guy is decent as a sub but Arsenal is too good for him now. I can’t remember me saying “I wish Podolski was on the bench” in 2015. Galatasaray fans are a bunch of seat-tearing, flare-throwing, ISIS-loving racist c**ts. Istanbul is a nice city to live in especially with the wages that he will be on, thanks for the memories and good luck mate.

Django unhinged

What is it about Muslim countries and the severing of body parts? Can’t we all just be friends over a nice cup of tea?


Seems like daylight robbery??


Dirty Turks : A bit dirty.

chippy's chip

A bit?? Hmmmm. Are we talking players or fans?


Ozil is Turkish you plum!

chippy's chip

So. Fans then.REALLY?


hehe, what a dick.

Rohith J

Galatasaray as a dumping ground while buying off Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barca. To think we worked the other way just a few years ago. We’ve come a long way.

monkey knees


Ex-Priest Tobin

Turkey is a very attack-minded league. Some of the fans are regrettable but it’s entertaining football and he’s well suited for it.

Just signed up to reply to this comment

I’m a Turkish Gooner through and through, and I personally take issue with some of the shit being spewed about Turkey by some of the “fans” over here. Honestly, thought you were better than that. Way to endear us to the world at large.


Turkey is fucking lovely. Istanbul is fucking lovely. A lot of he people spouting off won’t have personal experience of anything outside of the Turkish people they know in London and perhaps a package holiday to a shit resort hotel which isn’t representative of the country at all. I’ve travelled a lot, Turkey is one of the best places I’ve ever been.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Yawn. I’m sure there are people in Turkey who slag England. It happens. Some people can like a thing or place that some other people can at the same time not like. And then there are also people who will just run their mouths without knowing what they’re talking about. Neither of these are unique to Arsenal supporters, or any other group of people you want to define.

Just signed up to reply to this comment

Didn’t say it was unique to Arsenal supporters. On the contrary, thought we’d (Gooners) be better than it. Made no mention of English/ Turkish people either.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

OK fine, let me rephrase: To expect Arsenal supporters, or any other group of people, to not include anyone who says anything ever about Turkey that you find offensive is incredibly silly.


Pity he has gone to Turkey

No disrespect to Turkish teams but was hoping he would be in a slightly more competitive league.

He may be limited but still has plenty to offer out left.

That said good luck Poldy. Gala does have a rich history.