Monday, March 20, 2023

Gunners win tour trophy after 3-1 win over Everton

Arsenal have won the Barclay’s Ready Brek Trophy after a 3-1 win this afternoon over Everton.

We didn’t see any of the game so can’t comment on it at all, but here are the goals from our good pal Arsenalist.

1-0 – Theo Walcott

2-0 – Santi Cazorla

3-0 – Mesut Ozil

Everton pulled one back but nobody cared, and it means that Arsenal lift the prestigious Barclay’s Dr Pepper Trophy.

All in all it seems to have been a good trip for all concerned, and we’ll have more football next weekend with the Emirates Cup.

Feel free to chime in the in the comments about whatever happened.


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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I’d say this basically makes us champions of Asia. One continent down, one to go.

Third Plebeian

I always thought there were more than two continents.

Tazmanian Jesus

Don’t be silly…


For me, yes. Ketchup and mustard.


What about vinegar? Ketchup is a subcondiment to vinegar


Yeah, I don’t even like mustard.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

There are, but Arsenal sadly won’t be in a position to become champions of any other. Until we win the Club World Cup in December, then I guess we’re champions of all the continents? I don’t know, I look forward to sorting it all out when it happens.

My brother is pregnant

Was at the match, Walcott looked sharp in first 25 mins and started to fade…but the team’s match fitness seems to be developing well


Theo’s goal was good. But he did miss a few chances.

More interestingly though, he was playing on the left flank. Wondering is he going to be converted to cr7 style.


Who need new striker when we got COHESION

Third Plebeian

How tall is he?

Don Cazorleone

Dear Third Plebian,

I just managed to snortle coffee out of my nose.

Well done sir


Fantastic. I laughed beer out of my nose reading that.


And Squad Unity to be announced in coming days! Very exciting and immune to injuries..or so I heard..


There’s rumors SPIRIT is on the way..Apparently does well whether you win or lose.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I think it’s best for all concerned if we can sell THE HANDBRAKE before the window closes.


Install it in Mourinho’s bus.

bims lay



Why would you need a handbrake in Mourinho’s bus? It doesnt move anyways.


He’s not quite as good as Automatisms.


1 trophy down, 6 to go.


Cech, rubbish. Let in one more goal than Ospina, Szcz and Martin in the last 3 games!

And we only scored 3 not 4 like usual. All going wrong!!!

Though actually, good performance, pretty comfortable, looking good.


Saw what appeared to be Gabriel in conversation with Cech. Unless is was entirely done in gestures and laughs, it seems Gabriel’s English has come on in leaps and bounds.


Cech knows Spanish (and a whole bunch of other languages), apparently.

On the other hand, I’m not sure that Gabriel knows how to laugh.


Good point (Cech being multilingual)


Gabriel not knowing how to laugh is also a good point, credit where its due


If Gabriel is Brazilian then he “fala se Portugesa”


I know they don’t speak Spanish there, but Gabriel did play in Spain, and the languages are somewhat closer, so I hope he would have learned some. Also from other photos I’ve seen, he seems to have attached himself to the Spanish players.

Or does Cech know Portuguese too? I saw the BFG say that he knows some German as well, seems a rather impressive man.


Or Cech’s headgear is actually to hold what will be a remarkable stock of Spantuguese


That was good to watch. Anyone else orgasm a little every time Ozil passes the ball?
Also what was up with Martin Tyler’s annoying commentary. Constantly talking out his ass these days. Saying it’s the first time we saw commercial value in visiting Asia. Old man has lost his memory


Yes, Oezil superb. Would be MoM if it weren’t for Cazorla’s goal and assists.

Yaya Binks

yep, he goes on about Manure & Loserfool and now Shiteh & the Chavs….. we’re still the 3rd most success team in England….. WE ARE ARSENAL

(and he’s a TWAT)


Not having that about Martin Tyler – bit of a closet gooner at heart. Wrote a decent book about the history of Arsenal.


I think it’s you who’s losing your hearing. He said something along the lines of Arsene (Note Arsene not arsenal) hasn’t been a fan of long haul pre season trips but understands they are good for commercial reason.

All true.

Atletico Islington

Three pretty nice goals too, especially considering that it was against top half premier league opposition


Cazorla’s pass and Walcott’s run and conversion for the first goal looks very promising!


we need a much better striker
good performance overall

Man Manny

Cazorla stole the show with a goal and two assists. Can’t wait to see more of this little magician this season.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I love this little guy. He’s gonna be a hugely important player for us again this season.

Yaya Binks

Great stuff, we stopped Everton playing, closed them down quick and got the ball off them quick. Team looked focused and hardly broke sweat (i don’t count the humidity there in that statement). Yeah its only a friendly but we looked good for a team only playing a friendly. I still think we need cover for Coq but i think Theo down the middle could be awesome this season (so just sign the damn thing)

Genuinely excited for next season


It really was great stuff. I really like the look of this team. Wilshere seems the most likely to make way and play on the wings, he’s most physically equipped to play there (pace, agility, dribbling abilities) out of him, Ramsey and Cazorla. And I know it’s just pre-season but with Cazorla and Ramsey in the middle of the park we looked great offensively, and on top of that Everton BARELY threatened and that’s down to keeping the shape well. I hope we see more of this formation at home where teams try to frustrate us and play for the… Read more »

Getso gunner

Hope to also win the emirates cup and most importantly the community shield


Mate we’re doing more than that next season! BPL and FA cup more like!!

Me So Hornsey

Santi looks as superb as ever. Happy days!


Looks like Jack and Ramsey will need to get comfy being bench options again if Santi’s continued form is anything to go by.


Well if today’s formation is anything to go by, Coq could be the one to worry about his place. Either way really interesting conondrum we have.
Also liked the team on show today; with Alexis instead of Giroud could be really exciting, though a bit lightweight..

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

You do realize that coq didn’t start today only because he played on Wednesday, right?


You do realize that I’m not stupid, right? I was only making an observation based on the team (midfield especially) that played (very well) today and just speculating about possible future lineups (not that I expect it to be as I suggested, I’m not pretending to be a manager, just speculating remember?); I was not dismissing Coquelin, who I know will be hugely important for us this season. But I see the thumb-down warriors are too happy today, or I was just misunderstood. Oh well..


Besides, Coq could have very well started were it not for the need to play those who didn’t on Wednesday. Jack started both games, even if he did not play full 90 but had well over an hour on Wed then 45 today. This is preseason


Coq ain’t going anywhere.
It’s gonna be a Santicoq combo again?


Did I say he was going somewhere? I remember saying he will be hugely important for us, how is that “going anywhere”?
Anyway, I don’t know why that is but it looks like people understand the opposite of what I’m trying to say. So sorry if you cannot read properly..

chippy's chip

Was at emirates today on a legends tour for my daughters 16th birthday with charlie george watching the goals on this very phone. Keep the winning habit we are all expecting big things this season. Come on you rip roaring redddds


We might see Ramsey and Santi together like today. If Ramsey’s tackling returns to it’s 2013-14 levels(Today provided great encouragement on that count) theres no reason why he and Cazorla cant play together(especially against lower level opposition at home)
I doubt AW will bench Ramsey. He will find a way to accommodate him


This. I think you just said it better.:)


Yep didn’t take rocket science to see that’s what Lei was getting at. Wilshere and Oxlade will also be an option for playing alongside Santi, I believe Wenger will rotate Coquelin with wilshere and ramsey next season, to accommodate everybody. Especially now our possession game seems to be gelling, best form of defence is attack and Coq will not be so vital, santi ran the game from deep, he will be our xavi this season. Wenger won’t be buying anyone else though, based on this theory. Same goes for upfront.


I’m surprised Ozil didn’t pass it when he was through on goal


It’s like looking into a mirror! Hey rob

Cech's hat

Impressed with Cech’s performance. Commanding is the right word.
I think the value of his acquisition cannot be expressed in mere words.


Care to offer interpretive dance instead?


or possibly a stick figure flip-page


wonderful petr cech.. totally in love with him.. chamberlain too good although the everton goal is because of him.. still think we need to buy a striker though…


Wilshere, Giroud and Ozil were a bit rusty. But it was amazing how in sync everyone else were. Community shield is in the bag I think!


Özil? Rusty??

bims lay

I don’t know which match you were watching mate, but ozil for me has a good shout for man of the match!…..those sublime passes!….wow

Tom thumb

Lots of sorcery on show,ozil the wizard and santi the magician,I know it’s only pre season but winning these games will give a good confidence boost for the beginning of the season.


What an experience to watch Arsenal and see them lift the trophy. Class performance from all. #YaGunnersYa
Santi and Mesut were just pure Magic


We could win the treble before the season starts. Just the Emirates Cup and Community Shield left.

fel the gunner

Cech’s save onto the bar in the 1st half from the free kick cross in was quote merson ‘ a worldy’. Great save!


Correct me if I’m wrong. I do not think it was offside and the goal should have stood.


A very good match overall. I was especially happy to see Cazorla and Ozil continue where they left off. That bodes well for the future. Bring on the Emirates Cup and then Chelsea!

eboue's cleft

Cech kicking is actually something we ve missed in a while. Superb performance all around. Hfb just can’t catch a break. The poor bugger is being slayed on twitter as we speak. It’s only a preseason friend you turd faced bastards.

Patrick Wilson

he can throw the ball pretty well too – was impressed with kicking distance and accuracy…

Indi Gooner

3-1… that’s going to be the scoreline in 90% of our home games this season

Nasri's missing chinbone

If mert, boss and cech start together consistently I would expect 90% clean sheets at home

From SG

Was at the game. It was played with an intensity not seen from the previous game vs. the Singapore Select XI. Was delighted that Arsene fielded a near-full-strength squad. Peter Cech actually made a couple of outstanding saves; Theo had a few great chances and converted the toughest one of all; I thought Chambers was outstanding today; Cazorla and Ozil were a class above their opposition (felt a bit like men vs. Boys); The ox came on in the second half and I think it was his error in our own half that led to Everton’s goal, nevertheless he had… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Giroud showed his class

Singapore gooner

Carzorla was a little magician as always. The Ox was really, really impressive. I’m v excited about him this season if he can keep the progression going and stay injury free. Akbom was not very impressive, I’m afraid, although he wasn’t on for long.


Brilliant. Let’s slate our talented 19 yr old underdog.

Gabriel Mbanza

Well done dear gunners. Can’t wait to lift the Emirates cup as well before we seriously begin the 2015-2016 season. Walcott, Cazorla & Ozil ; you’re genius !!!


Hi guys, don’t want to be a negative person here, as we really played well, I enjoyed the match and watched it in full. A lot of promise here and can’t wait for the season to start (and CS against chelski). The thing is that Giroud is already starting to piss me off, and we’re only in pre-season. Without any pressure, he should have banged at least one or two goals today – he had chances to do so. I don’t see any proof that he will not continue doing that (missing chances) when the season starts, and cost us… Read more »


Benzema is ludicrously overrated. He lost his place in the national team not long to Giroud so the difference in quality really can’t be that much. Nobody has ever been 100% efficient in front of goal. Even Henry missed chances.


Of course, there is no perfect player, or person. But overall he is at least 0.5 points better I believe, than Giroud (like stars in FM, but still I’m being realistic here). This could mean 5 -7 goals more at the end of the season. And I believe all Madrid players are crazy overrated as they’re all primadonnas, playing for a plastic club that cares more for chine and glitter than actual football and building something (they did that 15-20 years ago, when they had Mijatovic Suker etc, primarily Raul, Hierro etc. and then they were something else). Benzema would… Read more »


And, it does not need to be Benzema, it can be Cavani (probably impossible) or Higuain (impossible as well and we would have signed him if AW wanted him – he might have been waiting for Benzema? :), or Lacazette (possible if we would want him). The thing is that if we are playing with one “real” striker, than he needs to be tall and physical. Benzema is just 4 cm shorter than Giroud but more mobile and with better technique. That is why out of proven and brand name strikers only he seemed like a best choice, as other… Read more »

bims lay

don’t worry about the thumb downs mate, you were expressing an opinion on a contentious issue and some people will naturally hold a different opinion, hence the thumbs down, nothing personal!……whats more important to us here is you made a contribution…kudos!


Thanks mate! Cheers!


When exactly did benz lose his place to giroud?? I seem to remember him having a better world cup and was occasionally shifted to the wing for Giroud.
Still find it shocking anyone can compare both…benzema is not only a better striker, but a better player all round.


Dude everybody misses! The guy is just warming up. I prefer him missing now than during actual league matches, what about you?


Well sure, I prefer that as well. But it all looked like same old, same old to me, him missing then his gimmicks, overacting on the misses. He has great service from our midfield and he cannot convert in a friendly, I cannot go past that. But on the other hand, what I would also like (and we’re just here stating our opinions, who knows what will happen in the end, maybe Akpom does a Coquelin), we could give Theo a chance as a main striker, he is everything Giroud isn’t, but again with flaws, so they could be two… Read more »


Well that is the reason for a squad. Dont know what you are talking about when you said same old same old but my memory was of Giroud scoring goals when we had no one else doing the business. Just saying. Yeah including a Monaco game as nobody else was available or knocking them in. Lol

Andy Iskandar

I get what you mean about ‘same old, same old’. I agree. I too can’t get past the fact that it’s a friendly and he couldn’t even get off a couple of shots that he should have. But the thing about Giroud is that mostly, he either scores brilliant goals or commits terrible misses. So his goals, in general, make his misses all the more frustrating & exasperating.


Exactly, thanks man. When I said same old, same old I thought that you never know which Giroud will turn out for the day. He is just 50-50, let’s say, he can really kick ass sometimes and sometimes he will miss everything. That is what we need, someone who will be more stable and score more often, that we can rely on that. I know, even Messi has a bad day but more often he will turn up and score when it’s needed. With Giroud you don’t really know. We could have been no. 2 last season, we had it… Read more »

Nigerian Kanu

Yeah Every Arsenal fan I know said that Giroud can’t be our main Striker come next season. He is rich man’s Benteke( you can thumb down as usual). Benzema is coming to Arsenal. Mark my words!


Your name is absurd… So is your comment.
Henry missed 3 clear cut chances in the 10th Arsenal game I watched. That was the one in may 2006 against DNA people. Am I supposed to detest him also?


Are you replying to me or to N. Kanu? Sorry but I don’t understand what you’re saying. And we’re just stating opinions here, no need to start insulting.

bims lay

i think you should crawl back to the prejudiced hole you came from… is the name “Nigerian kanu” any more absurd than “wenger’s nose hair” or “cygan’s baldspot” or “shutupdrogba” or “Nasri’s missing chinbone” or your “domii47” for that matter?…and i don’t recall you calling them, or yourself “absurd”!

i suggest you make constructive comments or shut the fuck up!


Ignore him. People like him get bitter when you criticize their precious HFB


“Nigerian Kanu”. Kanu is Nigerian… So? You dont see it? Bruh… Lolz

Good Omens

That is most strange bims lay. Because at 8.10 GMT you wrote this to the exact same poster further up the thread. ”don’t worry about the thumb downs mate, you were expressing an opinion on a contentious issue and some people will naturally hold a different opinion, hence the thumbs down, nothing personal!……whats more important to us here is you made a contribution…kudos! ” And yet 12 minute later you go full retard on him. In essence I agree with what you are saying in regards to absurd names however that is some insane degree of flip-flopping when it comes… Read more »

Good Omens

Actually you didn’t I’ve read that back properly. One must put away the bottles and have a damn fine sleep in a comfy bed prior to commenting. Yes that’s the way. Well from this full retard, adieu !


Henry scored 26 in his first season. By his 3rd season he was already scoring 30 goals.
So yes, based on what he has done for us, he’s entitled to miss a chance or 2.
And comparing a young henry to a 29 year old giroud isn’t smart even if giroud comes last.


Not sure if we watched the same game. The crowd sang Giroud’s song 3 times throughout the first half. He did well against Phil Jagielkia and the crowd appreciates it.


The thumbs down are probably due to some obvious inconsistencies in one post. “Don’t mean to be a negative person”, followed by being a negative person bitching about Giroud. “It’s only pre-season”, followed by bitching about the misses Giroud had, in a pre-season match. I agree with your point on Giroud not being the most clinical, but his hold up play and link up with our midfield is unique, not many strikers in Europe can offer that. Hence why I do like him, and most of other gunners too. Now the issue is, which you’ve made in your point, is… Read more »


Good game overall. And I certainly didn’t worry about our defense knowing that our keeper is Petr Cech.

Arsenal fan

i think giroud played well. Doing his usual flicks and tricks, dominating in the air. He made a few good runs but no one picked him out.


I love Giroud…But we really need a striker who can combine both his and Walcotts qualities into one..To be fair how many strikers like that are available in world football today and certainly no one better than Girouds type..I find myself thinking of prime Henry ahead of our current midfield. Also when he is back from injury i want to see vast improvement from Welbeck who i feel has the potential to add much more than his has.. The movement and fluency in today’s game was outstanding..So much so even a former Orc (Danny Higginbottom) couldn’t miss it.. The interchanging… Read more »

die hard gooner

walcott, santi and ozil were sharp. the ox showed great foot work too. ramsey was his normal energetic self. good game, almost forgot it was a preason game. felt like a league game. it is good for their fitness.


I watched the game and I liked what I watch. I know its pre-season but the level of performance from the players is well beyond it.


Was at the game tonight.. It was fantastic. Arsenal took apart Everton at will. 3 great goals. Walcott should have scored more.. He looked hungry for more. Giroud tried to injure himself a couple of times. Carzola dictated play effortlessly. Cech made some good saves. It was all good…


Oh Santi Cazorla king of keepy uppy headers and man of the match. Interviewed after game next to the giant pete cech like a fearless hobbit. Love the player and his infectious smile. If he could score more goals in a season (which is a surprise as he has quality in both feet) he would be the 2nd best midfielder in the premier league after Ozil.

Rami Shaaban

Hate to say it but the new kit looks awful


I thought we played very well today. There was a little bit of rust, but that’s to be expected from only our second pre-season game. What I didn’t expect was the ruthless desire with which we approached the match! Right from the start we looked like we were playing a cup final (which, in a way, I suppose we were). We were aggressive and sharp, and everyone WANTED the ball. There were a number of really good performances today, particularly from Ozil, Cazorla, and Bellerin. Walcott looked great in the first half, maybe a bit tired in the second. Lots… Read more »


Santi and Ozil combined beautifully for Ozil’s goal. Hoping and expecting their relationship and reading of each others game to blossom this season, as those two together in top form can waltz through any defence in the Prem or Europe.


FYI this is a short video of our new goalkeepers début. Its good quality footage, just if you value your hearing turn of the sound before viewing.



Was it just me or was carzola playing in the holding role ?

Andy Iskandar

It’s not just you, I thought I saw that too. But I think he was playing in that role for only parts of the game.

Patrick Wilson

more of the Pirlo role perhaps? But put in some good tackles and had great positioning. Goal was pretty good after bamboozling some everton players…


With Thierry henry as our reference point, i thought no striker will be able to please us. Then i saw Alexis Sanchez.


Was a decent watch. I watch friendlys with an eye more for formations and a hint to who is closer to the first team (ox or wilshere). Not sure about wilshere on the wing.
I never pass up the chance to watch arsenal, friendly or competitive. Guess I’m just arsenal mad but find it strange when people pick which arsenal games to watch.

Johnny Gooner

Barclay’s Joint Liddle and Aldi Trophy


Great performance today, defence look pretty solid, aside from the Everton goal, which, if I am honest, was a brilliant strike, and worthy of going in. Santi was excellent no? It’s a shame that Welbeck wasn’t fit for this pre season, I think he could have had his fill today, any kind if pace caused Everton all sorts of issues.


Cazorla is mr. fantastic! Picked up right where he left off last season.

Dave o'D

Ryo miyaichai is said to be devastated having left and missed out on lifting asias’s most prestigious trophy


I’d give Cazorla another 4 year contract based on his performance today. 2 filthy assists and a clinical goal??

Sorry Wilsh but you’re keeping that bench warm mate.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Walcott's left footed curl

Some interesting things from today: Walcott played from the left, drifting in. Perhaps that’s a way of keeping him in the team and allowing us to play to forwards while not going classic 4-4-2.

Coquelin was hilarious to watch. How he yelled at Akpom for not closing down space in the 80th minute of a singaporian friendly was an absolute delight! I’m loving his attitude, but am also a bit worried that he might punch someone in the face for a lack of defensive work.


Great performance and Cech’s distribution was sublime (we nearly scored from his first goal kick)!

Very excited about the season!


Interesting to watch certain players developing. Calum – Certainly has good disposition for Cback. We are still a bit iffy on crosses coming in without both of Meterscielny. That was a leitimate goal by Everton first half which was disallowed and stemmed from a cross into the box not adequately picked up. Chambers was otherwise excellent and the defnese largely untroubled. We are so much more composed these days dealing with things at the back. Ramzorla – For all the talk about, they performed well together. I thought Rambo had an excellent game balancing attacking and defensive duties well and… Read more »

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