Thursday, September 28, 2023

Premier League: Clubs ‘not up for quotas’

The Premier League say they won’t be implementing the new quota system as recently outlined by the FA.

The English game’s governing body have proposed that the number of homegrown players per squad should increase from 8 to 12 in an attempt to increase the chances of local talent, but Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore says the clubs are opposed to such measures.

“Our starting point is our clubs aren’t really up for hugely restrictive quotas,” he told Sky Sports.

“We absolutely agree that getting more and better home grown players is the number one objective in youth development systems. But we do disagree on some of the tactics.

“It’s a global league, the clubs want to attract the world’s best talent, the only route to improving homegrown players is through a qualitative route, through better facilities, better coaching, better access time, as opposed to artificially.”

At a time when fans pay high prices for tickets, the idea that restrictions should be placed on teams – forcing them to use players simply because of their nationality or homegrown status rather than their quality – should be anathema to supporters throughout the Premier League.

It’s also something that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is against. Speaking in January of this year, as he worked to finalise the signing of Brazilian defender Gabriel, he suggested the issue of work permits for footballers is something that should be scrapped altogether.

“Let’s open it completely,” he said. “We live in a world where artificial protection is negative.

“One thing is for sure, if you put a young player with top-level players he has more chance to develop. If you put him with average players he has more chances to remain average.

“We have to accept that.”

Given how strident FA Chairman Greg Dyke has been about this issue, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out if the clubs act in the way Scudamore says.

Current homegrown players in the Arsenal squad

  • Wojciech Szczesny
  • Kieran Gibbs
  • Damian Martinez
  • Jack Wilshere
  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
  • Aaron Ramsey
  • Danny Welbeck
  • Theo Walcott
  • Francis Coquelin

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Wow – common sense for a change!!!

Spend money on better training for kids instead.


Still think the whole thing’s ridiculous. Best thing I heard was someone on TalkSport comparing it to reacting to children failing exams by making the exams easier.


Flippin’ heck.

Common sense spoken on Talksh*te as well as from the football authorities. This is a momentous day.

Anonymous Physicist

That’s a perfect comparison. And it works well if the metric you want to improve is “percentage of children with degree at level X”, or “percentage of homegrown players in the Premier League.” And somewhere, someone is getting paid to hit a certain target in those metrics, regardless of the fact that it doesn’t have anything to do with improving the ability of the children / homegrown players. It’s also pretty stupid to compare the homegrown percentage in the PL to that in any other league, because the PL is the most international and richest league in the world. You… Read more »


Indeed. I personally think more should be focussed upon education, as well as the football side of things. A real problem we have is that most of our young players are, will all due respect to them, thick as shit. La Masia and all of the great European academies ensure the kids get educated in all areas, not just football. Compare Bellerin’s English and how articulate he is with someone like Harry Kane, it’s ridiculous. Some sort of enforced short-term (like a month or two) placement in a European academy could really help too; I was on the fans forum… Read more »

Arsene McLovin

The FA should get an actual jerb!


The FA should stick to what they do best. Handing out fines for laughable “offences” to players.


Arsenal and Wenger are the reason that the national team is suffering…oh wait that’s the old script… Arsenal and Wenger find a way to beat the home grown quota by using young foreign players!

If only the FA and media learn from what we have done, a core set of British talent working and learning from some of the best talent in the world, without any quotas but


If English players here can’t get in to a squad due to foreign imports then why aren’t teams on the continent picking them up?


Exactly. English players know they only have to be mediocre, and the FA will help them get a place on Man $ity’s bench. They won’t go overseas to further their career, because they can earn five times as much rotting away at a Premier League or even Championship club.


Someone else somewhere mentioned this, but consider that a lot of top English teams are rich as shite, and they are all looking for good young players to fill their homegrown quota. Most likely they’ll look at English players, so what’s the incentive for the talented young Englishman to look outward if they can just look up? Our clubs NEED them. And the money / overpricing problems: PL clubs like QPR earn more than twice in TV revenue than Atletico Madrid, so how are Atletico Madrid going to be bidding for a decent English talent when QPR wants them as… Read more »


You forgot Chambers


He’s under 21 so isn’t registered as such.


No Hector?
How come Martinez and Le Coq are homegrown and Hector isn’t ?


Chambers and Bellerin are u21 so don’t count as homegrown yet as they do not have to be registered


yep, and you can add Akpom, Hayden and Gnabry to that as well.


He forgot Chambers, so I get the feeling he forgot Hector too. 3 years in English football before turning 21 is the requirements for home-grown qualification if I’m not mistaken, so either he’s forgotten to add him or he hasn’t been here for 3 years yet (but therefore should qualify soon)


Calum Chambers and Hector Bellerin are U21 players, so no need for them to be categorized as home-grown. That would take 2 places from the 25 squad number limit as we can have unlimited number of U21 players. Carl Jenkinson, if he plays for Arsenal next season would be termed as Home-Grown as he is 23 and is the only player missing from the above list.


And Bellerin

Thierry Walcott

Football isn’t about quotas about football. – Gandhi


John terry is a cunt- Gandhi


Wise man, this Gandhi chap

Le Jim

Such an idiotic idea in the first place. Why can’t there just be someone like Arsene with common sense proposing these decisions?!

Is it really too hard to find someone with an IQ of 3 digits?


Arseblog, will you also give number of homegrown players in each premier league team? Where do we stand?


Haha just take the final league table and turn it upside down you’d be pretty close to who has the most homegrown playees

Ivan Drago

So the FA want to increase England’s chances by introducing more “homegrown” talent, although they don’t have to be English to be homegrown?


One of the answers is staring them in the face. Proper B teams would probably improve home-grown players by exposing them to the harsh realities of league football earlier, but in a more forgiving environment than out on loan. It’ll never happen because it would separate the big clubs from the rest even more, but if you want to identify the most obvious difference between Germany/Spain and England, that’s the one. But of course, more important than that it should be easier to play real football in England than it is currently. Pitch fees are too high and changing facilities,… Read more »




Greg Dyke should really focus on getting the number of qualified coaches in this country, up to the levels of our competitors.

We have a fraction of the numbers in Spain (1/5th) and Germany(1/12th). To my mind, this is the most obvious difference between us and those countries, and could well be the reason we don’t produce anything like the numbers of high achieving players as they do.


Liverpool want £50m for Sterling, because they know they’ll get at least £40m from Man $ity, now that they’re desperate for (young) English players. This is all thanks to the new ‘homegrown’ rules, the most obvious effect it will have is to make British players even more expensive. Well done you twats.


Not to mention that it means that ‘big’ clubs will buy up English players to not fall foul of the rules, then sit them on the bench so as to play their megastars instead. A generation of English talent will rot on the subs’ bench. Utter insanity.

Gus Caesar

And with the increase in transfer fees comes increased wages and even less motivated English players.


Agree totally. As someone who has seen the coaching for our local kids (ie my son) I can guarantee you it is rubbish, no qualifications for the coaches, the coaches not that good at football themselves, competitive matches with parents shouting on the touchlines. Teach kids to play with both feet, enjoy the game, try crazy tricks with the ball, don’t have 11 a side competitive matches at a young age, where the players hardly touch the ball (5 a side is far better), have a code of conduct for parents (they are watching a kids’ match (not the PL)… Read more »


Agreeing with Unnecessarilystupid btw.


Completely agree. I was playing on full-size pitches at age ten. Ten!!! How fantastically fucking stupid is that? It favors the kids that are more physically developed at a younger age, rather than control/skill/intelligence. Can you remember kids from school who were beasts at a young age, got a place at a pro youth team and then failed when others caught up physically? Here’s the recipe for successful youth football in this country. Find a fast kid. Put him at centre forward. Find a kid who can hoof the ball into space behind the defence. The fast centre forward runs… Read more »


Most of the English PL players are born in September to December.

You can see why based on what you say above.


I watched my son play u13 football last season and occasionally ran the line and reffed. Quite honestly, some of the coaches think they’re coaching Real Madrid rather than a group of kids. They take it all so seriously. Further the age old English problem of looking to select the biggest kid in the playground rears its head. My son played against one team who, when it got tricky brought this kid on. I say kid. It looked as though he was Carl Froch’s stunt double. Twice the size of the rest of them with stubble which could pass for… Read more »


Kids at that age should be rotating each week playing every position (Bergkamp esque) with a heavier ball so it encourages and develops their ground game like futsal. I remember my brother playing 11 a side at 9/10 years old technically gifted but 0 physicality(lol) would get played in the 10 role, would hardly see the ball and would lose 9-2 every week effectively ending his interest in playing football ever again. I think if you take the long term competitive element out of youth football i.e winning a league, 60 minute matches then the focus may shift to enjoyment/development.… Read more »


I remember buying the likes of Juan mata from Real Madrid B on FIFA 07 or 08 and their growth was awesome.
And how long did Iniesta play in Barca B?

I imagine the likes of Lupoli, Bendtner and Anthony Stokes would have set the championship. or league one alight and earned a proper move upwards rather than dominate other kids and end up nowhere.

Although in fairness Stokes went on to be s deadly striker in the SPL, Bendtner became TGSTEL and Lupoli got a world he turned 28 day


If the FA could remove their heads from their sizeable sphincters, they’d see the positive effect that the evolution of the premier league has had on their national team. I’m not English and I’ve never derived too much pleasure from watching them play but that has changed recently. Technically sound players mostly from Arsenal and Liverpool have made England a much easier side to root for. As many have stated, the key to success is based in an overhaul in youth development. Far too young a player playing on far too big a pitch hinders technical development. Changing the culture… Read more »

Gus Caesar

There’s barely a comment made above that isn’t spot on. The whole proposal is the FA’s way way of deflecting attention from it’s shockingly poor record of developing the grassroots game and coaching.

luca james

It’s no coincidence that England produces a lot of quick, powerful players with zero skill to fill up the football league and the few with a bit of skill sit on Premier League benches.

8 year old kids play on full size pitches learning how to run the channels and play long balls never having to make a 5 yard pass let alone make a clever run or look for space.


Might wanna sort out the English coaching issue first. How many quality English coaches are out there? Whens the last time an English manager won the league?

Goone's Farm

Garry Monk is an interesting prospect as a young English coach.


Whilst I agree larger quotas (and maybe even quotas at the current level) don’t make sense as they just artificially inflate the value of English players and promote mediocrity I do think there SHOULD be a quota even if it is just 3 players. This is because if a team could have 0 English players there is a very real possibility they would. For example if a club with virtually unlimited funds could assemble a team of the best talent in the world it is highly likely that team wouldn’t include a single English player. However having as little as… Read more »

Arsene's Selfie Stick

Some countries are good at football, some are not. Brazil has a rich history in footballing success, and all of those players came from poor backgrounds except from Kaka. Just accept it England will always be shite! And stop fucking up the glorious premier league because of it.


Would Calum Chambers also count as a homegrown player as of this coming season? He was promoted to the senior squad at Southampton in the 12/13 season so it seems that he fits the criteria, unless it changes when players move clubs.




This shows where the real power is in the english game, with the clubs. Scudamore just does what the chairmen of the prem clubs tell him to because they own the premier league, so when they tell him to stick 2 fingers up at the fa then he does. I think this is a good thing because i have absolutely zero faith in the fa.

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