Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sanogo linked with Ajax move

Reports from the Dutch press this morning suggest that Ajax are interested in taking Yaya Sanogo on loan from Arsenal.

The French forward was not named in the squad that travelled to Singapore last night ahead of the Barclay’s Asia Trophy tournament, giving rise to speculation that a move away from the club was imminent.

Sanogo, who spent 6 months on loan at Crystal Palace last season, had been strongly linked with a return to France with Lille interested, but now it seems he could be on his way to the Eredivisie.

According to De Telegraaf Ajax are ‘desperately searching for a new number 9 to compete with Arek Milik’, and Ronald Frank de Boer has targetted the 22 year old. Given that his second in command is none other than Dennis Bergkamp, and the ‘Head of Football affairs’ is a certain Marc Overmars, it’s likely Ajax have had a bit of insight into the player before making a move.

It does look increasingly likely that Sanogo will spend the season away from the Emirates, and Arsene Wenger might view a move to Holland, under the tutelage of one of his former greats, the best option for him.

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Should be a good move for him. Still not convinced with his all round ability, to play at Arsenal’s level. Good luck to the kid though.


Very good move. I wonder if they’d take Gnabry as well. Not that I want to loan Gnabry to anyone; I think we could use him ourselves. But he is being linked with West Brom, and the possibility of an excellent young player being allowed within six metres of Pulis is not acceptable to me.

If he goes to ajax and plays amazing it still isn’t a clear indication of how fit he is from the premier league,if he’s at West brom at least that is a slightly better indicator of what level he’s at in relation to the premier league,but I respect your point in relation to pulis and his negativity, but it’s good for young players to learn all aspects of the game in my opinion.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If he goes to Pubis he will learn how to chest a ball down at the end of a 50 metre flight, and how to take out an opponent’s jaw while doing it.


Would be perfect. Could really develop technically there. Do it, Wenger.


Well, even Arsenal connection aside, Ajax is a club with a great reputation for developing players. Could be a good move from that perspective, though I find it curious that a club with that sort of famed academy would look to a loan signing to bring depth, rather than the youth they already have. Makes me think that any deal will be made with a view to it being made permanent should things go well. Although the player himself would still have the final say of course.


And indeed, having looked up this Arek Milik fellow, I note that he was on loan at Ajax last season before recently signing on permanently. So they could be looking for the same again.

Belfast Gooner

I follow Ajax as well as Arsenal. They are kind of my second club. Comes from when I seen Ajax win the 91 uefa cup. Cudnt believe the skills of a certain Dennis Bergkamp that night. Back to Sanogo. Ajax have not brought a striker through the academy to be a world class player since Kluivert. They have let a couple of reserve players head out on loan this year to gain experience. This is why they are looking for back-up to Milik

Andy Mack

He really was an unstoppable force in youth football (and not just because of his size).
This could be an excellent loan for him to improve his technical ability plus a couple of goals against a lower club and he could well gain some confidence and start banging them in for fun.


Still very young, so get him playing. Something might click if he gets a run of games.

Bergkamp and Overmars, dreamy stuff.

Springbank 1962

He should go somewhere (anywhere) where he gets actual regular playing time. If Ajax is anticipating giving him this – all well and good – but if all he’s going to do is sit on another bench somewhere then what’s the freaking point? He’s young, learning, and not ready for our squad: give him a place and let him show us just what he can do.


He will came back to Arsenal as a flying frenchman.


I think it’s a great move if it goes ahead. If he goes to Ajax, famed for their youth development as we all know, and still struggle with his game then I think it’s time to part ways. Then if he does have a good season you can bet he will have majorly improved

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I don’t personally think it’s reasonable to connect a 22 year old going there for one year on loan with the club’s youth academy. They have nothing to do with one another. You think he’s going to be working out with 15-year-olds, or what?


‘The thing about Sanogo is he’s a bit like A delay or (auto correct but I’ll let it stand) but he has also technical ability.’ Oh, and he’s not a c**t.

Ivan Drago

Good move for him. Always thought his first touch was what kept letting him down, learning from Bergkamp should sort that out


FRANK de Boer is the Ajax boss not Ronald (his twin brother…..)

Mr. White

Sorry for this unrelated comment in advance. The squad that was announced didn’t have Jon Toral in the list but he’s in the pictures with all the players on the plane to Singapore. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about that?


Replaced Reine-Adelaide


Ajax are not big enough for Sanogo: he should have gone to Real Madrid.


This will get thumbs down, but I expect it off a bunch of cunts who think we’ll challenge with the squad as it is.
United now have more variety in midfield and similar quality to us.
I get the distaste for Sterling, but he’ll improve City.
We’d better have a good couple of signings up our sleeve who’ll improve our first eleven, or where going to be staring at 4th again.
Cech’s a great signing, but snaring Schneiderlin would have been a piece of business on par with that.


Coquelin > Schneiderlin.

David Hillier Handled My Luggage

Nice friendly wording all the same though……. Always good to address your fellow forum users by their correct title…..

Djangoon Unchained

Maybe don’t start by labelling your audience a bunch John Terrys? That said, Schneiderlin would’ve been good backup to Coquelin but for £25mil? No thank you. Schweinsteiger, could prove to be a great signing but weirdly I think represents a risk; injury plagued last season, dropped down the pecking order at Bayern (to be fair ot was Xabi Alonso keeping him out the team) and has never played outside the Bundesliga. Thus, for the fee and wages he would demand, no thank you. A signing to give Coquelin some competition/rest would be nice but not making one wouldn’t be the… Read more »


You seem to be under this illusion that Coquelin is better than Schneiderlin because of 6 months of good form. Don’t get me wrong, Coq has been great since he came back, but saying Schneiderlin was going to be just “backup” to him if we signed him is just daft,
Schnederlin has been doing what coq did for us for 3 years with Southampton.

Andy Mack

Schnederlin isn’t actually a DM (I’m not suggesting he’s not quite good defensively).
His best games are usually where he’s B2B and Wanyama plays DM.


He is a defensive midfielder. Don’t know why people think otherwise. He has even said this himself.

Andy Mack

I can call myself the worlds greatest lover (and in my mind, I am!).

Style Points

Time to change your handle to TGLTEL


Trez. I interpret a holding midfielder and defensive midfielder as two different types of player. Coquelin is a holding midfielder, never gets in front of the ball in the opposition half. Schneiderlin may very well be a defensive midfielder, ie someone who is expected to contribute substantially to winning back possession but not limited to a shield in front of the centrebacks. Schneiderlin does get forward and he enjoys it. Wanyama is the holding midfielder at Southampton and a player, if you ask me, that would be more suited to our team. For years we have not had a true… Read more »


Believe it or not I’m on your boat, but maybe you don’t have to be so angry and call every body else cunts to make your point. Coquelins really good if we’re honest, but Coquelin alone to last the entirety of the season is a bit worrying. Same goes to Giroud, but in the strikers department we have Theo and Welbeck to deputise, compared to Arteta and Flamini for the DM role (hardly confidence boosting). That said Schneiderlin would have been nice but he chose United so he’s a cunt now as far as I’m concerned. The windows still long… Read more »

David Hillier Handled My Luggage

what idiot, other than the original poster, actually thumbed this down? No, no your right – better to address everyone else as ‘Cunts’ and carry on like that…. and when the sites creator takes offence to it then just thumb it down. He’s so ignorant not to want people using his site to behave like disgusting idiots. Can we not just show some common respect and decency? Aren’t we all meant to be on the same side?


Rich have you taken your tablets recently? You know what the doctor said. If you don’t take them you do things like the post you just did.


Crudely put, Rich, but you have a point.

I, too, do not expect Wenger to make another significant signing before the start of the season – which will ensure that we have no chance of winning the title. Le prof’s loyalty to the likes of Arteta and Giroud, and his refusal to confront reality, will condemn us to yet another 3rd/4th place finish.

Depressing – but true.


I think we’ve found the “New” Fatgooner ; )


It been a long time since I browse through all football website only to see no players being linked to Arsenal.

Arsene please surprise me! The slow news days are killing me!


Hey man, relax, it’s ok.


Any fear you had about him getting the same amount of time and chances of Bendtner can now be put to rest..


“According to De Telegraaf, Ajax are ‘desperately searching for a new number 9 to compete with Arek Milik’, and Ronald de Boer has targetted the 22 year old.”
Frank de Boer is manager of Ajax, Ronald is in their youth setup.


I can see the rationale of this. Remember sir alex, the greatest manager in premiership (apparently) let pogba go because he had poor ball controls, was not active enough in training and not interacting well with teammates: in plain English, he was shite. Now his successors are not even dreaming of signing him back, his that good. It’s understandable that Wenger is trying to explore every avenue to make the boy good. Good luck to him. There is definitely something about him. I remember my brother who is a Monaco fan was getting frustrated to tears when Wenger used to… Read more »


I will surprised if he scores more than 10 goals in the dutch league
Hopefully, we are making space for Benzema in the squad


In my opinion it would be a bad move for Sanogo. It would be similiar way to Miyachi, he should stay in strong league. Besides, Milik is no. 1 in Polish national team and had very good last season in Ajax, so it’s not obvious that Sanogo won’t be just sitting on the bench to make Milik work harder and develop faster.

Andy Mack

Is he really ahead of Lewandowski?


They play together.


According to the article, De Boer wants a top player (“top speler”) on loan. Not sure anybody would see Sanogo as that. Also worth noting that De Telegraaf says the story comes from sources around Arsenal (i.e. not from Ajax or even Holland) – is the paper the Dutch answer to the Metro?

Hard to see a player who didn’t set Palace on fire doing much in the Champions League but if it happens, good luck to the lad.


It actually is ‘top speller’.

The Dutch can’t spell Telegraaf (s/be Telegraph), de Boer (s/be the Bore) amongst many other words.

Yaya has a reputation for good spelling, so they want him to sort them out.


Actually we have the Metro here too, but the Telegraaf isn’t much better.

However, I might just believe this rumour. Ajax, although famed for their youth system elsewhere, have been criticised in Holland the last few years for not developing enough own youth. Ajax likes to play with wingers and I think that fits Sanogo well. Milik is probably first choice but he is injured until november. Oh yeah, and in Holland non-goalscoring striker suddenly start to score. Just look at Guidetti, Pelle, Kazim-Richards, Luuk de Jong.

Yankee Gooner

And Jozy Altidore, which proves that anything can happen.

NW Gooner


NW Gooner


Johannson as well

Jeff Briggs

Hahaha….. Arek Milik is basically the new Lewandowski/Klose and Sanogo thinks that he will get playing time ahead of Milik? Milik is one of the best young players in Europe, if not the best. Milik and Lewandowski form the best striker duo in Europe right now for their national side. Good luck Sanogo

Saffa Gooner

I’m sure God will help Sanogo reach his potential.


My Palace mates didn’t thank me for sharing Sanogo with them last season. He was very poor for us before that. Another Alliadiere who looks like hanging round too long, imho. Probably best to get shot of him permanently asap (with a % resale clause just in case) and get someone else in/give someone else a chance.


Would be a good move if true…he needs to go to a club where he can improve his technique.
Ajax would be the perfect place for that.


I like Sanogo.I know many so called arsenal fans they wrote him off.Sanogo admitedly not a polished touch but creates fear and chaos on opposition defenders.

I would love to see him and stay in the premier league.
Hopefully one of the new teams will pick him.


Sanogo is at his most dangerous when the ball is off the ground. He is pretty unco (reminds me of those whack armed inflatable tube men), but his chest control is good and he usually gets a limb onto the ball to cause chaos. Problem is we play primarily on the ground and his link up play is lacking.

If he can develop his game at Ajax that might help him find a place in our squad but I think we can do much better (akpom) for 3rd/4th/5th choice (depending if you see Walcott and Sanchez as CFs)


Arsene should convert him to a DM Lol


Bought his shirt immediately after his performance against Liverpool in the FA Cup last year…love this kid. Really hoping the best for him!

Bendtner's Ego


Someone calling himself Gervinho bought a Sanogo shirt.


Double hah!

And it was pointed out by someone calling himself Bendtner’s Ego! Brilliant!


Raw, not arsenal quality

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