Video: The Jeff vs Wolfsburg

The Jeff

From @TouchofOzil comes this nice compilation of Jeff Reine-Adelaide’s performance against Wolfsburg yesterday.


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Cesc and Henry.

Unless you can give me two past Arsenal players that he is more like, combined.


Glenn Helder and David Seaman


Yes , a Cesc-Henry combo, but his assurance also reminds me a bit of the young Anelka.


A young Reiney-Henry?

Thierry Bergkamp

Here we go. I wondered how long it would be before people get carried away in the comments.

The boy has potential. Just leave it there.


Thierry and Bergkamp, good shout…


I know what you mean, but he looks fucking unbelievable. Just this once I’m getting prematurely excited. Vive la reine!

Xavi's DNA

Based on what I’m seeing from the comparisons in the comments, he most reminds me of a young Miyaichi


From the little we’ve seen of The Jeff, the single word I’d use to sum up his game is elegant. His movement, his poise on the ball, and above all the effortless Yaya Toure/Vieira-esque way in which he glides forward with the ball– a joy to watch. It’s hard to draw any definite conclusions about a player at age 17, and from preseason friendlies, but it does look like he’ll most likely end up as a box-to-box central midfielder (after an education on the wing, and as a no. 10).


I could certainly see that, however, how is his tackling?


17 years old but plays with a confidence beyond his years. Can see why Wenger labeled him a special talent!


The move from 45 seconds above was great. What impressed me was that he didn’t do what many 17 year olds in that position would do and go all Ronaldo with loads of step-overs. He calmly went left, right left and bamboozled the defenders. Impressive stuff.

Gudang Bedil

Yes, Akpom should learn from that. Sometimes he overdid things that would do him more credit if he do them simpler.

Arshavin's Dietician

Akpom is way too greedy, many times a simple pass would see his team mate on goal but young Chuba constantly chose to try & beat his man.


All aboard the hype train….


What impressed me most with him during his time on the pitch over the weekend was his willingness to want and receive the ball. At the times when he was pushed in to no.10 role you could see him hunting around looking for gaps to play in and asking for the ball every time one of his team mates had it. It’s not unusual to see 17 y.o’s trying to play it safe whether it be through fear of making a mistake or just simply a lack of ability compared to his team mates, but JRA looked like he belonged… Read more »

Donut Maestro

Does this mean that our Australian fan base will grow?


Ba dum tss


As you can see on the FA Cup fan reaction videos from the last two years, we’re doing pretty well down here already 😉


Apparently, his mum’s name is Victoria and his dad is called Sydney.

Third Plebeian

If you said “Jeff Adelaide” and asked me to name his country of origin, it would take me about 100 guesses to arrive at France.


How I expect his first interview to go –


Ha, very good 🙂

Chris P Fried

Will definitely be a dynamite when he gets 19. More game time please


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Le Jim

Unbelievable, Jeff!

bims lay

This boy really is “special”…the effortless pace and grace, the passing vision, the confidence on the ball and the footballing intelligence to make those kind of runs on and off the ball, and the is quite impressive for one so young, and his “bag of tricks” on the ball, which we saw a bit of, during the match, will make him that kind of flash player that everybody expects something to happen when he gets the ball! 17 my ass, i want him in the squad NOW!…messi did it, wilshere, ramsey, walcott etc (and many other special talents) all started… Read more »


Who would he replace?

Unyoke the ox

Exactly! I thought he had a great game, especially for his debut, but let’s all chill for a minute.

We’re not long off from Ozil having one bad game and everybody demanding that Adelaide take his place. Let him get used to the country and his team mates.



inside tip

17 years and he’s doing those shenanigans?!? New contract, 10 years minimum, thank you… Holy mother of Henry and Vieira!!!


When exactly did we buy this dude?

ZA Gunner

This summer from Rens.

Dan Hunter

The Japanese Lens


He raises the bar for other youth players – Zelalem in particular.


So this is why we finally let Diaby go..Someone with the potential to emulate and probably surpass him has arrived,
Also has the most epic name of all time.


He reminds me of Henry with his movement. Very easy to get over excited about a youngster but he does look good. He is one to watch!


I thought when he arrived he was the stable_mate for yassin fortune – ala dickson-etuhu and wright-philips (apologies for all the hyphens btw) but having watched that i guess i was wrong


Good prospect. Bundle of talent. In fact he resembles Diaby. Rangy with a quick turn off pace and tricky. Hope Wenger has unearthed the next Viera/Diaby that he has been looking for a long time.


New Ronaldo and Messi put together with a bit of Pele thrown in I think.


Surprised no one’s mentioned Kanu.

Dan Hunter

Emile Heskey


My names Jeff


Not sure if the clips were in chronological order, but if they were, it seems he was definitely improving through the game. He held onto the ball way too long in the earlier clips and particularly frustrated Wilshere. He should have passed the ball on several occasions before defenders had closed in on him.

That through ball to Theo at the end, albeit overhit, was fantastic.


What happened to wellington?? Where is he this preseason


With Jeff,Iwobi,Hayden,Crowley ,Zelalem on the same side,the U-21s are definateley coming out of relegation.That should be his first assignment,as well as a run in the Capital one cup.


The obvious difference between Jeff and other talented players we have had at that age is that he looks physically strong already. Add to that pace, vision, work rate and great feet… why wouldn’t anyone get over excited? If you’re good enough, you’re old enough. Sometimes I wonder if we take it to the other extreme biding our time over young players. This guy looks like he could be fast tracked. I’m not talking about displacing any of our first choices for a regular starting berth just yet, but I’m also not talking about four years of under-21s and loans.… Read more »

not sure

That giveaway at 30 seconds was not very impressive..

The music was “dreamy”.