Friday, March 24, 2023

Alexis and Bellerin return: Crystal Palace v Arsenal line-ups

Crystal Palace: McCarthy; Ward, Dann Delaney, Souare; Zaha, McArthur, Cabaye, Puncheon, Bolasie; Wickham

Subs: Hennessey, Mariappa, Jedinak, Mutch, Lee, Bamford, Murray

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Debuchy, Gabriel, Gibbs, Arteta, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

That looks like a lineup good enough to beat a crappy midtable London side. But then I thought that last week too.


If Cazorla starts in the center, my money would be on a routine victory today.


Ramsey on the right. At least Cazorla is back in the middle. The Coqzorla is back!

Stringer Bell

Yep Ramsey wide right, the ox the most threatning player last week gets dropped to accomadate a central midfield out wide. I am not pro wenger out as I see since the money became available he has put together a very good squad. It looks like he has no bottle I’m afraid. I don’t imagine any other top manager playing Ramsey wide at the expense of ox or theo. It may be getting near time for him to leave. Though a win today will prove him right in the eyes of some. He put Ramsey on the left wing last… Read more »

Stringer Bell

You may have guessed im pretty pissed that he has kept his pet in the team. He does not deserve it


Oh look at the Chelsea team sheet. Fucking Ramires on the right wing. In place of Oscar who got injured. Both players are naturally central players. On the bench they have Cuardado, who is an out and out winger. Your point about top coaches playing players out of position again?

the american

would’ve dropped rambo, not ox, and moved santi back to the middle. hopefully coq kicks cabaye in the coq early


Would have dropped one of coq or caz for Rambo in the middle, and just told him to keep a bit of discipline, I miss the days of a younger arteta alongside him. Easily our best, most balanced pairing for years


Got to be Cazorla in the middle for me.


The Ox should have started on the right with Ramsey central. Ozil needs to start from the bench. still COYG!!

John C

Ramsey shouldn’t be in the team


Good line up…that bolasie guy shld be watched though. Hoping for a win cos d gap could get wider from the top


Three points please… To the Arsenal ofcourse. COYG!!!!

glory hunter

Alexis Sanchez baby

John C

He’s absolutely determined to fit in Ramsey irrespective of whether he’s good enough, which i don’t think he is. He better be playing on the right where his wandering doesn’t punish the team too much other we could lose this one as well.

like a red head Ljungberg

its all about consistency, had bunch of bad seasons, a good one and now a couple of low standard ones after that, he is really irritating to watch to be honest, how can you argue aoc doesnt deserve to play ahead of this mr ramsey (btw first time there were rumors about barca being interested and hes saying he’ll go to spain one day, even irritating of the pitch…)

John C

Not in the first eleven at the moment, neither centrally or out wide. He certainly cannot play ahead of Cazorla under any circumstances centrally until he proves he’s better than him and for me over the last year he’s regressed and become ill disciplined.


Again Central player on the wing.
Wenger please put round pegs in round holes.

Tamil Tiger

Whatever players or tactics we start with we had better have fire in our bellies
Coyg let loose the dogs of war and kick palace from here to kingdom come.


Bloody hell, he will play Ramsey on the wing over Walcott or the Ox.

That is insane.

Ones Wenger will get it that Ramsey & Wilshere are squadplayers (at the dm position) this team will go places.


Good line-up bar Ramsey. The Ox on the right all day.

Le Jim

Go away Rambooo… I want the Ox :((

Although to be honest, I did complain like three days ago that he was being a bitch about playing on the right so I guess I can’t have it both ways haha

Santi's Smile

Not sure all the Ramsey vitriol makes sense. He contributes goals and pairs well on the right with Bellerin. Plus, Ox and Theo from the bench are great options. An argument can be made to start any of the three and all can be key to the squad’s success this year.


I just don’t understand why you want to play central role player on the wing having in the option Walcott and Ox. Why not put Ramsey on the bench and then if we need some extra power in the middle in the second half we can use Aaron. There are more issues, but let’s see what will happened today.

Acuil Hugo Dhol

Ramsey is not better than Ox and therefore shouldn’t start, Wenger should be realistic and realize that he needs to build the team around Ox!


Not sure where all the Ramsey hate is coming from. One of Arsenals best players over the past few years and will provide much better defensive cover against Palaces dangerous wingers Zaha and Bolasie. Lets not forget as great as Ox was going forward against West Ham, his error led to the hammers second goal.
If it gets tight bring the OX and Walcott for some unpredictability. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!


Would have preferred a bit of pace on both flanks and kept the Ox in.

Essy baba

I guess AW know what he is doing playing Rambo on the wing. Anyways i wish arsenal all 3 point


Fucking accomadating Ramsey again.How can he start in front of Chamberlain what a joke.
Watch how he won’t stay wide and give the team balance and expose Bellerin


I find it really interesting that some of the people around here know more about how a player should be “handled” and how a team should be set up than the person who sees them every day in training… What if Ramsey is put on the flank to help Bellerin neutralise Bolasie? We can only speculate.

Supporting the Arsenal is a bumpy ride. It’s what I expect.

Stringer Bell

I would much rather they worry about the ox or theo and have to double up on them than have us setting up defensively against Palace.


Why the fuck is Giroud starting over Walcott? Defence was awful, Per over Gab? And why on fkin earth is Ramsey on the right instead of Ox? We need wingers to make use of Ozilora at the very least if Giroud is up there.


What I would call our standard first 11 although Ox and Gibbs will push for there place jacks gonna find it hard to get back in. Anyone watching wolves game? akpom, hayden and martinez all proving there quality on the big screen.

Freddie Ljungberg Hair Stylist

Devils advocate as I was of the opinion Ramsey would have been dropped in favour of the Ox on the right. However, given that both Alexis and Ox are liable to giving the ball away a touch, Ox’s lesser work rate in defence in comparison to Ramsey (not saying Ox is poor by any stretch)… Is sticking Ramsey on the right not an attempt to balance Alexis’ occasional loss of possession in final third as well as allowing Alexis to stay forward on more occasions given Ramseys superior defensive ability? Fuck me that was longer than I’d intended. Forgive me.… Read more »

Less Rambly Pete

I think I’d rather start Ox, but no surprise he’s not. Really think we missed Bellerin more than anyone last week. If Rambo drifts inside Bellerin can still provide width, but as said above there is a risk he’s left exposed. Good thing he’s faster than Usain Bolt


To those of you thumbing down on my post, think.

Is Ramsey or Wilshere better than Cazorla in the dm position next to Le Coq? No.

Is Ramsey or Wilshere better than Özil in the middle of the park position? No.

Is Ramsey or Wilshere better wingers than Alexis, the Ox or Walcott? No.

There you have it, read it, understand it.


Can’t see how Wenger can justify putting Ox on the bench and Ramsey out wide. It just doesn’t make sense. Either way this XI needs to dig deep and get the three points today.

Reginald Perrin

That’s probably the preferred starting 11. COYG!


Ramsey over Ox or Walcott up top is baffling

Running Coqmentary

Would love to see Rambo score today and silence some of this criticism. I bet those fans calling for him to be dropped for ox today weren’t complaining when he dug us out in the cup final.


That was two years ago. Does current form not matter?

Running Coqmentary

Form can be judged after one game then?


I see why us gooner are the most difficult fans to please in the whole premiership. We complain about players on the bench and we still want more signings and we complain about players on the field too. Wenger if you read this, we should be in charge of this team

Tamil Tiger

So Giroud is not good enough
He will get 25 goals this season

chippy's chip

But to get them he needs service from the wings


good game management by wenger

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

This was one of Coquelin’s best games in an Arsenal shirt. Unfortunately, it’s ended early

chippy's chip

The jury must still be out on cech. Even jenks would have saved that.

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