Thursday, August 18, 2022

Giroud ready to compete with Walcott

Olivier Giroud has admitted his disappointment after a second successive Wembley outing saw him benched for Theo Walcott.

However, the French international says he’s ready to battle for his place and that the team’s success is more important than his feelings.

Walcott was involved in the Arsenal goal, but found it tough going at times against an experienced and physical central defensive pairing. He was eventually replaced by Giroud in the 65th minute.

Speaking to BFM TV in France, Giroud said, “I was a bit disappointed not to start but Theo had scored against Wolfsburg.

“Once the team is fine and we win. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on the pitch or on the bench. In any case, I got on the pitch and gave my all, as usual.

“I could have scored but I was a bit unlucky. On a personal level, I have no problem, I’m happy where I am and I’ll compete with Theo.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the manager uses Walcott and Giroud this season, and whether or not this competition up front will bring out the best in each of them.

Quotes via @GoonerFrog

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Both of you score 20+ goals each this season. I’m sure you can. COYG!!!

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Looking at that “by the numbers” article it’s a battle he’ll fancy his chances in. Walcott is an ace winger, he’ll probably end up playing there (most of the time, of course, not exclusively).


That’s what puzzles me so much about his apparent preference for playing at centre forward. He’s a very good winger, and he scores a fair few goals from that position, so why does he want to switch to a position that (in my humble opinion) he’s never looked consistently convincing in? I know the number 9 role has all the glamour attached to it, but come on, why not play to your strengths?

luca james

Walcott, like many footballers, is surrounded by people who think the sun shines out of his arse. Add that to the stinging criticism he received as a teenager about having no end product and you have a guy who probably really wants to prove himself to the world. He would be a great center forward at a mid table club, but teams sit too deep against us for him to be effective there. Giroud holds it up well and gives midfield runners time to carve up a defense. Something he’s really underrated for! I wish Walcott would just be happy… Read more »


So you know Walcott personally, do you?


Conjecture on comment boards, how dare he!


He could have made his point perfectly well without having to invent rubbish for the sole purpose of denigrating Walcott.

Now thumb that down and move along, do not pass Go, do not collect any monies, and do not stop to talk any shite.


In some games in that position he’s been very effective.

Yeah he’s great on the wing, but I’d imagine his motivation to succeed as a striker could work to our benefit and we should probably give him more than just a glimpse at number 9 before passing judgment.

Go on Theo, show is what your made of


But that’s the thing, he’s looked good in *some* games there, but I don’t feel he’s ever been good leading the line consistently. If you can criticise Walcott for one thing, it’s that he sometimes is a spectator in games. You can get away with that to a point on the wing, but if you’re leading the forward line then you need to be sharp for every match, or else someone else needs to take up the job. That’s not to belittle his contribution when he’s on form, it’s just that he seems to have quite a few off days,… Read more »


To be fair, consistency has been a problem for Theo even on the right. I think the Ox should feel very hard done by if he is dropped for Theo when the league begins.


I know what you mean. It’s like he’s 10 or something. Personally, I don’t think there’s that much glamour left in the modern number 9 role. It’s lonely and (should be) hard work. I unless you’re really suited to it, why would you want to play there? Take the Community Shield, the CF’s on both teams had very few touches of the ball and generally had the two CB’s in close company. There’s more space for Theo on the wing to run into (especially against more attacking full backs) so why does he have his heart set on playing a… Read more »


In fairness though, Remy’s just not that good and Falcao doesn’t have any pace since his knees exploded. Giroud looked good when he came on, but by that point I think we’d realised that Chelsea didn’t look like scoring and so should hold on to what we’ve got, rather than bombing up the pitch and trying our luck. I take your point that the role is a difficult one, but then traditionally that’s where you’re considered most likely to score a goal and have your moment (and idiosyncratic celebration) in the spotlight, and I can’t help but think that’s what… Read more »


If the Ox and Alexis are both available, I’m not sure Walcott would start too many games on the right, as that leaves Bellerin a bit exposed. Ox gives you great wing play without sacrificing defence quite as much.


This is rubbish. What game were you watching? Chambo made one interception and no tackles against Chelsea. Compare this to Cazorla on the other wing, who made one tackle and two interceptions. Even Ozil made two interceptions and he’s supposedly the worse in the team. And Walcott made one tackle, no interceptions. Chalk and cheese, isn’t it? Chambo’s defensive performance today reminds me of his game against Swansea last season, where he stood and watched Swansea launch attack after attack down our right hand side. Chambo was nowhere defensively against Chelsea, as is often the case. But we’ll overlook it… Read more »


For what it’s worth I think that game gave little to no indication regarding competition for any place on team let alone the center forwards position. The media decided pre-game the set up would indicate Wenger’s intentions for the season- a silly assumption which one and all are now backing away from. In the first place, I think we will see the team rotated like never before and even yesterday’s Arseblog noted that there should be no such thing as a first eleven as the squad is so deep (something I posed months ago). However if we are knocking Theo… Read more »


Can only be a good thing. Both offer very different skillsets; perhaps the only thing they have in common is they will both score goals. And that makes picking who’s first choice really difficult. For me, at least.

I still see Giroud as 1st choice at this moment in time, and I expect to see him start in the league next week, but I think Theo’s more than capable of wrestling it away from him as the season goes on.


I would prefer Alexis upfront…not much smaller than Aguero or Suarez…and they played No.9 roles for City and Liverpool successfully in PL…if they can do it Alexis can too…

Compared to Walcott:
More Strength (better hold up play)
Better Dribbling (Walcott just shoots when hes in the box, he doesnt try often to make space for better shot)
Assists (I think Alexis can pull of some of the flicks Giroud provides which isnt Walcotts game)
Jumping (cant back this up but I feel his leap is higher)
Speed & Finishing (about the same)


I think what Walcott does offer in the CF position is the ability to have a more fluid front three – I could imagine, for example, the boss using Alexis, Walcott and Welbeck as a strong, rapid, interchanging front three.


Only have 5 players down as guaranteed starters at the beginning of the season.
This is good thing. Competition for places and variety in these players is most welcome


Giroud is a pro.


“You may of started, but my hair is better tben yours.”


If ever a picture needed a caption, this is it.


Cech, Mert, Kos, Caz and Ozil?


I would say Cech, Kos, Mert, Cow, Ozil (in no particular order)


Oops. Should be Coq.



Anonymous Kumquat

History would suggest that this kind of competition brings out the best in Giroud. I seem to remember after the Higuain/Suarez summer, rather than sulking that Wenger was trying to upgrade him, he knuckled down and had a very impressive season (or certainly start to the season, I can’t fully remember all the details).

The fact that he and Walcott are so different is a big plus, hopefully means the competition will be healthy and not become a rivalry.


I think Giroud will start against West Ham. He has a really good record against them and he will be better at holding the ball up against the stronger defenders.


The thing is, Walcott has an excellent record against them too…


Start ’em both, then.


No way Walcott plays alone up front. Cahill and Terry ate him alive yesterday! We probably need to change tactics when he’s a lone striker as he had a really hard time holding up. IMHO, against weaker opposition if we are enjoying a lead, Theo’s pace can be used to counter attack and we could stack our midfield. Cause chunking it at Theo ain’t gonna work and he sucks at playing tikka takka compared to Giroud. I love Theo and I would really like to see him find his place in the squad. He’s like a lightning fast version of… Read more »


Would Wenger try a 4-4-2 with them? It would be a good Plan B?


A front three of ox, sanchez, walcott where sanchez as number 9 could be an interesting combination. That speed… Hard to see Theo starting upfront consistently but could be good against the bigger teams where the defence line is higher. Not counting Chelsea’s bus to these lines


I think Giroud uses the pressure to better himself and his performances. Its kind of a kick up the arse that he needs every once in a while. Also Theo isn’t going to work every time so for me its between them to offer a variety of striking styles. Like for like doesn’t always work. Giroud is one the best strikers who do what he does and Theo is also one the best in running behind the defenders. The best Strikers poses all of the above characteristics and some more


If the 4-4-2 were still popular nowadays, I’m sure partnering Giroud with Walcott upfront would be a deadly combination. But since we have the luxury of attacking midfielder now, I think I can’t complain too much. Our second line will bring many goals as well

die hard gooner

The Benzema rumors keep resurfacing and Madrid and Benzema’s representatives keep denying them. Now Benitez has come out and said ” We are very happy with him”. So I have given up on my expectations of bringing a world class striker. The thing with Giroud is he is Consistent for a fair amount of matches and when he gets fatigued he becomes less than average. If we are going to make this work we need to make better use of our squad. we should rotate. use Walcott. Remember last season after Giroud came back from his Injury he was scoring… Read more »


I love the fact that nowadays there is not even a sniff of discourd within the Arsenal camp. Everyone seems hungry, up for the challenge of winning a regular starting berth and most of all harmonious.

Props to the Prof for building another awesome squad full of hungry and intelligent footballers.

Nigerian Kanu

We need a CF

Thierry Bergkamp

Theo would be backup on the right to the Ox, and backup up top. Which puzzles me why he’s one of the beat paid in the squad


He is a bit of a whiner though, already talking to French of press about how he didn’t like being “dropped” yet season hasn’t eve started.


The best thing about Walcott up front is Oxlade-Chamberlain is guaranteed a spot on the right!


The funny thing is that Welbeck could be the best of both worlds. Remember him???


I thought Walcott did well against Chelsea all in all (a lot better than Remy and Falcao!). Was really good for the first half an hour when we were on top but struggled after, when we sat back and played it longer and in the air. At that point, Giroud changed the game. TBH I’m just glad to have both options. We’re arguably the strongest team in that position, even without having the best striker


Absolutely. World Class striker. What did Falcao do? Most people extrapolate statistics based on yesterday. It does not necessarily follow that things will always stay the same as there is such a phenomenon known as improvement. Walcott is a different approach to Giroud and likely one that profits more from space afforded where Giroud is an enabler that brings others in and affords them opportunity to score. That said Walcott did provide the assist to the goal and Giroud when he came on make more shots (4) than Chelsea’s Remy (whom some arsenal fans bizarrely think is a better option… Read more »


The game highlighted both their strengths and weaknesses.. Theo is always a threat in behind and he can even play a decent pass if he has time.. However against an experienced duo like Terry and Cahill (most of the big teams we will play have decent CB’s) he is pretty anonymous…He also has a technical weakness when the ball goes into his feet..If he cannot use his pace or is not allowed to turn, he does not have great ability at simply holding it up and waiting for runners. I know it was one instance and was pretty unlucky but… Read more »


Walcott surely needs to improve his CF play. While he stubbornly refuse to drop deep and maintains his position off the defender, our midfield keep getting turnover at the center of the pitch. This lead to in-confidence of us playing from the back hence Cech keeps punt it long, which is finally not to Walcott strength. Strangely the goal came once he drop to collect Ozil pass. He should actively varies his movement given how limited his tools is.

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