Thursday, December 7, 2023

Joel Campbell linked with Rennes move

Joel Campbell is, this evening, being linked with a move to French side Rennes.

Canal+ are reporting that the Ligue Un side want to take the Costa Rican forward on loan until the end of the season.

While there’s not much more information than that, this might be one worth watching. The transfer window in Europe closes tonight, with the UK extended to tomorrow at 6pm because of the bank holiday.

If Arsenal did allow Campbell to leave, it might suggest something is happening at our end, as he was the only other attacking option alongside Olivier Giroud on Saturday’s bench for the game against Newcastle.

Watch this space, we guess.

And while you’re watching, check out today’s Arsecast Extra in which we chat about possible transfer moves and what we think might happen.

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Can’t see us signing anyone but would love to be wrong.

La Défense

Hell no!

He was injured half the time he was with AC Milan. Not another injure-prone lightweight, please for the love of Arse.


Guess this could be the ‘gamble’ Wenger was going on about 2 weeks ago.


Also fits the “alex” reference from that reddit article in the preseason


I’d actually be excited about Pato. Still only 25 and was so quick and a great finisher from what I saw of him before went back to Brazil. Looks to be over his injury problems too.


I suggest you see what he’s been up to in Brazil then.
Because the Pato you remember is not the Pato that exists.


Scored over 20 goals this year…he’s slowly getting back to form. He’s better than Walcott at the moment.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I am not even sure EPL teams in relegation zone would be interested in Pato.


Our Germans were mysteriously unavailable on Saturday, could that be dissembling on Wenger’s part while they went to Borussia Dortmund to woo Marco Reus??? Arsenal, you wily fox. I see through you.

Because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean everyone isn’t out to get me.

gooner 44

I hear we’ve just signed Indanet INDOSAT from Indonesia
appy days


I’m with you on this one. Doesn’t seem the type of strikers that would improve us are available out there and for the right price. Really aren’t that many if we’re honest, the two Bayern strikers, Benzema, Cavani, Higuain and Lacazette for the right fee (I think this was the reason why Arsene got disinterested; both were valued at nearly £50m by their clubs, nearly as bad as paying £36m for Martial). Beyond that there’s not a lot, unless Wenger can surprise us with another Eduardo. Not keeping my hopes up if I’m honest.

Seb Rooks

Im still convinced we should have signed Charlie austin given his consistent impact last season. A bit of a gamble given his lack of experience but for £11m if we really want to win the league he could be the player we need to put away the chances we create consistently.


He’s yet to show end product but he’s like Wellington Silva…in the category of visible talent not showing itself

Still like him as a player but not upto arsenal standard for major trophy glory


on loan? why aren’t we selling campbell? it’s obvious he has no future at the club. same with silva and flamini. i really don’t understand the transfer strategy this year. now we’ve waited to the point that that truly ridiculous amounts of money are being thrown about in the market by the desperate teams like manure. it’s hard to see anything being done to strengthen the team which is absolutely shocking given the time and funds at wenger’s disposal.


Zero planning as usual. Negligence in the transfer market from Wenger…… as usual.
Can’t see an Ozil/Alexis ta da this time but the hope remains for another 23hrs.

Mr. G

Joel Campbell, get out whike you can! 😉

Arse Sutra

A perfect example of a player who should never have been
at Arsenal ….
set the man free …. was never good enough..


Freeee Joe-el Cambell-a

Crash Fistfight

Get out while you can Joel!


Yes now go get Zlatan.


Zlatan? XD
Giroud already gets so much stick, Zlatan will crush every little bit of his self-esteem, not that i care :p

Hairy Arse

Zlatan will be 34 next month, what would be the point in giving ludicrous wages to some self absorbed knob head who will only play one season?


Zlatan has never NOT won whatever league he’s in.

Rohith J

He was never 34 when he was doing all of that either.


But he is Zlatan mate. Zlatan!


34 year old who is still one of the best in his position and far better than giroud.

Man Manny

Not holding my breath here. I have adjusted my expectation to accomodate zero signing between today and tomorrow. I mean, who is the unknown player that will come and take the EPL – a league that more established players have failed at the first time of asking – by storm?
Let’s hope that the return of Welbeck (LANS) and Wilshere will bring enough firepower to see us to January in the least. We can then see if there is an Arshavin available.


Yep, looks that way. We put all our eggs in the Benzema basket and are left empty-handed. I can just about forgive Wenger for this – strikers are difficult and he’d set his heart on Benzema – though the way clubs like Swansea without two pennies to rub together, just organised and talented scouting, can find talented players ought to make him ashamed. Hanging around at the door of the super-rich in the forlorn hope of a highly priced reject isn’t the best way to assemble a balanced and affordable squad. Maybe our new wealth has gone to Wenger’s head.… Read more »


What evidence do you have that he even put one egg in the ‘Benzema basket’? Or are you talking about yourself having all your eggs in the ‘Benzema basket’?

Yankee Gooner

So it only took two seasons to go from “Arsene only buys kids” to “Arsene sets his sights too high.” Impressive.


Only took two seasons for who? Have I ever in the last 20 twenty years criticised Wenger for putting faith in the kids rather than buying ready-made stars? Your sarky ‘it only took two seasons’ is so boring and destructive of debate. You haven’t a clue what my views on youth development versus big spending have been in the past – and there’s no reason why you should have – but it doesn’t make for a productive discussion when you attribute positions to people that they don’t in fact hold. Where have I, or anyone, ever said that Wenger is… Read more »

Yankee Gooner



Football should make you happy. Some fans like to look at the positives and enjoy themselves.
If you choose to focus on the negative and get upset then you should r up other hobbies than watching football.
Do you realize were fans of one of the best clubs in the wotld?!


You should know better blogs 🙂 This is Wenger that we are talking about. He leaves us short every year.

Even if Campbell leaves, expect no one the other way.

Running Coqmentary

Anyone see that Draxler has signed for Wolfsburg?


Should strengthen the side that will help drain our opponents i.e Manu and bayern.


Just another good player that “wasnt available” moving on the transfer market


He had an awesome season last year though didn’t he…

Crash Fistfight

I honestly don’t think the team in charge of transfers at Arsenal can see the wood for the trees.

There was no way we were going to get a striker in the top bracket so why focus on that instead of looking for goals from other areas. Draxler would have been easily gettable, and what about Nabil Fekir as another player we could have looked at?


Where are you going to put Draxler in an Arsenal squad? DM?


Hopefully JC can resurrect his career with this move


our only hope now is that gazidis has more ambition than wenger and brings in some signings before the window closes.


Bit off topic but hoped we would sign that kid Martial . He might look like criss Tucker and only 19 but him and that Belgian kid carasko or something had looked good against us last season

He’s looked the part in the Monaco games I’ve watched this year along with that left back PSG just bought. Plus he tormented Valencia in Spain and he looks one for the present and the future. Sadly the Grimster. didn’t recommend him or something.

A million times better than Sanogo and he ends up north.


Poor Sanogo, must be miserable for the lad. He’d did get a few minutes off the bench when he arrived but since then seems to have been relegated to the reserves. That hat-trick we were enthusing about – it was in a friendly against an unknown Middle East club’s academy and the standard was so low I could have scored. Add to which R de B in forthright Dutch fashion announces that he can’t see a single glimmer of potential to work with. I’m surprised we’ve not taken him back – or maybe we have and tomorrow he’ll be unveiled… Read more »

Andy Mack

Is he 36 million times better than the free transfer that was Sanogo?
People on here saying ‘we should take a punt on young XXXXXXX’ but he did take a punt on a young player and he’s still getting grief for it.
Sanogo had an excellent youth record, although he’s certainly having problems making the step up to senior level…..


Sanogo only played in ligue 2, Martial in ligue 1. Not saying he’s 36 million times better, but he is far ahead of sanogo who’s like 2 years older.

Andy Mack

Sanogo’s 2 years older now. When he joined us on a ‘free’ he was younger with loads of potential. Still got the potential but he’s running out of time to show it.

I’m sure Martial is very good but he won’t be worth that type of money until he’s proved a few things.


It would be strange if the club signed no one besides Cech. Still hoping for 1-2 players to come in. You never know what happens behind the scenes, especially with Wenger and Arsenal. Monreal, Ozil, Welbeck happened very quietly and were reported just hours before the official announcement.


Can the transfer window close already, deep down we all know we ain’t buying nothing but vintage humans, we still hope which in Arsenal lingo is rather quite silly


My thoughts all mixed together: -Campbell could play a role at AFC this year, but I guess he could also go. -I try not to moan/grieve/draw firm conclusions till TDD is passed -I’d really like to see our squad play at that “Final 8 teams in the Champions League” level on a consistent basis. Just everyone clicking, linking, playing smart, smart football. -I think we are two players (and a change in team tactics) away from that right now -I’d really like to see us run at defenses with the ball a bit more. I love the way Atletico Madrid… Read more »

Trex d' Gunner

surprise us wenger

Albus Dumbledore

I really dont get Wenger while I am not worried on the striker front its the DM that worries me. Coq gets and injury and we are in the poo.


If he’s going out on loan again, I really don’t understand why we didn’t just sell Campbell. He’s been bouncing around for several years now & despite a couple of good turns at the WC, he hasn’t looked likely to score a permanent place in the squad. If he does go, and we don’t sign anyone (which seems pretty likely with less than 24 hours to go & not even a viable rumour circulating), we’re going to be very thin up front this year. A couple of injuries or slumps in form and we could be relying on og to… Read more »


Guys this is the same Wenger who took us into last season with 2 CB’s with fitness issues hanging over their heads. Am not holding my breadth for a signing but can’t wait to get back to supporting what we have. Let’s give it a shot and the way season is shaping up so far you never know.


Now this, this is the appropriate disposition to hold. No use ripping one’s hair out. Hope for the best, support the club, and judge AW on the peformance of the team he “selected” through action and inaction.


I won’t be bothered one bit if we don’t sign anyone. I think we have enough goals throughout the squad to see us push on for top 2 this year.


and Danny Welbeck and Jack Wilshere to come back … they’ll be like new signings! Maybe Cavani but he may struggle in this league? Bring on Stoke …


I genuinely just don’t understand all this transfer nonsense.

“Spend money and win the transfer competition!”-Everyone

Why is it a competition? Why not just realize that if our finishing was a tad better we would be fine, hint we would.

DM cover for Coquelin? Do we genuinely NEED a DM to start every single match? I believe the answer is no.


I wonder if the boss rates Chicharito at all? I’d be happy to have him as a squad player. Maybe he doesn’t train well as I’m surprised Red Cunts are giving up on him. The guy scores goals when given a chance. I think Wenger could revive his career.


Working day and night for 2 months with one great deal but not another in sight. We did get a brilliant keeper but over all… It’s a no from me.


I actually hope Campbell stays as we have spots available in the squad, more importantly because I don’t see Wenger signing anyone.


We have enough goals for second place!!! Really? We should be challenging for the title, end of!!!


Campbell is not the way forward ffs!
Nobody is coming …shit, fuck and bollocks and cunt. arse and tits!
Excuse my language COYG!



Vermaelan is LANS over at Barcelona


I don’t know why we signed Campbell in the first place. He’s never looked the part in the lmited minutes he’s had with us. He had two good games and two invisible ones in the last World Cup. He stunk the joint out in the Gold Cup. Frankly, he’s nowhere near good enough for us and I’d be perfectly happy to see him go permanently.


I feel like our transfer approach suffers from Goldilocks Syndrome and slowly we paint ourselves into a corner as time goes on. City have gone for it and we need a player who will bang it in consistently so that draws like Liverpool are wins in the future. Lots and lots of good movement in the window, Lacazette was an option at one point but if he has another season like last one he won’t be at Lyon and we won’t get him either. I am more worried about next year. This year was the perfect stable platform and ideal… Read more »


Jesus some of you fans need to get off your high horse and respect the team, the manager and support the players. The players we have can challenge for the league. They are more than good enough. Signings don’t always solve the problem. Sign a top striker they say:- what the he’ll is a world class striker. Was any of the strikers Arsene signed world class; they become world class at arsenal not before. They go on about Henry, same player who miss a sitter during the 2006 champs league finals. Sign a monster DM they say:- what in the… Read more »


Wake up bruh…..this is the real world, not some “aw shucks, positive-only” fantasy land. You’re literally a joke………


You my friend are a joke.


jags – in wenger’s eyes you are the perfect arsenal fan. always positive. content with the status quo. happy to pay (or have your fellow arsenal supporters pay) the highest tickets in european football without ever seriously challenging for the domestic league or champions league. it’s really too bad for wenger that some of us want more from our arsenal – you make his life so easy.


Another baseless statement. I suggest you do your research before coming out with statements like that. We pay the highest gate tkt ( oh my, you typical baseless fan; my friend. Clearly someone who reads, but doesn’t question what he reads.
Arsenal has in fact over achieve and not under achieve. I suggest, you come back down to earth and go through arsenal achievements season by season.

Blue Bird Gunner

Hoping the team strengthens and get some depth against injuries, suspensions and fatigue in a season were we will most likely play well over 50 games is what progressive and ambitious fans should expect. And if that makes you sick ..TOUGH!!!! Things are changing, you seem to be stuck in the past. No team is a push over anymore, A lot is at stake for all teams and no one is remaining static… every team is fighting every inch to improve… so why should remain static (basking in the glory of the second half of last season) As you know… Read more »


did you leave a parenthesis hanging?


Sorry Mate but I disagree… “Support our player” – OK (absolutely) but on the other hand you have to be realistic too. During previous months I was thinking about something: I was thinking about the number of chances that came from our strikers alone. I mean when there is not a great pass from Özil, Ramsey or Santi – there is no pace – and there is not a good cross by Nacho or Bellerin… When Theo or Giroud is standing in front of 1 or 2 defenders and they have to make a crative dribble, shoot (or make another)… Read more »


Marco reus! Januzaj going to dortmund allegedly frees up reus to come to us (so I read on some shitty site).

I hope and pray it’s true, he is top class and we could use him anywhere across the front 3. Do it wenger do it!

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

About as much chance of us getting Marco Reus as there is of me waking up tomorrow morning next to Candice Swanepoel.



Pass debuchy from the left hand side

A lady

Andy Mack

So you want to know what your chances are of waking up with a lady?

I love wenger

1st timer SBD I’m also the perfect fan . Wenger has taken us to this point, he has made many players….and had some that did not work out, he has made Arsenal what they are today. Every Arsenal fan should bow down to this man.To tell this man his time is done is a fucking disgrace, , take us to the next level they say…..We would not be at this level without Wenger, he could have left many times, he stayed tried a youth project….It did not win us the league…close a couple of times, but so what, the magic… Read more »


it’s “SDB” not SBD 1st timer.

that’s a great philosophy btw – put no pressure on the man to perform and let him decide when he wants to leave his cushy 8M/yr job. you should run a company.

tanned arse

He puts pressure on himself


Well, ManU and Chelsea are doing their best to make Arsenal look good in the last minute transfer deals so far! Nothing’s better than something?!


We’re forgetting that we still have Welbeck who will most likely be in the pecking order before Joel. Can see Danny boy pushing on and getting some goals from the bench or be a more focal CF than Walcott. Welbeck surely has enough pace to offer something different than Giroud and more hold up play than Walcott can offer.


Can’t believe he would let Campbell stay and not sell him even if it means practically giving him away. It’s obvious Wenger sees not future for him with Arsenal. This last match we were missing Ozil, Rosicky, Wilshere and Welbeck from the attacking side. We still have Reine-Adelaide that can pulled up and isn’t Akpom’s loan only until December (or is that Gnabry’s loan?).


Campbell could still turn into a very good player ala Coquelin.

Why sell him? At least a loan for a year to give it a final go an see if it happens.

Or he could yet stay on the fringes and do a Coquelin.

None of the numpties who want Campbell sold gave Coquelin a thought start of last season.

Stupid thinking as per usual.


Wenger just told us Welbeck will be back after the break… If that is not our only ‘new signing’ i would be genuinely surprised.


Welbeck, a striker with a conversion rate of 7%, less than half of the league’s standard for strikers (15%), with top strikers above 20%.

So people are expecting his finishing ability to magically to triple on his return from a long injury lay off and no preseason?


No one wants to be rational…you’ll still find people that think we’ll win the league.
Imagine thinking you can win the league with the same team that finished 12 points behind Chelsea all because of “cohesion, automatism and internal improvements”.
Some also magically expect campbell to score 20 for us because he can “do a coq”. we’re talking about someone who had an average loan spell at villareal.
Funny thing is you’re not a fan when you point this out.


Every player we sign is an asset to the team, they just need management.

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