Thursday, July 7, 2022

No cliques at Arsenal says Oxlade-Chamberlain

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain says this current Arsenal squad is the best one he’s been involved with since he joined the club in 2011 from Southampton.

The overall quality of player has improved significantly over the last couple of years, since the signing of Mesut Ozil, and the depth of squad has left the midfielder excited ahead of the new season.

As well as that, he says that there’s a togetherness in the dressing room that can help Arsenal achieve success.

“It’s the best,” he said. “There are two men for every position, pretty much, and you’d struggle to pick between the two as to who should play. Everyone is on their toes.

“I just think that the way we are working together combined with how many quality, talented players we have got then I would say it’s the strongest.

“Our best players are now staying and we are adding to them. It gives us the best chance. I do think that with this squad now we’ve been together for a number of years and everyone has bought into it.

“For me, it’s a surprise when you speak to lads at other clubs and you find out there are certain cliques within their dressing room. It surprises me because at Arsenal it’s not like that at all and it’s never been like that.”

And with pressure on for the Gunners to mount a title challenge, the former Southampton man believes it’s within their grasp.

“We are definitely close,” he said. “We’ve been close at different points in the past few years but this year I’m really excited because I’ve got a lot of faith in this team.

“You have to get off to a good start and then you have to keep the momentum going. If you manage that it gives you a good chance.

“I could sit here all day saying what we will and won’t do this year but at the end of the day talking wins you nothing. We need to prove ourselves out on the pitch.”

It’s difficult not to be impressed when he talks, and if he can play half as well as he does that, he’s going to be sensational this season.

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Fetty Wap's Good Eye

love the Ox. let’s not forget he was thrown into the fire at the 8-2 at Old Trafford. my, how far he’s come!


Coq also play in this game 🙂 who would suspect his importance aty the time


He has busted his balls to nail a place in the starting xi. This season if he avoids injuries he could well be our wildcard if we are to win the title. When in full flow the ox is our most dangerous player.

Patrick Poldi

No cliques – except for mesut and flamster. Always going off together and not inviting anyone else…

Stringer Bell

Just clique on the pitch for us ox. This is your season.

Getso gunner

All we are craving from you this season is the EPL trophy, any addition should be a bonus and I believe you can snatch it for us from Mou


This guy is amazing in the way he conveys the mood at Arsenal. This is the kind of thing that makes me believe. When you can truly believe in what your players are telling you it’s a great feeling, when they tell you that they’re up for proving it on the pitch.

The fact that there are no cliques is just so typical of Arsenal and why I love this club so much. COYG! Go out there and show them how it should be done and make Arsene proud. He deserves it.


Gotta love the ox


I think this is the squad that arsene was always trying to create, the one where everyone was on the same money because everyone was quality. Before you had RVP and TGSTEL on the same wages, fabregas and denilson earned the same and clearly that couldn’t work.

Now we have class in every position and no egos.

At the risk of sounding like a scouser – this is our year, and many more to come

TR7 > CR7

“Before you had RVP and TGSTEL on the same wages”

I know, this used to drive me mad. I can’t believe we were paying that dirty dutch skunk as much as the lord.


lets hope we have minimal injuries this year already had welbeck who was out for 8 weeks now jack 4 weeks a fittish squad and chance to rotate will set us up good for a real challengea and clique into place


“There are two men for every position, pretty much”. This is what, unexpectedly, makes Coquelin our most important player right now, as he has no direct replacement. I like Arteta. I even like Flamini. But neither can perform the sane role. Please God, keep the Coq fit.


Oops. *same – I think both Arteta and Flamini are reasonably sane.


Flamini? Sane?
Are you sure?

kampala gooner

There should never be a direct replacement for coq.


What about Dildoinho?


Something I’ve always liked about the Ox (apart from his god given talent), he always, ALWAYS speaks well. I always enjoy his interviews.

Compare that to Theo… who recently said he thinks Aaron will become the best “premier league midfielder in the world”. Lol


Lol i wondered if it was a typo or not after that v sane interview…but guess mikel is quite good at those also

Tshaka the gooner

Time to walk the talk


And on that, it is worth mentioning that throughout the history of the mankind, there are unmovable truths that cannot be denied by any sane minded man. We therefore can only agree that with regard to everything that has been said and everything that has been done, it’s only self evident that ROY KEANE IS A TWAT. Denying this or even slightly doubting this universal truth hence makes you either demented, a twat or even worst, a spud.


At the. Moment excitement eats me up.


Right now I really can’t choose between John Terry and Roy Keane. who’s the better twat? so help me god


Roy Keane is a twat. John Terry is a cunt. Thus endeth the lesson.


What does that Michael Owen?






For all of Keane’s faults, you can’t deny the man has principles that he sticks by.

John Terry is an absolute thundercunt.


Yes, he’s a twat, he always was a twat and he always will be a twat. You have to admire that.


I’ve mentioned this before, the squad (and short term future needs) is best understood with two options for every position : Thereby – CF : Giroud, Welbeck RW : Ox, Theo LW : Alexis, (???) AM : Ozil, Jack CM : Santi, Ramsey DM : Coquelin, Arteta RB : Debuchy, Bellerin LB : Monreal, Gibbs Cb : Per, Calum Cb : Koscielny, Gabriel GK : Cech, Ospina, Martinez That’s 23 players. There is a gap at LW. Whilst Gnabry has gone on loan which is benfitial for him, the fate of Gabriel has not been decided. With Jack out, perhaps… Read more »


CLIQUES – It isn’t all that bad.Have to say that Wenger has also seemingly narrowed the number of nationalities in the squad. No more callow articles about Wenger recruiting his fellow French players when you consider what has happened at Le Nouveau Chateau. Plus if the idiotic press need periodic reminding away from their xenophobic platforming : We have a strong core of local players (Stronger that what Chelsea have done to recent English talent on their bench or what City have to pay to get their local lads) English – Jack, Ox, Walcott, Gibbs, Calum, Webeck French – Giroud,… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp

The season starts tomorrow! I can’t wait!


I’m shitting myself with excitement for this season and the Ox could really explode this season. There are times when he can be a little sloppy on the ball but he’s always trying to push defenders back, his dribbling and power on the ball is a sight to behold..he’ll have a huge season ..please stay fit!


Is he the most likable guy on the squad after Santi? I certainly think so.


Going by the analysis above we have 2 pf every position except LW, 2 from all nationalotoes except wales. Guess it’s time to sign giggs then?
We may not have a clique but we have an axis ; The Mertesceilny Axis

Aubrey Graham

I love the ox but I don’t believe him when he says there are no cliques just look at there instagram the Spanish lads stick together same with the British lads it’s only natural tbh are you telling me alexis sanchez who speaks little English is having changing room banter with the ox

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