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Ramsey wants video replays for offside decisions

Having been denied a good goal last night by an erroneous offside flag, it’s no wonder that Aaron Ramsey has called on football to get technological help to make sure the right decisions are made.

The Welshman timed his run to perfection before slotting Santi Cazorla’s brilliant pass beyond Simon Mignolet, but the official ruled the goal out.

Given how Mignolet took over every goal kick and free kick it would hardly have slowed the game down if the decision could have been referred to a video referee like in rugby, and that’s something Ramsey would like to see football embrace.

“At the end of the day we should have been 1-0 up,” he said. “To look at a video for 20 seconds in the game would have changed maybe the outcome of the game.

|I think we could take a leaf out of rugby. They do it really well. You see it on the screens, they go off for 20 seconds and they get the decision right in the end.

“I think football can learn something from that.”

There are those who say introducing video replays would have a major impact on the game, but perhaps last night’s decision was the difference between 1 point and 3, and would have made for more contented Gooners this morning.

At Arseblog News we’re all for it, it might take a bit of work to implement, but if we had a system where each manager could call for a referral a limited number of times per game, it would hardly turn the 90 minutes into an American Football stop-start extravaganza.

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This makes sense… therefore Fifa and the FA won’t do it.

Hopefully things will change though when blatter is replaced and more players and teams put pressure on governing bodies to do something about it.


‘FA’ is contained in FI’FA’. shit contained in more shit. Liverpool have thrived on wrong calls for the last two matches. Its utterly painful. Ramsey’s Goal would have deflated their confidence and we probably would have scored more.


Given it took football 130 years to come up with a dissolving foam, and that too by accident, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for video tech being introduced.



The Ox is a fox

Blatter goes, Platini comes.

That’s the guy who called for stopping AW because AW talked about video technology.

So, don’t hold your breath.

Mark Hughes

It won’t happen as the officials would need to be held accountable for incorrect decisions and the FA and RA wouldn’t like that.

At the moment they can pass off mistakes as human error and the Sun can rile up ‘fans’ with talk of conspiracies.


They don’t even need video, fit the player with a GPS ‘vest’ like they do in pre-season games and refer to it when there is a close decision.

Djangoon Unchained

Nice idea but it just wouldn’t work in practice unless you also have GPS socks, leggings, girdle, snood, balaclava; the point being. a vest doesn’t cover every goalscoring part of the body. Take last night for example; with a GPS vest, Ramsey still would have been called offside (incorrectly obviously) just because of the respective leaning stances of our Welsh Jesus and their Squirtle.


Skrtles arse plays everyone onside.


That’s the rule at the moment, yes but if we’re happy to accept allowing a GPS vest then the part of the body which decides the offside can also be changed the centre of the vest surely?

What difference does it make?


It’s still down to when the ball was played though, and that’s got to be seen in the snapshot. Probably still easiest with video review.


Obviously. The linesmen presses a button on the flag each time the ball is kicked setting a time stamp in the data. It could even beep if a player is wrong side when the button is presses then the linesman can decide if that play interferes with the play.

Video really isn’t the easiest way, that’s precisely why it’s not used for goal line decisions.

Bould's Eyeliner

Video clearly works. If the NFL can use video replay to determine what happens when 22 testosteroned roidmechs pile on one another, than, fucking hell it should be able to pinpoint an offside line. Video sucks for goal line because the crossbars block the view from all appropriate horizontal angles. There’s no such interference for offsides.


That’s down to the linesman pressing the button at the right time, which is quite fuzzy. Video is in my opinion better than that. No human error.

Bendtner's Ego

Howard Webb has actually gone on record saying he was in favor of video replay, as it would make their job easier to get the call right.


I’ll second that. I umpire baseball at the highest amateur levels. I’m under consideration for international work, such as the Pan-Am games and the World Championships. And I would just LOVE to have video available. I wouldn’t want it to take so long as it does in the major leagues, but to be able to look at something again in slow motion would be a godsend. Every sports official gets decisions wrong, from U6 house football to the World Cup. We’d love to have some more tools to help eliminate errors.


Yes, as Blogs alludes to, it could conceivably be the difference bteween Liverpool having 4 points and us having 6 from 3 games played. Fine margins in both senses..


I’m all for it. The problem is that yes, it would easily work in a situation like yesterday, where everyone (including the goalkeeper) played on like normal until the goal was scored before realising the flag had gone up. You could easily have checked that he was onside and given the goal. But say the attacker is through on goal but the defenders or goalkeeper hear the whistle or look at the flag and stop playing. The attacker scores. It’s then determined that he was onside. What happens then? Is the goal given? That would be unfair on the defending… Read more »

Thierry Henry's Shirt Advisor

Play to the whistle.

Scott P

I think the point is what happens when the whistle is blown erroneously? Play stops but then how do you restart the game?


It should still be play to the whistle: If the whistle goes AFTER the attempt is made play considered still on, goal is allowed – if adjudged onside by replay. If the whistle blows before the goal attempt is made, play is dead. The latter can still incorrectly ruin a goal opportunity, but it’s the fairest way given the rest of the rules of the game. So FIFA and the FA can still have their human error (i.e. payoff opportunities, aka ‘Sepportunities’). Players know even when a player is obviously offside it is their responsibility to play on in case… Read more »


If that’s going to be the case, then when it looks as if a shot is a possibility after the flag goes up on a close offside decision, the referee will have to play on and let the shot be taken before blowing up. If a goal is scored, review the offside decision and bring it back if necessary. If no goal is scored, just give the offside. I think that’d work, but it would be a bit of a paradigm shift in refereeing.


It’s quite easy to solve this issue. If the whistle is blown after the goal is scored (like yesterday I believe), you check the video. If the whistle is blown before the goal is scored, apply the regular rule. Yes it still depends on the reaction of the ref, but at least we’re solving some instances of the problem.

Fergie the Gooner

Let the attack resolve and then blow the whistle. A lot like the referee waiting to see if there’s an advantage before giving a free kick.

chippy's chip

Yes Rambo in the perfect world…. And we would have wingers on the wings, you’d be in the middle AND we would have a striker who could finish off the perfect tippy tappy assists. Alexis up front. Ox and wally on wings.


Alex, Looks like I should have read on before posting… And yours more succinct as well.


Fergie, looks like I should have read on before posting. Great minds think alike, I guess.

Crash Fistfight

I think what would happen is that it wouldn’t be used for incorrectly disallowed goals and because of this linesmen would be more inclined to keep their flags down for marginal decisions, so as not to make an incorrect call and get pilloried because of it.

That would mean less offsides given at the time, but hopefully more rectified decisions where goals would have otherwise stood incorrectly.


You shouldn’t stop trying to solve some issues just because you can’t solve every issue.


Slightly off topic but haven’t yet commented on the yesterday’s game. First off, why don’t we use Walcott week in, week out? He is now one of the top earners with a long term contract, so wtf is going on there? He is in his prime, and with all his weaknesses, basicall we are rather using Bellerin who is amazing really but still much younger and with less credit in the team than Walcott. So I get it that if we use Bellerin and Walcott (if we put Walcott on RW position that is) that we are slightly weaker defensively… Read more »


What pisses me off is the fact that the smackheads have 4 points due to incorrect calls by a linesman.
If the goal had been given, then the game would have developed differently.
The only consolation is that the chavs are a place below us.
Plus g. neville n j. cross are CUNTZ…

Stewart Robson's therapist

Coquelin and Cazorla:
– Beat Man City at the Etihad
– Knocked United out of the FA Cup at Old Trafford
– Won the Community Shield against Chelsea

But they’re not good enough against the big teams. Apparently. I was waiting for Thierry to slap that Manc twit down but he restrained himself to a sort of halfway-house riposte. As for Cross, he writes for Piers Moron’s old paper which tells you all you need to know.


I still can’t believe this. People dare criticise Coquelin when he put in a hell of a performance and yet hell breaks loose whenever someone starts talking about Ozil. Ozil did not make any difference on the pitch yesterday, hardly ran home to defend even just now then. Coquelin made more long (excellent) passes just like Viera would yesterday than I’ve seen Ozil do for so many games now. I still don’t get why everyone on this blog defends him. I was so disappointed with him yesterday. He got a 7 on the rating-thingy? How. Fucking Giroud did more than… Read more »


Hey, calm down, guy! Özil did two tackles, created 3 key chances, made 90 passes… and i don’t think anybody is criticising Coq here! But yes, comparing Özil and Coq proves your high comprehension of the football game.
Btw, what about criticising Sanchez and cazorla for a change? Oh, sorry, yes, it’s taboo.


Small correction.. 3 points not 4
3 points instead of 1 = 2
1 point instead of 0 = 1

Getso gunner

A pity such beautiful goal as well as 2 points were denied for us


If it were Chelsea instead of us there would have been so much media coverage on this decision!


Because the entire team would have surrounded the ref and Moaninho, well, say no more.

Thierry Henry's Shirt Advisor

I bet he does

Man Manny

Doesn’t take anything away from the game. In my opinion, it is as important as goal line technology. After all, we are talking about a goal being scored also.
But my question is: how about a player running towards the ball and is incorrectly flagged offside when he is yet to play the ball when in all probability he would have scored or is it limited to the ones scored?


More important to allow/disallow those that have been scored, dangerous to account for ‘might have been’.

Although I can see the back and forth argument about ‘goal scoring opportunity’, ala last man red card foul. But if the whistle goes before an attempt is made, play is dead. Leaves their all important ‘human error’ in the match, in a less harmful way.


If the flag goes up and a shot or a breakaway is imminent, then referee it the same way you do when determining whether or not to play an advantage – let the play go on until the goal-scoring opportunity resolves itself either with or without a goal. Then blow up. If a goal was scored, automatic review. If no goal was scored, apply the offside.

Stewart Robson's therapist

It was such a lovely goal as well, wonderful pass from Cazorla, great finish.

Oh well, I’ve no doubt he’ll get others. He is the Welsh Jesus, after all. At least this means he won’t emerge from last night’s game vilified and abused as he has been over the last fortnight, I love Rambo so much it was actually hurting me to see the way people were talking about him on social media. The reaction was totally disproportionate to the mistakes he was actually making.

Perry S.

welcome to 2015, Aaron. your boss has been asking for use of technology in many aspects of officiating for well over 5 years now. hopefully with more clamor something happens. also hope arsenal ask the FA about an inquiry into this mistake like Bournemouth did. at least they got a public admital of a mistake by the ref. 4 points gained for those clowns already this season off of erroneous decisions.

Crash Fistfight

3 points surely? 2 points against Bournemouth (they would have got 1 for a 0-0 draw) and 1 against us (as they got 1 point, which they shouldn’t have).


From a humanitarian point of view, im sure the linesman just didnt want anyone to die from Ramsey scoring. Hence why it was disallowed

Springbank 1962

“One day all players will be wearing GPS/Hawkeye beeping sensors with optional built-in manager-controlled (incentivised) tasering devices. Though I haven’t the slightest idea what any of this means.”

Quote by Nostradamus circa 1550. (True story.)


We may be hurting right now. But I kind of like the controversy, the talking point.
We’d all be right behind it if it meant one of our rivals dropping points. Rough with the smooth and all that.

Although I suppose it would be pretty sweet if Arry Kane had a 94th min winner dissalowed because the Spuds had already spent their challenges. I’d lap that up allll day long.


If only common sense would prevail in the game of football. Let’s see if the next head of Fifa is something other than a self/’elite’-serving cunt first.


Just like NFL and MLB here in the states, most of the time the replays are quick and don’t really disrupt the flow, and it’s not like it takes all that long for an official to review it and buzz down to the head official.


Besides offside, which needs some thinking before implementation, at least we can use the video for a penalty call. But no, Michel Platini disapproves.


Arsène suggested this years ago. Nobody listens to common sense in football, only that fool at chelski.


Video replays are quite obvious to “improve” the game but to be it more fair I think we should reduce time of the game to 80 minutes with clock stopping. I just can’t stand this whole time wasting. It’s unbelievable that it’s (kind of) tolerated.


As far as I’m concerned, we won that game one nil. That’s not even considering that if that goal stood, they would come out and then get hit on the break. Just been robbed by a blind linesman


these calls are going to happen so we have to live with it. it shouldn’t matter. we should be able to get 2 past liverpool at home and win the game. i think arsene needs to rethink this side. too many playmakers and not enough width. at home especially we should try lining up with proper wingers and a striker with pace – similar to man city style – and see if we get better results. it seems too easy for opposition defenses to take giroud out of the game. also, ozil didn’t need other playmakers on the pitch with… Read more »


That Santi pass is something else. There’s no guarantee that we would have won, but the pass was worthy of winning any football game. Tragic that such a good goal was chalked off.

frank from vienna

such technology or reviews work in icehockey (where the ref can call for video review to decide a goal but the crowd in the hall wont see it) and in tennis with the limited possible challenges and it’s hugely entertaining! why not give a manager two challenges per game? only for red card/penalty/offside decisions like yesterday and goal if there is no goal line technology. and maybe even the ref can call for a review if he thinks he needs help?


This isn’t even debate worthy. It’s something that negatively influences matches, which can have knock-on effects to points and in turn league standing which can amount to alot of money in the short and long term futures of clubs. Fix this shit and stop giving Liverpool freebies.

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