Thursday, July 7, 2022

Reports: Wilshere injury could be long term

The Mirror are reporting this evening that Jack Wilshere may have a hairline fracture of his shin which could keep him out for much longer than expected.

When the problem was first revealed Arsene Wenger said it was a ‘matter of days’ but it seems as if it could be worse than that.

Wilshere was apparently injured by a tackle from Gabriel during training and if surgery is required he could miss three months. Even without an operation it could be up to 8 weeks on the sidelines for the England man whose bad luck with injury now seems almost cruel.

He was absent from November to May last year after a shocking Paddy McNair challenge almost snapped his ankle, and this latest problem has come because of another tackle – albeit from a teammate.

Whether it speaks to an underlying weakness that’s too easily damaged remains to be seen, but it’s a hammer blow for Wilshere who had spoken about his fitness and desire to remain injury free this season.

Get well soon, Jack.

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Oh No!!! Please let it be false. Jack is due a huge season.

Less Rambly Pete

Was looking forward to a storming season from him.
Poor Jack ‘Abou’ Wilshere

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

This is precisely why we extended Rosicky’s contract. Arsene knows that these injuries are more likely than not to happen.

TR7 looked like a 25 year old last season when he got a run of a few games. Wouldn’t be surprised if he runs like a 24 year old this season.

FFS! I really, really, really hope that Jack doesn’t become another ‘what could have been’ story.

I was finally getting relieved about our injury problems and this happens, shit.

John C

The only way Jack is going to get over these injury problems is if he stops running into tackles, there’s no bad luck about it.

He’s getting the same injury doing the same thing time after time, it’s stupidity not bad luck!


Stupidity? Whose stupidity? Wilshere’s, the surgeons, the physios? Are you suggesting we should have given up on him and told him to retire at the first sign of a problem? Running and being tackled are what footballers do, for pete’s sake, so the idea that Wilshere and the club have brought this on themselves is just cruel. Of course we didn’t give up on him, any more than we did on Diaby. It’s miserably true, though, that his ankles and feet are so horribly susceptible to damage it’s impossible not to fear that this is a permanent thing that no… Read more »

John C

Sorry but I think what you’ve written is nonsense. Wilshere gets injured because he has a style of play whereby he dribbles directly at an opposition defender, often 6+ inches taller and 10kgs+ heavier and waits until the last split second to pass the ball and regularly ends up getting clobbered. It’s his style of play that provokes the challenge and until he adjusts his style he’ll keep on getting injured.

Agreed 2014 -15, but why the thumbs down for your comment? Dont get it…

Verminator's Mojo

I think his reaction to an incoming tackle is what he should work on rather than changing his playing style. There are loads of players in Europe with his close-control style, he should just concentrate on avoiding heavy contact for a few months until his ankles regain strength. Most of his injuries are as a result of contact unlike our dear friend Abou.

Arse Sutra

oh crap……

Me So Hornsey




It is the Mirror. Let’s keep our fingers crossed this is as full of bullshit as the other 90% of their articles.


Not doubting your word Blogs. Just never trusted the Mirror. If you say its true then that really, really sucks for Jacky boy, and us.

Bill o reilly

You made my day…………………………………….EVEN FUCKING WORSE!


Unfortunately, John Cross seems to got Arsenal things right

Andy Mack

He gets plenty wrong as well though.

Andy Mack

Although it certainly looks like he’s right this time.


And how exactly can you be so sure Blogs? Dean tweeted about it? Does that make it legit somehow?

End of the day Geefive is right, it is the shit stirring Mirror, and we can always hope that Jack will be back sooner rather than later.


It’s been picked up by other outlets and, unfortunately, looks to be accurate.


To be honest, I would rather trust the mirror than Wenger when it comes to injuries. Same stories for every player injured, welbeck, oxlade, walcott, koscielny, ramsey, wilshere, ozil, oxlade, ramsey, wilshere, walcott, wilshere, oxlade, ramsey, walcott, and they end up coming back weeks or months later.
I’m sure Wenger has some reasons for always underestimating injuries, but how freaking frustrating it is to listen to this bullshit time after time.


Fuck me.

That was fast.


Christ, at this point I just feel terrible for the guy. It’s hard to see his career every really getting going at this point. Every season it’s “hopefully he can stay fit” and every season it’s a new long term injury. I just hope he can finally get fit and fulfill his potential, but with each recurring injury it just gets harder to imagine.




And my mugsmasher brother reckons his career hasn’t been plagued by injury… Fuckin idiots.

RIP Hleb

Terrible stuff. You can’t help but feel for a guy who has been through so much of this stuff and just when it seems like he’s past it, it hits him again. Truly gutted


So much for Gabriel the angel.


(obviously not blaming him)

Getso gunner

Oh Wilshere !!! So sad reading about this. Wishing you quick recovery


Now where is that £40M bid from city… j.k

Get back soon. Last thing we need dammit!


There’s going to be a lot of talk following this: some by the media, some by other clubs fanbases, some by our own fanbase who are getting frustrated with this ongoing fiasco. I think I’m right in saying at least 3/4 of Arsenal fans are going to get right behind Jack, as we should, but we often get drowned out by the small, insignificant portion who just want to berate a player when he’s down. It’s not how we do things here. If you’re frustrated as a fan that this means he’ll be out for a while, just take a… Read more »


Spot on buddy.



Year of the Ox

This is TERRIBLE news. Thank GOD we kept Rosicky for another season. Thoughts are with you Jack


We’re doomed DOOOMED I say…

eboue's cleft

Poor lad 😀 have never really got going. Oh well maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. We might just see a shiny new signing. Get well soon Jacky boy.


A “shiny new player” isn’t always a blessing in disguise… Especially when the “old player” is a huge homegrown talent who loves the club and all. Fuck this media driven “new signing” obsessed, throw money at the problem attitude to football.


NoPE, we don’t need midfielders, so it’s not a blessing in any way shape or form.


Oh bloody hell 🙁

eboue's cleft

Oh shoot wrong emotion my bad.

Edu's Braces

These ‘days’ injuries are getting to be a serious issue, is there misdiagnosis going on or is it arsene being an optimist? How many times do our players come back on the field after being down then turn out to be crocked?

Anyway, just sick for Jack

die hard gooner

terrible just terrible. Just when we thought our players would stay off injuries.


We?? Nope, I need a full season of change to be convinced that our injury problems are “behind” us…..not a month or 2. Unfortunately it looks like more of the same on the injury front at The Emirates………


Diaby all over again


I wish his parents would’ve just given him some milk during his growth years.


Or that he wasn’t overplayed in his DEVELOPMENT years while he was known (AND CONFIRMED TO BE) in the infamous “red zone” a few season back………..selective memory is funny bruh


Jack Wilshere is NOT an athlete or sportsman of any kind. His posture, shape, the way he runs its all so wrong. It is NOT a coincidence he is always injured. I’m a sports therapist…I can see the underlying problem so clearly.


A sportsman isn’t a sportsman?


Haha what a shit sports therapist you must be
Wilshere: hi I’m an England International and premier league footballer for one of the best teams in the world
You: no your not
Wilshere: erm, yes I am.
You: nope, your not even a sportsman or an athlete, I bet you can’t even run with a ball
Wilshere:……… Hahaha, you dick

Chris B

are you one of these “internet trolls” I’ve heard so much about, or just a regular old nob?

Dutch Gooner

You’re right. The way he plants his foot before he gets clobbered is so, so wrong.

Doctor Diaby

What’s your biomechanical explanation that leaves him vulnerable to an impact fracture of the fibula? Dying to know.

On the plus side, bone heals better than soft tissue, and a hairline fracture of the fibula, which hardly bears weight, isn’t necessarily dire. Fingers crossed


Whereas Cazorla has the ideal physique for a sportsmen, absolute peak of physical perfection, which is why he gets so few injuries.


Holy shit.

Never thought I’d have such a big laugh in an injury thread.


Apparently it wasn’t on his left ankle; so we know its not recurring, just plain bad luck. the good thing is we have a better medical team and replacements for him. So he is under no pressure to rush back into action.


Thought it was an ankle problem? Or did this fracture show up whilst they were checking out his ankle? Surely that fucking hurts. Anyway what a total load of fuck, new it couldnt ALL be good news for us before the season

Yankee Gooner

As an Arsenal fan, I have learned to content myself with a mere fracture in place of shredded ligaments and tendons.

That poor bastard. Get well soon, JW10.


Jee-zuz. This guy can’t seem to catch a break .. (oops – you know what I mean). I hope this isn’t the final straw for him. I can’t imagine how much resolve it takes to come back from injury season after season …. Luckily, he can reasonably expect that Arsene won’t give up on him.


Jack, you may well be cursed with a slight bit of Abou Diabyness.

Hope not.


Fuuuuuuuck. I was really looking forward to a stellar season from Jack. He looked fantastic in preseason.

Best wishes to the lad, I hope he’s back with us soon.


Three things – first, good luck to Jack and I hope he stays focused during what’ll be another tough recovery for him. He’s still young and time’s on his side. Second, the squad does not have time on its side. But they’ve shown they can play without him over the last two seasons so this should not damage our chances too much. Third, I feel nauseous tonight because the injury gods are still refusing to unleash peak Jack Wilshere upon the Premiership. Fuck them. It would give me 10x more satisfaction to see Jack contribute to a title win, than… Read more »


i don’t like any player being injured, but he really should pass the ball and avoid the tackle. this is getting ridiculous.

Sylvinho's passport

You didn’t see the tackle, there’s countless ways it could have happened. People need to stop blaming Jack every time he gets injured.

Thierry Bergkamp

Looking on the bright side.. when others may be tired or losing form, jack will be coming back into the side

Thomas the Physio

Jack has been seen smoking a few times in public. If he’s a regular smoker it would affect his injury status. Research has shown nicotine use delays healing and affects bone growth
just a thought


We have to lead the league in the dreaded “training injuries”. 8 weeks or 3 months if either is true certainly means much longer as he needs to get back into shape and history with Wilshere (and others like Gibbs that similarly brittle at a young age) that he will inevitably then pickup another small injury from compensating. Feel awful for Wilshere and certainly not his fault, but at this point he is going to have a tough time breaking into the squad. If it is long term I wonder if this will push Wenger to make a move in… Read more »


Why? As MPLS has already stated, another midfielder was the last thing we need. And, let’s be brutally honest here. People are saying they expected a big season from Jack – where exactly? Playing in his preferred role he was 3rd in the pecking order behing Santi and most would argue Aaron Ramsay. Wilshere getting game time would have been at the expense of another player, arguably a better player. This scenario led me to comment I find it odd that no-one ever raises the (blasphemous) idea of a second loan season for Wilshere. He is not going to feature… Read more »


Before I even read how it happened I had a thought to myself..

“Surely a bad tackle in training, most likely by Gabriel”

This isn’t meant to be a generalization in any way, but some players just can’t ‘turn it off’
Even in my Sunday team, we’ve got a South American fella (coincedence? hence my generalization disclaimer) that flies into challenges at training and injures everyone.

I’m willing to be bet he snaps in at training like he does in the games (this is a good thing).
I don’t remember what my point was.

Poor jack


Your point is you knew Gabriel had probably done it because South Americans. Got it.

But like you said, poor Jack. He’ll know (better than most due to his many injury comebacks) that training’s supposed to be hard. It’s England innit.


you can bet out until new year at least…this is how the dominoes fall…arteta or flamini (or even both) actually starting a match is becoming a reality…it was a mistake not to have followed through on either vidal/schniederlin…this is like last season again….

Neil #2

It’s a bit early to say that. This squad has a lot of depth…besides, we don’t concretely know how long Jack will be out….I too fear that it might be longer term, but have a little more perspective and belief!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

In what formation do you see Wilshere’s absence leading to Flamini or Arteta (or both) being on the pitch?

Neil #2

Mark this post: Jack is going to come back in mid-late October and people are going to say next year that if he had stayed healthy at the beginning, he would have won player of the season. Just my prediction.


at least he’s living up to his name – Jack Wheelchair…


Terrible news.

We will need to consider seriously adding in midfield if this is true.

May be a good time to bring in someone like Illaramendi should these reports about him being surplus to use be true.


and the season is yet to start !! what is made of ? glass ?


Should have sold him to City for 30+m when we had the chance. Another Diaby.


More of gabriel against cunts like terry.

naija gunner

Oh no, not again


There is a truth that dare not speak forth its name…. Is Jack a decisive player even when fit? This may be a blessing in disguise for his career, by forcing him to find new ways to place substance above style. Though he was fit, one always feared the next injury was just around the corner.


No injury is a blessing, whether in disguise or not.

Rohith J

By God, I hope this is false. Jack and the Ox need a full season. 🙁


maybe the best of a worse case is its not his ankle, its unfortunate and more high profile because its Wilshire, any other player would’nt be so make much reading. one thing ive noticed in the training pictures the players dont wear shin pads maybe this needs addressing, been no mention of Rosisky’s injury how long or how serious.

Andy Mack

I though someone said TR and DW were back in training.

Ex-Priest Tobin

He’s too injury prone and needs to be sold. I’ve been saying it for years.

JJ's Bender

That’s why most people disregard what you say…

Any who, the silver lining for me is that it’s a new injury caused by a freak accident rather than the recurring ankle problem

Get well soon Jacky boy


Brazilians hey? Always leave you in pain. Er, so I’ve been told.

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