Monday, July 4, 2022

Rosicky to miss 2 months due to surgery

Tomas Rosicky is reportedly set to be out of action for a further two months after undergoing knee surgery last week.

According to his agent, Pavel Paska, the Czech international, “…underwent an arthroscopic surgery on his knee on August 4.

“The recovery is expected to take four to eight weeks”.

With Jack Wilshere also sidelined for a period, it robs Arsenal of two midfielders who can provide that something different that might have been useful in a game like Sunday’s defeat to West Ham.

Get well soon, Tomas.

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All the Best.. missed his runs against static westham defence.

J Bird

Good call. Tomas was exactly the type of player we needed to bring on against West Ham.


true. Still, given what has gone on for last season with Rosicky, one wonders if Wenger would have brought him on.

Bould's Eyeliner

clearly he was under the knife so…. good thing he didn’t?

Would have been nice to have him but it’s not like there was a choice.


looks like we’re getting our injuries early this year…just like last year…


No, we’re not, practically everyone is still strangely fine. Rosicky’s is an old injury picked up playing for the national team but which we presumably thought at first wouldn’t need surgery. Wilshere’s is the only new one and it’s good it’s a contact injury rather than something systemic. Welbeck’s is actually nearly better – well, allegedly.

Still, some good news would be welcome. If this goes on much longer I’ll start reading a hundred and one squarks dot com. By the last week of August I might even click on Metro.


Every year..we will think that we have so many midfielders and suddenly we will be hanging on a thread. One more injury and we look short of the numbers.


That’s partly due to the fact we keep these permanently injured players around… I loved Diaby and I like Rosicky too but they’re not worth the place they use up in the squad. Let him go play as often as he’s fit enough to do so somewhere else and give his place in the squad to a player who can do a job 9/10 weeks of the year. Scholes, Lampard, Gerrard etc were worth keeping around for their experience because they could do a job on the pitch every week if needed. Rosicky might have a strong personality and be… Read more »

John C

That’s been the case for about 4 years now


So Arsenal. The Injury storm has hit us earlier that i expected. Sigh..

Gunsen Gunner


Him or Jack on Sunday would have made a difference.none of our current midfielders can burst AND dribble out of tight spots like Rosicky and Jack.


Um, Oxlade-Chamberlain? And I’m sure Cazorla could ‘burst’ if you asked him nicely.

Bould's Eyeliner

Cathorla burth por favor. Y una cervetha por favor.


Don’t worry. This won’t matter when we sign the World Class Striker. WCS will never get injured and he’ll fix everything. EVERYTHING!


This might explain the story in todays Guardian. I thought it was balls but maybe not.


Yeah, but that bloke is a defensive midfielder. I was wondering about what had happened to TR and thought perhaps he was moving on but clearly this was the reason for the silence. Hopefully quick full recovery for him and Jack.


Krychowiak? It’s silly season everywhere mate, according to The Metro, Express and Mail we’re signing Benzema, Gotze and Draxler all in one fell swoop. I think the Mirror ran the ‘Benzema having medical’ story on three seperate days.


Get well soon Tomas, we love you.
I hate to make this point, but does anyone think he would have got much game-time anyway? I’m only going on last season – don’t think Wenger ever quite forgave him for getting knocked out of the Milk Cup, I remember a postgame quote where he said “if we lost tonight, it wasn’t Gedion Zelalem’s fault” or something to that effect regarding the youth/experience in the team that night. Tomas couldn’t get a look in last season, and that upsets me. I like Tomas! If you love football, you love Rosicky!


He hardly played at all last season though he was fit most of the time. I can’t remember him even making the bench very often, so I agree, it seems incredibly unlikely he’d get very much game time with us ever again. He was understandably upset about it and, as far as I remember, wanted to move this window so the rest of his footballing life could be spent playing regularly. At the time I thought it was odd of Wenger not to grant him his wish, but perhaps his knees were the reason and we’ve kept him here out… Read more »


Lord have mercy!


Arguably still the best midfielder we have


this is true, if healthy would definitely play him over wilshere, arteta and even ozil…but wenger doesn’t see it that way

John C

Rosicky is rank average, another player who’s quality doubles every week he’s out injured like Diaby.




Descending into top farce this summer really.


Another one bites the dust!

(Get better quick Little Mozart !)


Another “great” piece of news from the Arsenal camp. I bet the next can be Walcott. Yeah, we can challenge for the title, let’s keep dreaming…….


🙁 This saddens me, 2 months out means another month or 2 on top of that returning to fitness (missed pre-season). So he will be back for his usual flurry of games where he performs as our best player and then gets dropped into limbo. Then we will only have a matter of months left of seeing our little mozart in the red and white of Arsenal, can only begin to imagine what a player he would have been for us if injuries weren’t so cruel to him, really do hope we don’t go on to say this about Jack’s… Read more »


Urgh, when is Adnan Januzaj coming to save us. Come on Wenger, pull the finger out!


Please, give me a break with Tomas and Jack being missed… When Wilshere was injured last season, Arsenal could get the 2nd place and i don’t remember Rosicky being on the pitch either…
Love Tomas though and wish him much courage.

Texas Tanaka

Jaysis you’re a cheerful bunch aren’t you lads… Hopefully Rosicky will recover and come back better than ever, but let’s not forget that he is a fringe player, however beloved and skillful. I love the little fella, but an injury to Rosicky does not mean the end of our season, and it definitely doesn’t mean that everyone else will succumb to injury as well. We’ve lost one game and everyone’s acting like the fucking house burnt down. Let’s remember shall we, that in 13/14 we lost the opening game to a clearly inferior opponent, but that was the only game… Read more »

Man Manny

“Whilst accumulating the highest tally of points since last we won the league”. Did you check our tally for ’07-’08?

Texas Tanaka

I have now, and boy I am I glad I did. Thanks man, those are some excellent numbers!


Such a shame. Hoping he gets a farewell match here at Arsenal, he definitely deserves it!


Nevermind a farewell match, I hope he gets a match!


The midfield depth is quickly beginning to dwindle. Both players have had such tough luck with injuries and typically have had setbacks upon their returns so would not be surprised to see both Rosicky and Wilshere out for longer than expected. Wilshere will be able to work his way back into the team, but it is going to be tough for Rosicky to get much time this year especially with most of the cup games he’d have a chance to play in this Fall.


Sad news! His absence was felt all the more on Sunday when we had just Theo and Alexis who clearly wasn’t ready on the bench as attacking options. Welbeck, Jack and now Tomas.. Things aren’t looking pretty unfortunately. Hope we pay less attention to ‘cohesion’ and dip into the market for some proper options. Get well soon.. COYG!!!

Man Manny

Come back soon TR7. You deserve to bow out in a blaze of glory; my favourite gunner you are.

Little Mozart

Hopefully, Super Tom will be back sooner rather than later, and we’ll avoid any more injuries. Either Jack or Tomas would have been able to force a question or two against West Ham, particular Rosicky who carried us away to Brighton last season in the Cup.

Chibuzor Amos

Get well Rozza


Goodbye Gunners, hello MLS!


Man, this is bad news. I really hope he gets some playing time once he’s back. This is undoubtedly his last season at Arsenal & it would be a real shame if he doesn’t get the chance to go out with a bang!

Could really have used him last weekend …


I can’t wait till he’s fit IWBLANS


Not sure why this didnt happen sooner?? He got injured at the end of our season playing for the national team, surely he could of picked this up earlier and had the surgery a month ago so that he would be well into his recovery by now…

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