Thursday, August 18, 2022

Wilshere injury short term, says Wenger

Arsene Wenger says the ankle injury that kept Jack Wilshere out of today’s Community Shield winning squad, during which Arsenal beat Chelsea 1-0 and Jose Mourinho was sad, is short term.

When you hear Wilshere and ‘ankle injury’ the tendency is to think ‘Oh no, it’s banjaxed #ripjack #jackrip’ and so on, but the Arsenal manager says it’s not going to be anything too serious.

“He couldn’t take part in the game today because of an ankle problem he sustained yesterday,” said the Frenchman.

“It happened at the training ground. We don’t think it’s bad at all but I haven’t been told whether it will be two days or five days.

“I don’t know how long he will not be available for. It’s a matter of days.”

Hopefully that’s the case and he’s not bollixed, but things have been going so well recently it feels like we’re due a slap.

The Guardian say that the injury is worse than first feared, which would be a big blow.

Fingers crossed.

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Ah Crap!

ramsey's spirit

2 or 5 days i don’t care, give him 7 to be safe!!!

bims lay

Well i certainly hope so…….but i personally will take arsene’s “few days out” cautiously, i will believe it when he is back in training!……he said the same about welbeck and he is still out, …..also rosicky, ramsey, arteta koscielny etc and look how long they were out for?

hope he gets back soon

Mr. G

See you in November, Jack.


Which November? Whenever I hear ‘we don’t think it’s serious, just a few days’ about Wilshere’s ankle, I prepare myself for the worst. Particularly worrying that this happened on the training ground, which suggests a structural thing. I’d be much more reassured if it was contact injury from a bad tackle.

And how’s Cazorla’s ankle after being deliberately trodden on? Nasty, cheating lot of players they have at Chelsea, with an excessive sense of entitlement. Probably not their fault, they’ve just been coached into using those tactics should anyone have the temerity to outplay them.

Giroud Awakening

Is it just me or does Jack always get injured before the closing of a transfer window, Wenger lies about the seriousness of it to keep the prices down for any potential CMs coming in, and the day the transfer window ends: Jack Wilshere is out injured for 12483 years with an ankle injury -_-


The Guardian say a lot of things…


Well, that’s what a squad’s for, hope Jack is back on the pitch ASAP and we’re all fully backing him to make an impact when he’s back.

Or as Mourinho would say, give me 400 million pounds in unmarked bills NOW Roman, I need to feel pretty to be happy again.


Our bench was quite lacking in the attacking options yesterday. We have no impact players other than giroud.

Hope Rosicky and Wilshere can return from their injuries soon. Oh and Alexis from his holiday.


I think Wenger has plans to play Jack on the left instead of Santi, based on this being the second time Wenger has used the “Ram-Coq” in our toughest preseason game.

Just waiting for the dreading “2-3 weeks” statement to be released.


3 Seasons ago Walcott scored a load of goals at 23yrs and came good. 2 Seasons ago Ramsey scored a load of goals and came good at 23yrs Last season Coquelin at 23yrs came good, ditto Bellerin who is ahead of the curve (and Monreal at 29yrs) This season at 23yrs, Ox is threatening to score and looks like he is coming into his own> He has certainly benefited the most from Alexis. Ditto Jack who is he can stay away from these niggles may weigh in with goals. Liam Brady (INterview in Singapore) believes Jack needs to shoot more.… Read more »


Oxlade-Chamberlain is 21 (admittedly he’ll be 22 in two weeks).


Glass ankles….6 weeks. Should have sold him to City when we had the chance!

Bould's Eyeliner

Why don’t you sell the crest too while you’re at it.


Ramsey should be wisely used central so we get the best out of him


Some things even Shad cant prevent.


I have an injury too – I’m unable to read a story with ‘injury’ and ‘Wilshere’ in the same sentence. Just can’t do it.


no no no no no. fuck!!!!!!


Disappointing. Jack has become like a luxury player for us. When he is fit and in good form, he ‘may’ influence matches. I can’t remember him influencing a better part of our season, let alone the entire season like Rambo or Santi have done. Its time for him to step up.


Kinda hard for him to step up if he’s basically broken, which is a legitimate worry.


Hopefully we can rake in the points before he gets back and starts every single match.


Hmm, I’m readily suspicious when an ‘injury’ keeps a good player out of a crucial game in the transfer window. I hope it’s true and he is not on the transfer block considering there was a story lately on him in this area. I can’t wait for this transfer season to be over. Let me throw another spanner into the wheel even though ‘past performance is not indicative of future results’: Astute and ruthless Arsene Wenger got rid of locker room smoker. Surely, he can’t be thinking!…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So nobody thinks he merely got an accidental glancing kick on the ankle and would be better off letting the bruise heal a bit before his next game?


Going to be tough for Wilshere to get into the squad much this year unless he can stay healthy and others suffer injuries. Any injury he gets is a concern and probably takes him longer to heal than other players his age with his history of injuries and compensating for them when he returns.


I really hope Jack is ok but I fear not considering his history. We do have the strength in depth to cover.

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