Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Arsenal 2-0 Stoke – player ratings

Let’s be honest, it could, and should, have been about 5 or 6-0 but for wasteful finishing and some fantastic saves from goalkeeper Jack Butland (get him on watchlist Arsene).

Still, three points always welcome, a third clean sheet in a row, and it feels nice to have a Saturday night ahead without dismay of some kind. Rather the opposite of Jose Mourinho’s, wouldn’t you say?

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Coquelin MOTM


For me the Coq along with Hector

Springbank 1962

You mean the two guys that kind-of came out of nowhere and pretty-much cost us nothing.

Proof (if ever there was) that you don’t have to spend huge amounts in transfer windows to get young classy first team players.

Remember the invincibles

Have to say, Coquelin is really doing some job. He’s just what we need there. He’s aggressive and intelligent.

Dan Hunter

And Gabriel. Really love his no nonsense attitude. I also love his bowling action


Yes. Loved watching him try to take that thug Arnautovic’s nose off his face. That’s for last season, you chippy cunt.


He Stoke’D Stoke, Well done Gabbs !!


Seeing the impact that Coquelin has on our performance each week is really worrisome thinking about what we’d be like without him (through injury or suspension). He has to stay healthy and avoid long suspensions for red cards.


No rating for fat John Moss and his useless team for missing the most obvious penalty and a red card you’ll ever see?


Bellerin and our Coq co-MOTM.

Dial Square Charity XI

Go Szczesny!


Typical Wenger, playing someone out of position on the wings.

wenger's coat zipper

You’ve just won the internet! Made my day, maybe as much as the Chel$ki thrashing.


Before Szczesny’s efforts today are wiped from history forever:



It’s 8 key chances for Özil in less time than for Cazorla???

Remember the invincibles

Cazorla would really help himself he could track down those missing shooting boots. He gets 2-3 good shooting chances per game. Should be scoring one per 10 chances at least.

Mesut Ohno

Did Mesut play well today, I wouldn’t say so but then again I’m just some buffoon who doesn’t even understand football by not seeing his intelligent off the ball movement, yawn.


Maybe it was in less time but Mesut starts higher up the pitch so should by right be creating more. You can see though as soon as Mesut got subbed then Cazorla started making chances.
Ozil should have scored atleast 2 today from those glorious openings… especially that chance set up by Cazorla on the left. Good win boys!


Hahah Wojciech Sczesny? (cant ever spell his name right arghh)


Szczesny;) But overall good performance apart from the spurned chances. Fans need to get behind Olivier! Love that man, and we all know he works best when people get behind him and give him confidence. COYG


Woj on for Alexis?

Clock-End Mike

Or even Alexis Alexis?




That’s a hideous picture of Sanchez.


Coquelin is the best DM for the Arsenal since Gilberto. All the players in the squad keep praising his importance to the team. Today Theo gave him credit for that tackle which started the goal. He said Francis’s work goes unnoticed.

Mesut Ohno

Whoa dude, do you not remember a certain Denilson!!!


Szczesny, the goals will come


well played wojciech


The high point of the match was anautovic bawling and pointing at Gabriel…
His response… Go and do that in front of your nana…
Debuchy is buying him beers till next season


Szczesny ? Did he back from Roma ?


Didn’t see the game but Giroud rubbish wenger out same old nonsense blah blah etc etc never happy .


Big Oli so emotional. Fans should do all what all gaygooners want to do and that is….get behind him. Sorry. #coyg


Fantastic atmosphere at the ground for Oli, loud singing for him even after the shocking miss. Even louder for the goal!

King Henry XIV

Did he say he has mental strength? Looks like mentally fragile to me. It’s time for Giroud and Walcott to start practising kicking balls at goal for one hour before and after training time every day.
Win or lose, our finishing is in crisis.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Crisis? What a dafgt thing to say. It’s been win-win in the last two games, and it doesn’t matter who scores them as long as they go in. I don’t believe all this business about our scoring in crisis when even if our players don’t score they are forcing the opposition to score own goals, and we have had dead-cert but not given penalties/incorrect offsides twice (or is it three games) in a row now. Our shooting would be in crisis if we weren’t doing any because that would show we weren’t even close to scoring.


Couldnt watch the game, but Szczesny’s performance must be the heart warmer for this season. I mean, the guy used to goal keeper, was not even playing at Arsenal this season and he has managed to do so much in this game. Well done Szczesny!!


Couldnt watch the game, but Szczesny’s performance must be the heart warmer for this season. I mean, the guy used to be a goal keeper, was not even playing at Arsenal this season and he has managed to do so much in this game. Well done Szczesny!!


Always thought SZCZ was the image of Alexis..


Will enjoy MOTD after work tonight then ? COYG! ??


I feel Walcott’s biggest problem is a keeper rushing towards him, his best bet would be to take it round the keeper? He is definetly far more lethal than Giroud against big clubs that we can actually get a few counters in the game. Although time will tell if he can play CF against a parked bus because its more difficult to break a structured defence with a through ball. Oli hasnt got any better finishing than Theo so I think with the cunts looking for a win at their home next week, Theo would be best to start.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He used to take it round the keeper but kept bumping into the corner flag. At the speed he moves he has a turning circle like a supertanker.

Nah, not really.


I think Gabriel needs to start more with Kos, both of them have more speed, and i also think that Bellerin could be next Bale (I know i’ll get a lot of stick because of this), but with his speed, and his goals, i think Bellerin could be our Bale/Cristiano Ronaldo, we could convert him to be AMR, and then striker. COYG



Djangoon Unchained


Getso gunner

Coquelin 9…. He is MOTM to me, currently the best DM in europe


Why you have to ruin it with overrating him like that? he’s been fantastic but cmmon, he has a long way to go to be the best in europe. Needs to show his quality for the next season or 2 to be in contention of the best.


An Emirates full of exuberantly optimistic supporters, or one full of wet blankets.

I know which I would choose.


Oli’s muted celebration makes me want to cry. Poor guy. I have always loved him and will always support him hi and lo. Cmon guys, stand behind our man. He gave it everything for Arsenal.

His rather muted celebration on such an important goal showed how hurt he is being slagged off by Arsenal very own supporters. It is sad really

le Coq Sportif

Well there was no slagging of OG12 from the North Bank, big cheer when he came on and his name sang out the loudest this afternoon. 🙂

Gary Baldy

There were a few behind me that slagged him off but no sooner had they done that, than a big chorus of song for Giroud rose up from the North bank corner round to where I was on the East stand corner.

Brilliant to hear support for him, after all who else is there right now and he is a confidence player.

That miss of his was likely down to only being on for 5 mins if that at the time, the surprise that he was still onside and that the ball even came to him. Took the goal fantastically.

Just signed up to reply to this comment

Absolutely. He’s a confidence player like Ozil. When he really knows the manager and fans are behind him he can be brilliant. We all know just what he’s capable of.


Highlight for me is no one slagging off Walcott despite the write up given on this site.
Any other player can play shite and particularly Ramsey but it’s forgiven. Walcott gets slaughtered every time.
Ok he missed sitters but for fucks sake that’s what we do as team. Give the bloke a break blogs. It’s getting boring

Gary Baldy

I will happily criticise both equally for you ! Constructively, of course ! Rambo might stay out on the right where he was placed and then maybe we wouldn’t be so narrow and Bellerin wouldn’t be left so exposed when he gets the ball. Admittedly, he was slightly better at being on the right today than he was against Liverpool but that wouldn’t have been difficult. Ramsey slows the game down too much at times and needs to learn to make the right decisions and not fall over when shooting/crossing when we are only 1-0 up and could probably do… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

Gabriel, like Monreal & Le Coq you’ve taken your chance. Well done, welcome to the first eleven


All hail the Coq. Being so important yet not so noticeable to many. I still think Walcott will come good. He is the better finisher between himself and Giroud. So I say let Theo’s string of games up top continue.

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Great from the midfielders, Walcott and Giroud really need to be more clinical. Their wasteful finishing will hurt us against other teams where we don’t create as many chances. That tackle from Coq for the first was fantastic, even the Balrog would have had no chance.

We sent those foul beasts into the abyss!! COYG!


why people alwasy stop to our striker they arent the only one wasting, alexis,ozil,carzola and ramsey waste lot of chancee too


We can complain about our strikers all we want. But when you see that Manchester United have Fellaini up front, you know that there’s a problem with availability in the market.


Dan Hunter

They got Martial who just danced past a couple of Liverpool defenders and coolly as a cucumber, slotted past Mignolet. Hate to say but it really did remind me of Henry


Sadly, it did, yes. That being said: Quite a few players have had moments that made them look like Henry, but very few have his consistency.

Clock-End Mike

Theo can do that, eg against Chelski a couple of years ago. He’s just taking some time to find his form, understandable after a very long recovery from injury. He’ll find that form again, mark my words.

Can’t wait to hear all those slaggers eating humble pie.

Jimbo 1

Been waiting at least 10 years for this pie. It must be getting cold by now.


They still scored three though, including a beauty from a 19 year old I’ve been laughing at the whole week. My laughter just turned rather sour now, as that kid looks way better than I expected. I was, and still am, hoping that he’s the biggest waste of money since Chelsea bought Torres.


Martial is talented. It’s his price tag that’s mind boggling.
Wenger wasn’t interested in him for no reason.


Martial scored an Henry-esque goal tbf

little gretel

Man City winning is the only fly in the ointment today.

Jimbo 1

Great win. But how many would we have scored with someone like Charlie Austin (6 already this season). We can not afford to miss so many chances against the better teams. We will have to be more efficient against Chelsea next week.


Interesting idea, but just no.

Hopefully you see the mismatch between pointing out (correctly) that we might get fewer chances against better opponents. while at the same time upping Austin.

This being the man who has scored his 6 goals in a weaker league.


Oh Theodore, what shall we make of you?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Burgers! Walcott Burgers. But let’s wait til he’s retired, eh?


Ozil was good today and looked to get in behind the defenders to score. Coq MOTM. Impressive display from everyone. Giroud and Theo will have a good season in front of goal.


Giroud scores one and misses an easy one (the one where he got pulled should have been a penalty so it isn’t fair to blame him.) Gets a 6

Walcott scores one and misses at least three or four clear chances and gets a 6.5. Rationale?

Dan Hunter

More impact on the game. Can’t miss chances if you are not there to miss them…. possibly.


Not sure if it’s only me but Alexis has Szcezesnys picture and name on the app

DC Gooner

Walcott desersves to be slogged for the misses but the one he took was spectacular.

Rambo's Thai retreat

Loved seeing the Ozil having a go today when ordinarily he would have passed. Thwarted by a good save from a keeper who was having a blinder! Jeeeez


Alexis Sanchez has gotta starting scoring again!We seem to be missing his goals badly!


We had 29 shots and really should have scored at least nine goals. The people around me couldn’t believe it. How many goals would the Dutch Skunk have scored today and can’t we bring Thierry in as he works for the club now; on one leg and fifty years old he’d do better.


Would liked to have had a more convincing win on the scoreboard to reflect the dominance today, very fluid performance, so good to have Ozil back in there. As others have said it is worrisome the sitters that Giroud and Walcott have been missing, yes, each scored a goal, but should have had at least two each. Sanchez was unlucky not to have two goals himself and looking closer and closer to 100%. Great luxury for Arsenal to know how 7 experienced and quality defenders (plus Chambers as #8), really says something when the French starting RD can’t even get… Read more »


I really want our Oli to do well. If he scores 20 goals this season and helps us win something with important goals, he can miss all the sitters he wants.




Coquelin and Bellerin were absolutely on fire today. Debuchy will have to wait longer for his chance. Bellerin absolutely killed it.

Those first 5 mins were absolutely jizz worthy, the way we played. Can’t believe it was 0-0 for so long. Anyway a win is a win so I’m happy

Ps: Was very happy when Giroud scored. Poor guy really needed it. Good to see pple cheering for him today. More of this plz


Marshal or whatever ManU got..cannot judge him on one match with Henry…but no doubt he has the telent to be the next Henry if he wasn’t playing for ManU!

qld reds

great team performance. but if i ever see ox and walcott on the field for us again it will be too soon. ox’s touch, sloppy passing and ball control put us under unnecessary pressure especially towards the end of a match. walcott, well what the point…misses too many sitters and really doesn’t contribute much at all. looking at alternatives and we could really have upgraded on him during the window. reus no?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

CONFIRMED: Wills doesn’t understand “Reus is not for sale”

The essential requirement for an Arsenal supporter from any Arsenal football match is that we end the game with at least one more goal than the opposition. If you’re unhappy when we’re doing this your’re not getting the true joy from your pastime. Perhaps you should take up trainspotting instead?


Did not add an ‘out field’ player indeed.

Someone remind the inane media how much we paid for Bellerin and Le Coq last season.

The goals will come.

Plenty of chances created and shots taken.

Walcott and Giroud have to be more efficient but both strikers are off the mark.

Third from 5 games already. According to media then, our mission achieved for the season.

Plenty to moan about as per usual.;)

Gutbukket Deffrolla

In the days before STATS were crowned King, if you won and both your strikers scored they had done their job and you had enjoyed a good day at the football.


Quite obviously according to media logic, Moanrinho is going to regret not adding a world class striker.

Costa or Falcao or (Loic Remy) simply not good enough.

Next to spurs near relegation?


Feel bad for Theo. If not for But land he has a hat trick.
I watched and thought if that was Aguero, we would say he was lighting it up and the goal, the coda.
But it’s Theo so instead we hear about missed chances.
Trevor Francis commentated the game I watched.
The flying header that missed by a whisker he characterized as a criminal miss. I thought it a good effort.
He knows more than me, but am I wrong.
Getting in position is 3/4ths of the job.
Theo does that at least.


If that makes you happy, you’re stuck in the fourth place trophy era, and we can keep mollycoddling people getting paid more than you and I will ever make while sucking at their job more than you and I ever will (I hope). There’s no point getting into positions you are SUPPOSED to get into being the sole striker, and then lacking conviction, being too cute, and preparing for the shit you’re going to say post game to keep tree hugger like you onside (I’m also a tree hugger, but not your kind).

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Both of them scored. We won. Job done.

When are you going to be on telly next so that I can watch you do your job?


Gabriel is encouraging in his play . However I suspect many of the more delusional fans will start up with this narrative that Per is too slow and Gabriel should replace him. Who needs speed when you are already there. Per and Koscielny are still the prime pairing. HOwever Gabriel is fast shaping into a near term potential successor. He is for the moment developing into a good surrogate for either as he was brought in with attributes to complement both. Ditto the whole thing about Coquelin. He is without doubt developing into a top class DM but many get… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Thumbed down by a couple of folks who recognised themselves from the description you gave 🙂


really appreciate the team play but the strikers have to up their game.missing such begging chances against big teams is suicidal besides we can’t create so many chances against big teams.over all,the lads are doing well


Le Coq MOTM. The impact that this player has had on the team is so hard to measure – he’s a very underrated difference maker. There’s nobody else like him on the team. His level of athleticism, energy, anticipation is uncanny. He allows the other players in the team to shine. And his technical abilities are understated as well. I’ve heard so many pundits criticize him because he lacks technical qualities or does not contribute to the creative side of the game. However, he has shown that he can keep things simple, make the other creative players in the team… Read more »

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