Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Chambers hails Arsenal character

Calum Chambers has praised the character of Arsenal’s performance at White Hart Lane last night as the Gunners overcome the old enemy to reach the 4th round of the Capital One Cup.

Having been dragged level by a Chambers own goal, Arsenal found a fantastic winner from Mathieu Flamini and held off Pochettino’s side to win out at the Lane.

The performance drew praise from the 20 year old, who said, “Together as a team we knew our jobs and we defended well.

“We were 1-0 up and then they came back to 1-1 so I think we showed a lot of character to keep our faith, keep our composure, keep playing and get the result by getting a goal to get the win.

“We fought well, kept our discipline throughout the game and ground out a result. You want to get good results and build up momentum so hopefully we can take what we learnt into the next game.”

Chambers has been credited the own goal last night, the FA have ruled on Chelsea’s second goal at Stamford Bridge, attributing it as an own goal and not an Eden Hazard strike. Even with that though, he performed well in both games and it’s good to see him get some of his confidence back.

So that’s two OGs for Calum in the last week, on top of 3 red cards. It can only get better from here, right?! Oh, wait, it already did:

Flamini goal Spurs

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Cliff Bastin

Can’t even remember him as a right back anymore.

Santi's Smile

After Debuchy’s play last night, wouldn’t mind a reminder of what Chambers looks like on the right side whenever Hector needs a rest.

why not

yes Debuchy looked poor unfortunately. I liked his performances alot before his injuries.

Positionally he was very weak


I’ll be honest I was never really fussed on him , but was willing to take a French international as a stop gap until we found a proper replacement for sagna .


I genuinely thought he was an upgrade on Sagna (which is saying alot). He just hasn’t looked the same player since his injuries and given his age…its just sad really. As things are now i’d much rather have Jenko back in the side.


Debuchy has played 3 games after most of last season out and we´re already writing him off?! I´m not concerned about him. He just needs a run in the side. I am however concerned by his haircut.


he is a quality player, he just needs another run in the team. It didn’t help campbell was shite at giving him back up. His positional awareness picked up in the second half I thought.
Really encouraged by Chambers’ last two performances, impressive after his liverpool debacle

Johnny blowfish

Regardless of the OG he had a solid game. I was very impressed with him. He’s growing in stature.


Got room for one more gooner?

Le Jim

Fuck. The internet’s ruined me.
Can’t hear of the word ‘character’ without thinking of Brendan Rodgers and his stupid teeth. And that picture he has of himself in his own home.


Or you could always remember the deluded Brendan account on twitter.


10 arested for that thing at White Fart Lane. I don’t blame thought. That hoarding looked hideous and shouldn’t be put up.

North Bank Gooner

Its hilarious, those mugs need to be told with huge sign that its their one and only club!!!!

Social Pariah

The damage was done when Harry Kame head-butted the hoarding.
Investigate him.

North Bank Gooner

In other news, Spuds new stadium plans have been thrown into doubt. Tittenham had wanted to build the largest single tier stand in England, with a capacity of 17,000. Engineers have today informed the club that it is impossible to stack shit that high!! 😉


Oh dear lord, imagine the smell!


You don’t have to imagine it, you can experience any time walking past their current little shithole. Although why anyone would want to is beyond me.


We should respect the beliefs, customs and traditions of the places we visit.
In the case of Tottenham, that means setting fire to the place.


He might be unlucky for the own goals but he’s just a buff mickael silvestre.

Veryxerioz Gunner

He could say “I am groot” throughout the interview and i would still love it. Still reeling from the shock of the FLAM-STAR LORD.


Best stay in side folks, it’s a regular Hail storm around the Gunners camp as of late!

Unlucky on the OG’s Calum, but well done beating ‘them’


Felt sorry for Chambers for the own goal. It wasn’t his fault, really. You have a split second to decide to leave it, or get a foot in front of it. If he had left it and a striker poked it in, he would have been made much worse.

Also, Debuchy, my man… you’re not a CB/CDM/RW/ST/Ball boy. I’m sure he’ll get his confidence back, but his positioning was quite atrocious…


Always fun to watch the Sp*ds get beat at home. That Flamini did it to them, hilarious.

Best moment of the game was actually seeing Flam run through Danny Rose mid-air. Even as our #1 striker, he just can’t help going at these wankers. Don’t change for anyone, Mathieu.


Chaps, as am aside. What is the best way to get last minute away tickets?


It’s tough on debuchy from being first choice right back for the french national team to being relegated to the bench by a must play in his mind and maybe he was trying too hard to impress. He just needs to relax and play his game we all know that he is a pretty good hard as nails player


Rather have Jenko back?….give Debuchy a chance for Christ sake.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

Exactly – people are writing off a man who’s been out for almost a whole year and has barely played. It’s sad to see his fall from grace given his displays prior to getting injured were nothing short of solid, but people need to stop writing players off after 1-2 poor performances and just get behind our damn team

Red side

Fair play debuchy didn’t have a great game but I don’t think he was helped out defensively by Campbell both player can’t be expected to come in and do a job when they have been on bench al season saying that even tho debuchy and arteta with heavy legs we still won and should of been more giroud chance Walcott at the end Sanchez too




Look at the Community Shield last yeat against City, Debuchy was standing on the CB.s toes then too, this is not a new flaw


Good game chambers, buh i think debuchy is lacking confidence at the moment, bellerin is just scary….. we all know.

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