Monday, May 23, 2022

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal – player ratings

A frustrating 2-0 defeat to a Chelsea side that should have been down to 10 men, instead we were and we paid the price in the end.

Here’s how we felt the players rated today.

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Does the mid week cup game count as a game in the suspensions? -10/10 for refs, of course

Boilermaker Gunner

it does as its domestic competition


I gave Gabriel a 10.

We so often complain about being meek and too soft. Here’s a guy who stood up for his teammate and is getting slated everywhere. I agree he should have toned down a bit. But I blame his teammates for that as no one came to his rescue inspite of the knowledge that he doesn’t speak English. Just notice how many Chelsea players surrounded the referee each time a decision had to be made and here no one came toour


*our player’s defence.


Agree with you. It is sad that only Gabriel stood up for Koscielny.Gabriel didn’t do anything wrong for second card. He was just moving back and Costa stopped suddenly to simulate that foul. No way that is a foul


Yeah, literally walked right into that one.

I was cheering him on, too. Nice to see a player finally push back instead of just taking it. And I don’t blame him for losing his temper, the whole thing was ridiculous. Costa should have been sent off for shoving Koscielny’s face, or the chest bump, but oh they conveniently don’t see that! I hope Chelsea’s proud of winning when they had to cheat like that to get it. But I don’t think they even registers with them.


*that, not they


I gave him an 8, for the same reason & solid defending. his only mistake in my eyes not waiting until after the half to thump dildo’s hamstrings repeatedly in open play.

Gooner Balls

I was telling a Chelsea fan last week, that people have figured out Diego Costa. All you gotta do is rile him up before he riles you up.

We failed! It sure is sad as an Arsenal fan, but as a fan of football It’s a mockery of the game. At least the cunt didn’t score himself… oh and Dean is a dickless twat!


Totally agree. I gave Gabriel a 10 as well. It’s all too easy to say he shouldn’t have reacted but if you’ve ever played in a team and cared for the team then it is bloody impossible to just walk away and with hindsight everybody’s a blooming genius

Coq au Vin

I love Gabriel. Him and Lolo are going to be the best centre back pairing for years.


i’m too pissed off to care about the ratings. BTW, what’s the difference between a headbutt and a chestbutt? the former is a straight red and automatic suspension for future matches, the latter is not even a yellow card? i mean, would you want to be chest butted by that thug costa.
that mike dean guy: how many times has he cost arsenal points before? he totally let the situation get out of control


Totally agree about Dean . And i don`t think its just us he`s shit against

Gervinho's forehead

Mike dean is such a twat and most definitely ruined what was looking to be a close contest. I thought we would nick it when 11v11 Did anyone see Gareth’s crooks comments on BBC stream? He hit the nail on the head. Basically said that Mike dean makes all the games about him and wants to be the centre of the show. told him he needs to learn to manage the game rather than be the big star attraction. Prick! Ps- Gabs is absolutely class. Hard as nails and I like it. True the yellow was unneeded but at least… Read more »


We got the triple deke of cunts today – Dean, Costa & Moanrinho. Honestly thought we could win with 11 today, Chelsea looked vulnerable.

Andy Mack

If Mike ‘The Twat’ Riley had been at the match then we’d have got the big 4 cunts at 1 game!

chopra gooner

Ramsey was very naive to have fouled Fabregas in a dangerous area which led to the free kick and the goal. You can’t do that with 10 men against a top side. It was sheer stupidity from Ramsey. Had he not committed the foul, I feel we’d have drawn the game. Very foolish and he doesn’t deserve to play in central midfield.


wrong end of the stick there buddy


Was there even a foul? I didn’t see anything at all live, NBC didn’t show any replays, and Wenger complained about this call afterwards.

Boilermaker Gunner

we ought to have defended better. It was non existent.


Agreed we should have defended it better. Another individual error by Koscielny.


our defenders aren’t bad by any means . But they are not of a quality needed to win the prem . . Gabriel looks the most likely to develop into a top class center half . kos and Mert are good but not great . they both have too many moments when u say ” should have done this or should have done that ” e.g. .. Kos turns his back every time a ball is kicked hard in his direction ! Keown would stick his face in !!


how the fuck could u thumbs down ?!!!! if u pick the best 11 from the prem .. none of our back 4 would make it in


so according to 14 people we have the best back 4 in tn the league , .. well everything is good then 🙂


I was wondering the exact same thing. Always seems to result in a goal when the “foul” is unjust. Maybe it was a foul, but without seeing a replay it didn’t look like one. I wonder how much the Russian mob paid Dean for this game, I bet he could go back and ask for more after that awful display.

bobby chapman

This is sarcasm right? Clearly his best position is central midfield.

Andy Mack

Not a foul!!!


You’re absolutely right. If you’re wearing Mike Dean’s pair of eyeballs (which would be cool as he would have to retire from referring, but he would still have a chance)

Bet you blame Venga’ for getting two red cards as well


rambo should be back in the middle with santi suspended next week. But looked totally out of sorts with the ball today…was miscontrolling and misplacing passes throughout…wonder if being stuck on the right has knocked his confidence. ..2 years ago he would have lashed that ozil cross first time


Problem with Ramsey next to Coq is that he doesn’t really want to defend that much anymore. In his breakout season two years ago he was a defensive demon, tackling so much. Now all he cares about is goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love the WJ and he should play, just wish Wenger would try and get him back to the box-to-box boss he was becoming.


I didn’t think that was a foul either . The ref had a nightmare and a lot of the media coming out and saying it .
I’m glad Wenger destroyed deans performance and slagged off Costa in the post match interview .

I hate Chelsea ,
Costa – scumbag nasty elephant man mother fucker .
Fuck fabregas too


Bonus rating vol II: 10/10 The Arsenal away supporters

Social Pariah

You really are heartless; subjecting innocent weevils to THAT!!!


Fucking cunts all over the pitch with Mike dean their whore Queen. Simple. At 11, we were top defensively, with a potential goal from counter attack and Walcott looked focuses and close to breaking through. Then, The whore queen played her role to destroy the game.


Mike Dean once red carded Jack Wilshere against man utd, it’s not news. perhaps he was helping mafias who bet on the game


I would like to point out a few things, even though we were cheated today by the refs decisions, we don’t look like a strong team. Our big money players Sanchez, and Ozil , i can’t say they are giving us any edge in my opinion. And what is with the zonal marking anyway, all big teams play man to man. We conceded two goals from set play in two games, yet yesterday i saw pictures of the team practicing on free kicks. And lastly i want to say i dont like Ramsey on the flanks he is more of… Read more »


Alexis is temporarily out of form, and Ozil was brilliant in the first half – he created some chances and half chances out of nothing. Honestly, if we were better at finishing, Ozil would be topping the league for assists.


Ozil played well in my opinion . Saw him battling hard for the ball too .

Sanchez on the other hand – is struggling.


I don’t understand how Gabriel fell for that Costa antic. He does it week in week out. Kos didn’t even receive a yellow card out of it. Costa does this week in week out. It may not be pleasant but his tactic is clever. He always tries to get one of the centrebacks a yellow even if he gets one too coz after that the CB is walking on tight rope. Am fed up of watching Ramsey on the wing whether we win or not. We are too predictable. Wenger needs to pick one of Ramsey or cazorla. Any will… Read more »


Always disappointing to lose to a club from the bottom half of the table


* Arsene was spot on in his post match interview. The main problem is the weak referees that allow Costa to get away with thuggery in every match. I’m willing to bet my left breast that there won’t be a retrospective ban for him. * Another galling point is our lack of leadership, only Bellerin was trying to push Gabriel away from Costa. Coquelin was apparently 2 seconds late. We don’t seem to fight for each other. Gabriel was standing up for Kos. We’ve become too nice (I miss the days of dirty Viera and Keown). Something similar happened in… Read more »


I’m also becoming a huge fan of Gabriel. He is one loyal son of a gun. If anyone messes with an arsenal player he has their back. Did anyone else see how terrified Oscar looked when he was trying to hold Gab back?


Oscar always looks terrified tbf


Long live king Gab!!!


I actually thought Rambo had a bit of steel to him but i can only see Jack with his big wobbly head getting in everyone’s face and protest or maybe the BFG who would have stood up to this and maybe controlled Gabriels reaction.


totally agree with you! In Gabriel we have a bit or that ruggedness, he stands up to the bullies and takes no shit. If the ref sent off Costa when he was suppose to, it would have not come to the unfair sending off of Gab. The refs should also do a better job of splitting players up after theres a foul, this bullying and tricking players in getting sent off isn’t what I want to see in the sport. It’s called the beautiful game, no room for bullshit verbal abuse waiting for a reaction.


On NBC Sports, one of the announcers was saying Costa was “doing his job.” His JOB is to play football, not pull crap like this. Unless of course it’s a special assignment from his manager.


It is.


I think it wouldn’t hurt to give Sanchez a few games off. He hasn’t been himself this season, and might need some time to reflect. I don’t have stats but I’m guessing he tried to cut infield every time he touched the ball. If he made a move to his left I’m sure it would leave the defender bamboozled!


Sanchez does need a bit of a break it seems. Not sure about his cutting infield stats but I do know he’s tried more shots than any other player in the PL this season so far without resulting in a goal. Think its 41 or 43. Not good. That said none of our other traditional goal scorers are finishing either.


hes too dribbly . great player …skill .. drive .. energy etc .. but takes too many on


Sanchez too dribbley .. just needs to beat the first player then pass


It’s hard to win this match, especially when it’s 12 vs 11 from the start


It still means we dont win at stamford bridge !


My last comment on such a frustrating day for all those sidetracked with the referee, when we had the invincibles how much of a factor was a bad referee? Cause how I remember it we used have enough quality and then some to overcome teams with even the referee on their side.


ON a bright note, Man city’s loss makes the Invincibles safe for another season, unless Leicester go unbeaten. We are going shite but tucked nicely five points behind the leaders with 32 games left. And we’ll win the FA Cup if the Coq is not shafted. Bring on Spurz


Bloggs – Koscelny deserves less than Gabriel for me. as the senior centre half there he had a shocker. Was quiet though out and needed to be more commanding for our 1st goal. Got dominated though out out by the cunt costa and was totally silent and no reaction after being put to the floor by costa. That it took Gabriel to fight his own battle i thought was poor. GAbs was trying to protect a team mate and really his team mates didnt return the favor when he needed cooling, even by Koscenly. For all the surrounding the ref… Read more »


I honestly thought Koscenly was playing against Drogba the way he got ragged today. When he got up from being chest bumped he looked frightened like he was getting bullied. just look at his reaction. he says nothing, to the ref, to costa to gabriel. I expect more of a reaction and i cant imagine any of keown, adams, cambell, even toure looking so timid.


Probably because it’s a bent ref and a no win situation.


bent ref or not – in one on one situations between costa and gabs and costa and kosc, Gabs looked the better to cope because he met fire with fire at source. i love kosc game but today he was dominated

Goone's Farm

Look how well it payed off for him though. That fuckin Mike Dean cunt though, made my blood boil. Had I been in the stands I genuinely think I’d have thrown a water bottle straight into the twat’s face.


honestly – id rather it decend into a 22 man brawl on the pitch than the raping we took today – ref or not. like i said if you dont stand up to bullies, the shit wont stop.
i think the last time that happened was with man utd in the early 90s


Don’t use rape. I’m pretty sure that’s a rule.

Yes, we did get royally violated by 13 cunts, but still.


Kos did the right thing. He knew what Costa was after and didn’t play into it and Gabriel shouldn’t have either. If the ref didn’t see it (read: chose not to see it), there’s no point moaning or in any way allowing yourself to be distracted from the game. I’d much rather have Arsenal players focus on playing football than sticking fingers in the opponent’s eye or trying to trick the ref into giving cards. Leave that to the cunts. That sort of culture is why Chelsea are doing so well this season. Fuck em. As for Mike Dean, seriously,… Read more »

King Henry XIV

I feel like kicking hard on Costa’s old ugly face and farting right in front of Mourinho at his post-match press conference. It’s still short of justice.


Still fuming about the atrocious refereeing, Costa’s cheating – & Mourinho’s post-match praise for it. Apart from that I’m worried about Alexis’ apparent slump. We really needed him to have buried that chance today. Hope Coquelin is ok – otherwise we’re going to be really short in the next few games!


Worse, as the fury fades, I am left with the realization that we got stuffed by Chelsea – right when they were there for the taking. A bad start to a promising weekend.

Walcott's left footed curl

Gabriel should get a 10 for being the only ine standing up to Costa. The rest of the team needs to get in there, be ugly. That’s what Barca, City, Utd and other teams do for each other. They fight players trying to get a card from their team and they’re smart enough to get their own players out of harms way.

Arseblog's Dog

The only thing to put a smile on my face today is Arseblog’s bonus rating retribution for Mike Dean, Costa and co.

Kanu Papilo

My main concern is actually Coquelin at the moment. The guy is irreplaceable for now. Costa should be sent to the Forest of a thousand demons and eaten alive. I hate mourinho so much


We did OK in the first half even though I’d of liked us to test Chelsea more. This was the best time to play them with most of their players struggling and Courtois injured but we were not ruthless. We should’ve stretched them today by playing Walcott/Chamberlain on the wing instead of playing Ramsey and making it tighter. That suited Chelsea. I was also really disappointed in the attitude of some of the players. Chamberlain and Giroud (who both came on in the 70th minute) standing there helplessly and watching Chelsea passing the ball for the last 10 minutes was… Read more »

Man Manny

Red card apart, Gabriel is a class act – had Costa in his back pocket.
Mertesacker must play the game of his life to get his position back.


Maybe they do need to be more disciplined at times but I have to say, I love the attitude that Gabriel and Coquelin have brought to the team. Frankly, we could use more of it.


Was it a straight red card? I thought Gabriel first got a yellow when he first shoved Costa.


yeah, I thought it was a second yellow. That’s right no?


Yellow, and then a straight red.


Yes he got a yellow at the same time with Costa, but then he got straight red. 3 games suspension.

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Not to take issue with your ratings, but I think it’s entirely likely that Diego Costa and Mike Dean are massive Phil Collins fans.


Ozil and sanchez have to do so much more in the big games as the supposed stars of the team

Gudang Pelor

Well, to be fair, Ozil has been producing chances for his teammates, it just not many of them finish these chances.


Mike dean CUNT…Chelsea CUNTS…Mourinho…CUNT….Costa…CUNT…..Sitting deep trying to counter 10 than 9 men…CUUUUUUUUNTS…. BUT…. Does not change the fact that we were not great before the red/s…Which decided the result not the performances.. Cazorla was extremely poor with a red putting the cherry on top of his day… Sanchez was and has been shocking…His best contribution was that miss.. Ozil was poor but not as bad as others around him. Ramsey was the worst of the lot..Absolute mare from him yet he never stopped running even when he looked like he had cramp. Walcott is excellent off the shoulder but useless… Read more »


* I’m not ashamed to say this, I hope Costa suffers a leg break. He’s got it coming and I’ll drink beer to it when it happens. Absolute shit cunt of a player. * Funny how the media think Chelsea played well today. They were not any more threatening when it was 11 vs 11 than when it was 11 vs 10. * Ivanovic only looked like Cafu today because Alexis failed to run outside of him, he kept cutting inside, the only time he ran at him, he got a yellow. Still wonder why Arsene didn’t tell Alexis to… Read more »

Gary Baldy

I wouldn’t rely on the Toon at the moment . . .


I’ll raise a glass to a serious Diego Cunta injury.


I have to say it’s fucking hard not to trash the living room imaging Costa’s and Dirty Dean’s faces. Also, I don’t know how much longer I can stand ppl questioning Wenger and the team and me defending them. It just seems hopeless ervery year and whilst I think todays game started well and the ref cost us the game, a feeling creeps into my soul, we are fuckin naive, spineless and right out foolish, repeating the same mistakes for decades, it seems. Sure, Costa is a cunt followed by the refereeing team and Cesc has shown why he left,… Read more »


We simply have to be more careful when playing against Mike Dean. That said simply ridiculous card. Of course had it been another team or a Chelsea player sent off the media pundits like Savage and ferdinand would be crying about how it spoilt the game as a contest. In this case they show their true colours applauding Costa as getting stuck in. How/why the media continue to hire such bafoons is beyond me. Our greater worry is : 1) Gabriel out for 3 games. Hopefully Per is back in. Not so much of a problem. 2) Coquelin possibly injured… Read more »


Santi’s was two yellows, so not a 3 match ban.

Gunner in Canada

Santi was not a straight red, it was two yellows. His suspension will only be 1 game.


He can sit out the spuds match


give Jeff a go


Diego Costa waving the card to Mike dean too – I thought , in line with the rules , that should result in a yellow card in itself . Shocking performance from the ref. I thought we were heading for a 0-0 but the game was ruined . I was proud of Gabriel for getting stuck in , but the beckham-Esque kick out was always gonna end up badly – the Chelsea scum surround the ref at every opportunity . I would rather anyone win that league than the chavs . Only hope for justice is that Costa gets punishment… Read more »

Gary Baldy

Again, Ramsey not offering much on the right. Either he disciplines himself and stays there, not necessarily hugging the touchline but . . . or Wenger tells him in no uncertain terms to stay in position and stop giving him a free role. Or just play him in the middle when a space in the team permits ( loss of form or injury to another player/ change of tactics ). It is not the main reason we lost of course, but there was at least one example where there was only Bellerin on the right so Coquelin had to rethink… Read more »

Someone's Something

Why is Mike Dean still refereeing? I couldn’t believe he was going to be the referee until he actually blew the whistle for kick-off. I was like *REALLY? THIS BLOKE OVER MICHEAL OLIVER? WOW*

John Pekkari

The way Kos kept his cool after head butting Costas hand twice and got himself shoved to the ground. I absolutely love him for that. I love nothing else about this game.

Troy McClure

Totally 100% agree with you. Koz had it under control, let Costa do his thing without reacting, even took a tumble to highlight Costa’s chest bump, reminiscent of Jens Lehmanns comedy falls. Gab was hard done by the human penis ravaged with syphilis Mike Dean, but somebody should have pulled him away from Costa before it all escalated.


First half was good. Second half, I thought we were a little naïve and also lacking passion. Ozil had good first half but really is not the player you want when playing with only 10 players. I also think there was enough playing time from Ox and Giroud to rate them. Given 15 mins, I thought Ox really brought some extra energy. gird o the other hand really moped around. Tae a look at him immediately prior to their second goal – was just walking around lamely. If I had just lost my place in starting line up and got… Read more »


* Griroud on the other hand….

dr Strange

And we had to watch that fucking cunt Terry smile. What a fucking day.

Happy gunner

Is there any way we can start a petition to get Mike Dean suspended for a few games, as he couldn’t do his job properly and to get Diego Costa banned for each action?

I’m saying this as both an arsenal fan and a fan of football. Both massively failed in their duties as a ref and footballer.


I for one am not surprised by that fab cunt’s antics today. After all he looks exactly like that massive cunt costa!

Arsenal Masochist

Citah lose. About the one positive from this week. 8 points behind and even this early one goodbye to any realistic chance of winning at the end of the season. A Manure L would be nice tomorrow.


Still believe we would have beaten Chelsea had we stayed at 11 v 11. Still trying to calm down but at least consoled by the fact that Man City just lost to West Ham. That at least keep them only five ahead of us at this time. That keeps them within shooting distance. It’s a long season and I still believe we can challenge for the BPL. All I know is we better punish Costa and Chelsea when they come to the Emirates.


I rated defenders quite highly. Other than the dick moves, Costa was completely ineffective in this game, ditto Pedro.I know I’m biased, but I still contend that the players didn’t lose this game, Mike Dean decided the outcome. And to hell with Fabregas, who lobbied Dean for Gabby’s red.


Fucking ridiculous red card.

When a certain group of people are above accountability, its called fascism, not integrity.

And wtf Diego Costa. That fucking major piece of shit. Not one foul???

mr jack

Some first class booing of Costa from those at the game, came through loud and clear on TV. Proud to be a gooner.


Alexis basically had no time off from last season,played mid week unlike some, and then started again today and we’re supposed to be concerned? The guy needs a fucking break. Cannot believe he will be played midweek. That would be the most ridicluous decision in a long time. Bravo for dropping Giroud. Would let him start againt spurs.

George the Gooner

Fucking sick. Mike Dean is a fucking cunt. Diego fucking cunt Costa is a Cunt. John Terry is a Cunt. I’m sick to fucking death of this Chelsea team. Wenger will you beat them for fucks sake!!


I’d like to be the first one to call Diego Costa a cunt. What, someone said it already? Oh yeah and I hope Gabriel was waiting for his punk ass out in the parking lot.


No matter. It can’t be said enough,



I can smell some brown envelopes. A definite whiff of brown envelopes. I should buy different brown envelopes.

Chelsea were desperate for the win. A loss was almost unthinkable. With what went on today – nothing would surprise me.


Well I’m sorry to be the one to ruin your Sunday bro, but unlesss you’re the Brazilian slum midwife who first yanked that ridiculously old face out of his ma’s cave your about 1,387,565 people too late.


Said it before, will say it again: Mike Dean has no place being a top-flight ref. Ego’s too big, dick’s too small. It’s a sad indictment on the English game/FA that he’s even in the picture as a top ref. Stupid, grinning, grimacing, birdlike fuck.

I mean, who the hell else can fall so easily victim to the bollocks of that piece of primordial slime? Costa is the biggest cuntbucket in the game since El Diouf.

fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck.

For the record: Gabriel is fast growing on me.


This was a showcase game for the EPL, and all everyone is talking about now is the referee. This is like having Laurence Olivier starring in *Hamlet* and people leaving the theater complaining about the ushers. I suspect, however, that those running the EPL think that this is just fine. After all, “controversy” generates page-hits etc.. I wonder if the league’s willingness to court this kind of attention has something to do with the power of the tabloids in England. I follow the Bundesliga and there is comparatively little attention devoted to officiating in coverage of games. How many referees… Read more »


Its just frustrating that Gabriel was the one to fall for Costa’s shit when the plan was clearly to try and rile up koscielny. He didn’t even react when he got hit in the fucking head! If we had been able to be calm, costa would have gotyen more and more furious over kos’ tranquility and probably done something harsh

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