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Club appeal but Gabriel ban could be extended

Arsenal have confirmed that they have appealed the red card issued to Gabriel on Saturday, but the Brazilian is facing further punishment from The FA.

The club say they’ve appealed the sending off as a ‘wrongful dismissal’ but in a statement this afternoon, in which they confirm Diego Costa has been charged with violent conduct for his assault on Laurent Koscielny, the game’s governing body have charged the Brazilian defender with ‘improper conduct’.

His reaction to being sent off has brought about the charge and it seems unlikely they’ll coutnenance any reduction when trying to punish him further.

The full statement reads:

Following the game between Chelsea and Arsenal on Saturday [19 September 2015], the FA has taken the following disciplinary action.

Diego Costa has been charged for an alleged act of violent conduct which was not seen by the match officials but caught on video. The Chelsea forward was involved in an incident with Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny in the 43rd minute of the game. He has until 6pm tomorrow (Tuesday 22 September 2015) to reply.

Off the ball incidents which are not seen at the time by the match officials are referred to a panel of three former elite referees. Each referee panel member will review the video footage independently of one another to determine whether they consider it a sending-off offence. For retrospective action to be taken, and an FA charge to follow, the decision by the panel must be unanimous.

Arsenal defender Gabriel has been charged with improper conduct for his behaviour following his dismissal, whilst teammate Santi Cazorla has been warned for his behaviour following his sending off.

Finally, both clubs have been charged for failing to control their players under FA Rule E20.

Both clubs and Gabriel have until 6pm on Thursday [24 September 2015] to reply.

So, there you go. Good news that Costa is getting what he deserves, but the other charge and the warning for Santi seem unduly harsh.

Not that we’d expect anything less really.

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The other charges are for not leaving the field quickly enough I think. Which is odd, normally players hang around a bit after they get sent off, and I don’t remember charges in the past. Although technically it’s true you’re not allowed to hang around moaning after you get sent off. Even when the sending off is a complete joke and the referee you’re moaning to isn’t qualified to be reffing your kids’ after school game, much less a match watched by a hundred million people.


Agreed, commented something similar on another post!


To be honest I am a bit concerned I might get loads of unwanted advert stuff after adding, and that it has little chance of working.
All the best though.


Thanks for creating publicity for the link, but I have two concerns: 1. I think the author of the petition fails to paint the full monstrosity of Dean’s anti-arsenal antics. A link or mention about the highly distorted win-rate highlighted by 7am’s by the numbers article would do good. 2. It’s almost certain (I’d say 99.99%) that nothing will happen and business will continue at the FA as usual. This stems from a real lack of public accountability at the FA (and PGMOL). On that note, is it time to subject them to judicial review or something of the sort… Read more »


If Gabriel gets a 3 match ban for the light backwards tap, then does that not mean Costa should get done for three straight reds (even kicked Ox near the end) equalling 9 games? If Costa gets a 3 game ban only, the Fucked-Up Association better fucking rescind Gabriel’s ban to 1 game only. Either way, I hope Gabby and Coq fuck up BOTH his legs at the Emirates in a double tackle from both sides.

I'm Jack's Raging Bile Duct

After we’re 2-0 up. Amen.


Other charges and Arsenal appeal: Arsenal will appeal to reduce the ban from 3 games to 2 or 1, based on the pre-existing cases where the violent conduct was not as violent as first reported. Chelsea recently had a ban on Matic reduced based on further video evidence. Gabriel’s “back tap” was hardly violent, it was just a tap and he did not exert excessive force. Best case scenario is that Gabriel’s suspension is 1 game. Worse case scenario is that appeal gets denied, plus additional games are imposed because he stayed in the field for another minute or so… Read more »

Less Rambly Pete

Seeing that not even a 2nd yellow was given for the Oxlade Chamberlain incident could that not also be investigated and additional ban applied for that?

gooner 44

always knew that F A meant
Fuck Arsenal


Shouldn’t they bend space and time here? If Costa is indeed retrospectively punished for his off the ball nonsense with Kos. Gabriel would have no one to get angry at and thus escape any punishment. The issue with Gabriel reacting to Costa is squarely down to the Ref missing the initial incident in the first place. The blame should lie with the Ref.

Arseology - Reloaded

The FA have basically admitted that Dean faaacked up. What now happens to Dean? Does he get relegated to officiate a championship game this weekend?

Coq au Vin

Since I couldn’t watch the first half, I was reading Guardian ‘as it happens’. When I told my girlfriend that Gabriel had been sent off, she replied ‘who’s the ref, Mike Dean?’. Enough said.

Daft Aider

About time the Club as whole stood up for itself and made a statement about Mike Dean,
the continued displays of inadequacy or bias needs standing up to………


It would be pointless. It seems we are being unfairly treated in all this and that points to the inept prick of a referee getting there backing.


We are not Wimbeldon FC (no disrespect to them), we are a sizeable club.

Surely we have enough clout to make sure that wanker of a ref doesn’t referee another big game of The Arsenal!


Won’t matter bit if we did make a fuss. Dean has already been appointed to referee again next weekend. It’s unbelievable. If player was that shit he’d be in the reserves match next week.


FA = Fucking Assholes

Viva Vivas

FA are becoming FIFAesque


What exactly did Santi do?!


Probably got done for smiling.

the only sam is nelson

guilty of possession of a dazzling smile

Burn Baby Burn

Was the hand waggle he did on the way off implying something about the ref? (I refuse to type his name)


He smiled


Unfortunately, I don’t really see how we can dispute either of the red cards – Gabriel should have known better than to kick a player in front of the ref & Cazorla should not have gone into a challenge like that whilst booked (& the team on 10 men). The real focus here should be that prick Costa – if Suarez got a 4 month ban for biting, full-on assault should be a lot longer.


He did some gestures on his way out, pointing that the so called ref is a wanker… Which is in fact a correct statement.


Santi warned for getting his first ever red card in english football? Thats the FA guys…


No one does incompetence and corruption quite like them. It makes me proud to be an Englishman…


Santi “The Enforcer” Cazorla?

chippy's chip

Don Cazorleone the smiling assassin!


Yet the same FA says FIFA is corrupt. They that come to equity must come with clean hands.


And no mention from the FA of the right Royal fuck up Dean made of things.
So that’s okay then……

Man Manny

I am sad but relieved. Sad that Mike Dean or his assistant did not see the Costa assault in real time – we would be joint 2nd on 13 points, trust me.
Relieved that that thug won’t get away with it this time. When a respected institution like Arsene Wenger speaks, the FA has to listen.
I don’t really care if they extend Gabriel’s ban or not ( I don’t think they should seeing that Arsenal has appealed).
The much they can do is to uphold the 3 match ban.


It’s mindboggling. How could they not have seen it? It wasn’t even off the ball, not really – it happens as the cross is coming in. Even if the ref didn’t see it how does the linesman not see it? His job is to be looking exactly where it happened – on the line of the last defender.


They saw what happened, they just chose not to see it… if you get what I mean!


I await the reduction of 1 point for Chelsea and 2 for Arsenal. It’s not as as if the FA haven’t got form…..

Gunner Rob

Hmmm remember what happened the time we last had points deducted.
Oh how we sang with gusto………….
“You can stick your fucking two points up your arse”


Improper conduct yes. By Gabriel? Possibly, by Costa and the rest of those blue monkeys hounding the referee to try and get our man sent off, 100% dirty cunt conduct. Whatever ban Gabriel gets, Costa should have had a red on 3 occasions, at the bare fucking minimum, a 9 game ban should be the minimum.


That’s the thing that’s enraging me: ‘Diego Costa has been charged for an alleged act of violent conduct…’

Fucking FA don’t have the balls to punish Costa properly.


Good point.

Isn’t surrounding the referee and indicating to the referee to book an opponent against the rules now?

– Costa’s waving of a card…
– Fabregas and co pleading with Mike Spud Dean for a 2nd yellow on Gabriel…

We have been truly shafted as always. There is no justice in the game and NO things don’t even themselves out.

Poor/biassed refereeing and cheats prevail it seems. The FA don’t give a crap about the game.

Dean Windarse

If they’re going to be that harsh with Arsenal, then it would nice to see Chelski getting punished next time their players surround the ref aggressively.


OK, so what about Diego’s off-the ball on Ox, his yellow card dive followed by yellow card for signalling for a yellow card, Zouma’s hand to Gabriel’s throat, and Azpilicueta’s kick when (Ramsey? Ozil?) was on the ground?

At least we haven’t heard anything yet about Wenger’s inevitable touchline ban for stating the fucking obvious.

Wow. Never cease to be amazed.

The refs “Didn’t See” Diego’s fouls on Kos because that would have cancelled their payday.


“Zouma’s hand to Gabriel’s throat”

If Gabriel’s little flick is worthy of the label “violent conduct” what do we class the Zouma incident as?

The FA are a joke.


All thats wrong with the game is summed up by these fossils of modern society the FA. That we have to bear the brunt of costa cheating and the FA incompetence but the fooking dick sucking media is getting to much – the PR campaign to paint costa as a good guy is making me sick to my stomach. all the debates about having him in ‘your team’ WTF. CAn’t wait till he dives or does something against the england team in a competition that matters. one Journo even said an arsenal fan pulled the ‘think of the kids card’… Read more »

Flirty Sanchez

In Spain Costa will never get the chance to dive like that, if he did it for our national team he’d be ridiculed. That’s why nobody likes him here – even the Atleti fans prefer Torres!


How can the happiest man in football be charged further? He was even smiling when he was complaining.

And if that’s the case, why doesn’t the entire Chelsea team get retrospectively reprimanded when they surround the official like a gaggle of Neanderthal buffoons?

FA must stand for Fuck Arsenal because they’ve been prodding us ever since Jack’s charge. They know sweet FA about justice.


so Dean didn’t see any of the costa v kos incident, nor did the referees assistant, incompetence.

what was they looking at !!!!!

i love sanogo

They are waiting and watching when santi will smile to receive his red. twats


I did spot Santi make a gesture with his hand, something about a Banker. Surprised they spotted that though, given that they were blind to pretty much everything else.

Not sure why Gabriel is receiving further sanctions, he’s already been red carded – but it makes the appeal unlikely as whatever they reduce the red for they will add back in with the new charge. That’s just the way the FA roll.

Nothing about Mike Dean though.


Nothing new to us though is it… We have had Ramsey’s and Eduardo’s legs snapped and still we were painted as the bad guys of those situations. Same crap, different season. Costa is applauded by the media for being an antagonizing cheat on the field, yet Gabriel is criticized and further sanctioned for standing up against a cheat! Gabriel had every right to react, and I don’t know how Koscielny restrained himself after being assaulted. We are better off taking legal action than hoping the FA (Fuck Arsenal) do anything meaningful. As for Mike Dean… how on earth is he… Read more »

Man Manny

Doesn’t Mourinho look very stupid now after declaring that thug as his man of the match.
Stamford Bridge under Mourinho is fast becoming a den of thugs. Terry, Matic, Costa and now Zouma has joined; not to talk about Fabregas who shamelessly asked Mike Dean to weild the axe.

Down with this sort of thing.

Moureen should be charged for encouraging his players to cheat.

Flirty Sanchez

Zouma even labeled him a cheat!

occam's hatchet

So does this mean Dean saw the shoulder barge and kick out against the Ox and was fine with it? The video evidence suggests this. I would like to know how the FA handles disciplining referees for ignoring a red-card offense, especially when it is accompanied by shit consistency. I guess it is more important to chastise Santi for hand-gesturing the truth, no?


Awww look at the F.A granting me my wishes…..NOT!

Again fuckwits!

Tshaka the gooner

6 months ban from all football activities for Costa. £1.32 fine for Gabriel of which an appeal should see the fine reduced to £0.37 payable over 37 months…sounds just about fair to me


Some Chelshit fan is trying to convince me that Gabriel deserves a longer ban than Costa. Can you believe that?


Well clearly the lobotomy he volunteered for worked…..


This really deans. ‘Deans’ is my new word for ‘sucks’ after Saturdays shenanigans. It’s enjoyable, give it a go.

Flirty Sanchez

Costa Deans


Dean Deans Costa off.


Or, “You’ve been Deaned”…. (deaned meaning fucked/shafted/screwed over…)


Saturday was a total load of Deans.


Dean’s deans’ Dean.


The more I think about it the angrier I get.

If anything good has come out of all this though, it might be that the press seem to be getting a bit tired of Maureen’s behaviour. They certainly didn’t sound impressed in his post-match presser, and seeing as though the FA seem to follow the media’s lead (see Jack’s punishment this year following the furore over that chant compared to last year when nothing was said in the press) it might mean a less lenient approach in the future. Maybe I’m clutching at straws…


Dean would cause a riot if he was a Sunday league ref.
And why onky one charge of violent conduct on Costa? He committed at least 3.
So Gabriel will still end up with a bigger ban.
Absolute bollocks.


I love the fact we are a principled club. Call us many things but we have values. And that in my book is worth than win at any cost mentality


Chelski/Cheatski are sell outs. Never had a soul, never had values, so they just appreciate they are winning despite having a hated manager and disgraceful players in Costa, Terry etc. Arsenal will always be bigger on many a level. My big issue is with the media and the FA who have accepted cheats into the game. Arsenal get completely hung out to dry when Eduardo (a player who just had his leg snapped) went down for a penalty at Celtic in fear of injury. Chelski have an entire team of cheats who con the officials on a weekly basis and… Read more »


Woah woah woah, let’s not hate on Zouma. He’s just told everyone they know Costa is a cheat in an interview.

What a legend! Buy him.


The FA like FIFA and EUFA are full of old cunts who should be farmed out needs ex players and ex referees onboard and they would bring in Video evidence the games are so big now and the money involved is a must cricket have it rugby have it no excuses


In what scenario would you use video evidence in football which doesn’t have natural stoppages like cricket. I.e. every ball? Say somebody commits a foul but the ref doesn’t give it, posession turns over, the team make 45 passes and then score. Are you going to go back through to the video for that? What about someone’s offside, linesman doesn’t call it. They don’t score straight away but get a corner and score from that. I’m just not sure how it can be implemented. See with cricket they review a decision when play has stopped. Same with Tennis. But in… Read more »

Runty Wilson

At the very least offside could be checked after every goal during the reset of play. It’s a bit like a no ball in cricket, and umpires only check them these days after a wicket.

The farce on Saturday took four minutes, plenty of time to consult a video. In rugby the on field umpire calls for the video ref when needed, that could have worked.


In rugby at all times there is a video referee watching the game and he will just tell the ref if he sees anything that the officials have missed. Just think how quickly we get replays and video refs will have every angle possible to watch the game from


Do out like tennis. Each team gets 3 challenges a match. Incorrect challenges are lost.
Make teams play to the whistle. They’ll soon learn not to stop. If something nefarious happens, a manager can signal to the 4th official and he can get a video ref to check and relayed back to the ref in seconds. Well before 45 passes.
As for your example about offside, surely a corner is a stoppage in play, so that can be challenged? Instead of a corner it becomes a free kick door the defense.


Each team can be given a finite number of chances – say two – to appeal against a refs decision via video replay. If the decision stays, chances are considered used. Request for video replay has to be made on the spot if play has stopped or the next stop, whichever is sooner.

Flirty Sanchez

It wouldn’t be in play, the whistle would be blown – ideally. Incompetent referees who don’t see incidents should be demoted, success in the job encouraged. Perhaps adopting UEFA’s extra men on the touchline (who the BBC constantly accuse of being a waste of space, as if 90% of their punditry cast weren’t) would also contribute to a greater enjoyment for the fans of clubs who play football?


Goal or not (goalline tech) already in. Offside or foul (think Maradona) goal or not – foul goals tricky with set piece fouling so common PK vs Dive decisions Sending off or not All are already breaks in play that take time. Limit it to these and it wouldn’t slow them down a bit. You’re welcome FA, I will send you an invoice for my consulting services. Or you could pull the PK off that list and put it in the category of 3 challenges per club. Problem with this is time wasting at end of a match, which would… Read more »

Weng Gogh

Retrospective punishment or not for Costa, it’s not going to be the same as playing with 10 men.


Thats the annoying thing. Chelsea still get the 3 points. And the only people who gain benefit from Costas potential suspension are other clubs who wont have to face him during that time.


what bothered me alot was why the ref didn’t ask the line ref on kos issue and why the ref/ line ref didn’t call foul on the ox issue..I think they are the ones who should be punished more in this case than the players. .our guys just got frustrated cause of zero protection from ref while Costa knew he could do anything he wanted. so I blame the refs for the whole incident. think they should be banned for a year or something

I'm Jack's Raging Bile Duct

Arsenal players have to answer for this too. Gabriel for being too naive and doing that in front of the Dean (who will look for anything to f*ck us over btw). And other players too, especially our captain for the day (Santi). You could smell trouble and it took some 10 seconds of winding up by D. C*nt to set Gabriel off. Watching the incident again, only Coquelin tried to get between them, but it was too late. I’m not a fan of the “dark arts” but if we are to play their game… the right thing would be for… Read more »


Diego Costa proved that Chelsea can win a football match without having the ball… Mourinho must have worked on this tactic all week… He described in his post match press conference that Gabriel’s excellent defending against Hazard in the penalty box as a rugby challenge and Diego Costa was his man of the match Lmao… Can’t deny the fact that Costa was definitely the man of the match, he was amazing without the ball, almost assaulted any Arsenal player who came into contact with him and it was deemed fair by Mike Dean, the lines men and the 4th official… Read more »


I love Arsenal Football Club and the Fans… We will fight till the very end no matter who is against us because we are the Arsenal and we need no sugar daddy’s to buy trophies…. Winning the League without having signed an outfield player in the transfer window under the current financial market would be a massive statement….
Its possible I believe COYG!!!!


I just read some idiot reporter’s comment that Kos obviously did something to cause Costa to do what he did and asked why no one is examining his culpability. WTF? He also said that Arsenal “obviously had a game plan to wind up Costa but it backfired spectacularly.” I don’t understand viewpoints like this, that clearly fail to look at what Costa does and sees it’s clearly his plan of action. Why do so many people defend him when doing so is complete bollocks? He also probably blames Gabriel and lauds Costa, which is completely backward. Just had to vent.


Russian owner who made his money corruptly. Reporter who depends for his livelihood on access to Chelsea. There couldn’t possibly be any connection.

Flirty Sanchez

In a masochistic kind of way I can’t help but enjoy being the club on the receiving end of such unfair treatment rather than the club who benefit from injustice. It reinforces my conception that I am backing the genuine “good guys” of football – win or lose I know I’m on the right side. That way when we win it’s all the more sweet. I think it’s also because of this that I love Arsene, he’s the last romantic, a scourge of the money-men and murderers of the game. Long live our beautiful righteous rogue (with an appropriately twinkly… Read more »


Thumbing that up, wasn’t enough for me, I need to say that was poetic!


So well said. Also, excellent name.


You have captured very well the way I feel at times about being an Arsenal supporter. It might be masochistic but it is the right way to live and enjoy football. It is the right way. Mourinho said on Sunday that “Costa plays the game the right way” and he was the “man of the match”. This is coming from the coach that went out of his way to poke Tito Villanova’s eye during a Spanish Classico game. What a way to show He would do ANYTHING to win a match, including playing mind games, insulting, lying, cheating, and supporting/coaching… Read more »

Kevin N

Hey guys, thanks for the casts/blogs/info! I think ultimately, we have to learn. We don’t have to be Diego Costa cynical. But we can learn that refs don’t always see unless we point it out. Our good man Laurent K was cool as ice — and that’s excellent — but maybe Arsene should train all his folks how to deal with D-C et al. Let the refs know when we’ve been (horrendously, cynically) wronged (as D-C pretended against unprepared Gabriel). Gabriel needed to be cooler, but LK needed to call to Mike Dean so he could check with his fellow… Read more »

Jess McArsenal

Is there any chance the appeal could be deemed frivolous?

Arshavin's fake moustache

So does Zouma get away with putting his hand around Gabriel’s throat?


I know this is getting old news now. But am I the only person in Great Britain that spotted Costa’s deliberate elbow on Kos after about 10 mins. Their goalie kicked it long Costa looked back to see where Kos was,instead of watching the flight of the ball.He then smashed his elbow in Koscielny,s face. Koscielny went down on one knee holding his face,but got up quickly.

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