Friday, June 2, 2023

Leicester 2-5 Arsenal – player ratings

Well, we were all hoping that one game sooner or the later the floodgates would open, and today they did. A hat-trick for Alexis, and one each for Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud.

Here’s how the players rated today, and remember you can leave your own ratings on our voting system below.

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Getso gunner

Alexis 9.5 for me


I went ahead gave him a 10. What more could you really ask him to have done?


Score 4


umm…did you see lewandowski the other day …. kidding

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

It’s my birthday too?


And mine. Happy birthday brother/sister.


10/10 Ranieri….

most italian face


10/10 – Alexis’ diving impression of Mahrez.


We should have half a dozen fans in the crowd pretending to be judges giving ratings with scoreboards everytime someone in the opposition dives. It’d be mad funny. Imagine Alexis could have just looked up there, for approval. 😀


Do your part people, keep Flamini’s season average high!

Mesut Ohno

Arteta not outpaced, what game were you watching?

It’s a shame to see Arteta look so awful as he has done great things for us in the past. It’s sad to see a player amble around the pitch just knowing he doesn’t have it in him to keep pace with the game.

Dick Swiveller

And it was sad to see Leicester’s fun cut short, they were really enjoying the space they were allowed in midfield before Arteta came on.


Totally agree. The game was bonkers until Arteta came on. Composure, great passing, and tactical awareness can hide his lack of pace.


Alexis is back!

Theo surprised me today, he was fantastic I thought. It’s clear to see how much difference pace makes in that position, and to be fair to him, his runs are brilliant too.

Gunner From Another Mother

Theo certainly looked like a “proper” (as everyone likes to say) center forward today, eh? Very satisfying to see him playing well in his preferred position, especially at a time when we need someone to step up there.

Side note to Blogs: I know that no one loves Mert more than you, but I’m surprised there’s no mention of his part in their first goal here or in the match report. I thought his decision to step up was quite a poor one.


Happy birthday on behalf of all the arseblog-reading Gooners out there.

Delightful display from Arsenal in an even more delightful game of football this afternoon.


There isn’t a rating for Cohesion. I think he improved a lot, probably his best match of the season.

Bring on United!

Social Pariah

No dirty shit, no confrontation, no corrupt officials.
Moanin Ho. Look and learn, you despicable Cunt.

A great game from both sides.

Football has returned!

Bring on the Manky Cunts!!!


Alexis Sanchez baby. Alexis sanchez ohhhh. (Repeat)

He wants his own song

Terrific stuff from Alexis! And a very happy birthday to you Señor Blogs

King Henry XIV

Happy birthday Mr. Blogg.
Thank you for all the wonderful stuff.
Congratulation Gooners!


Happy Birthday Mr. Blog from Canada! Thanks for all your great material, always looking forward to the arsecast! And of course, excellent performance from the Arsenal, that should turn our mood around a bit!

Walcott's left footed curl

How many touches did Giroud have? I only counted the one, and that was the goal. Efficient!


True. But he completely missed the ball when he should have scored


I laughed at that one actually. Reason being he pointed where he wanted the ball to be played and then went on to miss.


OG Efficient and consistent. Scoring in every game. COYG!!


Nikica Jelavic used to be the same, I’m not sure that’s what we want Giroud to aspire to!


Theo’s best performance at striker? Did blogs forget he scored a hat-trick in that position against West Brom? 😉

Walcott's left footed curl

Agreed. I think he showed promise against Chelsea as well, but lets not talk about that game again, shall we.


This was a better all around game by Theo, not just scoring goals.

Great Game

Bit harsh to judge Mertesacker over Koscielny on passing stats. Koscielny was making some great forward passes and getting a lot going.


Fully agree. I love how Kos hits a one touch pass across field finding Alexis. Lost count how many times he did that today. I felt he had a good game actually, but such is the standards he sets; people here think he had a poor game today.


Yep strange comments on his rating card. Ain’t nobody like koscielny, makes me happy makes me feel this way.


Koscielny is probably one of the best, if not the best, defenders in the league with the ball in his feet. He can take it up the field, hit 40-50 yard passes, as well as a great calm when he is under pressure. I also love the power behind his passes. He was a bit rubbish in the first matches, but now he looks to be back at his best. An interesting question though, is who should be his partner? I think Gabriel has been better than Mertesacker, however with Bellerin in for Debuchy and Walcott in for Giroud, we… Read more »

Boilermaker Gunner

With Ramsey, I think he is getting the job done. Unlucky with the shot that came off Walcott as I felt it was on target.
Yes, he is not scoring like in his breakthrough season. Last year he was trying too hard to score and was publicly reminder by Wenger. He is a midfielder first. Good link up play .He is getting in positions and helping guard the right side. Not a conventional winger but he is doing a good job for the team.


I agree. Ramsey giver good balance to the team from the right wing and works well with bellerin.


I agree, I thought in the first half he was fine but tried to force it a little too much and gave the ball away unnecessarily a couple of times. He was better in the second. It was noticeable when the Ox came on we were more exposed on our right. Not that the Ox was bad, but he was more focused on attacking whereas Ramsey was balanced and disciplined. It’s interesting and entertaining to see those two options from the right.


Agreed about Ox not doing much on the defensive end. He watched on for the second leicester goal instead of tracking back. Sound familiar?


I love the Ox but surprised by his lack of defending today. Usually he chases back and defends well but today seemed to be just waiting for the ball to break so he could counter attack. As we were 4-1 up probably doesn’t matter though. We won 5-2 away against a team on form so should build the confidence.

Arsene's handkerchief

Great win today! And Happy Birthday Blogs!!! Up the Arse!!!


Happy Birthday mate!


Somewhere…I see a striker in Theo. He just needs to get ahead of himself and be ‘the One’


To be honest i was abit worried going into this game simply because leicesters form at home has been impressive for a long time. Great performance. Walcott up front was particularly impressive. looked like a world class centre forward today.


I was not worried at all even when we were down 1-0. I knew leicster were overconfident going in this game and will try to attack us and play football and win the game, and when a team pals open game against us we all know what is going to happen to that team with that much space ans pace from us, even I head a great felling that we will score 4 today, and we scored 5. Great for the confidence of the team going in two vital games for us first Olympiacos than utd at home. I hoping… Read more »


@GunnerDareMacedonia Yea,I thought as much as I knew and was sure that we will beat the Foxes today. They had a momentary joy,so they scored but the spaces and pace I saw on the field gave me assurance that we will come,saw and conquered! Our opponent did not caution themselves and were dangling the space game into our very eyes,it was a very #ArsenalGame for Christ sake, few teams does it and go unhurt;they dared to thread where even Chelsea fear walk-they always pack bus – so they will #DrinkWater on that result as ALEXIS mutilated their confidence!


Happy Birthday Blogs!


You cannot play like us (counter-attacks) against us? We are simply better at that game. Today we showed Leicester that.


I agree. I give Ranieri 10/10 for having the balls to have a go at us and allowing us to play our natural free flowing game.


Alexis back, Giroud and Theo scored. Nuff said.

P.S Nacho Monreal is the best left back in the league at the moment. Has been since last season to be honest.

Gooner Rises

Great game but i’m a little worried about the leaky defence for next weeks match.

Austin Gooner

I don’t think it was leaky. If a team chooses to play suicidally, they might get a couple, but they’ll give up 5 as well. I think that was the only way to play today. Clearly United won’t leave themselves as exposed next week and we’ll be tighter as well.


Seems like a good omen if we start the flamozil brotherhood :p


Theo is being nurtured by one of the best past Striker in the World If he isn’t using TH14 services on how to play centre forward then something is ….. Movement and strength from that small frame ….Bravo Theo Oh my little fabulous Chilean Welcome back into the goal scoring fold Kiss Kiss xx Monreal was just excellent today Per was calm and commanding Arteta was reasonable Özil was frustrating in first half, but was splendid in second half Cečh ( I’m growing to not seeing him in Chelsea colours) Bello…improving with every game Thanks Leicester for giving us a… Read more »


10/10 for cohesion. Next aim is consistency.

Jon Snow

Own Goal had a bad day today

Man Manny

In moments like this one, all the pundits who often bleat about Arsenal being short of a WC striker lose their voices and look away. None is brave enough to admit that they judged the team too soon.
Expect them to come out in full force anytime we fail to score. I hope not soon: this team is gradually getting to her best.
Meanwhile, City was supposed to walk the league according to this same know-it-alls.

Gab's Scratch Mark



Agree with all the praise for Feo, who seems to be growing in this role. Can he get even better? Really good to see Ollie score too. What a nice option from the bench!

An Ox-sized Coq

Walcott was exceptional today. His runs were perfect 95% of the time, and his hold up play was really surprising as well. More please!

Mental Strength

Great performance today after coming back from a goal down. Alexis broke his duck in style with a well-taken hat trick, while Walcott was as lively as I’ve ever seen him in a long while. Bellerin also deserves a special shout-out for his fantastic performance today. I just thought that Per should have gotten a slightly lower rating (perhaps the same as Koscielny?) since he was caught out by the long ball to Vardy for the first goal. Ox also was caught ball watching a lot while Leicester was having their late flourish, and he actually gave a shrug when… Read more »

broken heart of Dein

great game, though leagues are won with consistency and not having hiccups and “responding” all the time… hope comes a time again when that happens, well as long as city continues giving us hope who knows… cunt bus is down at St. James btw!
today was a good day


My birthday will only be tomorrow, but I’ll take this as a present with a smile on my face . Alexis finally arrived. Happy for him and the rest as well.


Walcott is showing traditional striker qualities i like. Everything he gets is goalwards. Love the player ever since he signed for us.


2nd time Giroud scored in the final 10 and had chances for more both times
Chelshit 1-0 down that gives me almost as much pleasure as our win


Chelsea are losing, City lost, which makes this result all the sweetest


Happy birthday Blogs!

Have a pint for each Arsenal goal today!

John C

Great win and that’s what we can do when things click, the movement of Sanchez and Walcott and some of Ozil’s passing was excellent.

Still not convinced with Ramsey, his touch and passing are just not up to it and if Wenger had more faith in Chamberlain i think he’d struggle to get in the team.

I’d be interested to know what Ramsey’s passing stats were and how many times he lost the ball, if anyone has the information?

Gab's Scratch Mark

Great performance today. Perfect way to build confidence and momentum by defeating the most in form team at their place after knocking out that lot from the League Cup.

Onwards and upwards!

Stringer Bell

Great game some dodgy defending and Ramsey very poor again. I think you have been very generous with your mark. He lost the ball so many times and frankly did nothing of any note that I remember other than clog up the middle when he drifts in and cuts off space that ozil could use. Don’t understand the love affair so many have with him. Was cos off the broken leg or the stick they gave him and now feel unable to tell the truth. Fascinating really. Anyway great win.

John C

Agreed, the reason Ramsey is on the right is because he lacks the technical skills to play in the middle, his first touch, control and passing are not of the required standard of a championship winning team in my opinion.

His great strength was scoring goals from deep, which he’s no longer doing, i can’t see what he brings to the team at all.


What’s interesting is that people were furious at him last season for being selfish and playing for himself. Now he’s more subdued and playing for the team in the various positions he’s been played at and now the criticism is that he’s not good enough for any of the spots he’s been played at because he isn’t scoring goals despite him doing a job in all those positions. What’s also interesting is that people have been comparing his stats thus far this season against Cazorla’s, as if playing RW is the same as CM and it wouldn’t be natural that… Read more »


There have been numerous occasions this season too where he’s been selfish and tried to score himself from a difficult position when a pass to a team mate in acres of space was the better option.

John C

Yes that is what i’m saying. I don’t think he’s good enough to play central midfield for us and neither does the manager otherwise he’d be playing there. Why didn’t Wenger play him in the middle today instead of Flamini or move him there when he came off? He’s effectively our 5th choice central midfielder now. His first touch can sometimes be shocking and he gives the ball away far to often, something our style of play requires for a central midfielder. I don’t think playing on the right wing, which he doesn’t exactly stick to anyway, is effecting that… Read more »

Austin Gooner

Central midfield is not all one position. Flamini played the 6 role. That’s not Ramsey’s position, so it doesn’t make sense to say Ramsey is somehow behind him in the pecking order.

John C

Perhaps not, but that still doesn’t change the fact 4 players have been preferred in that position over him.

As i’ve said, his passing and control aren’t good, he can’t tackle and he’s not scoring goals, what does he bring to the team?

A lot of people are saying he fills in and does a job, but who does Barcelona or Bayern Munich have doing a “job” for them? It’s not like he’s covering for injuries.

John C

Ok relatively poor in the context of a top premier league player. His defensive work isn’t his strength so we can all agree that he’s not battling Coquelin for his position. So that leave him in competition with Cazorla and in comparison to him his passing and control are quite below that standard. I don’t hate Ramsey, i think he was excellent the season before last but his game has regressed since the start of last season. I think if he stopped trying so hard and was to simplify his game he’d be a lot better and to his credit… Read more »

Gab's Scratch Mark

I can see the frustration from your point, Ramsey isn’t much of a goal threat these days. But surely the main (not only) focus is to bring the BEST balance of the team, not of one individual unless that player is clearly “world class” and has the team built around him.


Would you rather an outfield of ten Ozil’s all trying to find the killer pass ? It’s called a team for a reason. Ramsey may not be in scintillating form at the moment but he’s working for the team, and considering he’s not in his favoured position, is doing a good job, for the TEAM. That’s team……


More than you not understanding MOST people’s love for who I (amongst others) consider one of our most important players I don’t quite understand your hatred and disdain for him – did he do something to you personally? Or maybe you miss the 2011/2012 during the nadir of the Ramsey hatred? I don’t know nor understand it. He wasn’t outstanding today nor was he poor by any means either so maybe you should give your tired agenda a bit of a rest.


Leicester are such a crazy team. They really don’t care about defending at all. Having said that we played some beautiful football. Really impressed by walcott up front, but then again, it was a dream scenario for him and ozil.


sorry, this might have been some aussie colloquialism, ‘crazy’ means good haha.


Happy birthday


This game shows why most team prefers to sit back and play defensive football against us. We tear teams apart who try to go toe to toe with us more often than not. Excellent attacking display! And what more can you say about alexis! He really is a beast! Cmon you gunners! Time to bring those mancs down to earth. PS. Happy Birthday Blogs. I hope its your birthday everyday if we score 5 everytime ?


Can we play them every week?


And it also showed how easy it is for teams who sit back against us to counter against us and score.

van gaal's intellect

Mesut Ozil found my wife.
Too bad she was offside.


You just made me snort the soup through ny nose…?
Btw: #ThatAssistByÖzil…?

Lone Star Gunner

Happy Birthday, Blogs!

How about another bonus rating: 4 of 5 for Maureen’s c*nts losing at the half to Newcastle, who I’ve seen several times this year and really are abject. If Chelski can manage to blow it to that lot, they really do have problems. 🙂


This is why it’s called the beautiful game !


I just love my Arsenal. Terrific display by the team. More of this please. Coyg!!! Please smash united next weekend.


Not sure why people are surprised about theo! this is his first season as a striker so ofcourse he needs a few games and starts to be able to fully understand the role.people were on his back too quick but im glad everyone can see he can be so dangerous upfront for us


I might be wrong here.. But Arteta was very very poor.. No ariel duels won.. Passes sideways & backwards, no penetrating passes..I have no clues why he is still in the team.. May be due to his intangible off field qualities..otherwise he is so poor

Gab's Scratch Mark

Sorry but u were right. Looks like u are wrong here…


Well, thanks for clearing that up!


you are wrong.


88.5% passes successful, 4 aerials won.

I also remember him making a crucial tackle on Mahrez when Leicester were looking threatening on the counter at one point.

I get that Arteta is not the most exciting player on our squad but I really get the impression that there is an excess of confabulation when it comes to his performances.


Great attacking display by the team but the second goal could have been avoided.


Many Happy Returns.

Paulie Walnuts

Happy birthday Arseblog.

Reginald Perrin

Great result against a previously potential invincible side.

saiyan wenger

well done boys !

Oisin Dorgan

We were very impressive, as we usually are against teams who like to play ball. Leicester’s willingness to actually play some football allowed us to play our game. It’s just a pity every team doesn’t play that way against us!


fans should not critic Ramsey UNFAIRLY. In my eyes he plays well in transitions before the final third, which takes vision and understanding of the game. Why do you think Wenger plays Ozil on the left sometimes, because Just like Ramsey, Ozil knows how to play between transitions before the final third and at the final third simultaneously because of his great positional sense. Ramsey is not at Ozil’s level yet but he has the attributes. I love the Ox, but right now for team cohesion I refer Ramsey on the right, hopefully Ox can up his form to get… Read more »

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