Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Ox happy to learn from Professor Sanchez

“Buenos días, compadres! Today we are learn el futbol of Alexis. Ahora, have done your homeworks?”

“Si maestro, yo soy el Ox del Mundo!”

“You are Ox of my pesadillas, for defend you to must improve!”

And so go the lessons at the Arsenal training ground as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain learns from Alexis, something he’s very happy about as he told a press conference earlier today.

“The one thing I would say about Alexis is that he’s one of the most passionate and hungry individuals I know,” he said before saying many more things about him.

“As a player, he brings out the best of you in training every day and also in the matches.

“If he knows when he’s not at his best, which is rare, he’ll always push himself to do as well as he can and he demands a lot of himself.

“To look at how many goals he scored last year makes it hard for me not to learn from him. It’s his everyday mannerisms around the training ground, how he trains, his performances, how he scores goals, how he plays and how he defends from up front.”

Pay particular attention to the defending bit, Alex.


He also praised the Chilean for his influence behind the scenes as well as on the pitch.

“He’s very passionate, very upbeat and is a massive character in the team,” he said.

“For someone who doesn’t have amazing English, he manages to communicate so well to all of us and keep the dressing room upbeat. That’s what I mean by his mannerisms and how positive he is around the team.”

Oxlade-Chamberlain would well get the nod tomorrow against Olympiacos with no Arteta or Flamini, and Francis Coquelin still recovering.

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Oor Wullie

I used to work with someone like that. I would often learn from them.


I find people like that at work really annoying. But I guess it would be different if I were a professional footballer.


My current boss is somewhat like that, and I find it very motivating. He pulls his weight and then some!

Xavi's DNA

That’s very interesting Hi-brid, now tell me about your relationship with your father.


weird but i didn’t see his effort after came in as sub, there are couple of occasion on defense, he just stay up there waiting for counter attack, while leicester almost score few occasion from our right side


Hope Ox steps it up this year from being on the cusp for a bit.


He really needs to learn how to defend on the flanks from Sanchez. That’s his main weak point for now

brain is a Gooner4Life

Well, not a bad player to learn from at all. If ‘the OX’ can learn a little bit of tracking back and defending properly with little more enthusiasm ala Alexis. Then I reckon he’s gonna be a great player.


Key to Alexis’ all-over domination:

He uses his quickness, skill and determination to beat defenders and create opportunities for himself and others.

He doubles it all to get the ball back when we don’t have it.

Bould's Eyeliner

How could we have missed that about Sanchez. You are a credit to all Gooners.


Could you kindly pass the word on to Ox then?
Context, amigo. Sheesh.

Trex d' Gunner

Alexis is the man


Alexis. I just watched a compilation of all his goals last season and one thing really caught my eye. When he finishes a perfect pass from a team mate, he immediately acknowledges them by pointing at the player, whether it’s Özil or Ramsey or Welbeck. Must be a great guy to have around.

And he loves puppies.

Rambling Pete

What a great player to learn from. If 50% of Alexis rubs off on Oxlade-Chamberlain it will improve him enormously. I remember having a similar situation with a colleague when I was just a young man in my very first job, cellar boy at a local pub owned by a large brewery. Enormous Al they called him but I just called him Al because although he was enormous I got the sense that he was uncomfortable with his size and would have preferred to be less conspicuous. In fact, I think we’re all guilty sometimes of categorising people based on… Read more »

Яков Аршавин

Just lovely….. I laughed soo hard


It’s been too long Pete.


Does this Rambling Pete have a book or something? Is there a way to get all his comments in one document so I could read them all? I am serious here.


It could be a coffee table book. Kind of like Kramer’s but not.


I have asked that question before and sadly the answer, so far, is no. It’s a shame, because I’d pay good money for that book.


I went ahead and clicked Thumbs-Up before I even started reading Pete’s post.

Scott P

Quite enjoyable read as usual… I was quietly smiling to myself, but must admit I burst out laughing at that last line for some reason, that was the best.


hey dude!! welcome back bro..


as long as 50% of Alexis doesn’t rub off on Coq. And here we go again!!!!


I missed your post, pete. Good to see you back.

Яков Аршавин

Oh how I’ve missed rambling Pete……


Actually like to see how much Sanchez actually tracks back. He puts a lot of pressure on the ball in his area but does he actually track full backs off the ball? He’s usually far too inside to do it


Rambling pete!! It is


I didn’t read the ramble. I just knew Alexis is such a good influence


This Ox don’t learn.


Been so long since I read anything from fat gooner. Hope he is ok. Although he is hard to please he is one of the more interesting contributors. Maybe he is just happy coz arsenal have just had a good week


He’s been around. Made some pretty good comments in fact.


I think his workrate is rubbing off me too. I just wish i was fortunate to get to know him on a personal level. Just praying he stay fit in this crucial period of the season


Of all players in the squad, Ox has benefited the most from Alexis. he’s truly taken a page out of the Chilean’s play book and when he is on, he adds that extra verve going forward. At the moment, Ramsey is preferred over Ox because Ox is still a bit naive when defending and this could become a liability. That said, Ox will continue to improve his game with playing time on the pitch and his defensive application can get better. I’m not sure why people tend to always talk in absolutes negating any prospect for (particularly) young players to… Read more »


The Ox is actually a much better dribbler than Alexis and does not lose the ball as much. The only thing that he can learn from Alexis is self belief. The defenders are responsible for defending and we should not continually crucify him for not bailing them out. I don’t want to see him back there.

An Ox-sized Coq

I love the Ox and his potential is sky high, but he does seem like to get own goals or lose the ball deep in our half more than he really should.

Wenger the fashion icon

That’s the difference between World Class and Harry Kane.

Crash Fistfight



Careful! The FA might be watching. I wouldn’t want a fellow Gooner to get a fine.

Eduardo Stark

I think it’s only mentality that Ox lack. He surely can learn day by day from El Maestro.
How many times we read Arsene and his dad talking about confidence of him?
Even he recognise and chuckle about it a bit. Fight on then, Ox!


Meanwhile, some genius called Alex Netherton says Sanchez is on a downward spiral. Because he’s 27 and surrounded by mediocrity.

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