Thursday, March 30, 2023

Wenger slams ‘weak’ Dean and Costa’s antics

Arsene Wenger has accepted that his team shouldn’t have reacted to the provocation of Diego Costa, but says that weak referees allow the Chelsea striker to behave badly on a consistent basis.

It’s clear to anyone with half a brain that Costa should have seen red for a couple of incidents on Laurent Koscielny, which sparked the coming together with Gabriel. He then scraped the defender’s neck, and even when on a yellow card in the second half he got away with a dive in the Arsenal area, and a flick at Oxlade-Chamberlain – which is exactly what Gabriel got a straight red card for.

After the game, the Arsenal manager slammed Mike Dean, and the Spanish international’s on-pitch behaviour.

“He can do what he wants, and he stays on,” said Wenger. “He will do same next week, and week after, and get away with it.

“In every game there’s aggravation, he gets away with it because referees are weak. We are also guilty because we reacted to it, but every time somebody touches him he goes down like he has been killed.

“I think the two sendings-off for us and Diego Costa stays on the pitch, that’s a shame. I wouldn’t like to be Mike Dean tonight, I can’t understnand how he dealt with the situations.”

He dealt with them like a twat, because that’s what he is. And of course Gabriel shouldn’t have reacted but it’s a bit of a no-win situation. On the one hand Arsenal are too soft, on the other when we show some mettle and stick up for a teammate we’re in the wrong.

Ultimately, Diego Costa is a scumbag who gets away with murder. Figuratively speaking, of course, but probably literally too.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Costa, Mourinho, and Terry are really all perfect for Chelsea. All cunts of the highest order, and all found their way to the only club in England that would take them and their disgraceful behaviour. Cunts.

Unfortunately I would now add Fabregas to that list. Whatever has happened to him?


Honestly when fabregas was captain for us he would do a lot of those little petty things, trying to get someone on the other team sent off…

Bould's Eyeliner

I hear it’s a core curriculum at La Masia. Costa is just an unschooled prodigy.


If Costa was on life support machine, I’d pull the plug and charge my phone.


…even if it was already fully charged!


I hate Costa, his goady ways & his Douchebag face/beard. I hope he falls into a pool of Costa piss mixed with acid and it burns him, and he starts crying on national television covered in piss, and also poops his pants and then hugs Jose and they cry together.

As an aside, yes Gabriel was easily goaded by him, but i still like that he jumped in to stand up for his teammates and refused to be pushed around. He needs to be a little smarter, but we need that character. And, fuck Costa.


Add Cesc to that list. The insufferable twat he’s become makes me sadder than all the rest combined.


And the Chelsea fans still gave Costa an ovation. Says it all about the club really.


That’s the way they like it!

I think they might well have overtaken Stoke as the most despicable team for us.

Dope Smoking Pope

Chelsea is nothing more than an expensive version of Stoke.

Walcott's left footed curl

I firmly believe Costa’s a absolute cunt, but I would’ve applauded an Arsenal player that got away with what he got away today today.

chippy's chip

Wrighty was a bit like that and we loved him for it.


Yeah, but Ian Wright Wright Wright looked like the sort of player that would be a bit of cunt to you all game, then buy you a beer in the players lounge after.
Costa looks like the sort of player that would be a cunt to you, your team mates, his own team mates, the crowd, the officials and the grass, all game then piss in your beer in the players lounge after.


Absolutely ridiculous refereeing. Fully agree with Wenger. Dont know how the ref will be able to sleep tonight!

Andy Mack

He’ll be dreaming of his new holiday villa in Portugal or a new merc that he bought cheap off abramobitch

Richie Growling

I’m struggling to understand the point of a match like that. can’t chelsea just be nuked or something so no-one has to think about them ever again

Pedant please help stop Mike Dean refereeing us by signing this petition and send to everyone else you know.


Let’s start the moaning again. And before you condemn me am an Arsenal fan through and through. Guys we have a problem and it is that we need a Diego Costa or three amongst our pathetic weak and frail superstars if that’s what you call them. We ain’tough enough and we take a lot of shit because our manager who is so weak mentally where Mourinho’s concerned can’t bring himself to admit that we need like for like. I am no AKB’S OR WOB. I just want wenger to fix up but I doubt if at 64 he can. I… Read more »

Andy Mack

If Costa played for us he’d get 6 games a season between red card bans.
We do not need or want a player like him because the PGMO treat us differently to any other team!


Your response is so much what we all should be afraid of. You are asking us to “goon” up the squad, not bring in more skilled players. That is probably what other teams will begin to do. They will see the Chelski cunts getting away with it, and will look for the same brutish players. How will that make watching BPL football interesting? I prefer to watch more skillfull players, not players that should be playing rugby.


Wahey! You get the prize for stupid comment of the day! How does our players getting slapped and elbowed in the face count as being weak? Also Gabriel essentially got sent off for standing up for his team mate showing the mettle and toughness people ask for then morons like you spout rubbish to fit some ridiculous agenda. It was obvious even to neutrals that the result was subject to incompetent refereeing. Also playing like Costa? Giroud did half of what he did on Wednesday and was sent off and you want that in the team? You’re a clown.


I have been reading and commenting on Arseblog news for something like three and a half years and in all that time, Victor, I have never seen a comment so stupid as yours. You win the all-time prize for worst comment ever on this blog, and that includes the racist ones that people got banned for.

tanned arse

Actually,if we had a Diego costa today, he would’ve been sent off for all the obvious shit he got away whilst playing for chelsea


Victor you are spot on


Please don’t forget Ramirez, who is also a Grade A cunt.


It’s not just bad for the league, it’s bad for the sport. The rugby is on and it’s going to showine football up if we keep tolerating this kind of garbage. He didnt even get a yellow for the imaginary card! Costa needs a retrospective three match ban!


Retroactive lifetime ban you mean


retroactive birth control would be preferable in Costa’s case


Seriously, is Costa going to get retroactively punished for this game or what?? Its outrageous

Richie Growling

just makes the game pointless to watch. it wasnt a game of football just a game of cheating cuntishness, and they won hands down, big deal they are bigger cheating cunts than we are, hope they’re happy with that

tanned arse

Yup, feel the same. Just watched thinking ‘what’s the point’. There’s no merit in that win and I’d be embarrassed if that were my team. Desperate to see arsenal win but not at that cost. Just turned a well anticipated clash into a farce.

bims lay

What nonsense….the real weak ones is the arsenal squad who are naive and lost two important games on the trot, making the same mistakes. People are supposed to learn from their mistakes. both cazorla and gabriel are experienced players and they should have been professional enough to have resisted rising to the bait, epecially after succumbing to the same hot headed stupidity just on wednesday last? Players will always try it on, like it or hate it, its now part of the modern day game., and i have seen several “world class” players, dive and/or gesture to the ref to… Read more »

Andy Mack

Gabby got sent off for treading on the toes of a player that shouldn’t have been on the pitch and Santi went for a ball and fouled a player for the 2nd… ok 4th time, but Ivanovich didn’t get his first yellow until his 20th foul (only 4 or 5 actually called). But you think it’s their fault……. Weird.


Firstly, Gabriel did get a straight red and not a second yellow — not that it made any practical difference, but it just highlights the double standards at play here. After that, by your argument, Arsenal cannot win. Costa wasn’t winding Kos up, he smacked him in the face 2-3 times, and then chested him to the ground. There is a level at which our players have to stand up for each-other, especially when the referee refuses to protect them, otherwise we get bullied — the weakness our squad was meant to have had for years. If we defend our… Read more »


I only have one response. “You Have To Be Fuckin Kidding Me”

The Playmaker

If you asked me two seasons ago if Chelsea were a team full of cunts, I would have replied “No, they have Cech and Lampard”.


Should’ve finished your comment at “Cech” ; )

Merson's grin

Add Mike Dean to that list.


Spot on ! Budd!
A collection of cunts



Mike F***ing C**t Dean


Don’t you mean ‘Mike Fucking Cunt Dean’?

Watching pundits on BBC, even ex-Sp*rs scum Garth Crooks thinks Mike Dean is a pure cunt:


Don’t agree with the first bit he says about it being only the officials who where interested in sending a player off…..but apart from that he’s spot on. For once.


Wenger was spot on.


Shit club that’s ruining the game with their dirty money, players and manager. How can you even be a ‘fan’ of something like that?!


Fuck dean! Fuck Jose ! Fuck Chelsea ! And anyone who sides with them fuck them too! Costa you retarded ape looking twat fuck you too!


Well said Goonersmurf but there’S no need to be diplomatic 🙂 tell em straight


Arsene rightly criticises referring decisions as poor (backed up by even the most biased pundits, Lineker said “Can’t imagine what Costa would be like with a few drinks inside him.”), and shortly after Wenger will be penalised for stating the truth because, just like our Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un, thou who speakest against the Lord shalt be punished.


I didn’t realise Lord bendtner had spoken??


Disgusting. I just wanted to watch football.


Agree 1000%


Proud of us for continuing to play football and trying to get a goal back right till the end, despite the scum and refs. Fuck ’em. COYG!!!

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Tell them, professor. Only one wearing a suit and with some class in the whole fucking stadium.


Costa is a cunt. what worries me though is how our players reacted to the red card. I can’t for the life of me see viera and co reacting the same way. Everyone was trying to get Gabriel off the field, not saying they should have started a fight, but they just seemed to accept it.

chippy's chip


chippy's chip

Oh cmon it was neil ruddock for fecks sake..

Boilermaker Gunner

Unless fans from other clubs come to a consensus on the dirty part of the game , we will keep seeing this. It’s always good when it doesn’t happen to your team. I am disgusted by media ( praising the english side of the game and saying arsenal succumbed to provocation. Technology should be brought in. Something should be done else we will have an academy produce costa’s all over. Surprisingly, football governing bodies have not shown intent despite ludicrous money involved in football recently. If it goes this way, the game is in danger.


What I found appalling from our team was that no one made an attempt to take Gabriel away from that dickwad. Knowing his reputation, to let that fracas go on was suicidal. Some one senior should have intervened; my guess is if big Mert was on field today, he would have done that exactly.


If they had reacted, what would Mike Dean do?

2 fouls and 2 yellows for Carzola (the first had no contact at all).

Gabriel walks into Costa backwards and gets sent off. Costa throws himself at everyone in the match and finishes the game with no fouls.

Can you blame Arsenal for not mobbing the ref?


Absolutely! There are time when “professionalism” needs to be thrown out the window. Not saying they should have brawled but we aren’t too far away from seeing a team walk off the pitch in protest should the standards of refereeing continue to rot the way they are. Wouldn’t have minded seeing that today. Sure, the fans would have felt cheated but I we already were, thanks to some awful refereeing. Two attention seeking refs in the space of four days is too much for me to take.


Football is a multi trillion pound industry excuse my exaggeration if am wrong. And where money like that abounds you GOTTA LEARN THE DARK ART TO WIN.For all the Arsenal fans moaning look no further than Mr wenger now that coquelin is injured, look how fucked we will be with flaming and Arteta two 34 years old but that’s for another day.I would rather other teams fan’s were saying fuck wenger fuck Gironde and fuck dean but not whilst we are so weak and get on the moral high ground to moan about unfairness. If you can’t beat them join… Read more »


I didn’t think you could dig your hole any deeper but you just did.


don’t be surprised if Gabriel gets charged by the FA for not leaving the field of play in a timely manner, he may get an extra game or two ban for it too.

Andy Mack

The game has changed from when Viera played plus we are treated really badly by the PGMO, so reacting like Viera would have, would only get us more cards (yellows at least).


Just calling a spade, a spade. A cunt, a cunt. And a bitch, a bitch. Take the fine on the chin, Arsene.


Diego Costa is a fucking disgrace and a disgusting individual, a perfect fit for his team and manager. One of the very few people in the world I wish harm on. God I hate him so much


Costa takes sweets from children, steals money from the homeless and pushes old ladies trying to cross the road. Mourinho once famously said of his player “if this was war and Costa was a soldier he’d commit war crimes. I like that that in him.”


Abramovich, as a follow up to Jose’s praise of his war crime prone player, also said of Mike Dean “If this was The Hague and Mike Dean was a judge, he’d set Costa free. That’s why I like Mike Dean.”


After today’s game, I can’t see any point of having referees on the pitch. A bunch of inapt, deviant, clueless cunts.

Andy Mack

They have to be involved to make sure the results go the way they want them to!

Beast Boy

Costa is an embarrassment to the sport. What kind of farce rewards behavior like this? Who could possibly enjoy a match like today’s besides Satan himself? Fuck off with this guy.


arsenal should appeal for costa’s behaviour and surely for gabriel straight red card.

F*ckin cunts


How the fuck costa managed to get away with slapping Kos in the face THREE times, bundling him to the ground, engaging in a shit fest with gabriel, knocking the Ox off the ball…etc etc, meanwhile Caz makes two challenges, one bookable, the other pretty fucking “meh” and gets sent off, Gabriel gets a yellow I guess for daring to lay hands on Costa, and then a straight red for daring to walk backwards in his general direction. Mike Dean is degenerate scumbag and Diego Costa deserves to fall as first down a flight of spike embedded stairs.


Fuck you Mike Dead. Fuck you FA. Fuck you English football. Fuck everything.


*Mike Dean
Although the typo might have revealed my mood about this ref…


Let it be known that Gary Neville praised Costa’s actions on Twitter. Someone tell the Ox that his “respect” for Neville’s opinion is better placed elsewhere.

Andy Mack

He says he respects Neville because Neville is involved with the usually badly performing National team and Ox wants to get picked for them. He can’t genuinely respect the twat.


And that is why Neville is an idiot. That’s why I can’t stand seeing his idiot face and hearing his idiot punditry. Gary Neville is an in-law shagging, Man U biased idiot.


As for Neville’s opinion. I had three pints of Guinness, a pulled pork burger with lots of cheese and onion during the game yesterday. My arse produces better and worthier opinions this morning than Neville’s mouth does when punditing.


Reminds me of ballotelli’s celebration why always us?Anyway having calmed down from my initial disappointment and wanting to quit the premier league for warmer climates, i really hope the team can find motivation from this travesty of a football match.


Still can’t get myself to calm down. Exactly why we despise Chelsea; the classlessness, cunts playing for them, cheating their way to win, is exactly what they used to beat us today. I’m fuming and that’s an understatement. That said before the card we didn’t look threatening at all if I’m honest; something must be done in January. Win the next few games and maintain momentum till then. The biggest downturn to this is Chelsea potentially finding form again. Fucks sake.


Mike Dean has been doing this to Arsenal again and again and again. When will it stop? But in all honestly, this isn’t doing it to Arsenal again – it’s a whole new level today. The fact that Costa finished the game with no fouls (saw an Opta tweet on this) is just plain disgusting. And the golden question – how the f*** does Dean see Gabriel stepping on Costa, and fail to see Costa’s antics all day. The amount of force he used in chesting Kos to the ground, just before the whole Gabriel incident, was plain ridiculous. Koscielny… Read more »


We should advocate for Mike dean never to referee an Arsenal game again but whose got the balls at THE ARSENAL to fight this injustice or to accuse him of cheating because the media will scream we have questioned the integrity of the referee and brought the game into disrepute. The question we should be asking is, Is Mike dean an Arsenal hater, Is he taking bribes, why does he always favour other teams against us and sends two players off on our side then hands token yellow cards to the opposition and most importantly Is Mike Dean a cheating

Andy Mack

Mike (the twat) Riley would just laugh out loud in the face of an Arsenal man that told him we didn’t want Dean again. Old red nose could get away with that but certainly not us!.

Joseph Fouche

Q: “And the golden question – how the f*** does Dean see Gabriel stepping on Costa, and fail to see Costa’s antics all day. ”

That’s easy, Mike Dean is an Tottenham supporter, therefore he hates Arsenal, he is so biased that only hard thing to believe how is he still allowed to referee any of Arsenal games.

Proof of Dean being Tottenham fan:

It would be actually great to find info how many matches he refereed for Tottenham and their winning percentage. and then compare to when he refereed Arsenal games.


Thanks for bringing that video up, totally forgot about it. But it could show one of two things – (i) that Dean is a Sp*rs fan, and hates Arsenal as a result, or (ii) he just hates Arsenal, period. Either way, it means that he needs to stay far away from all Arsenal matches – his track record has reached the point where I get an ominous feeling for Arsenal just from seeing his name pre-game, and if this is the point which we are at, there is something just fundamentally wrong with the whole PGMOL. As we could see… Read more »

Andy Mack

He does ref our games an awful lot. Probably because Mike ‘The Twat’ Riley hates us as well.
We also get that wanker Atkinson a lot as well (the one that should have sent Cahill off last year against us, but didn’t even give him a yellow!).


Really poor by Gabriel in my opinion. He’d already gotten Costa angry..all he needed to do was wait it out..if he wanted to foul him, do it off the ball,not in front of the ref. I was so angry at the team for not managing that situation better. We were going in at half time with 0-0. Chelsea were very poor and we gave them an in. The defending for the set piece was just so awful..Costa and the ref are cunts but we know this. We were going to get at least a draw had he not gotten sent… Read more »


Ditto, Arsene! Fucking ditto! Hit the nail on the head there. Not too long ago I saw a child here in Dublin with a Chelsea jersey with Costa on the back. Genuinely found this disturbing. Who in their right mind would admire a prick like that?! For shame on the parents!

steveafc forever

Chelsea are a bunch of cunts manager players and fans.


If arsenal had a true leader, a worthy captain, he would have ushered and kept the inexperienced gabriel away from the scene. Costa followed him half way up the pitch, insighted him again and again and ‘big’, ‘experienced’ arsenal players stood aloof, arms akimbo, watching. Costa is a cunt, no doubt. But we all knew that before the game, so to fall for the same age long, properly set trap means our players are definitely not smart and street-wise.


But that’s exactly what happened in the first place. A leader stepped in to take control of the situation and a mess ensued. Who’s to say had someone else stepped in, he wouldn’t have also been sent off based on Mike Dean’s cuntery today.


No sorry this really isn’t an Arsenal problem. This is a corrupt referee problem.

chippy's chip

Mike manu dean has and always will be anti arsenal.


What I really do not understand is why the FA allow this kind of biased refereeing to go on. I have seen enough biased refereeing in so many BPL games (especially those involving ‘big’ clubs), it is a wonder football fans have not turned their backs on the game. (Yes, I know why – to support their clubs. But the injustice of it all.) Every time managers complain about the referees, they get smacked down by the FA. What’s that? The referees can do no wrong? Whatever punishments are meted out to referees – if you can even call it… Read more »

Giroud's abs

If this isn’t a cry for technology to be introduced to football, I don’t know what is. Mike Dean can ruin a totally even game of football with his shit decisions, no issue for him, but it fucks us over! A video replay from a fourth official would have kept the game alive and not caused the clusterfuck that Costa tries to cause game after game… And Mourinho says there’s a campaign against Chelshit, laughable.


Play dirty is all I can say now. I have understood this long time back that playing like class won’t win you games. You have to be constantly in refs face to get the decisions like those cunts at Chelsea, Barca and Madrid do. Wind up opponents when the ref is not looking so that emotions gets the better of them and they get sent off. Really to win it you have to play ugly. I absolutely love Gabriel. Atleast he stands up for his teammates(a quality which I feel has left Arsenal). Gone are the days when a Keown… Read more »

Andy Mack

You’d be correct if this club wasn’t Arsenal but because it is AFC we can’t play like that or we’ll get players sent off. Santi didn’t deserve a yellow for the second foul, especially when Ivanovic didn’t get his first yellow until his 25th fouls. That shows that we’re treated really badly by the PGMO.


Exactly. Reducing ourselves to their level would only work if the playing field with refs was level as well.

Sylent Syd

Costa’s an animal who needs to be neutered when they come back to the Emirates


Why was Gabriel the only player to confront Costa? The entire team should have been on his case!

Tshaka the gooner

Fair play to Gabriel he took one for the team.

Andy Mack

You want our entire team getting cards?


There has to be retrospective action for what Costa did to Kos, surely? Wanker Dean didn’t see it, nor the linesman. The yellow was for the later fracas with Gabriel. Hope he gets a lengthy ban for the Kos incident and then for the swipe at Ox. But he probably won’t. FA weak. Ref biased against us always


Don’t you know Arsenal are probably the only club in the top six who don’t bribe referees

Le Jim

I know it’s wrong but I honestly want someone to take a club to Costa’s legs as he leaves the shithole

Looking Forward

We should learn to fight fire with fire. I’m not suggesting we cheat like these twits, but the least we can do is point out the Opponents mistakes, and if that means a bit of theatrics, so be it. If Kos and Ox had fallen down after being manhandled by the thug, hopefully the short sighted Mike Dean would have been galvanized into action.
On footballing terms, did anyone spot Ozil playing? A genuine question from a true admirer of the German lad.
C’mon lads, regroup and beat these twits in the race.

Tshaka the gooner

And the pundits too they just as twats like Costa and Co. Every pundit blaming Gabriel for reacting,but nobody is praising Koscieny for not rolling on the ground like he’s been shot when Costa pushed him in the face. We praise cheating and conning the referee but we don’t applaud good behaviour. But then again it’s a game run by FIFA


The Ref was a bigger cunt as costa. What were the linos and 4th official watching.disgusted ów these dirty twats Get away with their Shit week in week out.

Manx Gooner

If Gabriel was going to be sent off, he may as well have punched Costa’s lights out!


Why does Wenger have to qualify the response by saying we were guilty to for responding? In what area of life would that be okay? For someone to slap you in the face three times, push you down, and you be “guilty” for doing something about that?


Let’s not let this cunt Costa cover up the fact we would have been beaten anyway….Ozil and Sanchez subbed off tells us all a hell of a lot. £80m worth of players taken off when we are just 1-0 down.
As per usual, we’ll find our feet when it’s way too late to challenge….round and round and round we go. Wenger out!

Andy Mack

I think it was a tactical change actually.


I like the fact that Gabriel reacted, hes a real no nonsense defender. Lord knows what Costa wanted with Kos, every other player had already left the scene. He had no business there and its good that Gabriel let him know it, since the referees never see wrong in any of his actions.

Midwest Gooner

This was the real “fake result.”

Bergkamp's Chips

Somewhere during my 4th pint while watching the game, I kinda wish titantron music would play and Stone Cold Steve Austin would come out, muttering curse words, and give Mike Dean and Costa the middle finger and some Stone Cold stunners.

I mean….. I’m normal like the rest of you right?

Andy Mack


Good Stuff

Disgrace to football. Disgrace to chelsea. Disgrace to the premiership.


You know what pissed me off even more…BT FUCKING SPORT. The whole set up is just cuntish…Even Ian Wright becomes a cunt once he steps through the BT door. He is alot of things but a cunt is not one except on BT SPORT.
Every thing from fucking Owen and Hoddle (i think) masturbating over a shit Chelsea side playing counterattack against 9 men to the other fucker in the studio, dont even know his name…Bunch of fucking smelly bellends.

Andy Mack

He’s quite often a cunt when it comes to the Media.
Talking on TV or to the Newspapers seems to reduce his IQ to single digits for some reason.


Like Wenger said when he signed Gabriel, he’s a tough guy, he’s a Paulista. He won’t get pushed around, he showed it against stoke and he showed it against stokes older uglier cousins chelski.


I would have punched both Costa and that ass hole called Dean in the face. ….a very heavy slap that’ll give me life ban.Fucking cuts…..

Ramsey's spirit

I dont think any blame can be placed on arsene or koscielny, team selection for me was right enough, costa dean cunt alliance deserve everything the fa could throw at them, gabriel shouldnt be blamed too much either, personally id of punched him and got a long ban. Right on the nose.


How can Gabriel get a yellow card for replying to costa’s pat on the chest when Costa doesn’t

Ivanovic committed four fouls before a yellow card.

Mike dean once again proves he can’t manage an arsenal game without bad decisions against us.

Against better teams we deploy Ramsey instead of carzola – he just gets marked out.

As for Dean and other referee’s maybe they need a situation like in Brazilian football where fans or the players attack the refs. Mike dean deserve beats


I was happy to see Gabriel stand up for his partner.

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

I have no qualms with Gabriel’s reaction, should have been dealt with by the refs. I’m far more irritated that our players let it carried on, but also at how little reaction there was from our players. On the one hand, you have to credit out fair play, but on the other, we are just so “nice” to other teams. It irritated me know end seeing our players smiling and shaking hands with the Chelsea lot after the game. Maybe I’m being a bit of a luddite and those keown and Vieira days are long gone, but the niceness and… Read more »


AHHH the heedy days when we were once thought of as a dirty team and we had a horrible disciplinary record under Wenger.
I like our players but days like this they just look like a bunch of soft, poncy nancy boys with stupid hair.
Missing Vieira and Petit, guys like Parlour or even silent assassins like Gilberto and Edu who could mix it

Andy Mack

That’s just a reflection of how the game has changed and that the PGMO like sending Arsenal players off.


When GARTH FUCKING CROOKS is making good points you know its going to be bad weekend.^tfw

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