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Wenger still incensed by Dean decisions

You’d have thought Arsene Wenger might be in a chipper mood after last night’s Flamtastic beating of Sp*rs but in his post-game press conference he was still noticeably irked by the manner of the defeat to Chelsea at the weekend.

Quizzed by the media for his thoughts on the FA rescinding Gabriel’s suspension (he still has a misconduct charge looming over him) and the three-game ban handed to Diego Costa, the boss cuttingly noted that the damage done at Stamford Bridge can’t be wholly repaired.

“That just shows that they decided after the game what should have been decided during the game and they repair five per cent of the damage that has been done to us. Instead of us playing 11 against 10, we played 10 against 11.

“It does not help us too much. On the day I watched the game again. It is better I don’t talk too much because it was really surprising in this game that some incidents were handled very lightly and not seriously and it is better I don’t talk too much as I’m still angry about it. One or two situations in the game are difficult to understand when you watch it again.”

Asked whether he’s likely to take up with the FA his obvious dissatisfaction about the way the defeat was officiated, he continued: “No, I think I’m in a job where I have to swallow things that are not right but I have just got to focus on the next game.”

Gabriel will today learn whether or not he’ll be banned for his failure to leave the pitch in the aftermath of his red card and it looks as though whatever is decided the boss will accept the decision.

“I said after the game he should not have responded at all and I maintain that. I told him that but when I saw it again he had not done a lot, but you want them to have a fair judgement and we will accept what they decide. That is part of it.

“They will judge that situation and it is right. You cannot consider the whole context of the game, you want them to judge and decide and we will accept the decision.”

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We all are, Arsène, we all are still angry…


At the time Costa committed the thuggish behaviour the game was level. Deans handling of the various errors game Chelsea an unfair advantage and possibly handed the victory to Chelsea. Referees are only human and will make the odd mistake but the catalog of mistakes made by Dean prove he is a substandard referee and not suitable to handles games at this level


I signed that at 20,000

Good to see it’s still going


You just can’t blame the players or Wenger for Saturday. Haven’t been this angry about a ref performance since Old Trafford in 2004. This defeat against Chelsea is 100% down to Dean.


Somehow Mourinio has managed to sum up this whole thing as “it’s OK to retaliate” – like Wenger said we played a man down instead of they having a disadvantage because the instigator escaped punishment, as well as the injustice of the ref’s decision influencing the result!

If Mourinio so stupid or is a clever windup merchant. Either way he is a low life, that I hope the broken Peugeot exhaust blows in his face!


Retaliate against what, if – as he suggests – Costa had done nothing wrong in his Man-of-the-match performance?

remember the invincibles

this argument is too clever for Mourinho, and clearly even some journalists, to contemplate.


I am now convinced that Mourinho is clinically retarded.


Thing is wengers not an idiot, he suspects the game is not clean and that there has been an influence on the ref in one way or another. He always talks about fairness and he has stood by that since his early days when marseille used to bribe refs and his own players in league 1.
I personally dont think english football is as clean as people think considering how easy it is to bribe a player to do a stupid foul to get a yellowcard. Somethings not right but the fa wont look further.


IF the game isn’t clean in England…you can be damn well sure the FA is part of it.


To be honest, I don’t think bribing players will be that easy. But officials might not be so hard. Players do get endorsements which amounts to a significant sum to stop them from going over the ledge and accept money.

But then again, that’s just my opinion, and in this world full of shit, no one gives a fuck about it.


Or the 4-4 at Newcastle and the RVP sending off in the CL.


Or the offside goal in the 2006 final… or the pitch at the San Siro…
There are too many of these incidents for them to be a coincidence.


I don’t agree Sacha. Wenger, maybe not…. but Gabriel should have just walked away from Costa, who he probably knows from his time in Spain as a wind-up merchant extraordinaire. Also, some of the senior players, especially the Spanish speaking ones should have hauled him away. Maybe we could have had a draw/win and a Costa suspension to boot if he had not lost his cool so. It was a gross injustice on him, sure, but once a red card is given I don’t think anyone can ‘undo’ it. We can’t control what nonsense someone like Costa does, but we… Read more »

Social Pariah

Arsene should be careful what he swallows while the Coq’s out.

Social Pariah


Don Cazorleone

“while” was fine.

Social Pariah

Thanks Don.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

“whilst” was fine too… and more poetic.

I like poetry,

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue,
Mourinho’s a Cunt
and Costa’s one too.

Lilies are White,
and Clover is Green,
John Terry’s the biggest
Cunt ever seen

Social Pariah


raron aamsey

I watched that press conference, the way he was talking made it seem as if he thinks Dean is corrupt, but obviously he doesn’t want to say that. Tbf whilst it’s always easy to descend into tinfoil hyperbole in situations like that, I think if you watch that game in isolation and ignore everything else it does seem “surprising” as Arsene says that a professional referee would make some of the decisions that he made. Whether Dean is corrupt or just a jaw-droppingly bad referee is up for debate though… Either way there’s a 100% chance that nothing will come… Read more »


The real problem with Dean, as is brought up now whenever we encounter him, is that this is not just something you can view in isolation. It is instead part of a much larger pattern of similar performances that stretch back years (2009 is a good starting point). Saturday was blatant, but at its core no different from what he has done many times before. At the very least he shades the letter of the law while driving a truck through its spirit. An example of that. He was in charge of the home game against United last year. He… Read more »


I think the stats back up this anti-Arsenal stance Dean has. You look at our win/loss ratio in matches with Dean in charge and it’s way below the average that we have with other refs. This for me confirms its not just tin-foiling, but a sign that he is genuinely, for whatever reason, against Arsenal in his decisions. I think we have only ever had 2 red cards in one match in the Premier league era once before and guess who was in charge that day.


We have to be careful here to compare oranges with oranges. The opposition we play with/out Dean as referee needs to be taken into consideration.

Personally, I think that a subconscious bias against Arsenal in referees was started by Ferguson shown by the terrible reducers our team used to suffer, the nadirs being the Diaby, Ramsey and Eduardo breaks. Stoke took full advantage of it at their place and this narrative of ‘soft underbelly’ is still running.


That’s a great point. Ferguson was a master manipulator of the media. Wenger was/is the complete opposite and very rarely plays the media game. This could also explain why we have one of the worst disciplinary records in the Premier league. A combination of teams being overly aggressive against us, a lack of protection from refs, which results in either a bad injury or Arsenal players being sent off. As much as we all admire Wenger for not being Moaniho, he could offer our team more protection, by banging the drum a bit more.


Agreed, but the main comparison with Dean back in 2013 was comparing Dean with other Refs in the United, CIty and Chelsea games. Its posted in more detail elsewhere, but of the 24 games, Dean alone refereed twice as many as anyone else, with a record of: P – 9, W – 0, D – 3, L – 6. The rest of the games/referees: P -15, W -5, D -3, L -7 It leads to the question of whether Dean’s record is so bad because he gets so many big games? OR, are we so bad against our rivals because… Read more »

Fireman Sam

I was at that home game last year. Reading your post brings back all that anger again against that twat ref.

Right now I just want to kick Mike Dean in the nuts.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

The bloke doesn’ have the balls to play fair with us, so I don’t see how you’re going to kick him in them.


Lets look at the facts. In 2005 Mike Dean was indefinitely suspended by PGMOL for involvement in a race horse betting website. Considering that he has prior involvement with people involved in gambling, I would say that the accusation may not be that far fetched.


The best and only salve for the anger is to smash the cunts next time we play them.


next time the bald cunt referees us, we should quickly cut the damage by injuring him, eg smashing the ball at him.


He’d just manage to pull the red card out before succumbing to his injuries.


That would be handy. Saves frisking him to find it before shoving it up his arse.

Fireman Sam

Yeah but it would feel good though

Reginald Perrin

At least he doesn’t have to rush coq back this weekend as Flam may be able to do the job. The last thing he’d want to do is to pull his coq off early. The boss also knew Flam would be able to score 20 this season thus not needing a new striker. Multi purpose Mathieu!

Saffa Gooner

I have so much respect for Wenger, pure class: the way he admits without reservation where we went wrong and keeps emphasising that we take must responsibility for our own behaviour, end of story. It’s just about unheard of in the world of today. Compare Mourinho’s reaction to this debacle: denial, deflection, repulsive self-pity. And his pathetic victim charade…


Even in his post-match interview last night he mentioned always having a chance to win a game with eleven players on the pitch. I’m glad he’s not just accepted the FA’s ruling and left it at that, especially because Maureen has been mouthing off about it setting a precedent that retaliation is okay. We all know that Costa should have got at least one straight red and at least one more red for two yellows, but probably committed more offenses than those cards would cover. That he played almost all of the match and didn’t get any punishment whatsoever is… Read more »


we were playing 9 against 12, it’s difficult to understand.


I honestly don’t think that any ref in the premier league currently is “bent”, corrupt or knowingly biased against anyone team. Every single team in the league has been on the end of some atrocious reffing and decisions by assistant refs on a consistent basis for years now. The inconsistency is getting beyond a joke now, there seems to be no uniformity in the standard of reffing. You watch a game and in terms of how it’s going to be reffed seems to count so much on who the ref is. Surely they should all be trying to perform to… Read more »


Why not have four assistant referees manning the lines? And maybe 2 referees. Surely both of them can’t be bias or rubbish at the same time!


Four assistants is a great idea. Less ground to cover means they can keep up more easily. The game is played at an absurd pace. Speaking of lineos, whatever happened to Sian Massey? Every game I’ve seen her in, she nailed every call.

Andy Mack

I’m not sure about the ‘knowingly bias’ bit as I’m 100% certain that a few of the refs are bias against us but I’m not sure if its ‘knowingly’ or ‘unknowingly’. The odds are that at least 1 ref is corrupt but it’ll most likely be the one that is usually the best one and he earns big from the rare big ‘mistake’ that changes games.
So very unlikely to be Mike ‘MR’ Bean who is a regular fuck-up.


He has never been Mr Bean. For fucks sake the cunt is a ringer for Jasper Carrot!


I was of the same opinion as you Mike – until the weekend. If the problem with Mike Dean is pure incompetency, surely over time we would have had some ‘ridiculous’ decisions in our favour from him? I can’t remember a single one. Add to this his celebrating of a Spuds goal against us, and the conspiracy theorists have a compelling case.


I agree with your major premise that the overall standard is shit and most teams get hit with it here and there.

But after this weekend, the numbers from 7AM,
and the realization that Dean has reffed 35% of our matches against top 4 + shit pushed me over the precipice and leads me to believe he’s shit that smells especially foul.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So Mike Dean keeps fucking us up in games, and then the FA take corrective action afterwards that generally only benefits other teams because we have already had the damage done to us. Good old FA


Mike dean and Chelsea;both cunts of highest order.


Don’t lose the anger. Noone. Noone should lose the anger – Wenger, the players, the fans. We have things to do when they come to Emirates.

Man Manny

The saddest part for me is that Chelsea won a match they certainly should have lost. Down to 10 men, they would not have been able to cope with us.
They have been let off the hook big time; now we’d be talking about 4 points, crises and a worst start in God knows how long.

Andy Mack

I’d like to agree but it could just as easily ended up as a draw after 10 man Chavski parked the bus.

Man Manny

It’s possible; but that would leave them with 5 points, better for us than the 7 they have now and our 6 point gap would be intact.


One thing that struck me last night – as much as I hate them, I don’t consider Spuds as the true enemy anymore.

That privilege has now passed to that bunch of knuckle-dragging racist cunts, bankrolled by Russian mafia money and led by a self-pitying narcissist.

Nasri's missing chinbone

True. But I think that’s always the way with a local rival. You have a (albeit small) element of grudging respect.

Chelski genuinely are the most repugnantly run club in this country. To think that I actually prefer teams like millwall and sp*rs to them really does resonate how vile they are in everything they do. The make el hadj diouf look saintly.

The good thing is that other fans think the same. Represented by, run by and supported by total and utter clustercunts the whole way through. Scum.


I hope Wenger makes use of this anger and sense of injustice to motivate himself and his players to go on a good run of victories now. Otherwise nothing good is going to come out of it. The reverse fixture is a long way off and we can all expect them to park buses and cunts to play for a draw when they visit us. I am glad Wenger didn’t mince his words and made his unhappiness let known about the officiating done during the match. And still managed to ooze out more class and charisma than that spiteful thing… Read more »


To solve these types of problems they need to bring in video technology like in Rugby where the ref can at any point go back to the video evidence during the match. There was plenty of time in this match for the ref to go back to the original incident(s) or for the video ref to highlight it to him at a natural break in the game. It will help catch those players who are sly or play act, which we all want to see cut out of the game, and help those refs who cant keep up with the… Read more »

Gunner Rob

The referee or fourth official looking at the video replay would have been a damn sight shorter than the actual incident from when Gabriel jumped in front of Cunta to when he finally left the pitch.
Video technology is the only way we’ll get rid of cheats.


Precisely why they’re dragging their feet. Need to get that nest egg built up first.


This is surely a case where there should be some kind of points reallocation as the decisions clearly had an impact on the result. The governing body can deduct points from clubs that go into administration thereby getting an unfair advantage, and here Chelsea got 3 points handed to them on a plate by the referee in the most unfair way possible. Those points could equate to a lot of income for the club at the end of the season if it means missing out on the Champions League or dare I say it, the title.


I think we not being street smart is another factor. Every tackle from them should have been exaggerated but we did not. I know thats not the level we should go to.. but its same as playing classical music infront of a drunk 18 year old teen in Ibiza… time the team should be more streetwise… My theory is…(pure speculation no proof) Chelsea were not able to handle Arsenal in the initial 10 minutes or so.. then Ivanocic(or whaterver) disrupted the play pretending to be out of wind or something and after that niggling fouls started…in my view it… Read more »


I still believe Gabriel shouldn’t be punished because his reaction was as a the erroneous sending off,if the red card has been rescinded then every action of his that ensued thereafter should equally be disregarded.


Dean is bent, Costa is a thug and Mourinho is a cunt. Period.



Chris B

Arsene is always such a class act. He stays pretty fair and balanced with this stuff, while most other managers would likely rant, rave or just talk shite.


While the damage is already done and we’ve lost 3 points. I hope this anger turns into a huge fucking momentum ball that we can keep going for the rest of the season and smash everything else that gets in our way and win the league.
Sometimes its shit like this that can give teams renewed determination, I’d say we keep the anger burning for a long long time.


German Arsenal-supporter here and I am angry ever since the pizzas went flying at OT. That day was a masterclass of bent refereeing, not only the free reign Neville got to kick Reyes into oblivion but even more so Ferdinand crashing Cole in the ManU box, looking around his face pure astonishment that he didn`t get a red and a penalty against him. For some weird coincidence, Mike Riley whistled much more pro United than Poll was (rightly) accused of. Everyone knows what Riley is doing today and that explains a lot. In the past and today, referees decide games… Read more »

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