Monday, July 4, 2022

Wenger: We’ve responded well

Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal have yet to get their act together at the Emirates this season but says the way his side bounced back from defeat on the opening day of the season has been positive.

The Gunners have scrapped their way up to sixth in the table after four games, sandwiching a draw with Liverpool between away wins at Crystal Palace and Newcastle after their unexpected loss to West Ham United.

Reflecting on Arsenal’s form so far, Arsene Wenger told beIN SPORT: “At home [we’ve] been very disappointing. Away, very positive. We’ve not found our home form yet. If you have a bad spell during the season – if you start well – everybody finds that it can happen.

“If you start the season on the wrong foot you’re straight away under pressure. We’ve responded very well to the pressure we faced after the West Ham game. Overall we’ve responded well, but we missed out first game.”

So far the Premier League season has been peppered with unusual results, including a number of home defeats inflicted by smaller teams on those fancied to challenge for the title. With money pouring into England’s top flight, the boss says he’s not surprised by the unusual state of affairs.

“It’s not a surprise that the Premier League is stronger as a unit. Why? Because the English clubs are richer. The teams that play in the second part of the league can buy the best players from Spain and buy the best players from Italy. It is not a surprise that inside England it becomes harder to win games.

“After that what is the phenomenon that is absolutely new is that there are few home victories. That shows that the teams that go away from home have no fear anymore. They play with full power and because they have individual quality they can provoke surprising results.”

Wenger also hit back at critics in the media who’ve questioned his side’s mental resilience over the last few seasons. Pointing to back-to-back victories in the FA Cup, the Frenchman stressed that his side have a collective attitude to match their obvious technical ability.

“Opinions for me have to be documented,” he noted. “We won the cup last year. You don’t win the (FA) cup unless you are mentally strong, believe me. That’s why I don’t agree with that.

“You have to respect everybody’s opinion. Pundits are just people who are filmed by a camera and give their opinion and you have to accept that but if a pundit gives an opinion and is not right in six months, nobody will come back and say: ‘well, why did you say that six months ago? You were completely wrong.’

“It’s just an assessment and an opinion you have to respect. The modern world, people are informed. People are informed and have opinions but at the end of the day someone had to make decisions.

“People who make decisions have to be responsible and stand up for their decisions and that’s not exactly the same for the opinion.

“That’s part of our job, to be confronted with different opinions and to accept that sometimes people are wrong and sometimes people are right. That’s part of it. I disagree of course.”

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Clearly no one comes back on Wenger’s opinion either. If they did, perhaps we wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes? Just my opinion….

Dale Cooper

People always goes after him when he gets something wrong, what are you on about?

why not

actually that is all they do, almost ignoring the part where he actually does, you know, quite remarkable things.

Man Manny

Who is ever gone after when they do right? Nobody. In this case, Arsene deserves all the stick he gets. When there was paucity of funds, we celebrated him for being a genius by keeping us in the CL on a shoe-string budget. But now, he himself has acknowledged that that is no longer the case so why doesn’t go out there and give this team that little shove it needs to be able to compete against the money bags in the EPL and the best in Europe? No; he decides to gamble on what he already has. Next year,… Read more »

why not

So much negativity. So much pain.


So who would you have bought then? Christ, you talk like he was stood behind a door at a speak easy, knocking back the best players in the world. There was simply no good players available in the positions we need.

At DM there were some good players, not world class but we already have 3 players for that position, whether we like it or not. Flam wouldn’t go anywhere, Arteta is here another year and Coq has done great since he came in, he’s never going to buy a 4th DM is he?

Man Manny

“The only top team in the 5 majpr league in Europe that didn’t sign even pne outfield player”, says it all really. Better teams than Arsenal ( Bayern, Barcelona, Real, City, Chelsea etc), saw players that would make them better but Arsene did not! This man is indefensible.
I am not calling for his sack; neither am I saying that we will not succeed this year. But all I am saying is that the excuse that he did not find quality in the market is just that; an excuse.

Podolski Sklep

Off the top of my head, Mandzukic, Draxler, J. Martinez, Pedro, Hernandez, Dybala, Douglas Costa, Dzeko, Immobile and Llorente all moved in this window. So that’s not players who may, or may not have been available but were actively signed by clubs. Now I’m not saying that all these players are amazing based on my sophisticated analysis of their stats on FIFA but I think it’s nigh-on delusional to think that having an additional forward to take pressure off your main striker and potentially offer at least one extra tactical dimension was inessential (given the club must have known that… Read more »

Man Manny

That exactly is my point. Many on here are willing to play the ostrich and pretend all is well. Arsene is not infallible the last time I checked. And pointing out his mistakes is not a vote of no confidence on him. Let me be very clear here; I would not want any other man at the helm of the team at this point in time. Arsene laboured to get us here and nothing would give me more joy than to see him lifting the CL and EPL trophy with us. But he won’t do it if he doesn’t show… Read more »


Man many that should be a colon at the end of ‘let me clear here’ e.i : instead of ;. Otherwise you are making good point

Man Manny

‘Antispud’, I sincerely appreciate the correction. English is actually my second language but I hope to be quite proficient in it as I desire to be a writer. Thanks a million.


How many top teams are there in Europe? How many of them are trying to improve their squad?

We’re not alone you know.

There was probably only 3 or 4 players worth having on the market this year, and we didn’t get one of them.

Get over it.

Austin Gooner

Pedro’s not a striker, and we clearly weren’t in the market for a winger, so it’s not clear why he’s in your list. Also, it doesn’t follow that because a player moves he was therefore available for us to buy.

A better comparison seems to me ManU who were also obviously in the market for a striker and ended up with a 19 year old for 50 mil +.


@Man Manny just because other teams bought players doesn’t mean we should too… How many players did they let go, because we’ve lost non.

Again, who would you have bought? Unless you can offer a name that we could realistically have had a chance of buying, then you’re nobody to criticise…


@Podolski Sklep of all of those players there is arguabley only 1 that would even get into our first team, he went to a bigger club than us… and of the others non of them improve us to the tune of the money we’d have had to pay…

….Mandzukic, Hernandez…haha

Dan Hunter

No players available? Pathetic excuse. Jackson, Pedro, Lacazette, Aubameyang for example were all available for the right price. All would have been an upgrade on what we have. Even Martial although not worth £36m is still a very good signing. South America is full of attacking talent. If the established players were really not available, there are still young players available.

Podolski Sklep

@Hurensohn I never said anything about players walking into the first team. I said we needed a player to take the pressure off Giroud and potentially give us an extra dimension if/when he looks out of ideas. You may not have noticed over the last few years, but when OG is on form, he’s great, but when he can’t find the net he can be a liability. This isn’t a dismissal of Giroud, I think he’s a great player with plenty to offer but the reason people were clamoring for an extra striker/forward was because of the above. When he’s… Read more »

two bullets in the chamber

And next year is the Euro hangover and inflated prices so thats another reason this window was a missed opportunity


It is also another year for development of young players as well as the first team players in early and mid 20’s.

Danger Mouse

You speak as though the season is already over. Fucking hell. How bout lets play some football matches and see how the results go then give your verdict ?

blue bird Gunner

So then if we find a genuine gap that needs to be filled it would be too late to fix. Man how we start matters.
Even if we get players on the same level they would help ease pressure off current players thus avoiding excessive injuries and fatigue

Dan Hunter

The problem is the same thing has been said by manager and fans for the past few years. Just because the season has barely started, anyone can see we are short in a few positions for which there is no excuse. As it was last year, we were short at the back but still did not sign anyone until we were out of sight of Chelsea. If Wenger was in any other job he would have been fired by now. It is just madness from the manager who has the resources and enough to overpay if need be to secure… Read more »


That is absolutely bang on. Before we know some players will need replacing because of age. Many in this team will have missed the boat in terms of major honours if you exclude the FA cup. Yes we have spent money in last few years but we always seem to be a couple of players short of being truly able to compete. One of the best midfields in Europe a defence that seems to be working as a unit at last, real competition for coq and a top quality striker may have seen us over the line. I don’t give… Read more »

Stringer Bell

Well put sir. The momentum was there and then we are left short again. Forward I get as market was bare. Dm is not acceptable. Coq gets blown by the orcs next week!! And we are going to the bridge with arteta (who I really like and respect) as our holding mid. It’s embarrassing. Off topic did you see how poor Ramsey was for Wales. Flicks and Hollywood passes all night. Worst welsh player on pitch. Wenger has cost us the dropped 5 points with his selection and set up.


I don’t care what anyone says, I admire your cheery outlook on life

Podolski Sklep

I never said that any of these players would walk into the first team. My point was in response to the suggestion that there was nobody available at any point to take the pressure off Giroud to score goals, which a supporting winger or striker certainly would could have done (given that Sanchez, Walcott and the Ox are all in cumulatively poor scoring form stretching back a fair distance). If we recover our goalscoring form, then things will go smoothly but it’s a huge gamble to assume that things will just start going right because we hope they will. I… Read more »


Kos will be 31 and Mert 32. We should buy a player that has a great mixture of their characteristics who has enough experience to be reliable when called upon and maybe a talented youngster with bags of potential too. I heard that Gabriel and Chambers are pretty good. Oh wait! The guy can’t catch a break. Now his team is too experienced and aging? It was only a couple of seasons ago where the same people were saying we were too inexperienced to win a trophy. Our squad has a perfect blend of experience and potential. As Zidane once… Read more »


Painful it was…season I agree (and I feel strongly that we should have bought Alonso the following summer).

However it was Wenger’s team that season that he nearly managed to win us the title and it took some thuggery (and who knows what Fergi effect) and dubious ref decisions against us that stopped us.


Trying not to be negative, but an attack that didn’t score enough goals last season, without an attacker who scored some vital goals last season, isn’t going to be up to snuff this season.

It’s status quo again. It’s an excellent status quo, but an incredibly frustrating one.


Interlull is really biting today, can’t wait for Stoke now. Have a feeling we’re going to absolutely blitz them.

Never imagined I’d feel such apathy towards competitive England games.


While I would say that this article is not 100% spot on, it is quite refreshing to read someone look over our summer without a huge amount of negativity that surrounds the club at the moment.

igor stepanovs

Thanks for posting a really interesting, good article (even if I may need to shower after reading the Daily Mail)…

John C

Would a green grocer who refused to restock his shop with fruit and veg because the prices went up be lauded for doing so? No, he’d be an idiot because it would be counter productive and he’d stop making money. People don’t stop going to work because petrol prices or tube tickets go up, they accept it because if they want to earn a living they have to get to work, the only people who suffer is them as they’d be out of a job. Arsene Wenger not buying players because the price goes up isn’t clever or smart, it’s… Read more »

Gus Caesar

If a green grocer turned up at a warehouse and felt that all that was on sale was rotten veg and fruit that isn’t up to scratch would s/he buy it simply to please people who couldn’t cope without seeing greengrocers spend and thought the fruit was fine? No, not just because that would be a ridiculous reason to do business but also because being the expert he’d know that people would soon moan about the quality and then he’d stop making money. Arsene not buying rotten fruit that he doesn’t rate is about ensuring the right quality, not filling… Read more »

John C

Now say you own the green grocers, what would you do if you employed one of the highest paid procurers of fruit in the business only for him to tell you that in all the markets in all the world the fruit is either rotten or over priced?


Alternatively the green grocer may be going to his allotment to harvest his next batch of goods. Apologies for torturing the already fairly tenuous analogy.


Sorry, you, we dont employ him.
Those that do employ him are clearly not thinking this. And frankly, as he is used to running billion dollar businesses profitably, my guess is he knows more than me.
And you.

John C

haha he it doesn’t harvest enough stock to make a living and none of it’s ripe anyway

Bobby Dazzler

I like what you’re saying – but I had to thumb you down, as I don’t understand it…

John C

Arsene Wenger doesn’t run a billion dollar business profitably does he, he manages, coaches and procures footballers for a football club. He does negotiate television rights deals, sponsorship deals or sell tickets, you know, the activities that make Arsenal profitable.

John C

doesn’t not does*

Gus Caesar

I’d say “well done for not wasting money on crap produce, we now have some available for when world class produce is available again. And well done not just spending to please those who aren’t experts”.


United and Liverpool have spent a fortune on a load of fruit and veg. If they don’t get a return on that, they run up huge debts and risk harming their green grocer business. Football is littered with clubs that have gambled on their resources and most of them languish in lower leagues. You have to take a long term view. Do you know what you can build for 35 million? I work in construction and trust me, it’s a lot. The utter madness of these transfer fees will not last forever. If the funds are being retained and the… Read more »

blue bird Gunner

AW has brain-washed you dude, as he has successfully brain-washed others
Very soon you will all be moving robots


Given the choice of being brainwashed by Arsene Wenger or being brainwashed by Adrian durhams, Stewart Robson and the rest of the gutter press… I know which one I would choose. At least I apply some logic to back up my arguments.

John C

I don’t know why i’m surprised but people really can’t read.

Gus Caesar, i’m giving you the choice of rotten or over priced, and you choose to close up shop? Great bit business you’d be doing there!

Gus Caesar

When in your expert opinion you think you already have enough stock on the shelves without needing to either overpay or buy crap you do neither. You certainly don’t listen to the opinions of people who know next to nothing. If the shelves empty early and you lose money, then you criticise but most good owners trust the people they employ over those who know nothing.


I shop mainly at the local farmer’s cooperative. Top Top quality veg.

John C

Zippit, stop telling me to fucking fuck off or go support City, i’m pretty sure there are some rules in the comments policy against this?

chippy's chip

Im pretty sure the moderators have given up and gone home this week.


Erm Wenger is far from the highest paid manager in case you didn’t know. Remember few years ago Monaco tried to double his and recently PSG proposed to trebled it he turned both down. I don’t know the details for the real Madrid one. Now respect the guy or shut up. We are lucky to have him. Also stop the green grocer thing!!! It makes me hungry


By the amount of discussion it’s generated it seems the fruit business is fascinating, but, could we go back to football again? It’s only my opinion but I find that so much more relevant.

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

“If the system’s broke, bend over”


well done in comparing a football club with a green grocer. Investing in having a discussion with you is absolutely fruitless…


I’m still sulking a bit from the window but this man’s got it absolutely spot on regarding the pundits. Talking out of their arses and never accounted for. In fact the more stupid you are the more air time you get.

Gus Caesar

Most of them are professional wind-up merchants. What saddens me is that so many fans fall for it hook, line and sinker and don’t see through it. There’s a reason why the likes of Merson, Savage and Redknapp are sat in a tv studio rather than coaching or managing…


what about fans who fall for wenger’s excuses for failing to address his squad’s deficiencies season after season after season? There’s a reason we haven’t challenged for major trophies in a long time….

Gus Caesar

We’re making point about the poor quality of tv pundits. Perhaps keep your anti-Wenger agenda to a relevant article/comment eh?


We’ve won two major trophies in two years… The only way we could better it is to win the league (we can’t realistically expect to challenge for the CL given the Spanish sides and Bayern’s strength) and even then, we’re still massively handicapped financially compared to City, Chelsea and Manure… The self entitlement amongst some fans is ridiculous.

Gus Caesar

Quite – we’re the 4th richest team in the league and we’ve finished 3rd and won the FA Cup – the simple fact is that we’ve come in under par which is an achievement. Obviously we’d all like us to do even better but anyone seeking to belittle what we have achieved is likely not a true supporter. I suspect that even if we won the league this year the goalposts would be shifted again like they were when we won the FA Cup 2 years ago.

John C

We’re one of the 8 richest teams in Europe and haven’t got past the last 16 in the Champions League for several years.

Gus Caesar

Anyone who has the first clue about football knows that a knock-out tournament is not the true test of a club, if it were then the FA Cup would be as big a success as winning the Premier League.


Why exactly can’t we/shouldn’t we be challenging for the champions league are we a smaller club than Juve, Liverpool, Inter, Milan, Dortmund and PSG? They’ve all made a good run for it in recent years (as we have). We’re richer than all of them. Fair enough only a couple have actually won it, but we should at least be knocking on the door.

chippy's chip

We did knock but the door was slammed shut by a fekin barca lovin ref and feckin barca. Cunts.

chippy's chip



I’m not saying we shouldn’t be challenging but people are going mental because they think we aren’t going to win it… Too right, who the hell could realistically expect us to be favourites to win the PL never mind the CL.

Danger Mouse

Bull. Wengers buys in the last two years have been absolutely spot on. Apart from the obviously good ones, (Ozil, Sanchez) theres been some really shrewd ones like Monreal and Gabriel. The latter two had people rolling their eyes when announced, now most can see they were excellent additions. So I’ll trust his judgement any day over some ex footballer who’s stood in a studio talking shite. I’ll even trust his judgement over Fatgooner’s.


Yeah. The the stadium debt.


Merson, Redknapp, Savage – common denominator? Very average players with limited skill set and even more limited intellects.
And please don’t come back with that “Magic Man” nonsense. Nobody on the clock end ever called him that in the 80’s-90’s. It’s a Sky created attempt at brand manufacture.

Andy Mack

Mers was better than ‘average’ but he lost most of his brain cells to drugs and booze. Now he talks that same drivel as the rest of them.

Little Swede In The No14 Shirt

if ‘the teams that play in the second part of the league can buy the best players from Spain and buy the best players from Italy’ then why isn’t Messi playing for Spurs? Also, surely we should be buying some of these said best players? 🙂


The pundits are not the problem Mr Wenger.the problem is that your goal is your lack of ambition for this club it seems that you are happy to win the fa cup instead of bigger trophies.


Four games, two wins, a draw and a loss … why all the angst and negativity? We are not Barca or Bayern or even Man City … we don’t financially dope … a salary cap would help. And a few more goals from
Super Jackie and Azza. The FA Cup is a major trophy in England and beyond. And when we lead the EPL by 6 at Xmas you’ll all be wetting yourself instead of pissing in the wind like fairweather fans. Shut up till then and make some noise at the stadium. tks


This all is fine but when will he answer the Welbeck question

Knowing he was undergoing surgery, still signed no1. How is that acceptable? Or is our official website lying about the time of his surgery?

Man Manny

When Arsene finally calls time on his Arsenal career, I think this summer transfer will be the watershed moment of his time here.
He’ll either go in as a genius or as a man who failed at the brink of ultimate success.


Oh please spare us your short-sighted gold fish memoirs. This is exactly what is wrong with football and the Premier League at the moment. People are sold by what football “experts” and a biased media (who largely get their information from the commission enslaved agents of “transfer targets”) tell us, all fueled by the FIFA/Football Manager approach to spend on anything that goes. With more and more money every season, this is the very attitude which has led to outrageous sums being spent on certain players who are simply not worth it. It’s ridiculous and depressing and nobody seems to… Read more »

blue bird Gunner

Here again another dude heavily brain-washed by Arsene Wenger’s penny pinching

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

You’re actually serious aren’t you…


Well then..fair point. The mental resilience is there and we’ve shown it with back to back FA cups. However, I’m still bummed at a disappointing summer window to ensure we move on to FA cup AND another major trophy. Why settle now? Cech was a steal, done early and I commend everyone involved in it. But now, what’s done is done and we have to get behind the team as there’s no changing it until January comes around. Can’t just help but to think we’re 1-2 players short EVERY TIME the season starts. Only time will tell and i’ll be… Read more »


Yeah, we were truly mentally resilient against West Ham. Season opener, at home.


No other manager trusts his players as much as Wenger does. Liverpool bought mad last season, and Brendan my boy went and bought a new team all over again. So either his first set of people he bought were shit, in which case he doesn’t know how to buy, or he doesn’t believe in them enough to not buy new players. It requires a certain sense of discipline (and some balls) to believe in things. I’m hurt we didn’t get somebody amazing, but I would be downright frustrated if we bought someone who wasn’t amazing. Fuck me if something like… Read more »

Austin Gooner

Not just this. Spending like mad (eg, United, Liverpool) is seen by some as better than showing restraint with a limited resource, waiting for the right players to spend the big money on. The more patient approach seems clearly to be Wenger’s (and the board’s) bigger picture, and I think it’s not unreasonable. If this is the case, more immediate decisions – like how to deal with Welbeck’s injury – will be made in light of the bigger picture. You might disagree with the club’s bigger picture, but I don’t think it’s entirely incoherent. In comparison, I would be much… Read more »


Most were asking for a DM.

Half the fans also wanted a striker (in no small part encouraged by Henry and Wenger himself).

No one was demanding huge money and numerous players should be bought. The amount of contrived arguments is getting ridiculous. The Arsenal fans were pateint through this window and got led down the garden path. Wenger had ample opportunity to say that we were not going to sign anyone after Cech.

Austin Gooner

Wenger said throughout the window that we weren’t close to anything, but were looking and would do a deal if someone top class became available. This is exactly what seems to have happened in the window, so it seems willfully unfair to suggest he should have told everyone after Cech that we were done. The point is also not that people were calling for loads of money to be spent (though in fact many were; witness all the comments about 200 mil in the bank). People were calling for a DM and a striker (see all the 2 players away… Read more »


Well, it is now becoming clearer and clearer that no real bid was put in for Bezema (Benzema and Henry quotes) and unless you are privy to some other offers there is not one definitve report we placed a bid for any other player.

Instead Wenger whenever questioned never completely denied there was no bid for Benzema. He wanted to give everyone the impression we were in the market when we were not.

Any evidence to the contrary please feel free to inform us all.

Andy Mack

DFS, Wenger rarely confirms or denies any transfers until they’re real close, so his reply to the Benzema questions were absolutely normal.
If he likes Benzema then I have no doubt he gave both RM and KBs agent a call but when they said ‘he’s not for sale/he’s happy and doesn’t want a move’ then we aren’t a club that would put in bids just to waste everyone’s time by making then write out the same thing in an email or fax.


Thanks for the speech Wenger now if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna spontaneously combust.

Andy Mack

Please do, really!


Something is lost in translation so here goes: You have to respect everyone’s RIGHT to an opinion, not the opinion itself. To wit: Gary Neville has stupid opinions about Cazorla and Coquelin’s partnership.


Opinions are, indeed, like Arseholes.
Whereas all pundits are Arseholes.


Well, this week Oxlade Chamberlain said Gary Neville has his respect in the Guardian, that Neville was right the majority of the time. Does this make The Ox an Arsehole?


Ox is misguided perhaps. He’ll see sense eventually. Neville is an annoying twat with a punchable face. Actually his face reminds me a bit of Jeremy Hunt which makes it very punchable.

Andy Mack

Or as Neville is involved in the England set up, maybe he thinks saying GN is a twat would reduce OXs chances of getting called up.


This man is so knowledgeable and intelligent that some people don’t take that into account before forming an opinion on the basis of not signing a 19 year old worth 50 mil.

We are so lucky that Wenger is our manager and not Brendan Rodgers or Lvg. His worth will be realized after he leaves.


Being less poo doesn’t equal responding well in my eyes. But then I’m in accounts, not football management.

Having said that we are going in the right direction and hopefully we can make an example out of those violent heathens from Stoke next week.


Thankfully the caveman will have to satisfy his urges by choking and stomping on his own self for a few matches.


And their horrible fans. Stoke supporters are inbred subhumans whose eyes are so close together they can stare themselves in the face. They walk about on a pair of blunt hairy instruments that can only be called feet because of the position they occupy at the end of their legs. They typically have six fingers on each hand but yet can only count to thirteen if they drop their pants. Anyone with a two-digit IQ is considered a genius, and the most taxing intellectual activity most of them have mastered is banging two rocks together.


No one is forcing people to buy season tickets and pay through their nose to watch the team they feel club is not investing in. No one pointing a gun on their temple either. Accepted people have bought ST already, they can start voting with their feet and stop attending games so that all home section of the stadium is empty. Unless they do that there is no point venting your fury on the key board


Wenger gives the same bs speech every season. Aren’t you people fed up with it, ending up playing for 4th every time? 10 years, reason enough to bring somebody new, bring Klopp, Koeman or Guardiola!


Completely agree with Arsene. Love him so much, hope he never leaves the club. Legend!


apart from a center fwd and a DM or holding midfielder to cover the Coq we have the other positions covered when he says about a player to improve the squad i dont buy the fact we couldnt have off loaded Rosisky, Areta & Flammini and bought in better players in them areas they are too old for this squad arteta was kept for his prowess around the dressing room he is quick in mind but slow in feet gets caught all the time on the ball, flammini’s voice does more than his feet apart from often gets yellow cards… Read more »


Bazza, ever heard of commers or punctuation marks? They can be very useful.

Jay Song

I think we as fans have to be realistic. Yes I am also disappointed that we did not sign anyone except for Cech but I am so tired of ppl asking for Wenger’s head.

We are probably 3rd in EPL in terms of history, 4th in terms of finance. And we are way behind in terms of European powerhouse like Real, Barca, Bayern.

I for one think that Wenger is doing a great job for us.

I know that transfers could have been better but I think we need to support the manager as much as we support the players.


For years I’ve been proud of many fellow Gooners who have managed to balance rational assessments both on our own club and other ones. Discussions of tactics and in depth analysis of whats gone right/wrong. We’d all (well, the majority) get along and appreciate each others opinions… but these days thats just not the case. It’s sad seeing so much squabbling in the comments, in forums, even in person. It appears we live in an Arsenal civil war era, where you either have to shout about how perfect Wenger is or demand his resignation. It’s embarrassing to see it happening.… Read more »


The players have been practically begging Wenger for top class players for years. Just this summer both Monreal and Cazorla came out and said we need a new striker.

Yeah, sounds like they clearly believe…


In one fell swoop you’ve completely missed the point of my comment by nit-picking one element you’ve failed to interpret. I’m fully aware that our own players asked, when questioned by the media, that they felt we could do with strengthening in certain areas, that’s common knowledge. You seem to think belief come from just one factor, signings. That’s a little immature, our squad are more professional and focused than that. Yes, Arsene has repeatedly failed to get many players that we need. He has made many mistakes. But he’s also done a lot right. The players DO believe in… Read more »


Yeah, just give it til the end of the season.

If we fall short, I think several players will consider their future – the idea they are wedded to Wenger is idiotic. Most players have short careers and want a legacy which would include winning at the highest level.


Deeming the notion players are wedded to AW as ‘idiotic’ seems unnecessary. There have been a lot of players defend him on many occasions, even to cringe-worthy proportions. I think its one of the reasons he struggles to bring players in, because he finally has a very loyal squad he doesn’t want to disturb. He doesn’t like risks with egos. Like I said, there were no genuine concerns of players leaving this summer, no agents manufacturing rumours of outgoings or lack of appreciation. If the players really didn’t believe in him then the summer wouldn’t have been so uncharacteristically calm.… Read more »

bims lay

A well thought out and balanced comment…thums up from me!….and i particularly like the last bit about our noisy neighbours…lol…..COYG


Same old BS from Le Prof. The proof of the pudding is in the eating: let’s see what happens this season. Lucky for Wenger Liverpool, Spuds and the others don’t look much cop, so the precious fourth place will be comfortably secured. And the muppets who love him will thinks he’s a genius.


Arsene practicing his “power of positive thinking” exercises again?

chippy's chip

Lol. I remember when “the gooner” fanzine started and had a headline..”george graham seen spending a fiver!”


I disagree, I thought our away wins we’re far from convincing and we have been lucky with own goals. How is that responding well? Plain old dumb luck is what that is. Newcastle was 10 Men for most of the game, but the Wenger supporters managed to make that out like it made the game much more difficult. Damn, how on earth does 11 vs 10 make the game more difficult? If that was the case then we should rememher that to when we meet Bayern in the CL group stages and have the Coq do a 2 foot tackle… Read more »

steveafc forever

Transfer window overnow we’ve all had our say time to move on.More concerned about our next 3 prem games stoke Chelsea and man Utd.Already 5 points behind and we never win at Chelsea and our recent home form against Utd is poor so lets get behind the team when they need us the most


Same old simpletons commenting pompously as if it was easy to buy players in the market. Wenger has persistently spotted talent and bought at comparative low prices which is important considering we are a self financed club and the club needed the positive income to attract the trust of the bankers for the loan and stadium build. Yes he has made mistakes but in general it has cost the club less bc he has spent generally low (contrast hefty mistakes by Liverpool, United, Chelsea and City, the later two of which do not worry about bottom line) United and Liverpool… Read more »

Dan Hunter

“Wenger is one of the best in the market. This summer, there are few strikers better than Giroud.” You must be taking the piss. Are you Arsene Wenger’s spokesperson? Whatever bollocks he’s talking you are just rehashing. These excuses just don’t fly anymore. There were plenty of players available. Let’s say for argument’s sake no striker was available in the whole network of 1 million or so professional players in the world, what excuse is there for not getting cover for the DM position? Did we not learn our lesson last year when we did not buy a ready made… Read more »

bims lay

Your comment (article?) left me with a bit of ironical amusement in the sense that you ended up falling victim, to the very evil you are trying to exorcise, in your choice of words. To highlight one example, and there are many, your use of the word “simpletons” to describe those previous commentators that you hold a differing opinion to, intrinsically suggests you are egotistical, and thus feel intellectually “superior” to them which ironically automatically qualifies you as being ‘pompous’, the very trait you are attempting to criticise? The length and tone of your comment suggests you are passionate about… Read more »


@santori Your post is unnecessarily scathing and within you completely contradict yourself in becoming what claim to despise. Was it really worth all the effort?

@bims lay Excellent handling of the situation. Glad to see there’s still some of us capable of rational thought and attitude, bravo sir.


I feel that Wenger has a strange attitude toward risk and may undervalue the importance of building momentum. On one hand, he stresses that no players were available who were “guaranteed” to improve the squad. (Not sure I even know what that means.) This suggests intolerance for the risk of not getting full “value” for the investment required to buy a very good or outstanding player. On the other hand, he can tolerate the risk posed by having only one true center forward and one reliable DM (speaking in terms of able to play effectively in most games). How is… Read more »

Arteta Fan

Hello All! My name is Morgan Schneiderlein. I would like to play at Arsenal but only if you have a manager who will sell me off the moment some “perceived” faster, better uninjured player is available for $$$$. If your manager will start me in front of someone he trained, groomed, encouraged and developed for years (Coq)… I will know he will be willing to do the same to me after I do everything he asks and teaches…bench me. THAT is someone I want to play for! If you really want me…. please boot out your captain…you know, the guy… Read more »


OT but congratulations to OG for getting into the England team and scoring against San Marino! 🙂


Wenger also hit back at critics in the media who’ve questioned his side’s mental resilience over the last few seasons. Pointing to back-to-back victories in the FA Cup, the Frenchman stressed that his side have a collective attitude to match their obvious technical ability. “Opinions for me have to be documented,” he noted. “We won the cup last year. You don’t win the (FA) cup unless you are mentally strong, believe me. That’s why I don’t agree with that. “You have to respect everybody’s opinion. Pundits are just people who are filmed by a camera and give their opinion and… Read more »

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