Thursday, December 9, 2021

Wenger: World Class Alexis is back to his best

It’s normal to worry a bit when a player of Alexis Sanchez’s quality doesn’t find the net in his first 7 or 8 games – epsecially when he misses good chances in those games too.

But today was a reminder that the old adage/cliche about form being temporary and class permanent rings true in football.

The Chilean hit a devastating hat-trick, with a goal in the first half and two in the second to drive the Gunners to a 5-2 win over Leicester today. And afterwards, Arsene Wenger was glad to see the Alexis we remember back in the game.

“He is back to his level,” he said. “He won a big competition with Chile – the Copa America.

“I think as well mentally to adjust to the game on a mental level takes some time. I could see in training a different player in the last week or two and he has shown that today. I believe going forward he always looked dangerous.”

After a week in which Alex Ferguson raised discussion over the term ‘world class’ to help sell his latest interminable book, the Arsenal manager was asked if Sanchez fit that criteria.

“I think so,” he said. “I think I have plenty of players that are world class. You have to understand the definition of that but overall he is a striker who is mobile and works hard for the team.

“When the team plays well he can score goals.”

See highlights from today, goal clips and more on the Arseblog video page

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Great news. Cohesion helped him a few times.


“If I were Wenger, I’d leave Ozil on the bench, as I don’t think he is
playing to the required level at the minute.”

On a muppet scale of 1 to Michael Owen who said this words.

Gab's Scratch Mark

I would’ve thrown the scale at him.

Die Hard Gooner

I am really starting to believe he is being paid to bad mouth ozil. real shit pundit.

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Michael Owen shags horses


I heard he was shagged by a horse when he was little. In the brain. That’s why he is the way he is today. It’s actually very tragic.


Is there a forward better at winning the ball back than this guy? An absolute terrier running and harassing players all over the pitch!


That move he does, where he dribbles and dribbles, then quickly shifts the ball out with the outside of his foot completely breaking his defenders’ ankles

I like dat move

Goone's Farm

Any other moves you like, Penis?

Tom Thumb

It’s called the alexis ankle breaker shuffle


Alexis Sanchez baby
Alexis Sanchez fuckin Wooooaaaaaa

Danger Mouse

On fire today. So, after an average enough first few games of the season we sit just a couple of points off the top and the team looking like its finding its form. This is nice. A real tilt at the title is there to be had. Bring it fucking on.

Gab's Scratch Mark

Bout time we see more positives than negatives in our play. Hope to see every single player kick on, not just Alexis.


Sanchezzz my captain in FPL 😀

City and Chelsea drop points. Good day


hate you


Great day indeed. Wake early downunder to watch Arsenal demolish Leicester, then check out the other results……. We’re well in it this year Gooners just taking a bit of time to click.

Merlin's Panini

Yeah, mine too! 40 points! Oof. Wish I had triple captained him now.


That felt good


Better than Hazard.

Alexis Sanchezzzz

He is better than Hazard!

David C

I still think AS deserved the award last year over Hazard. Chelsea were well lucky to get a point yesterday.


Someone just found a place for-1 on a scale of 1 to 10 …the one whose name cannot be spoken..



A̶R̶i̶d̶d̶l̶i̶n̶g̶N̶a̶m̶e̶ Ceched Out

I think Mourinho’s even worse.

daniel mwonga

Big up arsenal today, Mr.Sanchez keep the fire burning.

The Special Cunt

No, it’s Voldemour


Alexis and the lads showed pundits and Moureen classy attacking football at it’s best. Moureen struggled with his boring team against Newcastle. It’s a battle between a gentleman with a clear vision who wants his team to play beautiful football and a whining twat that demands that his team plays dirty and boring if that’s what it takes to win.


Was i the only one or who else saw the relegation battle between the mike dean assisted eleven and newcastle?


May have pointed out elsewhere, but I saw this was the first hat trick of the season by a player in Enlgand, Spain or Italy. Hopefully another one on Sunday.


Didn’t Naismith score a hat trick for Everton the other week against those chavs?


I think perhaps Alexis is the first player ever to have scored hat-tricks in Italy, Spain and England.

Merlin's Panini

That would make more sense.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Today, I feel we are serious title contenders.


I agree. I know we should not get carried away with one win but Chelsea are poor (how funny if they really did get into a relegation struggle?), man city look like their inconsistent norm and man Utd are simply not going to keep their form all year. This year the title is up for grabs so why not us??


Brilliant performance today. Mind you someone was mentioning Leicester and invinsible in the same sentence just few days ago, no more. Could be a great weekend still Newcastle should win that and shut that twat up a bit. He is clearly obsessed with Wenger. Also bloody shirty! They made the spuds look like a great team. They should draw that game they didn’t. So not a perfect weekend, therefore Wengerout.


Dat leap.


So far this season, Alexis 3 goals, Hazard none. Anyone has anymore doubts who the best player in the league is?


Aguero (when fit)

David C

Not going to lie, but I would love Aguero on our team. Imagine a frontline of Sanchez, Aguero, Walcott/Ox. I’d have trouble keeping up watching on the tele.

City looked bizarre yesterday against Spuds. Not sure why they rested Joe Hart, but I thank them for it!


If we can keep him fit I have a feeling this could be our season


Fabregas > ozil

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Ozil > My wife.


they said….

Die Hard Gooner

Michael Owen the cunt just says stupid shit like “bench Ozil” like a person who has never played before. fuck you watch the game. 3 assists and counting even with our strikers low conversion rate. cunt.


Maureen to be sacked next


Wenger in!


Alexis. This guy. You cannot get mad at him. He may play below his standards but can also score at ANY time.


sachez is awesome. keep the goals coming.. and a big cheer for leister for playing football the way it should be played, not like some relegation threatned team of cheaters with a c**t maneger..


Sanchez played very guys. Bit we need these kind of performances against bigger sides like manure next week and manshity when we play them. Ozil is playing well but there are some pundits who like to put pressure on our stars for no apparent reason. Let prove our worthy


Can we ban defending and just have games like that every week

Diehard gunner

Alexis is so on fire, just wish every of our player gets his attitude and commitment, we will cruise to Finals.

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