Saturday, November 27, 2021

Arsenal 2-0 Bayern Munich – player ratings

Well, we don’t know about the rest of you but that was very disappointing.

Should have been 3 or 4-0 really, suppose we could settle for 2-0 though! Brilliant stuff from all the men in red and white, here’s how the players rated.

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Oh Robin!

Ozil was so invisible that even Neuer couldn’t see him coming!


Cech mate


I have given everyone 10. Can’t help it. Am so happy.


I know how you feel! Today’s the first time I’ve ever given three 10s. I’d even give the referee a 10 tonight, best officiated CL match I’ve ever seen.

Danger Mouse

Speaking of tens, which cool cat entered a bookies this eve and put the princely sum of ten quid on the mighty gunners to win? This cat did. With my winnings ( thirty quid) I’m going to set up my pension fund, buy a car and have a short holiday in Barbados.

Lapo Gooners

with just 30 quids?


*1970s tweet

Chris P Fried

Errrr, you’re a mouse, not a cat

Tom Thumb

I think it’s safe to say we have the 2 best fullbacks in the prem league,nacho has been our most consistent player for months now and bellerins pace is scary,2 assists in 2 for hector

Third Plebeian

Have been thinking the same thing the last few weeks. Is there a better RB in England than Bellerin? A better LB than Monreal?

Bellerin is incredible. I can’t believe how quickly he’s matured in just a year. Insane.


I’m more stunned by how Nacho’s come on than anything else. It’s totally freakish… I remember when we signed him and I was just happy that he looked ‘solid’.


Remember when we had Andre Santos a few seasons ago yeah me either


Theres no need for me to add on how brilliant and amazing the performance was. Just so f-in elated that we proved all the critics wrong,and special note to Owen Hargreaves who were having man crush for every single bayern player on BT. Best Arsenal game I’ve watched since a long long while.

Lapo Gooners

the fatso santos.


Hey go easy on Andre Santos, gays.


A measure of just how good the pair are right now is that Debuchy and Gibbs aren’t getting a look in. Before his injuries Debuchy looked a brilliant replacement for Sagna last year, while Gibbsy was making a good case for England number 1.


I didn’t know Gibbs could play in goal too ?


I know . What a player . Debuchy has absolutely not a chance to get back in the team !!

Hector is outstanding

Arteta's hair

And center backs

Bould's Eyeliner

And best manager.

Best CDM, Best False 9 (fuck you hazard, not even close), and best Sanchez.

There are many Sanchezes. But this one is ours.


Extra thumb for the Kubrick reference


If Barca came to me (assuming i’m Arsenal) with £30m for Baellerin i will first wipe me bum with it before we can now talk. And that “talk” will be slaps to the chops with a kipper.

Fuck outta here!

Wenger's coat zipper

Still can’t stop laughing how maturely he told the asshole from La Marca to f**k off with the “returning to Barca one day” question…


I want an interviewer to mention that and for Hector to say he wishes to continue his streak of assists to get 3 in 3, 4 in 4, 5 in 5…


What a keeper we have in Cech. This is the reason a top class keeper is needed, he keeps you in these big games for you to go and score and win them.

Fair play to Giroud, he was magnificent when he came on, his hold up play was so, so good.

And Bellerin, that was a thing of beauty at the end.


Bellerin next on my shirt.

Cliff Bastin


Jack's Right Foot

Costa was absolutely terrifying for most of the game… The fact that we managed to stop him causing any real harm is mostly down to this kid. Then that surge at the end for the second goal…. What a game for him. And he’s only twenty.


Petr Cech, Hector Bellerin, Mesut Özil, all f*cking class.


Likes for everybody! Oh what a night!

Third Plebeian

Late December back in ’63!


When Bellerin chased a nothing ball to win a corner off Alaba…

Gary Baldy

Exactly that !

Wenger's coat zipper

I believe Owen Hargreaves commented that “he had no right to win the ball there” which was the only positive thing I heard him say about any of our players on the night, because of all the orgasms he was having for Bayern’s “elite”


Owen Hargreaves. I remember that name somehow but can’t pin down where. Must be some one hit wonder who played for some average teams living on their so called glorious pass


Then just before or just after that,he chased like crazy a couple times on defence, never a worry getting there. Then that crazy running to set up Ozil and all that in the last quarter of the game!

And the fucking commentators talked shit about how we’d get tired all game. Hahahaha fucking annoying commentary. Bayern looked like they tired more towards the end. Fitness on 100.


Hard to pick a MOTM. Cech or Bellerin I think.

Bellerin….man. What a player this kid is. He had absolutely no business keeping that ball in for a corner late on, and then that run at the end of the game to seal the points…awe-inspiring.

He got ripped to shreds in his first game against Bayern. This time he turned the tables on them completely. If that isn’t the mark of a top talent I don’t know what is.

That revenge must be very sweet indeed.

A̶R̶i̶d̶d̶l̶i̶n̶g̶N̶a̶m̶e̶ Ceched Out

Bellerin never played against Bayern Munich before though. I think you’ve got them confused with Dortmund.


Are you sure?

Maybe you’re right, maybe it was Dortmund.


Yeah group stage last season Dortmund punished him but he has matured quite well since then


I think Bellerin spoke about how Wenger took him out of that game at HT and not let his confidence die. Wenger Knows.

Walcott's left footed curl

Yep, check out Gary Nevilles analysis on Bellerins development, he begins with that Dortmund game

The Playmaker



To be fair, Costa was abusing Bellerin a bit in the beginning. Then Bellerin must have figured him out.


Brilliant win! All the players worked their socks off tonight. It was great to see Giroud not only score again after coming on but hold the ball up so well for us. I wanted him to start tonight because I knew Walcott would be ineffective against Boateng but we won anyway and that’s what matters. Bellerin is an unbelievable player. Its incredible how creative he is up front and also solid at the back for a player of his age. We should give him a 10 year contract in case those bastards from Barcelona try to nick him from us… Read more »


even if we do win*

alan armstrong

Could not agree more now lets have some cosistancy for the rest of the season


Bad Zagreb, bad…
So its now 6 for the greeks, if we can get a point at germany thats…3+1=4, and greeks will probably beat zagreb = 9 , so its 9 to 4 or 3 (if we lose), must win at greeks by 2 goals, thats 9 to 7 or 6 and whack zagreb by 2 , so its 9 to 9 or 10. Either way it still boils down to the cruncher at Greece. Damm you Arse.


Wish Wenger JUST ONCE could do some tactics though. How rubbish he is, really.

And Monreal is shit too.

Pulse still at 93%.

Dan D

The most intelligent display from an Arsenal side for many a year.

Soaked up their pressure for the most part of each half then hit them on the counter, albeit with a different more long ball tactic 2nd period of 2nd half.

Credit them all but credit Giroud too. A couple of examples of top class centre forward play there.

Boom!!! Whatever happens in Europe, we’re going to win the league!


The best thing Fabregas ever did for Arsenal was to f*ck off so we could get Bellerin as part of the transfer.


We got Bellerin a few years before Cesc left. Hector joined us when he was 15 – in 2009 or 2010, I think.


No, Hector joined in 2011 along with Jon Toral. Ivan Gazidis later confirmed that these arrivals were part of the Cesc deal (unlike Cesc himself– Barca kept whining that we’d “poached” him).


And if I remember rightly, Toral had an English mother and he was hyped up even more than Bellerin.. So anyone know what is up with him when Hector is already in the starting XI?


Toral’s been doing alright on loan, has got 2 goals in 8 appearances for Birmingham this season. I saw him for Brentford once last year – unfortunately this happened: – but he also scored a hattrick against Blackpool.

To be fair to him, we were a lot more desperate for defenders than for midfielders last season, which meant that Bellerin was thrown in at the deep end. I don’t think they were *planning* to play him that often that early. Turned out so much better than anyone could have expected!


This Toral, you remember , is your player. Go easy on him

New Haven Gooner

Hector Bellerin is twenty years old. TWENTY!

Arteta's hair

This is without a doubt the best group of players we have had in this club for years AND I FUCKING LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM


Bellerin is out of this world.


What is up with Kos and Star Wars references?!


I think the bonus rating explains it. His use of the force to keep lewandowski from shooting was classic Luke

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.

The Force is strong in this one.


Good catch on Ox’s miss on the rebound at the end of the match. What if the score was 0-0 and the goal line official did the usual Sgt. Schultz “I zee nuzzing” on Ozil’s shot? The Ox would never have lived that one down.

Me So Hornsey

I was yelling so loudly at the screen that I didn’t even realise the goal had been given at first and just saw him on the ground smiling. This made me even angrier and call him even more sweary names. Sorry Ox, I take it back.

Wenger's coat zipper

Same here…


Sort the season averages out blogs!
P.S. We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen

Gary Baldy

They are that low because of Olympiakos . . . you can’t massage them just because they look out of place !


Never would have thought we’d have two such close calls for goals needing the 5th official to make the call in the last two CL matches, one against and one for us, both the right calls. Overall worked very hard defensively, but as often happens when a team that has so much possession loses it Bayern was in great position to immediately press us to win the ball back and boy did they a number of times. Lost track of the number of times we had players deep with the ball with nobody open to pass to. I wish we… Read more »


Bellerin is the only player with a season average rating of 7… Is he really the player of season so far for us? Amazing


And Sanchez 5, lower than most.


I keep dreading that some time soon, Bellerin is going to be called up to play in a higher league somewhere else in the galaxy. He’s that good.

Mate Kiddleton

It’s all good, he’s mentioned more than a few times he loves it here and isn’t going anywhere

Fatboy Gooner


Just like Sissy… ?…I mean Cese,
He will want to return back to Barcelona,
When they come knocking for him.

Wenger's coat zipper

Actually he very diplomatically told the bastard from La Marca to f*ck off with the “will you go back to Barcelona one day” question…


There is no higher league than The Arsenal”
…by far, the greatest team, the world has ever seen….

George the Gooner

What a game of football that was. Breath taking. Emirates was rocking tonight.

Mate Kiddleton

Up there with the Barca win for me


Oops. Fat fingers for the down vote. Apologies.


This is the problem watching on TV (actually, a dodgy internet stream) – all I could hear were Bayern fans. Arsenal fans only became audible after Giroud’s opener.


That’s becuase the Bayern fans made made a huge amount of noise and the rest of the stadium was silent most of the time (at least it seemed that way – we were sat directly above them). They had two people with loudhailers conducting the singing, plus a huge drum. They really made their point about the difference in atmosphere before and after they came into the stadium.

One song with only 4 words went on for about 5 minutes
A goal, A goal, FC Bayern score a goal, A goal, a goal, FC Bayern score a goal…..


The Bayern fans were incredible, all jumping up and down in unison singing songs to the same tunes as a lot of the English chants. We are in the upper tier just across the pitch from them and they got a round of applause from us at one point. Think we need more choir practice!!

Man Manny

11 gladiators on the field; no weak link whatsoever. No Gallas, Eboue, Sylvestre etc who will undo all the good work with one moment of madness.


eboue was grand in the win that mate^^ is referring too


You forgot a recent one among them: the one who is now a Roman..


Have to salute Girouds beard.

It is a thing of beauty. 10/10


Love the way Nacho kept Muller outta the game


HAHAHA – yeah, well into the second half before I realized Müller was playing. He was probably wishing he could have gone over to the left to have a go at Belle … Oh, wait, that wouldn’t have worked either. Brilliant defensive work. 🙂

Wenger in and out

Ok is it just me or has the season average remained the same even with the 10 score you gave all of them after the Manchester game. I must have forgotten my maths. Another Costa fool tried it with my Bellerin but the boy is faster than a speeding bullet. Ozil: world class Giroud: haters gonna hate. Ramsey: get well soon Chamberlain. Make use of this opportunity. Walcott: some days are like that, good game though. Sanchez: still amazing to watch. Cech. Motm Bayern fans: I stand with you on the 65 for a ticket. Rest of the team: keep… Read more »


Just one addendum:

To Walcott: Stop giving keepers training practice with really tame shots. Third match in a row he has done that..

Danger Mouse

That photo of Wenger with his big happy head makes me feel all happy.


Barca will be like this calling for hector.

non-flying dutcman

obi-wan Koscielny

non-flying dutcman

Mates with CPTheo


and that giant mertebacca wookie


Was thinking Cechbacca myself, but anyway,
Let’s not forget yOzda.

Wenger's coat zipper

All that while princess Mouleia is continuing her whining


seriously. what’s up with the star wars references.

gooner balls

towards the end when lewandowski did some magic and turned koscielny, kos was just like “no, you don’t want to shoot”, lewandowski didnt want to shoot.

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

I think it was “this is not the goal you are looking for.” So he didn’t shoot.


Sooner or later BM’s winning run had to stop.I believe Arsenal are indebted to Cech.
Had he played in the previous 2 games,Arsenal could have been better off.The dangerous BM strikers,Muller and the Polish guy ,were denied time and space.
Everton will be fired up after being well beaten and could resort to a physical game to contain the gunners.It’s up to the ref to impose his authority. There were no dangerous tackles in the BM game but the in the epl a robust tackle is part of the game.
Btw,BN had more possession but still lost.

arsenal fan

Nacho nacho man. I’m gonna be a nacho man.

Hot dogs hot dogs. Come get your hot dogs.


The arsenal jersey that i owned are usually with strikers or midfield name on its back, (Henry, Overmars, Pires, Vieira, Wilshere, Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez)
I think it’s time to add a defender name to my collection
And @ Cech @ will follow soon

Last arse standing

What a fantastic day. Gonna have a great night sleep. I don’t wanna be a party pooper here but I have the feeling that Barca is already looking to replace Dani Alvez. Who would be the obvious replacement? It ain’t Debuchy for sure….
I have a man crush for that Lil speedy Gonzales mofo. Wenger do NOT, I repeat, do NOT sell him my Bello. I don’t care about this stupid theory which says that at a certain price you have to sell. #Do Not sell Bello.

Hatem Trabelsi

For those whose football brains only span as far as the Premier League – Barca signed Alex Vidal in the summer who is eligible to play from January. He’s young quick and spanish.. so all of these “I’m worried Barca are going to be after him soon” are wrong as they’ve got a like for like Alves replacement. That is all.

Hatem Trabelsi

Well I say young he’s actually 26.. but still they’ll have him for 5-6 years at least.


That is, apart from the Brazilian Douglas they signed an year back.. But he looks like he won’t make it..


I don’t care who is in your team. Any manager would want Bellerin. He is consistently excelllent and tonight was just more of the same, an exceptional talent


We beat the best team in the world. That must mean that we’re now the best team in the world!

Lone Star Gunner

Late to the party as I had to DVR this one and watch it late in the US Central Time Zone. Four things for me: 1) Definitely one of those games where Cech wins us 3 points. 2) Hector Bellerin: speed kills (as does commitment and rapidly improving technique and awesome hair) – a star, period. 3) Nacho: targeted by – and completely stone cold denied – the best attack in Europe at the moment. Brilliant. 4) The only possible way for us to get the win tonight was for every single player to be fully switched on for 90… Read more »


Fuck everything else in this world, today we live in the moment. It’s been a while since we have looked so solid and so super effective in counter and precision. We got players on jet skis! I am already dreaming about future of this team and they have given us chance to believe. COYG!!!


Best game ever. For all of Owen hargreaves’s masturbating over them they were pretty toothless. We were the more dangerous, Theo was awesome but really should have bagged a couple in the first half.


I got the shivers when Giroud brought down that long kick of Cech’s and the crowd erupted. What a team effort that was. A famous win.

Lapo Gooners

Great result.

Everton is next. Go beat the shit out of them boys.

Yusrin Faiz

still can’t stop smiling, great team performance!

Nam Tsao

I thought Walcott was poor tonight. A nervous display and Bayern weren’t threatended by him at all. The four shots he got off were easily dealt with the 46% of his passes which met opposition feet helped keep us under pressure. Consistenly made the wrong decisions in the box (tame shot or easy lay off = tame shot and difficult cut back versus shot at goal = difficult cut back) he was infuriating and never looked dangerous. Like a toothless sheep trying to maul a rottweiler… you just thought “aw bless”. Had we lost and he had still gave the… Read more »


I have to agree on Theo. Obviously a fecking magnificent win, Monreal, Cech, Koscielny all standouts for me, but Walcott was, quite frankly, rubbish. Now I’m OK with that to a point, it happens, but he was lazy too which, as far as I’m concerned, is not good enough by half. Games like that make me feel a bit annoyed at how much stick Giroud gets also. BUT, oh well, we fucking did it!!!!


Lewandowski turn on Koscienly was 10/10 then went all Gervinho with his execution.

Muller still trying to find his way out of Monreals pocket.


I think Muller must be a quantum physicist of the highest order, as he managed to be simultaneously in both Koscielny’s and Monreal’s back pockets for ninety minutes.

little gretel

Someone might have mentioned this but I really enjoyed Giroud’s foul in their box that got him a yellow. Ace cynicism!

Franny Jeffers

I especially liked that he went to argue with the ref, but then you could tell he had a flashback to the Zagreb game where he was booked for dissent and sent off.. so he quickly sprinted away to the wing.


So generous ratings!!!! 🙂
I am wondering why the hell Moreal’s rating all the season is so low?

The 49ners

Had forgotten Muller was playing..bu not on the pitch..he was in Nacho’s pocket..great team..great game…I told y’all..we a gonna make a special beer for serve it to them sour..COYG

Darth Vader

You got my name wrong. I find your lack of faith disturbing.


I am really releived and happy on how the match. Giroud came on and his physical presence was shown. I was happy at 1-0 but özil capped it off at 2-0. Go gunners

Hoyte's Neck

First time in ages that our subs have come on and really changed a game. Giroud’s hold up play was delightful to watch. The Ox seems to play well against the best teams.. it’s like he plays with fire in his belly with a point to prove, where as vs the smaller teams he lacks the confidence to enforce his quality over lesser opposition. Lucky he got away with the miss though. My living room went silent with my head in my hands!! next thing I knew I looked up and Ozil was sliding on his knee’s and I went… Read more »

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