Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Arsenal fined and warned by the FA

Following the game at Stamford Bridge last month which saw Gabriel shown a red card, then have that red card rescinded, then get banned for improper conduct, the FA have announced that they have fined the club for breach of conduct rules.

In a statement on their website, they say:

Following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing, Chelsea and Arsenal have been fined £40,000 and £30,000 respectively and warned as to their future conduct after both clubs admitted a breach of FA Rule E20.

The charge was for failing to ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion from the 44th to the 47th minute of the game at Stamford Bridge on 19 September 2015.

The Independent Regulatory Commission considered the previous disciplinary records of both clubs in reaching its decision on sanction.

So there.

Or something.


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Tom Thumb

Send the bill to that cunt costa to pay,and if he doesn’t,we’ll send flamster around to his house to kick his teeth in.


Not Flamster. Gabriel will be perfect for that.


Flamster I say. He killed the sp*rs, time for some chelskes. 😉


What do we think of the FA?


Still shit!




That awkward moment when A comment saying tots get so much likes..


Money well spent to let the Premiership teams know that Gab doesn’t take any sh1t!

Nam Tsao

Dean should have been fined too. Proper conduct from the official could have avoided everything. Vigilantism stems from the lawmakers failing to act or act properly. When there’s a sense of injustice, you will have problems with order. Dean was ultimately responsible for things getting out of hand and should receive a fine equivalent to to a sum of fines received by all parties (clubs and players).

An Ox-sized Coq

Mike Dean getting fined or suspended…we can dream, can’t we?


Good sir,
May i complement you on your delightfully witty name. It is a rather jolly play on words which i appreciate. I doth my cap sir


Can they fine him the three points that we lost due to his decision?

Coq's 3rd leg

The 70 grand will be used to send him on a training course, a new pair of glasses and a course of hypnosis to remove his irrational fear of an Arsenal victory.


He should be forced to ref with a rubber turkey on his head.

The decisions will be fairer too.


Have we not got fined for giving shit harte line a wee little touch up yet?

Saffa Gooner

The FA should bring Nigel Owens in from rugby to teach football refs how to grow a pair and actually control the game without having to resort to cards


No, Dean should be sentenced to living in N17 for the rest of his days or until the end of the year. Whichever is longer.


*gasp* We’ve been… warned? Consider us properly told, there.


I know right. Warned about what? Shit refs and ugly planks?


They’re gonna give us the frowning of a lifetime!


The recurring trend is that Chelsea gets charged then Arsenal follows. The F.A are trying to appease Shitski with every decision against them.

Have they forgotten that Arsenal and its constitutents wouldn’t have a hand in any of the events that transpired had that vulture-headed cunt rightly sent off that dick in blue?


F.A: Yes we know we were wrong, sorry, but you were also wrong so pay us money because that’s unacceptable, yes Gabriel too pay us money. No of course we won’t blame Mike Dean for any of this, the only party that should suffer negative consequences are Costa, the guilty party, and Arsenal, the victims of happless officiating.

Did I miss anything?


Yes you did. The FA still backs Platini for FIFA president in spite of the latest allegations having lead to his suspension. Their credibility just keeps on growing.


So i come up to you on the street and slap you in the face for nothing, i then push you to the ground and your friend comes to break it up with a degree of discipline not to lower himself to my level. I scratch his neck while chests are puffed and more people of the public come in-between us . A policeman saw the whole thing and they know exactly how the confrontation started….I push the man to the ground. He told me to leave the situation, so i apologise by slapping your friend on the chest as… Read more »


It’s a bit mental

A Xerioz Gunner

Well am not the most learned out there but this is the little i seem to have gleaned about the FA: The FA is a court of law where the accused gets jail time (sometimes) and the plantiff gets fined for being a victim and disturbing the court….. FA are just Corporate Tottenham


Bunch of suit wearing crooks looking for a payday


Well the FA need money to pay for Wembley some how

Andy Mack

And the st georges training facility.


The FA is the home of Orwellian Newspeak and all around insanity. How the aggrieved party can be made to pay for wrongdoing after the governing body admitting they’ve made a mistake… only at the FA


And Bob’s your uncle!


Why doesn’t the headline say “Chelsea and Arsenal fined” especially as Chelsea, rightly so, received the larger fine? Bad enough the press has a fine old time bashing Arsenal for everything we do, without Arseblog adding to it!


Chelsea getting fined for being a bunch of twats isn’t newsworthy.


In some ways it is because it doesn’t happen often enough.


This, from people bleating about injustice from Septic “highest bidder” Blatter. The greed has so blinded them to the meaning of the word;Victim. No wonder Moaninho continues to dare them as he knows it will only cost a few thousands to appease the old geezers. Pathetic

Andy Mack

The bottom line is that the FA is desperate for money, so they’ll take any and every opportunity to screw some money from any PL team.


i have nothing to say because idiot Mike dean is the problem we have for me he is one to pay the money,, fuck him to hell

good ol' 1 nil to Woolwich

completely off topic… “Theo-logy”. I loved that.
The FA keep embarrassing the game and they never feel this embarrassment. Why should they? I never heard shit ever felt embarrassed


sp*rs recently gave the legendary wayne gretzky a shirt with his name on it, but spelled it wrong. now theres some shit feeling pretty embarrassed.


£30,000!? Well that’s put an end to any potential transfers in January. Cant see Wenger spending a dime now that £30,000 has been struck off the balance sheet.


What did you expect?
FA stands for FA.
Sweet FA


And there was me thinking it stood for Fabulously Accurate. Every day is a school day.


Following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing, the PMGOL has been fined £700,000 and Mike Dean has been sacked, despite both parties’ having denied their complete and utter incompetence.

The charge was for failing to ensure that Mr. Dean controlled the match in an orderly fashion from the 44th to the 47th minute of the game at Stamford Bridge on 19 September 2015.

The Independent Regulatory Commission considered the previous bias against Arsenal of both the PMGOL in general and Mr. Dean in particular in reaching its decision on sanction.

We can dream, can’t we?


Nicely done sir


Now here is the logic
Gabriel gets a red card because the referee made a fuckup.
The FA then admits that the referee made a fuckup. They rescind the red card but punish The Arsenal anyway?
We find you NOT GUILTY on the charge, nonetheless, we sentence you to forty years in jail.



JUSTIFIABLY isn’t valid in the FAs eyes.

How did they come to 40k and 30k? what damage was done by what happened on the pitch? The FA and PL reputational damage? surely that is more tarnished by their mishandling of this case.

If we have to pay the fine – i would pay it in coppers after gabriel has wee’d on them. purposefully underpay them so they have to count it again.


I just hope the fine won’t bankrupt us. I mean 30 grand for the number 3 club of the PL. Fuck me that’s serious loot!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yeah, but in comparison, 40 grand for one of the PL’s sad bottom dwellers seems kind of… well… not nearly e-fucking nuff!!!


And still ignoring that if the referee had made the right decision we wouldn’t have been down 3 points and would be top of the league.


It just goes to show that common sense is not common!

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