Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Arsenal fined by FA over Chambers deal

Arsenal have been fined £60,000 and warned as to their future conduct after breaching The FA’s Football Agent Regulations.

The charge was in relation to the transfer of Calum Chambers from Southampton to Arsenal on 26 July 2014.

A statement on the FA website reads: “You were a bit naughty…we think. We’ll slap you with a fine. To be honest, we’re more concerned with getting on Jose Mourinho’s tits right now. Have you seen what a div he’s been recently? Jesus. Anyway, send us a cheque Arsene and we’ll draw a line under the matter. Toodles. ”

If you can be bothered a full explanation for the decision, along with details on why ‘authorised agent’ Alan Middleton ended up in ho water can be read here and here.

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Can’t we argue that he has Arsenal DNA given he once visited London as a child? It works for Barca.

Nasri's missing chinbone

Personal opinion is that all fines money collected by the FA should be allocated out to grass roots clubs at the end of every season.


We were naïve and possibly a bit weak.

But still worth it to get Calum.


Where we went wrong was by not getting one of the Arsenal players in the England squad to force an Arsenal shirt over his head during one of the international breaks..

Mr Media

Mourinho. Hahahahahhaha. Been a great week.

Andre Santos' love handles

Read through it and it seems like we dealt with an “agent” that turned out not to be licenced and we didn’t do the requisite checks on him. Doesn’t seem anything underhand, just poor process.


Ho water? Can be found on your local street corners or in Patrick Bateman’s apartment on West 81st Street.

Rip Van's Winkel

Maybe it’s street slang for holy water supplied by nuns.


10 thousand quid more than mourinhos fine for having a dig at the refs. Although extremely humerous, still shows you the FA havent a clue.


Did you see the bit in the transcript regarding the contract negotiations. Calum was said to be prepared to “play for a Mars bar” to join the club. Love it!


They also follow-up with the great line; “The figure that PE had given RL the
previous day would buy an extremely large quantity of confectionary.”

Le Jim

Had a quick scan of it. Basically appears that Arsenal were working predominantly with some lad called Alan Middleton, and some other lad who I forgot, called ‘PE’.

The PE lad wasn’t a legit agent or something and even though we didnt know it was misleading.

Some shit like that.




Cock Piss FA!

Bellerin is the Flash


Mesut Aussie

Ho water


So that’s another 60 grand of Arsenal’s dosh into the FA’s pocket. With the fine from the Chelsea debacle that should total 100.000 and the year isn’t out yet. What was the fine for Jack Wilshire?

Is this how the FA is funded, doling out fines to the clubs over various crap?


Nice little earner these fines. £60,000 for using an unlicensed agent. Not paying your BBC licence fee, £1000. Did someone get murdered during this process or something?

David C

What does the FA, an apparent non-profit, do with this money?

Perhaps they should use it to get more English-born coaches UEFA qualified. English national team will have to hire a foreign coach again once ‘Woy’ is done. Although Sherwood and Redknapp are now available, haha.


Line Blatter’s and Platini’s pockets?

Me So Hornsey

Speaking of winding up Mourinho, how satisfying it is to see the little stone that Wenger threw after the Mike Dean fiasco, (ie impeaching the FA to ban Costa knowing said ban would seriously weaken any imminent Chelsea recovery), keep rolling and turning steadily into an ever growing snowball of pain and turmoil for the jumped up twat. Here’s hoping it eventually turns into an avalanche that buries Mourinho, Terry, Ramires, Ivanovich, Ashley Cole (yes I do hold grudges) and Costa and that there are no St.Bernard rescue dogs in the vicinity and even if there are, that those dogs,… Read more »


Ooh, so FA meant “Footballing Agent”. Can’t figure out how I missed this for so long.


Hang on, maybe I’m reading that decision paper wrong. From Section 4.1 (c) of the sanctions doc – “We were also told that Cassius will not receive any further agency fees over and above the £150,000 that it has already received from the Club, but where the balance of the £480,000 will go was not explained.” It seems as that although we’ve been fined £60k, because the Cassius Sports company was knowingly using an unlicensed person, we no longer have to pay them the remaining £480k of their fee. If that’s the case, smart move… this hasn’t cost us £60k,… Read more »


Edit… it’s actually saved us £270k (£480k fee – £150k paid – £60k fine = £270 left unpaid)


The FA have been busy today – they’ve just charged Moronho with improper conduct for trying to get into the referee’s dressing room during the match against West Ham. And, he’s also been asked to explain why he didn’t fulfill his media obligations after that match. This is on top of the 25K fine Chel$ki have to pay for having more than five bookings in the match, and Moronho’s getting sent off at half time. The charge for not speaking to the media and the sending off itself, while they may involve sanctions of some kind, are considered separate actions… Read more »


Not in the slightest. My advice, always keep your best bottle of Schadenfreude in the fridge for special occasions concerning the Special One.

My stock is running low and if things carry on like this I’ll need to top up soon.


But Sotons our feeder club.

Hope Chambers starts CBack and has a good showing

He desperately needs to play.

If it does not work out for him at Cback, he may still be reverted back to his natural position at RBack should Debuchy move and we prefer a more ‘natural’ option at Cback

Early days yet and we should wait to see if Chambers can fulfill Wenger’s latest positional evolution of a player (in mold of success of Henry Toure Walcott Arteta Santi.)

Merlin's Panini

I’d totally forgotten about this but the fine isn’t so bad as I had originally feared. No doubt Mourinho will be moaning about this – how his club were given a transfer ban for the Gael Kakuta transfer etc.


so remind me again how much did chelski get fined when they stole Ashley cole from us


That’s a news item?! Couldn’t you have at least summarised the issue behind the charge? Otherwise not much point bothering with the post at all.

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