Saturday, November 27, 2021

Boss wants more of the same from Ozil

After scoring one and making one in the 3-0 megafisting of Man Utd a couple of weeks back, Arsene Wenger has said that is the kind of contribution he expects from Mesut Ozil in the big games.

The Gunners travel to Watford this weekend, and the Arsenal manager is hoping his record signing can kick on from the performance against Louis van Gaal’s side.

“You want Mesut to score as well in a big game and he did that against Man United,” he said. “When you are an offensive player that is an important part of it. I believe there are goals in him and in that game he has shown it.

“You have to show that you can come into every game with that focus.”

It was the German’s first goal of the season, and it comes after Wenger challenged him before the season began to score more often.

Speaking about his role as the de facto number 10 back in August, he said, “I want more goals from him because he plays in that position and he is a good finisher, but he does not take enough chances when he is in the position when he can finish.

“He is conscious of it and he wants to do it now, so I am confident of that. I believe he is in positions where he can finish better and we want from him 10 goals per season.”

One down, nine to go. But feel free to go beyond that if you like, mate. We’re cool with that.

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We are so lucky to have him in our team. With all the talk about new contracts for Alexis and Nacho, I would like there to be one for him as well!


He doesn’t need to score goals to be a great player. He already is one. But it’d be a shame if he doesn’t score more because his ability to find space in the final 1/3 is remarkable. Best since Van Persie in that respect.


Love Mesut, so lucky to have somebody of his ability in our team, lock him and Alexis down with long term contracts ASAP!!!!


I think Ozil is the Arsenal player who runs the most in games, maybe second to Ramsey. Despite his ‘lay back’ style of play his commitment to the team during games is second to none.

Yorkshire gunner

Don’t mean to pick hairs here lad but technically it’s bellerin that holds the 2nd place


Happy birthday to Mesut!


Hi guys,

Does anybody know the meaning of the gesture that Mesut did after scoring the goal vs manure? It’s on the pic above.


Yeah, it’s an ‘M’. He does it as a dedication to his niece Mira, who was born almost a year ago I believe.

the only sam is nelson

it’s sign language for “hahahaha the glazerhawks are shite and their fans are like those claggy things that hang off a sheep’s arse!”

at least, that’s what i heard


Dags – claggy things that hang off a sheep’s arse.


I wouldn’t have admitted to knowing that.


Guys u’re hilarious… Think both explanations are spot on :))


Was that what Micky and his mum were really asking Tommy about?

“Do ya like Dags?”


two in the pink, one in the stink

Hoosier Gunner

It’s a shocker, of course.


Happy birthday to our wizard!

Man Manny

We are beginning to have a front three tailor-made for Ozil. In madrid, he had Dimaria, Benzema and Ronaldo to feed; the drop in class was undeniable. Now he has Alexis, Walcott and Ramsey – not bad. I believe that in the new year, Welbeck will replace Ramsey on the right and that front three – WAW – will feast on the best throw passes in Europe from Ozil.
Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey form a formidable support cast for Mesut.

bims lay

It’s a question of mindset. i think. Ozil is a very selfless player who is content to be a provider…and in form, he is arguably the best provider in Europe, and one of the best, in the world. We see him thread killer passes for others to score, sometimes within the 18 yard box. . So he already makes the penetrating runs required to score, its only a question of directing some of his efforts on target rather than towards team mates….in other words, be more selfish around the 18 yard box, and take more shots on himself. Ozil with… Read more »


I also think that being more of a goalthreath would add another dimension to his game where defenders would have to worry about. And in focussing more on stopping him scoring he might get more room for creating. It would add to his unpredictability which would make him even a better player.

Si in Galway

A number 10 who chips in with sexy goals?
Why on earth not?

Dick Swiveller

If he does it consistently, we’re not just talking about one of the best no. 10s in the world, but one of the best players in the world.

The 49ners

Our classy number 10


Happy B/Day Mesut!go on to higher heights wit Arsenal! Up Gunners!


When the team is playing well Ozil is fantastic

It’s when the team isn’t playing well that us the problem. Ozil needs to step up and be able to pull the team forward when so

He’s beginning also to show an appetite for goals which will be very important being that he ocuppies the slot behind the main striker

He’s already a formidable player but the scary thing is he can get even better and has yet to hit his peak years.

good ol' 1 nil to Woolwich

I long for a season where Mesut’s stats with Arsenal will read: Assists 45, Goals 23
Ah! What a dream…


Ozil is overated, because Wenger, Loew and people from real Madrid doesn’t have a clue what football is. He is lazy because he makes others score goals instead of doing it himself. He is average because BBC and Sky pundits think so and they are experts (except for tiping liverpool to be champion in 2014 and citeh, last season, Sunderland to be relegated also the chavs to beat Southampton last time and so on… nobody is perfect). He doesn’t run all over the pitch like James milner (some will call this headless chicken) but we love him regardless. AFAIK the… Read more »


I hope he scores all 9 against Bayern..Then we
can have a new target..


Cmon mesut keep it up mate all us real gooners love ya ignore those picture based tabloids and small talk just for mates fans we know how good he will be this season the 15/16 Robert pires c’mon son

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