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Joel Campbell: I’m always thinking about scoring

As one of our only attacking back-up players at the moment, it’d be good for us if Joel Campbell could find the target while away on international duty.

However, it’s been 18 games since the Arsenal man notched a goal for his country, and in 44 appearances since netting against Uruguay in the World Cup he’s got just one goal to his name – a close range effort for Villarreal during his loan spell there last season.

Quizzed by local journalists during the international break as to whether he saw himself as a goalscorer or a creative outlet, he said, “I think I’m both. I know it’s been many games with scoring, but this doesn’t put pressure on me, although obviously I’m always thinking about scoring.

“Although I’m not in my best form, I always give 100% on the pitch. I always try to give assists, to help my teammates and to fight for every ball.”

He admits to going through a low point his career, but says some days go for you, some days don’t. In the absence of Danny Welbeck, Campbell will remain part of the squad, but it unless he can make something of the admittedly occasional chances he’s given, he’s like to find himself further on the fringes when the England man returns.

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Tom Thumb

Hopefully he can get himself into the first team for a few games and be this seasons coquelin/bellerin,showed signs of his class at times,but needs to take first team starts by the scruff of the neck and show the manager his talent and that he wants to fight for his place.


Bellerin has always performed for us with exception of his first few first team games where he really was thrown in at the deep end.

Coquelin was a great utility player for the u21s but there were a few doubts over his passing and not a clear path to the first team so he was shipped off on loan and then as is often the case with loans he was sat on the bench. Although it took him a lot of luck with injuries to break through he’s never been downright bad.

Can’t say the same for Campbell unfortunately.


He played striker for a serious underdog and got costa rica further than anyone thought they could go in the world cup. He’s clearly not “downright bad”, contrary to your assertion. He just needs some games.


Get a goal while you can Joel!!!

wenger's brother in law

Go when you still can bro campbell


Fuck I forgot about Welbeck…!?! :/


Don’t think…just score for crying out loud. ..


let’s hope he can do a Coquelin

Man Manny

I don’t think he has a future here with boys like Serge Gnabry, Iwobi et al panting for an opportunity.


Gabriel looks like he’s spitting some hot bars and Campbell’s getting over gassed,

Me So Hornsey

I like his endeavour. Always looks like he’s putting in everything even though he still looks as raw as an uncooked egg.


In the case of Campbell i think he has all the skills to be an arsenal player, however he has not recovered his confidence after the world cup and i fear if he does not show some gut busting skills in his brief cameos in some games, he will be dropping further in the pecking order. My first view of Campbell showed a skillful young man who wanted to take on the world, at present, i think he has loss that hunger and has become complacent and has some what withdrawn in a shell. He needs to re-awaken that hunger… Read more »

Chris O.

There’s always a place in the squad for a guy who can stuff the ball into the net. I fear for him his time to demonstrate this is short though. He’s far less versatile than Welbs is, and I still doubt his talent at the top level.

So far he seems like a slightly harder-working Podolski who doesn’t score as often, which doesn’t bode well for him.

Cliff Bastin

Maybe he means in bed.


Most people were wrong about Coquelin. “Get out while you can” was the cry. Most people were wrong about Bellerin. Jenkinson was the cry. Most people were wrong about Walcott. Can’t play CF they said. So whilst it may be likely that Campbell may not make the grade, these people should really stop being so pompous with their pronouncements because they frankly have little idea what they are talking about. He’s 23yrs like Ramsey, Walcott, Coquelin , Jack, Ox, and Welbeck. Its a big year for him and he will have to translate potential into capability or be forced out.… Read more »


Which one is better? Podolski who was perceive to be a stream-roller on the field,but can score 3 out of 5 chance created for him,or hardworking Campbell who can’t score?

He doesn’t have future here! Poldi was sold for lack of all-round shift in a match despite his impressive conversion rate and some fans think Campbell would be afforded some patience? He should move somewhere where he can play,he will still go down the pecking order if Welbeck returns.


be that as it may, Poldi surely was more expensive on the payroll, hence him being sold. also, the age factor played a role. It’s not as disruptive keeping Joel another year on the bench as having a smiling Poldi earning shit loads on the bench. Not saying its right, that’s just way it is …
things will never be the same.


This guys scored more point(1 goal two assist) in the WC than the entire English team. With Olimpiacos he was just a pest against ManU. Don’t get it twisted, this kid can play. He just needs to figure out a way to get on the first team long enough to blend in.


Good question.


Arsenal first JC second. Keep him as cover for the season as Arse injury curse could rear it’s ugly head at any time this season. He might not play much but that’s what cover does. Get rid of next season if he’s unhappy.

The Nigerian

oh my Campbell. I just wish he makes it here. we went through a lot to make him play for us.


Joel Campbell needs to be given a proper, meaningful run in the first team, and to have the full confidence & trust of Arsene. He has the skill set to play anywhere across the forward line, and there is no reason why he shouldn’t be given the same opportunity as Walcott is currently enjoying to play as a central striker for the Arsenal. All he needs are opportunities to play full games, without fear that he is going to be subbed after 65-70 minutes. Campbell cannot develop and advance as an Arsenal player unless Arsene gives him the meaningful opportunities… Read more »

ZA Gunner

We’re out there to win titles not to be a finishing school. I hope Joel makes it, but to do so he’s gonna have to take the opportunities when they come, and to be brutally honest he really hasn’t looked like much when he has made it onto the pitch.

He will also have to contend with competition from Welbeck, Gnabry, Iwobi and #TheJeff. Hard to see him making the grade.

easy tiger

Me too, but it never happens!!

Anthony Akers

I DONT THINK Campbell Will ever make it at Arsenal He is just not good enough He is not a goalmaker he is not a goalscorer in fact I don’t think he a good footballer well sorry maybe he could get a game for a sunday morning team but that is about his limit what Country does he play for I think I could play for them And I am 82 well I have seen them play and feel sure I could play for them sorry Joel but think you go at the end of the season

True Red

He plays for Costa Rica my friend. They got further in the World Cup last year than England did.

If you’re going to insult the man, at least know a tiny bit about him. Or indeed anything.


Was there no point in the last 82 years where you sat down and learnt how to structure a sentence?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Maybe his schooling was disrupted by the war. There’s nothing worse for sentence structuring than being evacuated to live with total strangers in Wales or Scotland for three or four years.


Why have a dig at him because he has a different opinion to yours??

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