Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Ramsey & Ospina out until late November

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Aaron Ramsey and David Ospina will both be sidelined until after the next international break.

The Welsh midfielder picked up a hamstring problem in Tuesday night’s win over Bayern Munich and looks set for a month out.

“Ramsey had a scan today but he’s out,” Wenger told Arsenal Player on Thursday.

“I believe he will be out until after the next international break. With the [last] international break, the fact that he played against Andorra [on an artificial pitch] certainly cost Bale and him as well.”

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looks the most likely candidate to fill in on the right with Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky unavailable until early 2016.

All going to plan Ramsey should be available for the trip to West Brom on 21 November; he’ll miss four games including the trip to Munich and the North London derby.

Wenger also touched on the absence of David Ospina revealing, “He is out for our next game and certainly until the next international break.”

We’re not yet sure of the specifics of Ospina’s injury, only that he appears to have picked it up while on international duty with Colombia. With Emi Martinez and Wojciech Szczesny on loan it opens the door for Matt Macey to make his Gunners debut in goal against Sheffield Wednesday next week.

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Ramsey will be a big loss as he was playing a vital role in the team’s success of late. Hopefully Chamberlin can step in and fill the gap, but his needing to start leaves us very short on the bench for attacking options with typically only Giroud and then Campbell (and we all know how hesitant Wenger is to use Campbell) with Gibbs as another wing option. The dreaded hamstring issue can linger as we know and also cause other muscular issues so hoping it’s the predicted 4-6 weeks and not much longer.


He certainly will be.

There’s abit of surety with him than there is with Chambo who i have keenly followed since he came to us at the age of 18. Exciting, fast and skillful they said. 4-5 years later much of the same really with a goal here and there and lest you forget the OGs hehe.


He made me watch Euros late at night dammit….just grab your chance Chambo. Give me some hrs back from those sleepless nights

gooner 44

wilshere out till 2016?
what the Fuck,!

Anonymous Physicist

Campbell is part of our senior squad, so he should be able to play the odd 30 (or even 90) minutes in the league. If we cannot trust him to do that, then why is he in our squad? We cannot be paying him just to play in the league cup – we have under-21s for that. I was as surprised as anyone to see Campbell still in our squad after the transfer window, but since he is we should use him in situations like this, otherwise the fact that he’s at Arsenal at all this season is just wasteful… Read more »


I don’t think it’s a case of Arsene being hesitant to use Campbell.

It’s more that Arsene has a pecking order of players, and until Campbell is given a proper run in the team, he won’t be able to work his way up that pecking order.

Bould's Eyeliner

It’s the same for the ox, who I believe is far more deserving of a run of games than campbell is.


Yes but a great opportunity for the Ox who has to take this chance. The Ox is a wonderful physical specimen and can do great things with the ball but doesn’t quite have the superior game sense Ramsey does at the moment. Hopefully he’ll develop that in this one month.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Everybody is discussing Ramsey and who can replace him but Ospina is a much bigger loss. If Cech got hurt after 20mn against Bayern or any other team, we’re done. Goalkeeping is about 40% talent, 60% experience.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Can we recall Jenkinson from West Ham? I understand he is the only Premier League goalkeeper still playing that has a 100% record. He’s never conceded as a keeper. You don’t get better than that.

Would it upset people if I said he also has two more competitive goals this season than the Ox so would be the perfect guy to play behind Bellerin if we pushed him up front? He’d also be my dream Arsenal Captain for the future, being that he’s one of us.

I really enjoy watching Jenkinson developing (for us) at West Ham.

Belfast Gooner

Think someone said this on another thread in the past few days, but why not use Bellerin on the right wing and Debuchy as RB? I actually think this would be ideal for Bayern away. Bellerin used to be a winger anyway and would provide more defensive back-up to Debuchy than the Ox would.


Personally think Debuchy would get turned inside out by Douglas Costa/ Robben (who should be back by then), and Bellerin won’t be able to be there to double up every single time. Would expect to see them play Alaba at lb this time around, thought he was wasted in the centre, meaning that’ll be serious pace we’re up against down our right. Think after pretty much a year of inactivity it’d be the worst time to start experimenting/ throwing Debuchy into the midst of the action. Chamberlain’s gonna have to seriously step his performances up a bit- I’m hoping that… Read more »


My thought was conditional. The basis for moving Bellerin to the right midfield position was being able to trust either Debuchy or Chambers at right back. Can we do that? Debuchy looks to have lost a couple of steps and all his confidence and positional sense. Chambers looks more comfortable at center back. On the other hand, Chamberlain hasn’t been great defensively and his end product has been lacking. Bellerin adds speed and control to an attack that already has speed. Nobody would press us with a high defensive line if we played Alexis, Hector and Walcott in the front… Read more »


Release “The Jeff” !

surulere Gooner

up step the ox!!!






Hahaha I was pissed that the rest of my post magiced away but now I’m okay with it!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

This leaves me deeply unsatisfied. I can’t help feeling that I would have enjoyed your original post immensely…. as long as you weren’t going to say “Release “The Jeff”” as well.

Am I the only person that mourns lost posts?


Saw Matt Macey in person once. Him and Ryan Huddart are absolutely fucking humongous teenagers.

Also, I’m hoping an extended run could help the Ox make good on his considerable promise and potential, and stop the kid from beating himself up so much.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You mean they did teenage stuff really, really teenagerly? Or do you mean they did footballularly stuff?


I don’t understand why people criticize Ramsey. He brings balance on the right and is the closest we have to a complete midfielder. Yes he can be a bit selfish at times, but thats because some morons think because he isn’t scoring means he’s a one season wonder or whatever.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Pesonally, I have always defended Ramsey for being a top class player based on what he did two years ago (is that three years ?). But the problem is that he is not getting where he should be. He is supposed to be, based on what we saw two years ago, one of the top players in PL and highly wanted by Real or Barça. Nobody is expecting 18 goals out of him because he dropped in quality.


Tomas Rosicky out until late 2016?
Hahaha ok thats ridiculous.

sixteen swans over ainola

After seeing him come off against Bayern, I’m just a little bit relieved the injury wasn’t more serious.

Previous seasons may have found us in major crisis mode, but we have several ways to adjust in the weeks ahead. And some of them (Giroud up front, Walcott on the right / Ox like-for-like) work quite seamlessly.

That said, the team will definitely be stronger when he returns.

Man Manny

Let’s hope Ox can do a ‘Bellerin’ and give the manager something to worry about after the international break.


Note to self – read all the comments before leaving a comment of your own.

Wenger's love child in Surulere

I see Giroud earning a start. The Ox hasn’t done enough to deserve a start yet. We win and we’re on top till at least Sunday,a day I’m a big man u fan. Coyg!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It may be the like-ish-for-like-ish Chamberlain on the right against Everton, and if he doesn’t do miraculous things then maybe Giroud gets the call in the next game and we push Walcott out wide (I understand he played there before becoming a striker) and hope he keeps using his new-found never-say-die forward defensive skills.

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Wilshere out until 2916? I thought he was back next month?

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

*2016. Bloody phone.

Zorro in the Box

901 years?! what kind of monster injury is this? career ending but life prolonging…


Zombie virus


Standard Arsenal injury.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Nah, that’s life ending but career prolonging.


This is bad news – but also an opportunity for the Ox. Let’s not forget that painful Debuchy injury gave Bellerin the opportunity to step up, and look where we are. It’s all for the Ox to do, the manager has shown again and again that he doesn’t give a toss for reputations, and will just play whoever he believes is best for the role.

Me So Hornsey

We haven’t seen Ospina since the olympiacos game.

I think his pride has been injured.


Were not quite at the panic button stage, but the squad availability (in certain positions) is getting quite tight. We play every few days (apart from the good ol Interlull periods) at a very intense level. Back up is good in most areas at the moment except for the engine room and wide players. Theres a lot of criticism of THE WELSH JESUS ( how long is it since youve heard HIM described as such?), but his work rate is off the richter scale and he will be missed. He has willingly slotted into an unfamiliar role for us this… Read more »


It’s sad that after all the injuries and struggle for form he had started to find his way back only to be injured again. It must be incredibly frustrating.


The injury curse is slowly catching up again!! Is it time for Iwobi and The Jeff to be given few chances?


“Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looks the most likely candidate to fill in on the right with Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky unavailable”
is it me or do we have a bit of a gap there? Our 3 makeshift right-wing CM’s are out, we’ll have to play an actual winger.


We could play ozil on the right and start arteta or flamini. Move Santi further up. This way we can keep the ox in the bench without changing the dynamic too much. As much as I like The Ox, the enthusiasm he brings at the moment is much more useful when coming off the bench . He brings that novelty, when opposition get tired he takes on their defenders. I say it’s time we start our captain. The only problem is with ozil instead of Ramsey we have to be careful should we lose the ball. But in conquelin we… Read more »


Dig your Bourne reference with Conquelin


Couldn’t disagree more. Arteta is just a good “last 10 mins of a game” cover midfielder now. This is the time for Ox, even Campbell, or at a stretch some of the fringe youngsters to get some game time. The Ox is a regular starter for England when fit. give him a few starts over the next three weeks, coach him to not dribble the ball out of our own penalty area, and he’ll be in flying form. Ramsey won’t automatically get back into starting lineup. That’s my hope anyway.


Had wilshere or welbeck been available this wouldn’t even be a concern.
I feel at the moment we need to stick to our game plan and be consistent in our results. I frankly don’t see a clean sheet when Ox starts.
Arsenal are defending so well as a team at the moment so I just can’t see the Ox start against Everton unless we are resting one of our offensive players or playing debuchy/chambers instead of bellerin.

I’ll be happy to eat my words if ox does start and we keep a clean sheet.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Mmmmm. Tasty clean sheets.


Surely the solution is to move Walcott (who has stepped up the defensivepart of his game lately) back to the right wing, and start Giroud up front.

The obvious position for OxChamb is on top of the January transfer list.


Ridiculous. Oxlade-Chamberlain is one of the most exciting young talents in English football. Not long ago he had an incredible first season, dropped off, then got injured before he had time to continue to develop. Since then he’s struggled to get regular minutes because of a strong squad in the centre. With a bit of time and – as this situation may allow – more minutes, he could genuinely become a power player. I think your comment pretty much highlights a bandwagon fan who probably bought Ramsey’s shirt whilst he was scoring at will, and burnt it as soon as… Read more »


Bollox, The Ox just needs a run of games and some intensive, defensive training…. hes got it all, just needs more of the defensive awareness and technique, and the confidence that a run of games will bring, imo… Bring on the Ox…..


Hope he gets back soon. Personally I’d like to see Walcott switched to the right and play Giroud up front. Walcott can make those runs inside and can deliver good balls for Oli. Just my opinion.

Santi's Smile

Agreed. Surprised no one mentioned this sooner. Given his contributions as a sub, Giroud deserves to start. At the same time, Theo does not deserve to be dropped. No more of a defensive liability than Ox and certainly more reliable in front of goal.


Agreed.But we have only two fit strikers at the moment and why move Walcott when we have so many players who can play in the middle/right. I don’t see the necessity to move Walcott to the wings unless you are talking of a 4-4-2. We have seen wenger throw all his strikers only when we are in desperate need of goals in the dying stages. I would rather start Arteta and move ozil to the wings for the PL. The bottomline is surely wenger believes Arteta and Flamini to be good enough to play this season and it makes sense… Read more »

Stringer Bell

Move ozil out wide. He is on fire and easily best number ten in league. Why would you move him out wide. Why why why


Ozil can still drift inside and play central.Assuming arteta/flamini start we can have Santi and Coq put pressure when we lose the ball.even if ozil is playing on the right he can drift inside and switch with santi because in bellerin we have a full back who is essentially occupying the right midfield when we have possession. Maybe ozil won’t get into scoring positions as often but with his intelligence he surely can find a way. I just can’t see arsene start a trio of sanchez Walcott and ox unless he is planning to drop ozil deeper like he did… Read more »


Doing that means you risk both our strikers getting inured leaving with us with no other options with Welbeck being out.

arsenal fan

About the ox, he would score many a great goal if only his shots stopped hitting the cross bar.


Of course! It’s the shots’ fault, not the Ox’s!

John C

This is why a top team like Bayern has Douglas Costa, Muller, Ribery, Robben and Gotze in their squad to cover these eventualities. The very fact Ramsey is our first choice right winger is bad enough but it highlights that we don’t have the strength in depth and now any hope of resting Sanchez goes out the window, which will in turn make him more prone to injury. There’s real potential of this having a domino effect in the coming weeks. Let’s see what happens but whilst it’s clear our first eleven can beat anyone it’s the depth of squad… Read more »


This is why we have Ramsey, Alexis, Ozil, Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck, Oxlade-Chamberlain etc etc

John C

Haha thats just trolling, why don’t you add Awobi, Jeff and Campbell as well?! or if you just like writing names why not Gabriel or Ospina? Bayern have 5 established wide players in their squad that can be rotated, we have 1, Sanchez. Chamberlain is a right winger who’s not trusted to play ahead of a central midfielder in Ramsey, so he’s still very much a prospect. Walcott now appears to be behind both on the right. Never seen Giroud play on the wing Ozil’s our no. 10, if he moved to the wing who plays 10? When we were… Read more »


You don’t know what trolling means.

John C

Trolling is comparing Ramsey, Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck and Oxlade-Chamberlian to Douglas Costa, Muller, Ribery, Robben and Gotze as wide attacking midfielders.

Sanchez is as good as any of them and so is Ozil as a no.10, Ramsey is a decent central midfielder, Walcott, Giroud and Welbeck are strikers and the Ox is out of sorts.

Tell me who you’d bring into the team to give Sanchez a rest now that Ramsey’s out?


I didn’t compare them, I was pointing out that they are our options.

John C

Sorry, i must have misunderstood


Agree we had all those players but not in one season – like now – we had all those players over several seasons. Don’t remember reyers and Wiltord together, for example – I did party a lot then is my excuse if wrong. Ox and Campbell have done good in inter national football reckon both have quality to step up ..

John C

All those players played in the same team


Dear John
Three of your five players mentioned for Bayern are currently injured #gifigure

John C

That’s my point exactly


I have zero issues with the squad when it comes to PL and domestic cups but the internationals and Champions league are seriously taking a toll on Arsenal every season. I would say sanchez was not completely himself against bayern and that’s down to the number of matches he had to play. I’m a staunch wenger supporter but he simply can’t get away with naming an unchanged starting 11 game after game when everyone is fit citing cohesion or player form as his basis for selection. I understand that bayern was a must win match.But Ramsey was the price we… Read more »


With the Star Wars trailer released this week, this is not a coincidence. Step forth young Jedi Alexiwobi


Alex Awobi is nowhere near ready his finishing is good his all around play very poor a lot to be worked on hence jonkers comments the last day you should watch him more


I have to admit that my comment was inspired by the opportunity to make a Star Wars reference rather than any personal conviction that Iwobi is ready to play regularly in the Premier League. That being said, I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Wenger the fashion icon

We played like 12 on the pitch with Ramsey. Big loss.


Really hope Ox can step up to the plate in Ramsey’s absence. Ospina is no real loss tbf.


Hope so, though tough to be as good as Ramsey when you’re still young.

Ospina will be a big loss if Cech gets injured. Keep your fingers crossed.


Agree with gunman. Don’t understand all the fuss about Ospina. Not much better than Almunia IMO


He can not and will not step up his game. Theres a reason Wenger prefers Ramsey and Wilshere on the right. Ox is simply not Arsenal quality.


So, back on Boxing Day, then?


Ox can easily fill ramseys role but for me he unlike ramsey he does not seem to be in syc with the way the game is being played…too many times just runs in to a dead end..a bit of patience and awareness from the ox..and he will be a much better all round midfielder..


Does anyone know why players and coaches in Europe hate artificial turf so much? Has there been some sort of study that it causes more injuries? I’m in the US, and like half the NFL stadiums have artificial turf, and they don’t get any more injuries than the teams that play on natural grass. Same thing with the MLS teams, the teams that play on natural grass get injured the exact same amount as teams with turf. I’ve played on turf a lot at college, and sure, it feels different than grass, but it’s not like you tear your hamstring… Read more »


Think its adaptability that’s the problem, after playing on grass for so long then a sudden shit to artficial turf imo the body is bound to react and to the unlucky few a hamstring could be torn, muscle pulled or an ‘ings’


I referee youth football, sometimes on grass and sometimes on artificial turf. Most of the turf fields are 3G. I find a huge difference between even the best turf fields and a natural grass field. After I referee a match on turf my knees hurt like hell. They don’t after a match on grass.

Even the very best, most modern state of the art artificial turf is harder on the joints than natural grass is.

Bendtner's Ego

Agreed. The turf is harder on the body – both from running as well as tackling (turf burns are harsh).

Also, you should switch to a turf boot in order to lesson the chance for serious injury (ankle, knee) because when you stop on turf, you really stop. Most players are not used to the feel of a turf boot.

sixteen swans over ainola

Personally, I’m more-than-happy that Cech gets the extra starts. It’s just a shame that Ramsey’s injury comes at a time when he’s worked himself into both form and productivity.

It’s also a bit of a shame that (Jeff) Reine-Adelaide is off playing in the Under-17 World Cup for France.


Ox is the most likely beneficiary of Ramsey’s injury. He will (and can) step up.

Walcott could also be an option in tandem with say Giroud in the middle.

We can also play Alexis RW and shift Gibbs to LW (albeit slightly more defensive in posture)

And there is n opportunity (slim) one ) for Campbell to sneak in which he must grab by the horns.

Arsenal Masochist

And another one gets hurt for a long period of time… truly surprising stuff here. They’re usually so healthy.

Now all of the sudden that bench starts looking very weak. I mean i’ve wanted to see the Ox get more playing time but not like this. Someone else goes down and you’re in even bigger doodoo.

Better hope Alexis can somehow stay healthy with all these minutes.


Dammit. It’s starting to look a bit threadbare all of a sudden.


Is it only me who does not like the look of our substitute bench recently that now usually consists of basically six defenders and then Giroud and Campbell.


Perhaps I’m watching different games. I’ve never seen an eight-man bench with no goalkeeper.


We need a wide forward signing in January. To be Pragmatic, I’m not expecting Wilshere and Rosicky back in January. We are talking of a title race here right.


Arseblog & fellow gooners,
I just read an article on the independent online. It stated that Ospina’s house has been robbed? The robbery sounded fairly serious aswell. It says this happened yesterday when he returned home from training? But Arsene says hes injured? I wonder, considering his poor form and this – is he going through a tough time? and has been given time off?
Heres the link – http://www.independent.ie/sport/leftfield/arsenals-david-ospina-has-16m-house-raided-by-burglars-as-his-supermodel-wife-and-children-sleep-34131996.html

Arseblog what you think?


Giroud has earn’t a starting place…would it be unreasonable to shift Theo to the right and play with Giroud up top?

Saigon Jack

The Ox is only £5.6m on fantasy football, very tempted.

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