Monday, November 28, 2022

Report: Arsenal 2-0 Bayern Munich (inc goals and highlights)

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ramsey, Alexis, Ozil, Walcott

Subs: Macey, Debuchy, Chambers, Gibbs, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud

Arsenal kept their European hopes alive as late goals from Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil helped them to a fantastic 2-0 win over Bayern Munich at the Emirates this evening.

After the 3-0 win against Watford at the weekend, Arsene Wenger named an unchanged side to take on the Bundesliga giants. Having earmarked Robert Lewandowski as the danger man, there were hearts in mouths as the Polish international took off towards goal inside the opening 30 seconds, only a last ditch intervention from Hector Bellerin prevented a shot.

At the other end the Spanish full back got in behind but was flagged offside, and despite the visitors having most of the ball, Arsenal crafted the best chance of the game in the 7th minute. An Alexis run saw the ball break to Mesut Ozil, his right footed shot was well saved by Manuel Neuer and Theo Walcott’s follow up blocked.

At the other end brilliant interplay by Bayern presented Thomas Muller with a chance from point blank range but anything Neuer could do, so could Petr Cech and he stood up to make a brilliant stop. The Germans dominated possession, helped by a somewhat passive Arsenal side who sat off a bit too much and didn’t put enough pressure on them.

Walcott had an effort easily saved by Neuer, Lewandowski shot over with his left foot, before Cech was called into action again as he palmed away an effort from Arturo Vidal. Walcott again showed some attacking promise, combining with Alexis but couldn’t get a shot away from inside the area, and from a corner the Gunners had their best chance of the game.

The ball fell to Alexis with nobody around him, it sat up perfectly to be hit on the half volley, but the Chilean smashed it over the bar rather than into the net. It was a bad miss. And for all the Bayern possession, they had their keeper to thank for keeping the scores level as he made an incredible stop from Walcott in the 34th minute.

Monreal crossed it from the left, Walcott was 6 yards out, he stooped and headed it at goal, but Neuer made an unbelievable save, scooping the ball off the line to keep it out. However, Walcott really should be scoring from that position, and from the rebound Ramsey’s follow up was blocked, seeing the ball skid across the line.

The England man was causing them problems though, and again had another effort saved by the German keeper, before casual play from Alexis presented a great chance to Douglas Costa but he saw his shot deflect over the bar from a very dangerous position. There were shouts for a Bayern penalty when Alexis looked to handle in the area, the referee looking straight at it played on – a decision for which Arsenal should be grateful.

Neither side could fashion another chance before the break, and the teams went in level, the second half beginning with the same line-ups. It began the same way as the first half with Bayern dominating possession and the dangerous Costa fizzing a shot inches over the bar, and fingertips from Cech touching a Lewandowski shot over. From the resulting corner the Czech international saved again from Costa’s low effort.

There was a blow for the Gunners when Ramsey pulled a hamstring in the 56th minute, replaced by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Fine play from Monreal and Ozil created a shooting opportunity for Coquelin, his effort flew wide however. Alexis was culpable again of careless play, presenting a chance to Lewandowski but Mertesacker blocked well and Alonso’s follow up from distance trickled wide.

It was all Bayern in terms of possession, with the Gunners defending well. On the rare occasion they did get forward, Walcott’s header was easy for Neuer. Guardiola made his first changes in the 70th minute, putting on Kimmich and Rafinha for Alonso and Vidal, while 4 minutes later Olivier Giroud replaced Theo Walcott.

There was real danger when Lewandowski had a clear sight of the goal for the first time since the opening minute, but committed defending from Koscielny and a good save from Cech saw his shot deflected over the bar. Muller fizzed a shot wide, but moments later the Gunners took the lead.

Having won a free kick in midfield, Giroud was the man to get the goal, although it might prove contentious. The ball was floated in by Cazorla, Neuer came and missed, the ball bounced off Giroud’s hand and into the net. 1-0. It didn’t look deliberate, he was falling forward, but you can be sure there will be complaints.

Arsene Wenger made his final change in the 83rd minute, bringing on Gibbs for a clearly knackered Alexis, and there was almost a second when Giroud had a chance from a corner. The Frenchman’s jump just wasn’t quite timed right and the header lacked the power it needed. He made a difference though, getting back to defend well when needed as Arsenal looked to hang on.

Thiago fired in a shot from distance which Cech saved, there was late danger from Lewandowski who turned Koscielny but forgot to shoot, and in injury time a second goal made it safe. Bellerin made a brilliant interception in midfield, got a cross in, Ozil’s shot looked like it was saved but it was behind the line and that made the game safe. 2-0.

What a massive win, and a fantastic performance from every single man in red and white out there. For all their possession, we took our chances and keep our chances of qualifying from group alive.

Get in!

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Ozil haters… now shut the fuck up for good.


Scared….scared my neighbours are going to call the police for all my damn screaming. GET IN I LOVE U HFB AND HECTOR IS THE FASTEST THING ALIVE.

Xavi's DNA

Hi Hector, Dr Xavi left a message for you. He says your results are back and you’ve tested positive for Barca DNA. He recommends a Summer of a tapping up by 6 different players 3-5 times a day, then a long holiday to Spain, followed by a disappointing return to England.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Robert who?

MoM- Bellerin/ Giroud. Don’t underestimate that second goal, it might be the difference as far as us going through.


Absolutely brilliant especially considering how young he is.

I hope he stays for years with us.

Him & Jenkinson, our RB is sorted a decade – very much the work of Wenger!


Has to be Cech right? This is the sort of game we would’ve been out of long ago but for that champion. This was the Battle of the Glove Butlers if ever there was one.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

I can’s disagree with you there, he made some great saves indeed and kept us alive.


Kind of makes you wonder what would have happened if Cech had started our first two Champions League games…


Wenger has a large Coq

Obviously don’t want to be negative on a night like this but that goal is very unlikely to be the difference between us going through and not. This is because the Champions League group stages decide teams on equal point’s position by their head-to-head record rather than goal difference. That means it will only make a difference if we end the campaign equal on points with Bayern (highly unlikely) or we beat Olympiacos exactly 3-2 thus the head-to-head being irrelevant and going to goal difference.


Just on a point of accuracy, Coq is not that large. He just has the uncanny knack of popping up at the right moments :-p


Monreal kept Muller at bay and created chances. But many good performances and performers this season


Ozil was a liability today while defending.

While attacking there is no doubting his quality.

Can we afford that is the big Q.

My two cents, Ramsey maybe just maybe wouldn’t have been as stretched if he and others like Sanchez were covering for Ozil while defending!


Alexis had a relatively off day, made a lot of mis-passes particularly in our half. He is more than entitled to have a bit of off time. But I though Ozil was immense in our counter attacks.


Yes and even better to have many superstars such that when one has that offday (sanchez) the others (bellerin : yes he is a superstar and Ozil) can take over duties like today.


Podolski, Arshavin!


Two of Arsenal’s under achievers who are gone. What about them?


Frankly, you’re an idiot.

All anyone did all night defend.


Your name says it all mate.

Check out the comments during the game and the views on Ozil’s performance up until the last min.

Ofcourse no denying the contribution in the last min!

Szczesny's Left Thumb

Indeed, Ozil was piss poor today. 90% of our game today was defensive, and he was non existent! His composure going forward was also very questionable! Even for the goal; a player of Ozil’s supposed quality shouldn’t be in such a position and slam the ball right through the middle,almost directly at the keeper – that is stupid!

Smits Mckey

You should check the thumbs down, buddy.

What was the final score line?

That’s right, ARSENAL WON.


I’d say there’s one in every crowd, but there appear to be two in this crowd. Quit trying to piss on the parade, you two fools. Today is a magnificent day.


Thing is against teams like Bayern (and actually most the way the game is at the moment) someone running around snapping into tackles and trying to actively win the ball isn’t what you want from every player- for every Sanchez or Coquelin there has to be a Mesut or Cazorla. Ozil occupied his man and stopped him being able to receive the ball, meaning they had to go through him and into their front players every time, at which point Monreal told them to fuck off. He stuck to the game plan perfectly and it worked.


SB have you been on the sauce? That was the best defensive display I’ve seen from Arsenal for quite some time. Each and every player put a shift in. I find it astounding that anyone could bag a player after that performance. Magnificent!

Also hamstring injuries sadly happen quite regularly!


I was on the edge of my seat all game, made a ruckus everytime we scored, I immensely enjoyed the result, will have a big smile on my face well into Saturday! The only point I’m making is, I don’t agree with the opening comment here. He scored in the last min which was immense absolutely but I would have liked to have seen a bit more effort from Ozil in this particular game – a game where we had to defend like we haven’t had to in a long time. Never mind, I’m still going to enjoy everything about… Read more »

Wenger's love child

Dude defend wtf!? We won with a clean sheet! That means all the defending necessary was done! Who are these people? Your wife is going to leave u if u keep this up.

Glauco Gomes

Dude, you realize we had a well established game plan to hit them on the counter, right? Ozil was key to this plan, he simply couldn’t actively defend and stay in position ready to move the ball forward as fast as possible in the ridiculously small time window before Bayern’s defense could recover. It was his role all day long.

Glauco Gomes

One measly yellow card in 90 minutes.

This is the very essence of football.

SB's Wife

That’s it. I’m done. I’m leaving and I’m never coming back. 15 years I’ve put up with your negative rambling. I won’t suffer another day of it. I’ll be staying at my sister Margery’s for the week and when I get back Monday I expect you, and all your stuff to be gone. Moany bastard.

Oh, and I faked every time.



This is literally my most favourite comment ever


SB obviously watched it on tv. Seeing only the ozil that all the pundits see

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Not unless his wife is a rabid Ozil fan, I should think.


What are you smoking? Ozil was busy dribbling Bayern players and instigating counter attacks and he scored the second goal. I was cursing Neuer for another ridiculous save only to scream seconds later. Expecting Ozil to run around energetically and frantically a la Alexis is like expecting Per Matesacker to make that run Bellerin made to setup Ozil’s goal. Deal with it, Ozil is not super energetic like Alexis, that’s his nature. Just as Per isn’t as quick as Bellerin.

Glaswegian Gooner

You must be great fun at parties.

We’ve just beaten Bayern to keep our hopes alive. There’s literally no point in being a football fan if you can’t savour a result like tonight’s and focus solely on the negative. Lighten up FFS!

Machhuana Renthlei

Hidden due to low comment rating, Nuff said LOL


“Ozil’s cool head and intelligence on the ball helped Arsenal weather the storm, and he created more scoring opportunities (three) than any of his team-mates. He closed down opponents eagerly and pressed when Bayern had the ball, with no one on the pitch winning possession more times (nine). ”

– Sky Sports

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So he ran around a lot and did some football stuff like he’s paid to, but did he flail his arms and huff and puff a lot? No, he didn’t! Did he bleed blood from his bleeding bloody eyes? No he bleeding didn’t!! Nowhere near enough proper English-style commitment, the lazy bloody forriner!!!!


Dunno what game you were watching mate. In the game the rest of us were watching, Ozil worked his socks off, and, as strange as it sounds, if anyone wasn’t putting in his normal shift defensively it was Alexis, at least in the latter stages of the game.


Mate, he won possession more times than any other player on the pitch (9 times, per skysports) and constantly tracked back, putting Alonso under duress. He also created 3 goal scoring chances, more than any other Arsenal player.

Good God, when even Sky are giving Mesut glowing reviews and you’re banging on about how shit he was in defense despite all evidence pointing to the contrary… Well I don’t really know what else to tell you other than that you’re wrong.

NZ Gooner

If anything I would say the opposite. Today sometimes on attack, Ozil’s carelessness and languid style meant that he lost the ball too easily (not that he lost it more than anyone else on the pitch). But on defence he was “immense” as you say.


Ozil had 9 ball recoveries more than Coquelin.

It actually boggles the mind that after such a flawless victory one would still be negative enough to throw a jibe at Ozil who along with everyone on the pitch was relentless.


Wow. Never anticipated that people will still have doubts about Ozil. Come on guys, we just beat apparently “the best team in the world”! I am not saying Ozil was my MoM, that I would give to any of the full backs or Cech. But he was central to our game plan today of positive counterattacking football. He defended, and attacked with great vigor. Now I do not doubt Alexis is our best player in the team, he deserves all the love he gets. But I feel Ozil is, by some strange reasoning, always doubted when stats, efforts, results, assists… Read more »


Here in Singapore, I just had an early breakfast. Know what I had? Arsenal FC’s special ‘Stuffed

herbed rolled Bayern Munich’ ! Delicious..! Gonna have it again in two weeks time!

What a game!!!!!


Credit to Bayern though. No cheating, no rolling around without getting fouled, no surrounding the ref after every small foul; their fans even got cheered for the protest against the ticket prices. Feels good to win against a top team which doesn’t cheat. 😀


That that diving cunt Robben wasn’t playing helped. Though I was not so sure of Lewandoski, from his antics from his last Dortmund match with us.


It’s true. They conducted themselves well tonight.


I agree broadly, apart from Vidal who rolled around a couple of times early on only to make a miraculous recovery once play was stopped.

Dick Swiveller

They tried a few early on, mostly Vidal, but it was a nice change.


I’ve never been prouder of the Arsenal. Magnificent, intense performance. Can we say a masterpiece in tactics and performance by Arsenal and Arsene? I think so. I think so. Man utd -0 and Bayern 2-0 in our last two big games. Stop the arsenal can’t play in big games anymore. For ever. Don’t say we’re soft. Ever again. Don’t say we can’t defend. Ever again.

Easy tiger

Olympiacos!!!!!!!!!! But today we were great!!


Problem with Ozil is he is always passing….even into the net 🙂


he assisted neur aswell in the process;)

Mr. White

Knew we’d win! I think I give up expecting this team to do things the easy way. But my god I love Arsenal. Everyone played their hearts out but special mention for Ozil. What a player! He’s a lot of things and most of them are top qualities but lazy is definitely not one!

Ozil is class

I just love Ozil, he is just exquisite.

Paul my Dickov

When Giroud came on I told the girl I was sitting next to he was gonna score. Now she thinks I’m psychic so hopefully I can score too!

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

Best of luck brother! I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t jealous lol

Bould's Eyeliner

now if only she were real… :’)



Gutbukket Deffrolla

If you’re still waiting, it ain’t working.

Does she know your name, by the way?


Very quick report blog.


Get the fuck in!!!!! Bellerin that was fucking fantastic at the end!

On a side note, Owen Hargreaves made me miss Michael Owen, what a terrible commentator. He couldn’t shut the fuck up about us not pressing Bayern. It was clearly a tactic to sit back and hit them on the break. And you know what? It fucking worked!


Was ecstatic when Bellerin burst through the Bayern defence. Amazing stuff considering he played 90 plus minutes before that second goal. That will keep Debuchy out of the team for some time I’d reckon, couldn’t picture the Frenchman providing such services on the right flank.


He didn’t have any right to make that interception and even less so for the assist.

I think he literally with out exaggeration, was faster to the man than the ball was!


absolutely right(!)

That’s a fun thing to replay..

…pausing for thumb measurements


“Alonso is in loads of space” x 56

Yes Owen, but he hasn’t done fuck all.


Sometimes I think maybe the footballing community should accept Owen for what he is and just humour him. A but like you would a kid with Downs who hangs around the pitch and comments all the time. “Is that so Michael? Whatever you say mate. Here! Here’s 50 pence. Go buy some Sweets.”.

Only in his case it’ll be a tenner for the betting shop.

King Kolo

He has done fuck all.

True Red

Owen’s single brain cell is in a lot of space too. Incidentally why did the other commentating cunt keep mispronouncing Arsenal players names? Fuckwit


Bein Sports guys were wankfest spoofheads over Bayern’s ”incisive” back passes and then couldn’t shut up about Arsenal once we’d scored. Kos was immesnse. And Cech, and Nacho and Per and Coq. Bring on Everton! We’re fuckin flying


I thought Hargreaves was decent. Fr more insightful than Owen and he did have a point. We were standing off far too much in places and that’s where the majority of their chances came from. Would take him over Owen any day


Agreed, he was infinitely better than Owen! Thought it was interesting that we continued to stand off alonso. Perhaps a tactical choice so as to make sure we were 1 on 1 with every man not in possession and happy to let him try his Hollywood passes at which point we could double up on the target? Just seemed like people were specifically retreating when he had the ball.. Impressive if so- he’d be the first guy I’d have said to man mark and it worked a treat as he did nothing!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Confused the shit out of him, that’s what we did.


Alonso is only going to pass, or loft a long, low percentage shot. I wouldn’t doubt at all they were instructed to mark up when he gets it and sit patient. He sure spas fuck isn’t going to walk it into the net!



So happy someone said this. What an idiot. Just nonstop complaining. Was tempted to mute it at one point.

Me So Hornsey

It was so obvious Arsenal were given explicit instructions to hold their shape and NOT press their midfield.

7am Kickoff said it the other day, possession really isn’t worth mentioning, its a completely misleading stat.

Our tactics were exactly the tactics which teams have used against us, sitting deep, soaking up pressure, frustrating them, then smash and grab.

Proof that Wenger can, when he wants to, ‘do tactics’.


It’s almost as if the squad were set up to play either way. Curious, that.


Yeah, his press Bayern. Play 90 minutes with high intensity and energy just 3 days after playing a tough, physical Watford team. makes a lot of sense…until guys start getting tired and we get hit for like 5!!
Brilliant analysis!!


Great evening. We now see how important it is to have a world class keeper? Now we need a world class STRIKER. Giroud so good as a sub, but we need a world class no. 9 now. Superb effort by the whole team.


Lewandowski is a world class striker playing for a world class club. You know what….Giroud scored instead


So?? Who has 15 goals in 7 matches again??


More like zero in the last one match.


And how many of them were scored tonight? How many did Bayern score full stop? That’s it. Zilch!

Meanwhile our occasionally clunky HFB scored a lucky one with his face and it counts.

Happy days!


Still doesn’t change the fact Lewadonski is a better striker.
I’m happy we won and that Giroud scored, but lets not get carried away.
We did the same thing after we beat barca back in 2011 and got thumped at camp nou after all the talk of doing a quadruple.


Yes, world class and yesterday our defence neutralised him while Giroud scored a shit goal that looked more like an accident than an intended goal. We kept dismantling their attack and scored another goal in the dying seconds. On a whole it was beautiful.

I know you don’t like Giroud because you never cease an opportunity to have a go at him but what’s the problem? Not happy that we won in the CL for a change? Is this less of a win because we don’t have your “world class striker”?


Did i say it was less of a win because we don’t have a world class striker??
At the end of the season, who do you think will have a better season – Giroud or Lewadonski??
What you’re doing now is what people do with the frankly ridiculous comparison of Ozil and Coutinho.
We won, but that doesn’t make Lewandoski a shit striker all of a sudden.


Lewandowski is, as said above, a world class striker in a world class team. That doesn’t mean Giroud is as shit as you keep harping on about either. An in the aftermath of yesterdays win we can take solace in the fact that our defence neutered His World Class Strikerness Lewandowski and rendered him impotent.


I never said Giroud was shit. I said he was not good enough to be first choice and lead us to the title.
Notice that Ozil’s performance has improved now that he has someone mobile upfront to pass to in the shape of Theo?? Is it surprising that Giroud is scoring now he isn’t first choice and doesn’t have huge amunt of pressure on him and being what Dzeko was to city?
We won, i’m happy(contrary to what you think)

A Yank

Thank fuck… and with only 27% possession at home.

Too bad Dinamo Zagreb couldn’t help out but at least it was only a 1-goal win. A draw away in the next match puts our fates back in our own hands (from the off-the-top-of-my-head math, I think).

Le Prof

A draw does us a ton of good in the next match. If we draw, Olympiakos loses to Bayern or beats Bayern, and we then beat Olympiakos and Zagreb by any score, we’re through. If Olympiakos and Bayern draw (assuming the worst case of Olympiakos beating Zagreb), we either have to score 3 or more goals at Olympiakos or win by two goals. If we draw it’s in our own hands, although I hope we can avoid the situation where we have to essentially overcome a 3-2 home loss in an aggregate setting when we play away in Athens. Let’s… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Erm yeah…what he said


Way to go. One of our best displays till date, we showed grit, determination and stuck to the game plan. Oh Bellerin, what a player and he is only 19… I love you Arsenal

Le Prof

He’s 20, but still, what a wonderful player!


What a way for Ozil to exorcise the the past nightmare! and Giroud – that beard is a keeper! COYG!


I love Ozil, Giroud and The The!


A million thumbs up for that last one!


See blogs… all goalkeepers have their bad days…. Just saying…..


Love Bellerin he is immense


so proud of the whole team today. cheers everyone!


The players stood up and got counted. The wolrd was watching.

It was beautiful.


Splendid! I can’t stop giggling like my little girl. Great performance!


Having goosebumps all over, what a win! Especially Monreal, hardly put a foot wrong and is just becoming the most consistent player in the team.


What is this strange feeling? We won the *first* match, and at home!? We normally save ourselves for their place. Delighted and fairly drunk. Cheers Arsenal!


This is what committed matchplay is all about! Get in. Up the Arsenal!

Edge of the seat stuff!!! Great goals by Oli and Our Wizard of Oz!

broken heart of Dein

mentality! (deep MK2 voice)


Our defence is just amazing at the moment. No goals to Lewandowski


The site is so queued it’s loading as slowly as Manuel Neuers reaction to the first goal! GET IN LADS!!!!


I hope Ramsey’s ok…


We are going to win the league this season.

I dream Arsenal



I am from South Africa and out pundits during UCL games includes John Barnes. Unfortunately I can’t afford a TV otherwise I would have long smashed it


That’s more fortunate than unfortunate, isn’t it? You’d be without a TV again!


People in England struggle to understand John Barnes at the best of times. I dread to imagine how he fares to the South African ear.


I am so happy for, so proud of and so grateful to our players. Everybody gave more than 100% tonight. What a great match we played. Thanks to all our players for putting in this performance tonight. It was really important to shut up the critics and back Arsene with such a performance. #COYG!!!


The ball hit Giroud’s face first. Any subsequent contact with his hand (not clear) can’t be counted as a hand ball as he was falling.

I Was In The Luton End When Caesar Fell

you won’t find anyone disputing that on here, champ


Awesome performance very well organised and no one could be faulted for lacking effort. Have to say there has been a bit of negativity towards BFG lately worrying about his lack of pace. Well the lad has plenty of speed between the ears. With that dogged defensive display from the team. I now believe we can win the league!

Tomas Casus

That was so good to watch. Cech was amazing. MOTM for me. And that interception, run and cross from Bellerin at the end was unbe-fucking-lievable!

Also, how does bloggs get the report up so fast? Quicker than Bellerin.


I don’t like Pep Guardiola and I don’t like his team. I support Arsenal and this felt so good!

sixteen swans over ainola

Guardiola is a top coach … a real thinking-man’s coach unlike Mourinho (who’s a cunt) or LVG (who’s a donkey) or anyone else for that matter. He also makes sure his players play the game sportingly. There are far too many clubs who would have been whinging and rolling around on the floor during a match like last night’s – especially in light of AFC’s recent red card record. He made no complaints about Giroud’s handball nor did he blame any of his players for the defeat. If you’ve got lists of coaches and teams you don’t like then I’d… Read more »


That made a change from previous games we’ve had against them. Or maybe it’s just that The Diving Dutchman didn’t play yesterday.

I don’t like Pep because he benched half a billion euros worth of top quality players at Barcelona. I don’t like Bayern because they soak up every bit of new talent that rears its head in the Bundesliga and continue to dominate with their money thus making it a very one sided affair.

That said, they conducted themselves well yesterday. They were a joy to watch and therefore all the more of an achievement that we beat them,


Everyone and their grandma were laughing at us, mocking, jeering, posting funny memes because we believed that we could win. Guess whose time it is to eat dog shit!


oh, to be an Arsenal fan ! Lose to zagreb, piss on kraut war machine. Footbal.


oh, to be an Arsenal fan ! Lose to zagreb, piss on kraut war machine. Football.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Funily enough another person called Geolgau just said that same thing a moment before you.

I agree with both of you.

I Was In The Luton End When Caesar Fell

Three quick observations…

1. I can’t remember seeing a shot – stopping display from both keepers in a match like that before, especially at such a high level.
2. Michael Ballack was a prick of a bloke on the pitch but appears to be a seriously intelligent football analyst.
3. I’m already getting a tingly feeling about Mesut’s last gasp goal being the difference between qualifying and not. Head to heads, goal diffs and all that malarkey.


It was a beaut! And that run from Bellerin will go down in Arsenal history.


Like marc overmars outrunning the man utd defence.


That was always going to happen though wasn’t it?! Play like a pack of cunts against the ‘easy’ teams and then when everyone expects us to do fuck all… Win!

Top stuff but wish we could shake this insane Jekyll and Hyde mentality


Bellerin has invented a new position for himself: the Right. Not the Right Winger, not the Right Midfielder, not the Right Full Back. He just plays the entire right side of the field. No one else required.

What a player.

Tomas Casus

Haha, brilliant. You’re not wrong…


He’s not fazed by being left to himself there


i’d say you’re both right


Give Bellerin all the money he wants – that lad is a superstar now and for the future. COYG!!!


I criticise Arsenal a lot (because I love them so much) but that was a fantastic performance and win.

There is still a lot to do but we can definitely get second place.

The Mert

Our fullbacks are the best in the league for sure…maybe all of Europe?!


Thank you! Monreal was immense tonight in his typical subtle way- Muller was so deep in his pocket I didn’t know he was on he pitch but a few times. It’s got to be Ballermertescielnreal by now. With a Coq proudly thrust out front, of course.


A fantastic performance. The whole team executed the game plan very well. Cech was awesome, but huge plaudits too for Nacho (who has been more or less faultless all season) and to Kos, who really bossed it in central defence. COYG.


Reality check for fans who want a new striker because Walcott/Giroud are so wasteful. Lewandowski showed even top strikers cannot convert every chance. Infact, his conversion rate is 0% while our HFB’s is 100%


ok 50%… still better than 0.

Getso gunner

Thank you Arsenal……Thank you thank you, thank you


Great win! And played soaking up the pressure and hitting them on the break. It works!


wow!!! great win. Up up AFC.


Holy fuck, i’m all goosebumps. and that run from Bellerin, oh my god. How do you do that at 90+ minutes?! That Owen can fuck off too.


Don’t worry about Owen. He’ll imagine something deep like how Ozil’s goal wasn’t really a goal and how such and such and such (Liverpool under achievers 2 out of the 3 of them) are so much better and skilled and worth more money and on and on. Because he’s a thick cunt. On that you can be sure.

Meanwhile Arsenal made him and everyone else who’s had a go eat own shit. Some of them know that but Owen won’t be one of them.


That was a real Champions League classic! Both sides very dangerous (even though Bayern dominated the ball) and two really exciting teams to watch with so, much, talent! Our won out in the end! But fuck me, Neur is something else.

Titty Twistah

Guardiola: OCD tactic touch line psychopath knob.
Bayern: Pass you to sleep garbage.
Wenger: Beast.
Bellerin: Sexual. Young. Legal.
Giroud: Beastly.
Cech: Huge. Pasty. Chelsea long ball tactics transferred to Arsenal. Helps. Amazing.
Ozil: Worth the money.

Stewart Robson's therapist

It’s official: the word “Owen” is derived from the Latin for “shit commentator”.


I read that as shit commander. Shit Commander Owen!


Does that mean he is shit at commanding? Or only allowed to command shit?

Feels like there is a chant in there somewhere 🙂


That is the question. Maybe it’s because of all the shit that comes from his mouth and the fact that he fails to realise he’s in command of it. Or should be. But he isn’t.

He’s shit, he’s Owen, he’d like to be in charge but he’s not because he’s Shit Commander Owen….

…or something.


It means he is so shit that he commands being referred to as shit.

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