Saturday, January 28, 2023

Return of The Jeff

With the squad stretched to its limits with injuries, and the youngsters at the club not ready according to Arsene Wenger, there’s perhaps a little glimmer of light.

Last night at the U17 World Cup France were beaten on penalties by Costa Rica, meaning that Jeff ‘The Jeff’ Reine-Adelaide, will be returning to London.

Whether he finds himself involved during the next 8 day stretch of important game remains to be seen, but along with Alex Iwobi, he looked the most exciting young prospect of pre-season and perhaps some unpredictability from the bench might not be a bad thing.

An Arsenal insider told us how highly rated he is by the manager and coaching staff.

“Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff,” he said. “Jeff Jeffity Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeffington Jeffalicious Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeffanthrophic Jeff Jeff Jeff.

“Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJeff Jeff Jeff Jeffly Jeff. JEFF!

We found it difficult to argue with that point.

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Get him straight in the side. Our saviour returns.


The theory of Jeffrything…

Third Plebeian

I just know Jeffers will come good!

Jimmy the Tulip

I am Jeff!


Geoff would be a lot more chick


We are Jeff

pigeon superstition

The Jeff for President.


Underwhelming world cup performance though, expected more from him. Might still have been nursing that injury.


When the injury gods slip you a Jeffrey…


Arsenal. Just like Preston buses. Sometimes they are late and the you see two or three coming at the same time. Now the squad is stretched. In two months, Danny, Jack, Aaron, Theo, The Little Mozart, will all come back, fit and we’ll be talking about selection headache.


Cannot understand why the Champions league and Uefa Super cup look so far away from us when we have the super secret son of Pele.

bims lay

Yep!…….i agree……i think its time for arsene to…. Launch the Jeff!, launch the Jeff!!…….he is a precocious talent, no doubt, and i think his already mature physique will help him cope with the physicality of the EPL.

Messi was given a go at a very young age, look where he is now. Something just tells me we have a very special talent in that boy!


I want him to be a success so much just because I love the name The Jeff.


Let him do a Gnabry!


Wait. What? Get loaned and deskilled by a baseball cap wearing ape?

Third Plebeian

If you had to shower with Pulis once a week, you’d regress as well. In everything.

sixteen swans over ainola


Tamil Tiger

Oh man
Where’s my jack daniels

Ajinkya a.k.a Gabriel's reaction

it’s more like Jeff Daniels..:)

Jay Song

Jeff we can

Chile Gooner

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff , Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. Sorry mate I thought you was Jeff.


El Jeffe

Dave B

Questions the cries of unbelievable Jeff if he grabs himself a goal.

Dave B

Should have been que the cries…….

Getso gunner

“Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff,” he said. “Jeff Jeffity Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeffington Jeffalicious Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeffanthrophic Jeff Jeff Jeff.

“Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJeff Jeff Jeff Jeffly Jeff. JEFF!”

Even I found it difficult to argue with that point.


I read that “…Jeff….” in blogs voice. But still wonder why he did not jettison jeff into jefferson. Would be hillarious seeing how Jeff,s son jetted around the world looking for a cure to jetlag suffered by the Jeff after jeting across the atlantic in true Jeff manner and will be our jeff, the jeff we have craved for, a jeff better than Lord Jefferson oh what a Jeff. And …


“JEFF JEFF JEFF J J JEFF J J JEFF” – tune of Imperial March


Jeff-er-son GET ON AN airplane and onto the right wing


Jeff hat trick against Bayern!


The Jeff and Iwobi are going to be superb. I know it. In a few years we’ll have a squad of huge guys. Everyone over 5’8 like the invincibles. Look at the kids in the academy now.

Thierry Bergkamp

I dodn’t watch much of it but I didn’t see Jeff on the pitch yesterday. Did he not start?


Slightly worried about Iwobi, I know he is a young lad but his dribble style and end product is very reminiscent of a young Gervinho!


much joy now to see jeff with the first team , I didn’t know that he went to world cup. I thought he was injured all this will, would have to watch him against Sheffield Wednesday. welcome back bro


I liked the bit about a little unpredictably. Didn’t Sanogo throw Bayern off their game a bit not too long ago with just that?


To be The Jeff we must become The Jeff


i saw Jeff cry this morning i too cry with him Jeff come back your not going to cry again but your going to be like Hector b.


Jeffinitely good news.

Wenger the fashion icon

May i suggest that we hire Eva Caneiro now and treat her like the Queen Of Arsenal?


Anyone actually catch any of his performances? If so, how did he look? Goals, assists? Stand out performer etc?….


With our current injury situation, I would actually rather see The Jeff get a run as opposed to Joel.

Saffa Gooner

Save is Jeeeffus!

Phil Collins' first touch

Jeff is so skilful, some say he has the invisible touch.

Dale Cooper

And God said, let there be Jeff.


Ah yes, Jeff – the outfield player we signed this summer that the worlds sporting media and vast majority of Arsenal fans decided to completely ignore so they could suit their own agenda.

Gonna be a big player for us I think.


Do what??

My name is Jeff

I’m back!


Simply The Jeff
Better than all the rest.


I just saw a banner ad at the top of the page saying “who gives you more cover for your money?”
“THE JEFF” is my answer! 🙂

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