Saturday, July 2, 2022

Sheffield Wednesday 3-0 Arsenal – player ratings

A grim night in Sheffield as an Arsenal side that cared as much about that game as I do about listening to Phil Collins while eating toast with butter and jam on it got deservedly beaten 3-0.

While going out of this tournament isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world, the performance was woeful, and the injuries to Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could prove costly.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Oor Wullie

Odd night. Ar least Chelsea went out, even if it was to Stoke.


Chelsea target Sheffield wednesdays Bus as an alternative to Stones? Cannot rule it out, cannot.

Dan Hunter

We played like it was a Mickey Mouse tournament which it is. It would have been nice for our alternatives and youngsters to go through and get a regular run out in a cup competition to give them a sense of purpose. Alas, it was not to be. Let’s get back to real football.


An odd night indeed and exacerbated by trying to explain to anyone whose first language is not English exactly why we were playing Wednesday on Tuesday.


young cunts with no balls. Pathetic.


That’s a little harsh old chap. It’s not like they were given much support by the senior core around them.

Now do try and turn that frown upside down. The sun will come up again tomorrow and all will still be ok.


The kids struggled , and the seniors were just shit .
Wenger said himself they are not ready at all

Ospina's Gloves

Forget about this mickey mouse cup, We have got bigger fish to fry

Third Plebeian

The trouble is that we took this Mickey Mouse cup seriously enough to play a few first-team players, whose injuries will have an impact on our chances of winning a title. Angry.


But it would not be such a big deal if Wenger had reinforced the forward positions last summer. We have always been 1 injury away from being in trouble. January feels a long way off at the moment

Rip Van's Winkel

That’s not fair! I’ve seen all Mickey’s films and he’s changed my life.


Can’t see Debuchy making the France Euro squad when he’s the worst player on the pitch in a game against Sheffield Wednesday.


Can’t see Debuchy making the Potters Bar retirement home for the terminally incontinent select XI.

Podolski Sklep

He was poo wasn’t he? Looks lost at the mo… Jenko starting to look a safer mid-term bet. Maybe he’s just rusty but still worrying…


With Bellerin in super hot form, Jenkinson improving massively with each passing day and further reserves in Chambers, all young players, i think that is is that for Debuchy.


He looks like a Newcastle player in April who doesn’t give a shit. Too bad he’s not in Newcastle anymore and it’s October.


I don’t understand what’s going on with him. I thought he was solid for us last season and now he’s back up he hasn’t played well once I don’t think.


I really like Debuchy and I hope he regains his form again and continues to play for us.

Toby C

Loss of confidence + lack of playing time x frustration = poor form


= poor professional


Lets not forget that debuchy, gibbs and others have had little or no game time prior to this match. Unbelievably poor regardless but Im willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that if he were to have a run in the team, hed play his way to something like his best form. He seems to be a confidence player judging by his publicly expressed frustration at playing second fiddle to bellerin. Ultimately he may turn out to be the kind of player who will do well if he has the confidence of the manager but lacks the mindset… Read more »


Well that was fun.
And when I say fun I mean a bit like sticking your gonads in a blender.


This game cemented Debuchy’s future. Au revoir monsieur.


I’m sure there must be parts of Debuchy and Campbell which can salvaged for spares. Surely a case of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole..,,,

David C

Should have played more kids, but I guess our usual Worthless Cup squad is all out on loan.


Bonus rating made me chuckle… so there’s that to take from tonight I suppose.

Matt Scarbro

Away fans 10/10
Proud to be a gooner with them singing their hearts out at 3-0 down and no sign of a way back.


Our away fans are incredible


They deserve a refund.

Podolski Sklep

100% – they deserve a refund from the club for this one in my opinion.


Refund from the players.


In fairness, the club put on coaches for £10 return.
Just a pity I took them up on the offer. Although, I must say, Leicestershire has some of the finest roadworks and traffic jams in the world. The northbound logjam 3 miles. Long at 1 in the morning was particularly spectacular. And allowed me some schadenfreude as we travelled south after a particularly difficult night.


I was watching on Beinsport France and at 3-0 the commentators said “listen to the great atmosphere in this stadium”. All you could hear was “we love you Arsenal, we do…”. Then plonkers apologised for not choosing the best moment to sample the Hillsborough atmosphere… without a word about the amazing away support. Unbelievable.


The injuries better be a plot to end this game early.

raron aamsey

Not sure about those ratings. Joel Campbell was by far our worst player I thought, would love to see his stats. I don’t think he should even appear on our subs bench again, if possible get big Jeff back from the u17 world cup and ask Pulis really, really nicely to have Gnabry back.

Same thing goes for Debuchy. I think Chambers should be our back-up right-back until the end of the season.


Remember when the competition between Debuchy and Bellerin was tight? What a difference a season makes.


chambers gets skinned when he plays right back. too slow


Joel was woeful in attack and Chambers was woeful in defence.

What Joel did with the ball after his wall-blocked FK came back to him sums it up.

How Chambers missed the header through which they nearly made it 4-0 sums him up.

And Wenger saying all the youngsters were out of their depth! I mean, whose fault is it? He picked them. BTW, Arsenal are once again facing disaster if one of their FBs gets injured during the festive season. And credit to Wednesday – their pressing was spot on.

Jack Wheelchair

Beat Spudz….but what’s the bloody point!? What a waste of time and energy.
Who said our injury record was improving?? Wilshere, Welbeck, Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey, Walcott, Ox, Ospina…nearly a whole team. Fuck you.


Beating Sp*rs is always worth doing.


So going forward, is it Joel on the right? Ozil with Santi moving forward?


He’ll move Ozil to left .
We cannot trust Joel Campbell . Santi can move up .

Slowly but surely we’ve got a large injury list again. Sigh

Anonymous Physicist

I think it has to be Campbell on the right. Moving Ozil and Cazorla about doesn’t serve any purpose if it means playing Kamara (or Flamini, which does not appear to be much better) in the middle.

I’m expecting Gnabry on the bench on Saturday though. Six-month loans usually have a recall clause, and it doesn’t seem as if Pulis will object.


Joel Campbell rating couldn’t be more accurate.

For an ‘attacker’ when he moves with the ball my eyes fail to light up as they when say Sanchez or Theo drive forward.

Debuchy was playing like Bellerin would 20 years from now.


Joel Campbell has never done anything for me . We really don’t have a deep squad either .
Having said that 3-0 was a shocker with the back five !
What on earth has happened to Kieran Gibbs too ? Everyone was bad tonight


Haha so many great laughs from arseblog there ..

Ox’s hair is dreadful
And our kit is appalling !!!! Jesus who signed off on that ?? Looked even worse with the light blue shorts and socks .

I’m more upset with losing ox and Theo tonight than the result .

Fingers crossed they’re not serious


Where was the yellow strip? FFS … we were seriously bad and maybe our depth is not really that good. One or 2 meaningful efforts on target ?
AW must be rueing his decision to play Theo and OX … everybody warned him on this site to pick a full second string except Cech and maybe Per … does he not read Arseblog?
Anyway Chelsea exit was again hilarious so day has brightened. Onwards to Swansea and Munchen


Debuchy is a dangerous liability when he plays. At first I sort of admired his intense desire to get into attacking positions but now he does it literally every time one of our players has the ball and he is being found out for it. His positional awareness has gone horribly backwards since last season and it’s becoming more and more obvious. If he doesn’t want to make a proper effort then I’ll happily take jenks back next year with hector as first choice. Two lovely options.


With that kit i skipped the channel Arsenal game was on countless times because from off the corner of my eye no way that’s fucking Arsenal.

It should appear on the dic for more definition on ‘gouge your eyes out’


It’s a hideous kit . Truly hideous . One of the worst we have ever had and that is saying something , we have had some monstrosities over the years.


The purple and black hoops was THE worst in my opinion – particularly when paired with the white shorts and red socks (as it was at Old Trafford). And why did we change anyway? Since when did red clash with blue and white stripes?


Yes, that velvet bumblebee outfit was the absolute worst ever, but last night’s kit runs it a close second.

However, quite apart from how awful it looks, the true horror about last night’s kit is that not only was someone paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to develop it, but someone else was also paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to look at all the designs and say “Yep, that’s the one.”


I thought that .
Made no sense .

Maybe this piece of shit third kit is a ” cup kit ”

It’s awful

Martin Barden

Did you really just make a joke about AIDS? Last time I looked it wasn’t 1985.

2015-2016 = the year we've been waiting for

Bloody hell so who plays right wing against Swansea and Bayern?



Think Chambers wants nothing to do with Jefferson Montero


yeah, if you are moving Bellerin forward then play Gabriel at RB, not Chambers


Those away fans are the ones this club needs, not those posh cunts that think a stadium is just an enhanced experience of sitting on a couch in your living room.


Hell yeah !!
The casual iPad carrying gen can fuck off


Lazy burgers whose idea of multitasking is peeing in the shower.


Lazy burgers indeed 🙂

Gotta love an amusing typo


A lot of the passionate fans have been priced out of coming to Arsenal matches on a regular basis- I guess it’s more important that we have that extra million or two to not use in the transfer window than to be surrounded by the people that love the club


It all goes towards stans next random dividend payment …


If we are happy to be out of this time-wasting competition and our only concern was not having our senior players injured, then why did we play Cech tonight?

Glass half full

Maybe go to London more often. The armchair must be to comfortable

Merlin's Panini

Meh. Shitty performance in a shitty competition. I just hope Walcott and Ox aren’t out for too long. At least it’s a few less games to have to play.
Sure it’s enbarrassing but I’m glad it didn’t go to penalties like all the other games. Chelsea kinda fucked themselves there didn’t they?
knackered and out of the cup and couldn’t beat 10 men and their best player missed the crucial spot kick!


That was shit. And most of all I’m disappointed in our second XI who look like they’d struggle playing for Bournemouth (no offence guys). Talent wise there is a problem at Arsenal. One problem being the British core being seen as a group of highly talented (future) world class players. But the truth is, the British Core might be the most overrated group of superheroes there is. They are no match for the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy or the Justice League, but worst of all – Gibbs, Ox and Chambers make “The Core” even worse than the Fantastic Four… Read more »

Santi Claws

It was the Capital One Cup.

We started Glen Kamara.

The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Fantastic Four are fictional comic book superheroes, not football players.

Per Mertesacker pocketed the hottest striker in world football last week.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is 22 years old. He will not peak for at least three years.

Kieren Gibbs is highly-experienced, young, British and established. Baba Rahman was 22 million pounds.

It was the Capital One Cup.

We started Glen Kamara.


Ohhhh Captain Obvious. Thanks for pointing that out. Duh. Also you might want to look at what you wrote about Gibbs. Is that applying England’s standard? Then I agree he is experienced and proven. But if you compare him with other LBs he is just not good. The Ox needs to be given time, but his development over the last two years, surely hampered by injuries, is worrying. Same goes for Jack who hasn’t developed one bit since that great performance vs. Barcelona. And in which world are we living that football stars don’t have to shine at all until… Read more »


Wasn’t it Koscielny pocketing Lewandowski and even making up for 1-2 speed related blunders of Per?
Distorting the truth here.


Chamberlains clumsyness this time does lead to an own goal but an injury.

Would have taken the own goal Chambo, 2 for good measure for him and Theo. Shame.




what with the stupid ads that take me tothe borrom of the page!!!!!!! its annoying and diluting the site value. if ads are need can it be put inline? argh!


While we are talking about ads, have you tried using the speak article app on mobile since you started putting an ad in the middle of the page blogs? I use the speak article when I am driving and the woman reading out the HTML for the ad every time is really annoying!


Debuchy apparently lost possession 15 times. That’s astounding.

I dunno what is wrong with the guy but if he can’t be bothered he should be sold in january. And if that is really the best he can play, he should be sold in january too.

Basically at this point it’s up to him to show why he should be kept on come the next transfer window. He’s been just horrible every time he’s played this season.


He’s showing he can’t be trusted . I think jenkinson is currently better than chambers , so hopefully jenkinson can come back , chambers can learn to be a centre half , and debuchy can be sold asap.
Whether jenkinson will be happy to fight bellerin for the RB slot is another matter .
Not sure if anyone could get past hector at the moment , he is one outstanding young right back !!


Its a shame that we don’t get to see the passion from home fans, particularly on big matches, the way away fans showed last night. They were tremendous, hats off to them. Its a pity that fan enthusiasm is so starkly inversely proportional to the price of tickets.


I give precisely 0 fucks about this morning’s result, bigger fish to fry this season (and we clearly don’t have the depth to compete on four fronts) – but worried about TW and OC. Don’t think Theo even should have been there. The Flam effectively won the Cup for us in the previous round, nowhere to go but meh after that great night


i don’t give a rat’s ass about the result. it’s the injuries that’s really worrying. it’s always going to be the fitness of players which’ll affect our title challenge. for all the talk about having two players for each position, one just has to look at the squad list in the arsenal website to see the reality. ozil, coq, alexis, santi and even bellerin- if we don’t keep them fit and fresh, i’m afraid we’ll struggle. i doubt if the likes of gibbs, debuchy and flamini/arteta can fill their shoes.


And the recovery time seems like forever . We are so unlucky with injuries it’s unreal .

We’ve now got about 9 players injured – and half of those are long term.

Medical team gonna have to pull their fingers out


We bought no outfield players .
I’ve been hoping , as that’s all I can do , to get away with it, and up til now we have.
We will see how we react now .
We cannot afford any more injuries whatsoever.
Our fringe players aren’t performing though , so you just know Wenger will run the first 11 into the ground.


I think Cech’s rating is a bit unfair. There was nothing he could do for either goal as the first 2 were planted right in the corners and the 3rd one his defence let him down. He was basically the only defence we had last night.whats worrying is normally our cup kids and back up players smash teams inc prem teams, this year you can see such a difference in class from the kids and realise we don’t have back up attacking midfielders.After getting 13 mins game time at WBA, it probably would of been worth having Gnavbry back and… Read more »

Rip Van's Winkel

Scene; a darkened study.
Mickey: I used to be a big star in the movies, Doc.
Now I just spend all day down the ‘Dog and Duck’, with Goofs and Donny,
watching shit football, listening to “One More Night”.
It’s NOT my fault, I tell you…(sob)

Finnish Gooner

Glen Kamara is not the first Finnish Arsenal player! Carl Jenkinson is Finnish! Though admittedly he’s also British and has been capped for England but he used to play for the Finnish junior teams.


I didn’t know Jenkinson had Finnish ancestry. He looks a bit Finnish actually.



Am afraid the lack of outfield players’ signings will tell now especially if Walcott and Ox can’t come back soon. The replacements in the squad for Coquelin, Ozil, Cazorla or Sanchez, if these get injured, are nowhere near the level required to be title contenders.


I thought Krystian Bielik coming on improved the side. Joel Campbell is not a central midfielder and he was able to switch out wide.

Bielik did better than a 4 – i though he was the one shinyiable turd on a night of unshiny turdidness


True. Bielik at least looked a bit confident and assured in his basics. Why he never started is puzzling.

And there were ZERO runs made against a team which pressed quickly in their half. Not Campbell, not Iwobi not nobody. Did we even have a shot on target?


I couldn’t care less about this cup but I am more worried about our squad depth. We all said what good bunch of players we have on the bench but have we? Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers, Ospina, Chamberlain are all underperforming… Wilshere, Rosicky and Welbeck are injured. Basically the only subs which won’t affect much in our first team are Giroud – Walcott and Gabriel – Kos/Per. Those “old” players who got chance yesterday should have showed much more passion and aggression they did. Hope our first team won’t become to comfy as it seems now they don’t have a good… Read more »


The only positive I get from this is how good santi, Özil, Sanchez and kos are.

Seriously though, Wenger needs to start giving these kids a half hour at a time, one at a time. They really did look lost out there.


Last night they looked like exactly what they were a load of players who have never played as a team. The Senior players were rusty as fuck and the youngsters looked like they were in awe of the occasion. My only highlight from last night was Beilik for such a young lad he looked calm, composed, intelligent and a mark above the rest of the young players. Plus he is BIG! I would have liked to have seen him from the start. People forget that when we used to play the kids in these fixtures they were playing together week-in-week-out.… Read more »


that is the most logical comment.


Gotta say I’m really really pissed at the ox getting injured inside 2mins(he was subbed after 4mins), barely even touched the ball.. and its not like he’s been playing a lot. The moment I saw him chase that ball and whisper to the physio I knew that was it.. Walcott wouldn’t have had to come on without warming up which prolly contributed to him getting injured too..
Pffff.. The Ox my hamstring!

Wengers Army

Shame our loanees were not available. Line up could of been Martinez, Jenkinson, Gibbs. Bfg (rcb), Chambers (lcb), Hayden, Zelalem, Ox, gnabry, agpom and sanogo.


BTW, what are the rules on recalling loan signings? maybe we can recall zelalem. the jeff is injured too i guess. dan crowley? shit we have to go through the hellish months of nov and dec with a thin squad. i just hope we get away with it and close to the top of the table come january.


We lost against Wednesday on Tuesday.


If his eyes get the Aids then will people who look him in the eyes get the Aids too?

Asking for a friend.

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