Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Wenger praise for Cech and Giroud

Arsene Wenger has hailed his goalkeeper and substitute striker after Petr Cech and Olivier Giroud made important contributions to last night’s 2-0 win over Bayern Munich.

The 33 year old pulled off a string of impressive saves to deny the visitors, while Giroud opened the scoring and provided the Gunners with an outlet from the relentless Bayern pressure late in the second half.

“He was important,” said the Frenchman about Cech. “I think he kept us in the game and you can say the same for Neuer. We had two top, top, top world-class keepers on the pitch today and that of course was vital on both sides.”

The introduction of Giroud for Walcott proved decisive as the Frenchman got his 5th goal of the season – 4 of them have come from off the bench, and the manager is pleased with the former Montpellier man’s response to spending time out of the first team.

“I would give him some credit because it is not easy, he has always played and he had a bit of a dip in form.

“I have seen that in the last two weeks that he is coming back to his best but the focus he brings and the spirit he shows is he is a winner.

“He gives us a different option when it does not work on the ground he gives us options in the air and both Walcott and Giroud I like.

“I just have to use both of them in the right way.”

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Seriously, how many damn articles are we gonna read about this game?..

..Not enough 🙂


Lol..never enough,love it…!!


Cech, best in the world, showed that is the case versus Neuer.

Giroud, a goal every 52 minutes this season. Hope he keeps that up! Great impact sub too.

A̶R̶i̶d̶d̶l̶i̶n̶g̶N̶a̶m̶e̶ Ceched Out


Giroud’s tribute to TGSTEL?


Giroud has been magnificent this season. The perfect attitude to being dropped to the bench and last night was no exception.

He came on, put himself about, won every header, every goal kick out, held the ball up fantastically – and he’s scoring home and away (no jokes at the back). Can’t ask for more from him.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If Giroud comes in and scores a goal all the time, he might just be the one who has to start.

Coq Block

Giroud has looked very good off the bench. So I say stick with that rotation. 5-2, 3-0, 3-0, 2-0. Seems we’re finding consistency and solidity with our lineup. It will be interesting to see how Ox for Ramsey affects the balance of the team. I have to admit, for the first month of this season, win or lose, I didn’t really enjoy watching us play. Just seemed labored or something, not quite sure what it was. But this last month has been filled with passion, grit, and some brilliant football. Long may it continue!


Ha, I see you conveniently left out the 2-3 between the 5-2 and 3-0.


If anyone is interested, I did the math on the group permutations; Beat or draw with Bayern and it’s all in our hands – win our last two and we are through (possibly needing an aggregate win against Olympiakos, but we’ll worry about that later!) We could even finish top of the group! Remember head to head comes first when on the same points. If we lose to Bayern, and Olympiakos beat Zagreb, then it’s out of our hands ONLY if Olympiakos also get a point away at Bayern in game week 5 (both would then be on 10pts and… Read more »


The gaffer deserves credit for his tactics but then again Arsene doesn’t do tactics. Pep is apparently the genius waiting for a gig in London. Great rope-a-dope from Wenger and astute substitution. Giroud and Walcott. Its not a zero sum game. both are quality and have different attributes that we will need. I don’t see Giroud as some sort of super sub. he is a different tool we use to break teams down. He holds the ball and distributes it brilliantly and despite all this talk about his hair, he isn’t afraid to get stuck in, throw himself at danger.… Read more »

Keeping it MonREAL

The competition in the squad is really getting the best out of the players. I think Giroud and Walcott can really bring out the best in each other


#ThatTouch by Oli was filthy AF. The fans responded accordingly as his hold up play is one of the best in the game now we must admit, regardless of how you feel about his game overall.
With Ramsey’s injury (get well soon kid) Oli could get this chance to come into the game as a starter again and I hope he responds the same way he’s been doing coming off the bench. I’m still on cloud 9 and have no intentions of coming down any time soon. COYG


Savage, simply outstanding.

Glenn Helder

A big cheer went up in my house at that point, too! He has unbelievable strength, doesn’t he. Loved how the crowd went nuts for that bit of skill.


I think ozil did another inch perfect pass to Ox also.. wish I could see a replay of tht too..


Giroud is proving he’s a man-mountain,..we should all remember it’s a squad game,every member of squad will have their moment this season,it’s up to them to show same attitude as GIROUD..nuff respect..!


Trust Wenger to always have his players back. Why dont you talk about that Moanhinho?
Dip in form or not the guy is world class to me. If you know football you will see it too. Not in terms of Goal scoring but footballing Genius!!


Whoa shit, man. He pulled out “top, top, TOP world class!” I think that’s an automatic Balon d’Or for each.


Just glad it was their top top tippidy top world class keeper who wasn’t quite as tippidy tip top top top as our top world class keeper. Haha Chelsea you pricks!


That just shows how Webgers grading system works. There is:
World class
Top world class
Top top world class
And final level – top, top, top world-class!
So next time then we are demanding him to buy a player we need to ask for “top top top”, couse simple world class is just 4 tiers bellow…

The 49ners

Great game from both our big men. #COYG

Martin Finley

Neuer wont make a rookie mistake like that again all season though, luckily for us he chose this game to make it. 😛 But I dont agree that this was such a great game by Arsenal. A game we had to win to have any hope of staying in the competition and we never managed to put any kind of pressure on Bayern. We we’re reduced to 27% possession at home, most of which was in our own half. Most of their 73% possession was also in our half. Hehe We just did not look like a team looking to… Read more »

Runty Wilson

Every silver lining has a cloud! I’m probably just going to enjoy it regardless…

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

You say that, but Neur made an incredible save to deny Walcott and overall we had the much better chances. Possession is just one of many stats. If you look purely at shots, big chances, and (most importantly) goals it tells a different picture than just focusing on possession. If games were won by possession then we’d have 6 point from the first 2 games.

Atlantic Gooner

Which game were you watching? Or are you just another “fickle fan” that was one of the best technical games that Arsenal has played since the win against City… Defensively we were superb and we’re always a threat on the break….. And remember Arsenal is capable of going to Bayern and getting a result…. COYGs.


Michael Owen, is that you? Never mind here’s 50 pence, go buy some sweets.


And here’s a tenner for the betting shop.


And which team do you support, could it be the Spuds, Chels$i, or possibly B Munich? It’s obviously not Arsenal, plus you don’t seem to get football… then again maybe you are…….????? But whatever it is it is not an Arsenal supporter… F.Off..


Martin Finley. Get. A. Life.


I would like to see Cech, Bellerin, Mert, Koz, Monreal, Santi, Coq, Walcott, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud for the Everton game. Put Walcott on the right with Giroud up front. I think their two very different styles can give Everton fits and can make up for the loss of Ramsey.

James Butterwick

Dear Theo. You have to love him. Sort of chap you’d want to bring home and introduce to your Granny. Even if she were dead and putrefying, little Forrest would have a smile and an encouraging word for her. ‘Chin up dear’, he might say, even if her chin was already off. On the other hand, the word ‘menace’, not as defined by Diego Costa who looks in need of professionally applied, Class A hand relief, is a quality required of your striker and one in which sweetie Theo is lacking. No amount of facial hair will convince me that… Read more »

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