Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Wenger: Walcott has found his commitment again

Arsene Wenger has praised Theo Walcott for his recent performances, but suggested the knee injury he suffered in 2014 dented the England man’s confidence and ability to compete properly in the team.

Walcott was basically a substitute for most of the second part of last season, despite making his comeback from the cruciate problem in early November, and was only given a chance when Olivier Giroud’s goals dried up.

However, the Arsenal manager believes the performance against Manchester United could be a turning point for the 26 year old.

“In the last few games, he looks always dangerous in this position,” he said. “The quality of his movement is outstanding and he has found his finishing again.

“Now against Man United he has also found his commitment back. Sometimes the confidence comes back when you go into a challenge which you naturally avoid and then you realise nothing happens when you do it.

“It’s important sometimes to push the player a little bit. Look, the only way to help him is to reassure, give confidence. I believe he’s still aware of his injury.”

And Wenger has urged Walcott to prove he can play like that not just against big opposition when there’s pressure on to respond to a poor performance.

“What you want from Theo is the commitment he showed against Man United in the challenges,” he said.

“If he adds that to his game then he will be difficult to stop.”

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It’s great to see him back to his best. Once again, Arsene is being proved right.


Pat Nevin has done a good analysis of Theo on the BBC site. Well worth a look.

eboue's cleft

Yeah right…this is all down to theo. FUCK arsene.


There were a lot of people a few months ago who were shouting at Arsene to sell Theo or send him to Liverpool in a part-exchange deal for that flop with the large rear end who currently plays for Man City.

No, no, not Nasri! The other one.


I was one of a few who stuck up for theo, based on the former he’d shown before that injury. I knew he’d come good….pfft, sterling over Walcott. ..never


It was saddening to see so many gooners talking up a Liverpool player and slating our own. I suppose even we can’t escape the short term mentality and short memories that dominates football. I’m not saying they’re plastics or anything, but I hope they’ll be more careful in the future. I’m sure they wanted to sell Ramsey right after coming back from his injury too


Fu$k you too…


To Eboue’s cleft, just incase that wasn’t clear

Le Jim

Yeah, because any other manager would’ve shown the same faith in Theo when he was showing signs of trying to fuck us around on a contract, after being out for a year and some pretty shit performances upon his return.

For the amount of faith Arsene places in his players, past and present, he deserves a lot more.


How is a hattrick and a goal in an FA cup final shit performances? Secondly, anyone in their right mind wouldnt turn down 10k extra to work with a rival company down the street. How many players have been at Arsenal for 10 years, dont question his loyalty man, the guy has clearly earned his money with the way he is playing at the moment. With players like Sterling and Rooney on outrageous money, why wouldnt you push your luck for a slightly better contract if possible?


I agree but honestly he’s a modern footballer who played the hardball cards. I doubt he ever really wanted to leave because I’m sure either way he could have got more money somewhere else in the end. Its just common business sense to wait it out and not accept the first offer. Arsenal are stubborn too with contracts we’ve seen it, He knew if he played it to the last year then they would either have to give him another few % or risk loosing a 20-25 mil player on a free. The game was played and both got what… Read more »

Le Jim

Agreed in regards to the contract situation, but I’m sure there are many managers out there that wouldn’t have put up with it.

And while he wasn’t shit before his injury (one of our best players at the time, really), I distinctively remember a few games that were thoroughly underwhelming. Southampton away comes to mind, where I don’t think he touched it after coming on as a sub for the last twenty minutes.


I still have an orgasm from that coq-esque tackle on schweinsteiger from the other week. Talk about commitment!

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

It’s all in the beard dude. Look at Rambo? When he started growing out his beard, shit started to happen.

Glory hunter

The strange thing which everyone seems to forget, is this is the norm with Theo
He takes his time to get to regain form/confidence, somewhere along the line it clicks for him and he becomes a crucial member of our 1st team, most of the doubters become believers and we think he’s on the verge of finally fulfilling he’s potential & then he picks up a long term injury. And the vicious circle begins again.
If he can avoid a long term injury for a couple of seasons we might see Theo fulfil he’s undoubted potential.


Honestly, fuck the injury Gods.
They still seem to be on poor old diaby’s back with yet another injury just before he was about to make a comeback!


Ties in with his comments last season about Theo lacking confidence & being a little timid at times. Testament to how long – mentally as well as physically – it takes to come back from serious injury. Great to have him firing on all cylinders again! Looking forward to see him realize some of the heights envisaged when he first broke into the team.


“Theo, filston, tu vas jouer à la pointe de l’attaque. Santi va te passer le ballon, et tu vas le leur mettre bien au fond de leur culs, à ces connards de sp*rs.”

Goone's Farm

Not bad! Just one thing, it’s “fiston” not “filston”. Although you’re quite proficient in the language…so maybe you are French? In this case, pick up your game fiston 😉

Paul my Dickov

As a Frenchman this was unexpected but easily one of the best comments I’ve ever seen on here!


You sir, get an up vote simply for your name… Mr Dickov….


The title chances of our team will be decided in the games like the one this weekend. By the players, and the manager. If we do not make 0-0 in to 1-0, and if we do not achieve draws when losing, it does not matter what we do against the top teams. Beating teams from 5-20 is the bread and butter of champions.


Well, you need both. For a couple years we had by far the best record against those outside the top 4, and we never really came close to winning the league because we bombed against our rivals so badly.

Bergkamp's shoes8

He is right.

Some players need to be pushed.

Off a cliff.


Gooners & Roses

By a bulldozer.

Le Jim

I’d rather use my own hands for those two…


No one predicted Coquelin would come good. “Get out whilst you can” they cried. Well Wenger stuck with him. No one predicted Santi Carzola could play deep midfield, we need a tall beast in the middle they said. Wenger brought in a shorty. No one thought Bellerin should be entrusted with starting. Bring back Jenkinson they cried, Wenger promoted the younger and technically more adept man. No one predicted we could win the FA cup again following our poor start to last season. Season’s over they cried. Yet Wenger did mention we could still have a productive season. No one… Read more »


a wrecking ball actually

The 49ners

This commitment:..Long may it last, Fresh may it be everyday,..and on every team member may it rub..Amen #COYG #Arsenal


I feel like he’s the striker we have rather than the striker we need. Sometimes reminiscent of Thierry but then misses gaping opportunities…. it’s tough.
I really do have alot of time for Giroud and Walcott…. honestly would love either of them to be clinical….just about losing patience

Man Manny

Thierry scored a lot and equally missed a lot.
If you watch our CL final again, you’ll see that we would have been home and dry if Henry had his scoring boots on.
Not saying Walcott is that class (for now), but I see someone who loves this role and is improving in every game.

Rip Van's Winkel

As an enthusiastic amateur shaman, I have been working on a curse for Watford. I trapped two hornets
(John & Elton) in a bell-jar and forced them to watch a Swedish girl kick their nest.
Also Mr. Mesut, my pet chameleon, is on a thimble-full of ayahuasca per day in order to see all eleven dimensions at the same time.
I’m now off to rub coca leaf tincture into the groin of Alexis the tortoise.
Fingers crossed.



Man Manny

Walcott might not tick all the boxes for a modern centre-forward but he is a key building block in Arsenal offensive play. There are fantastic partnerships forming between him and Ozil on one side and with Alexis on the other. Great teams are built more on the sum of the parts rather than the individual parts per se.
The longer Walcott, Alexis, Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Bellerin, Coquelin and Monreal play together, the more they develop a telepathic understanding of each other ( we can see pockets of this already).
This is the making of a successful squad. I believe.

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

In my opinion, I don’t quite think it has to do with commitment and such as much as it had to do with the penny dropping. Being a 26 year former prodigy who was widely considered to have not developed into the devastating player his promise and potential warranted is likely not a fun thing to be labelled as. Theo probably realised that after being out for a year, and that his place as a guaranteed starter was not in jeopardy, but rather, was already gone, he had to improve his overall game like a motherfucker. He could no longer… Read more »


You could argue the penny dropped during his first contract saga, where he scored 20 goals that season. Also I distinctly remember him fulfilling his potential before his injury….

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

Different kinda penny in my opinion. He was faaar higher up the food chain during that first contract saga.

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