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Wilshere: Freak injury has been tough to take

Jack Wilshere says that this latest injury absence has been the most difficult for him to endure. Having come back early to pre-season to ensure he was at his fittest, he was injured by a tackle on the training ground, and despite hopes it wouldn’t require surgery, he went under the knife last month.

It’s the latest in a long line of serious injuries for the 23 year old, who has admitted he’s found it tough to come to terms with.

“I think mentally this one was the toughest to take because I had a good pre-season and it was literally the day before the Charity Shield,” he told Goals on Sunday on Sky Sports yesterday.

“I was ready, I was fit, I was in the team and I was going to play then all of a sudden a tackle and I was out.

“Last season I started the season well, got injured and missed most of the season, came back towards the end, got back in the England team, had a good game with England and then I only took two weeks off in the summer because I wanted to go back early and get fit, which I did.

“Pre-season I didn’t have any muscle injuries or anything like that, it was just a freak incident in training.”

And asked about his recovery, he said, “It’s going well. It’s frustrating, of course. I’m pain-free now, I’m out of the boot, I’m off the crutches and I’m moving around now which is good.”

“It is tough but I’ve got good people around me, family and friends and they really help.”

He really does deserve a break … not that kind you monsters! Fingers crossed he can get fit and stay fit …

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remember the invincibles

super Jacky Wilshere


He will be back and ready before we know it and ready to help the team charge to the title


I wish he would participate to the life of his club and team by… I dunno… celebrating with them when they succeed instead of talking about himself endlessly on twitter…

Unyoke The Ox

I had a quick check and “endless” is a bit much. He’s re-tweeted for St John’s Ambulance and thanked his new Mrs for her support. He’s hardly on it all of the time.

Also, some people find it torturous to look at what you could be doing when recovering. Perhaps he’s one of them?

little gretel

He’ll be like a new signing!


His style of play, the physicality of PL, coupled with his glass ankles i think Jack will struggle to maintain fitness for a full season at Arsenal. I want to be wrong but nothing suggests otherwise.

The foundations of his weak body were laid when he was overused at a young age.


Was he over used?
he only played about 35 games before he was 18.

between 18-19 Jack played regularly but was injured with a stress fracture that knocked him out for a year

so by the time he was 20 he had played 80 Games – wayne rooney had double that

and he’s a pikey


Fat Bra Gas had 200 games under his belt when he was 20 and not a cunt.


a fracture of a bone caused by REPEATED (rather than
sudden) mechanical stress.


Yes i understand the “stress” part of the stress fracture, but that is consistent with overuse only if the player is over used. At that point he was used less frequently than other notable examples – cesc, rooney, walcott. So overuse is not a sole factor if a factor at all. Is his style of play higher risk of breaks – maybe but his injuries are muscular, bone, left leg, right leg. upper leg, knee, lower leg ankle and back Is he biologically prone to injury? i think he my not be naturally more prone to injury’s than anyone else… Read more »


Well put then.


Is it too early to say we have to now start planning for the squad without him in mind, just like we did with Diaby?

If he’s fit, it’s a massive bonus, but if not then it shouldn’t make much of a difference as we should have enough players in his position.

Is that being harsh?


Yes, it is being a bit harsh. This injury was caused by a ‘training ground incident’ – not general wear and tear. At 23, he still has many exciting years ahead of him. Don’t forget we had a similar situation with the skunk, but he returned and had three full, excellent seasons (before chucking it all in for a career in prostitution).

Imagine how they’re feeling at Shitty right now. “They’re already level with us on points, playing far superior football, and still have Super-Jack, Welbz and Little Mozart (among many, many others) and some fantastic youth. We’re absolutely fucked!”


Was man of the match in basically every England game he played last season.

Huge talent, loves The Arsenal and is only 23!

Deserves as much time as Diaby and RVP got to try and overcome injuries.


I am still absolutely convinced he is one of the top talents at our club. If only he could get a season or so without major injury, the lad would shine.


I wonder if Arsene did over play him when he was a teen and that has contributed to his terrible injury record. The year we beat Barca at home in that epic Champs League clash Jack was a main stay in midfield with Cesc & Song. He must have been 18 or younger at the time. He’ll be a nice option to have when he returns.


We have a bigger squad than the previous years.

However, if we have to maintain a challenge across multiple fronts, we need most of our of squad to be fit and available.

Wilshere, Rosicky and Welbeck all being injured at the same time has left our attacking options from the bench a bit limited. Especially when wanting to freshen things up for slightly less intense games.

I hope at a min, Wenger replaces Campbell in the January transfer window if he doesn’t trust him.

Merlin's Panini

If Campbell doesn’t play against Sheffield Wednesday I think we’ll have our answer. That will be a big game for him to prove himself.

Me So Hornsey

He is the rightful heir to Cazorla’s position.

If he can get fit and remain fit.

In his time off he could do a lot worse than to watch videos of Santi and learn a thing or two in how to be a deep lying playmaker.


he deserves a break, here’s a kit kat Jack!
get well soon!

Merlin's Panini

I want a kitkat now… how much are those Nestle bastards paying you?

Arsene's Apologist

I love Jack and still feel gutted over his loss. We wish him the best and can’t wait to see him back.


Up the Jack!!! Come back soon. Gunner Love!!!


As for your massive disagreement on the podcast. It just weird to eat toast without butter, jam or no jam. And you should try the peanut butter and butter combo, it is soooo good.


Where’s the ***SPOILER ALERT*** at the start of your post?


It’s the nature of some of our signings We take risk on exceptional talents like DiAby, Jack, RVP, Ramsey who have injury prone issues Chiefly until recently bc we cannot be in market for every tip end talent so we have to gamble with regard injury to potential talent (Sanogo was another one) If there is a reason to overload the squad slightly, it is bc of this issue We have currently both Arteta and Rosicky(himself injury prone) in reserve as experience we can call in if need be but both are getting on too so some changes will (should… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Any ideas on his timeframe to come back?
Having him, Rosicky and Welbeck back could provide a huge and timely boost because they’ll all be champing/chomping at the bit to get out there and show us what we’ve been missing.

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