Sunday, October 2, 2022

Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal – player ratings

Well, that wasn’t great. We were realistically expecting to win? No. We were expecting get a 5-1 twatting? Not really. I mean, this is a team that beat Barcelona 7-0 (on aggregate in fairness), so it’s always possible, but hey.

The night was made worse by Olmypiacos beating Dinamo Zagreb which means PERMUTATIONS (I’ll cover them on tomorrow’s blog).

Meanwhile, here’s how the players rated.

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We’ll still finish 2nd imo.


Are there any teams that could have stopped Bayern Munich from winning this group? I feel like they’re a cut above this year.


Maybe not, but there are plenty of teams that could have got at least a point in the first two games. Among those teams is Arsenal, but we didn’t, and I still don’t quite understand why.

Nevermind, just win the league instead.


they are not unbeatable like the media were telling us even at their place. okay fair play they could have scored more yesterday but so could we as they gave up a few chances. with bit more pace in the side and better defending , taking our chances when they come, they are beatable. plus they got no messi

Getso guhnner

Only pisitive was Giroud scoring again. Hope for a complete transformation on Sunday

Arteta's hair

Also Özil. Thought he was very good once again.

Mesut Ohno


His negativity is starting to show through. There was a moment in the second half when Giroud tried to play a pass to him. It was slightly overhit & Ozil threw his hands in the air, which is basically saying to the other player, your shit. Giroud saw this & gave Ozil a “fuck you” look.

Ozil is a good player, no doubt. But he has that air of arrogance that can divide a dressing room.


The whole team does that move, none more so than Giroud.

Vieira, oh oh

I believe that move is called ‘the Ramsey’.


No he doesn’t


When a team plays like the way they did y’day, do you blame him? But blame Wenger for that: “We’ll take a point”.. Wow, is it any wonder then the players didn’t look like they were arsed..

A disgraceful two matches against a top team which shows our level. Let us face it – we have no real style of playing anymore, no real system, ideology or hell, even a gameplan. Win or lose the league, Wenger must be gone by end of season.


Is that Fatgooner in disguise?

Lapo Gooners

no it’s not negative. it’s the truth.

Lapo Gooners

don’t piss the positive word.


Don’t mind losing, though conceding 5 goals hurts, even if it’s from Bayern. Don’t mind finishing last as well, the PL is much more important this season. Looking forward for Alexis getting his first North London Derby goal on Sunday.


You are seriously unhappy about that performance Blogs?


I thought Ozil over-Alexised Alexis.


I’m annoyed as I think we could have gotten more out of this game but never mind. PL and FA Cup next!

Santi Claws

Bah. Fuck it. Grrrrr

Ah well.

Danger Mouse

Bonus Rating: Ozil’s Elbow 10/10
One chance, one goal.



For Robben’s ”Jean Luc Picard impression”


That 360 he did later on in the game and somehow still found his team mate (any idea who that was?) with a perfect pass that confused the shit out of the 2 or 3 BM players who were surrounding him. Amazing!




Of course. Magnificient player.

Getso guhnner

Bad night but win in Sunday, this will be forgotten


On Sunday it will be Nacer Chadli or Delle Ali, not Douglas Costa or Arjen Robben. Let’s not get too worried

Toast with Butter and Jam

0/10 for BTSport for failing to realize that nothing good happens when you pick a co commentator with Owen in his name

Butter & Jam, no Toast

Owen Wilson would be an improvement.

Toast with Butter and Jam

Are you sure you don’t want some toast


No smegging toast!


Me: Puts kitten in water
Hargreaves: 100/100 best thing i’ve seen.

Easy tiger

That is very true. But it will stil be debuchy!!!

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Defensively poor tonight. The energy wasn’t there in midfield to track runners. With a bit more composure in the final third I think there were more goals in it for ourselves though..
Overall, disappointing performance.

David C

very generous to all players especially DeBuchy. Thought Monreal was probably our best player.


I didn’t think Debuchy had a worse time than the other three defenders.

According Squawka he was the only Arsenal defender to win a tackle against Bayern Munich (which he did it twice).


The run he did to deny Robben an open goal is proof of his capabilities. More game time will only see him improve. I look forward to Sunday.

Santi's Smile

Performances in that jersey shouldn’t count. Hope that’s the last we see of it this season.


Hahahaha!! No one can cheer me up after a loss better than you Sir Mangan! CAUSE WIPING ARSES WITH ELBOWS CANNOT BE DONE!


This season I’ve noticed how closely debuchy tucks into the central defender (mainly mert). it leaves a ridiculous amount of space on the wings for people to cross and leaves the right winger super stranded.its happened every game and when we haven’t had someone super tracking back, it’s caused all sorts of havoc. I don’t know what’s going on with Alexis. Holding onto the ball far too long and staying on the ground when we clearly weren’t going to get any calls. We had chances today, and some damn good ones too. 5-3/5-4 should’ve been more accurate but a loss… Read more »

shwooooz caprooooz

watching debuchy yesterday was painful. At times he was so narrow that the opponents could fit as many as 4 players on the wings. Thats were Bayern ran the entire show last night, Comen. Thiago, Costa all constantly kept drifting to our right side to create overloads. And as much as i love Alexis, he needs to stop trying to dribble though brick walls. Sometimes he was trying that with almost 4 to 5 players surrounding him, only to end up losing the ball, putting the team under further pressure. The last goal came from his losing the ball trying… Read more »


No new injuries from tonight’s game – 10/10
That’s what I’m most pleased about. Shame about Bellerin, but aside from him we can continue our league form against those lot on Sunday.


Welcome to Arsenal Gabriel. Playing for Arsenal means facing this level of opposition, the true European elite experience. May this baptism by fire have the same effect on you as it had on Bellerin.

2015-2016 = the year we've been waiting for

In the Premier League nine times out of ten the linesman flags Lewandoski’s opening goal for offside because he really does ‘look’ offsides in real time with Gabriel racing the other way. And Nacho’s cross was so fast that it really ‘looked’ like Ozil had headed or chested the ball into the back of the net.

After getting Ramsey’s opening goal vs. Liverpool (wrongly) disallowed for offside and then suffering the incompetence of Mike Dean at Stamford Bridge, thought we were due some luck with decisions.


Hopefully we’ll fix defensive errors like giving players too much time on the ball. No excuses, we failed to show up.


Focus really needs to be on PL. Skip these other competitions. Our form is helped by winning in the league and then carrying that form to next weekend. Getting smacked by big and little teams in Europe mid week just causes issues with form. Do I like the arsenal this way? No, but it’s the way the club is currently managed and operated.

Dan D

Don’t buy into many of the comments posted on here that it’s not the end of the world we were playing Bayern after all. Bayern are an exceptional side but trust me, we made it easy for them, in truth they didn’t have to play that well or work too hard for their goals. Out defending was abject, our desire non existent. That’s 6 defeats in all competitions now, and for me this Arsenal team remains far too unpredictable to win anything of any note. Just when I think we have turned a corner we throw in another abject performance.… Read more »


It’s the jersey! We gated it. They still went ahead. It’s was ugly at Sheffield and still ugly tonight. I recon beating them lot on Sunday will repair all this

Martin Finley

Bayern shows us that investing in very good players does not ruin the collective of a team like some gunners who this summer argued against investing in higher caliber players would have you believe. Hehe Lets focus on the League now, It is the most realistic to achieve of the two big trophies. The stars have even aligned for us now to achieve it this season with Chelsea’s unexpected decline, United in mid rebuilding and City missing their 2 most important players to injury. If we cant bring home the title this season when even the universe is trying to… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

You mean like the alleged sex-tape extortionist? Pity we didn’t land that one.


Can you explain his the universe is helping us when we have Bellerin, Koscielny, Wilshere, Arteta, Ramsey, Ox, Rosicky, Walcott and Welbeck injured?
Thanks for keeping it real.

easy tiger

Well only three of those would have made the team anyway. But we could have rotated comming into this game. I was happy Arteta was injured, would have been way worse if he played. Fact is that we have a very poor team compared to bayern. Every position they were/are better than us. Ozil would be good enough but it stops there.


Eh Alexis….?


Wenger’s rating shd be 2/10.He has 18 years of playing in cl soccer.I think he will never win repeat never win the cl if given another 18 years. His dna is stuck in the attacking mode. With so many players injured,mind you key performers,hecould have flooded the md as rf did when he repeatedly got the better of the fm.
Its better the gunners are eliminated form the cl and concentrate on winning the epl. If Wenger cant do that,then imho and that of other fans he shd go.


Looks like the Daily Mail village has let its idiot escape.


OK, we were an injury-ravaged playing a revenge-minded Bayern team in their house, so I understand losing, but I’m wondering that if we hadn’t been robbed of first goal we might not have put up a more stubborn defense.

Also that 3rd kit is ugly. It deserves to be burnt for that along. But it’s also a jinx-kit because when we wore it once before we were also embarrassed. Burn the damn thing!


Robbed of the 1st goal? How about Ozil trying to put his head into the ball and score; oh but no, he had to use his hand………

easy tiger

come on, if costa had scored that sort of winner we would be screaming!!! It was a good decision. Bayern is way better than us, what worries me more is that they were physically superior. The one thing we could have been equal too……..


I realize that this won’t be a popular comment, but I’ve never been that keen on Alexis. He’s ridiculously talented, but also incredibly selfish, and not particularly intelligent. The amount of blind alleys he pursues is ridiculous.

His main virtue is effectiveness – he scores and assists a fair amount. But at what cost? His turnover rate is worrying. I can’t shake the feeling that he’s a posh Gervinho.


I’m giving you a thumbs-up out of pity, because I have a feeling you’re about to be buried.

Arteta's hair

Oh my..

Okay, so I agree that he loses the ball a bit too often and sometimes he is s bit too predictable when he cuts inside from the left.
But he is still an incredible player who carried our team in difficult parts of last season, and we only need to look back on the Leicester and Man U game, to see why he is rated so highly.

And you’re freaking comparing him to Gervinho? GERVINHO?!?
I’m no lawyer (just yet) but that right there has to be fucking illegal.


I don’t know what you have against the gerv. but he’s a good player. sometimes unplayable. look at what he has done in his club career.

maybe it’s AW that misused him at Arsenal don’t u think?


Don’t really think he was misused. He generally played well for us and then went off to the African cup of nations. Came back And had lost his place in the team. He scored a decent amount of goals before leaving too (granted he missed a few sitters) But was then only judged on his cameo performances at the end of seasons by the fans. Every missed pass or lost dribble was seen as the end of the world and wenger basically had to use him sparingly due to the tension from the fans/stadium. That tension spreading to the team… Read more »


His main virtue Is effectiveness?
Damn that effectiveness……


Effectiveness is the ruin of an otherwise ineffective footballer.


Alexis was average against Swansea and now Bayern … by his lofty standards.
He might be carrying an injury? Or just plain worn out. Get rid of the blue kit ffs and bring on Spurz …. this Gunners team usually responds well to a bad one so let’s hope so.
Losing to them is now not an option. Fuck


Catbiscuits, you mad bro?


To me thats foul mouthed. i almost couldn’t bring myself to finish it. “Not particularly intelligent” my goodness


Either we go through by beating the other two teams by the right scorelines and them losing their Bayern games, or we lose our games and avoid the Europa League. I’m not fussed by which it is to be honest. Let’s go win the League and Cup double.

Wengers Army

Wenger out

Lapo Gooners

Wenger In to arse holes.


Honestly, this shit is ridiculous. Wenger out? Let me ask you this – just how informed are you about our club? The truth is we would not have won the CL in 18 years with another manager. As good as we are domestically we have never been a force in Europe. Full stop. As far as Wenger is concerned his secret is that he is remarkably consistent and selfless. Look no further than the prick Mourinho and his results this year. Wenger has NEVER had such a slump, and that includes the ‘dark years’ when we always played the kids.


Just different expectations. Some people cannot understand why we are unable to build a squad that is good enough to challenge on all three major fronts (PL+CL+FA Cup) every year – why Arsenal cannot be like Bayern Munich or on the same tier as them. Clearly they have better players so when we beat them it is called an “upset.” Hence this result is just quality showing, which happens 8-9 out of 10 times. You are only unhappy if you think we should not be inferior to Bayern – unfortunately that is not how it is. Accept what we are… Read more »


We lack killer instinct. I’ve said it and will keep saying. We need to create lots of chances in other to score.
The 2 chances santi missed are chances you do not miss when you’re up against a team like bayern.

Chris B

goes without saying we’d LOVE to see Arsenal do well in the Champions League, but even the most optimistic of fans can’t really believe our chances of actually winning it are THAT great. I wouldn’t mind seeing Wenger take a more pragmatic approach to our season and focus entirely on our more achievable ambitions… and right now that’s the Prem. With Man U and Chelsea looking more and more out of the picture, it really comes down to us or City which is an amazing opportunity.


I blame those shit blue kits!

Lapo Gooners

I blamed the master of 11 years of failures.

Guess who?


Michael Owen?


Tough night to have two new defenders come into the lineup than what we had been playing with for a while (though Gabriel has had a number of games this year, just wasn’t ready for this level of game). Gabriel really struggled positionally especially on the first and fourth goals (Robben’s) and was so slow to close Alaba on the 3rd one. Also got beat by Muller for the 5th one. Ozil looked really sharp early, harsh hand ball to call with his arm tight against his chest. Not sure how he did in the 2nd half as I honestly… Read more »


Lets focus to the premiere league title!


I hope Wenger focuses exclusively on the premier League now. We have too small a squad to compete in Europe at the moment. Let’s try win the PL now that the other big clubs in England are not that great. Oh, and please let’s avoid the Europa League, would be a disaster playing Thursdays+Sundays/Saturdays.


To be fair to Chambers for the 5th, he kept it alive at the other end with a good pass to Özil but exactly at the moment when Mesut switched off and turned his back in frustration. That’s why the last Bayern attack broke and there was not much anyone could do much about it.
Not that it changed much in terms of the outcome, and both teams were playing just for fun at the time anyway.

Dan D

That was an abject display defensively from the whole team. Bayern are a great team but we made it so easy for them – stood off them all over the park, didn’t track runners, sat way too deep. It was a display of ineptness and cowardice that continues to worry me about this Arsenal side. We are doing well enough domestically but we are still giving our opposition far too many chances. Leicester, Watford and Swansea could all have been 2 up before we got started. 6 defeats in all competitions this season suggests to me there is still a… Read more »


Alexis seems tired. Which, I know, is not possible in this universe. So, is he carrying a knock?

Thierry Walcott

I’m proud of you all. This must be the most positive comment section after a loss of that size.
Giroud’s goal bro!!!

We played a bit shit but we’re playing Shit in a few days, that’s a complete 180 degree turn.
#COYG we have Sunday to look forward to!


To be fair, no one expected us to get any points off Bayern when the groups were announced. We’ve ended up getting 3 each. Shame we threw points away against the other teams.

We were missing some important players, it was at their place and in general, when they turn it on, they’re just phenomenal. We shouldn’t be too disheartened by it.

Debuchy is a huge question mark for me though. I think I’d play Chambers right-back ahead of him.


lol i can’t believe someone compared Gervinho to Alexis


It looked a bit like we did not know exactly what to do, given that we played ’em in Munich, them being up for it, us not completly giving a shit. Whilst we played badly, Bayern turned us over and I don’t give a shit. In the interview afterwards on ZDF (se tscherman broadcasting station) Per really did not either, also refering to qualification not being in our hands anymore. In turn Philip Lame said “don’t worry, Per, we always give it a go, as you know”. Per was neither overly impressed, nor happy about that. He pointed to the… Read more »


Özil best player on the pitch for me. Clearly frustrated by some of the mistakes around him. So worryingly good that I can sense Bayern sniffing round to sign him


I know I’m in the minority but I’d quite like the team to be in the Europa League and really aim at winning it.

Okay, it’s not the Champions League but the average level of the teams is probably at least as high as any national championship.


I know you mean well, but we’re better off abandoning Europe this season to just concentrate on domestic competitions.

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