Saturday, November 27, 2021

Coquelin injury ‘more severe’ than Arteta’s

Arsene Wenger says that the knee injury suffered by Francis Coquelin is ‘more severe’ than the calf problem which forced Mikel Arteta off today.

The Spaniard replaced Coquelin after the Frenchman had injured his knee in a 50-50 challenge in midfield, but had to leave the field just after half-time himself.

The Arsenal manager wouldn’t speculate on how long either player would be out, but it’s clearly a big worry to lose Coquelin, while yet another injury for the Arsenal captain looks like his time at the club could be coming to a sad end.

Speaking about the game itself, Wenger said, “We did give everything until the end. Maybe we were a bit too sure of ourselves. Overall it was a bad day. We scored an own goal, missed a penalty and missed a lot of chances.

“It is very disappointing.”

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This is much worse than the loss itself.


Maybe so, but comparably it’s not as bad as a dystopian past where we lost WW2.

Tom Thumb

Well said,cech and coquelin are our 2 most important players in my opinion.


Someone commented it might be a ligament injury. This keeps getting better and better. If true, he’s out for an extended time now. :/


When you mentioned Cech I scrolled up again just to make sure his name wasn’t in the article

gooner 44

castrated and left coqless by that TWAT Pullis
another away day in tears but we will fight on
C O Y G.


To be fair there really was no malice in Yacob’s tackle. West Brom were aggressive no doubt, but lets stop painting it as teams come out to kick us. Don’t be like Chelsea and they’re conspiracy theories.


Bloggs in the clip I saw Wenger didn’t say “it’s more severe” he said “we don’t know how severe it is”
here’s hoping…


It can be a blessing in disguise because:
It can force Wenger to buy a DM now which we need. Flam an Mikel won’t be given new deals apparently.
Also Flam can now get a proper chance in the team and prove that MAYBE he’s worth to be given new 1-year deal. Certainly he’s going to be very much motivated.
If we sign someone then he’s not going to be thrown into deep water. It can turn into win-win situation, if we manage it well.


Well I would have never seen that one coming


If only we prepared ourselves accordingly.

Remember the invicibles

Oh great, so Ramsey will have to hold with Ox on right.
Cazorla’s form has been so bad he should be dropped but we have no one available to replace him and without Coquelin he’ll be exposed even more.


Cazorla has been very good in his position. He has made us tick. At one point he was the most 2nd most creative player in the league.. Only second to Ozil.. It’s his shooting alone that is terrible.. I just don’t understand it. And to top it all, when he plays for Spain, he scores.. Good goals too.. Weird


Arteta’s calf injury was an excuse to get him off.

J. Thomme

Finally, time for β€ŽΒ£193.1 million to get a crack in the team.


‘Finally, someone got injured’


He’s injured


I remember getting thumbed down for commenting on an article here, earlier this season that Arteta didn’t deserve. ……. never mind, the political correctness here is blinding


Haha, I actually remember that because I liked it and agreed with it.


I have been saying the same thing.. Arteta needs to focus on his coaching.. His best years are definitely behind him.. Seems more of a liability bringing him on these days.. I’m not saying he’s a bad footballer. But there comes a time when you have to accept the mind is willing but the body is weak

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Do you guys know Arteta just came from injury ? Are you already preparing to jump on Walcott once again when he is back ?


Yes, they are.

Mesut Ohno

Arteta has constantly been coming back from injuries & keeps ‘re-injuring himself. this is because his body is shutting down, he can’t hack the premier league high intensity anymore.

It’s a shame as he is a nice guy but niceness doesn’t win you football games.


Which makes it even more interesting that he was put straight into a game like this, when Flamini was available

dr Strange

Coquelin is irreplaceable. Without him or rather without that “type” of player we won’t have anything to do with title. The team suffered badly when he went of today we don’t have a replacement.

Joel Carter

Coquelin is the most important player in the team. It’s only because of his tenacity and work rate that we can get away with playing Cazorla in his current position.


No shit!

A bit sure of ourselves???? Is he taking the piss?

We lost due to absolutely shit defending and bringing on a slow injury prone midfielder in
Arteta instead of Flamini. and even that would have been desperate.


“It is very disappointing”

Yeah.. No shit..


If coq is out our season is over. Flamini can cover for a few matches but over the long term Wenger Will have to buy. Better buy. Once again injuries overtake the team. Shit.

Belfast Gooner

Depends how long he is out. We have 3 games in the league that are very winnable. If hes back for the City match then we are sweet.


This was supposed to be `winable`. Nothing when it comes to Arsenal is easily winable. We need proper number 9 for matches like this. Nobody to score today.

Belfast Gooner

A trip to face a Pullis team when you are Arsenal under Wenger is never to be taken for granted. Our season isnt over though. Still plenty to play for.

Don Cazorleone

@DGX It’s not just when it comes to Arsenal; it is every game in the league, for every team.

No team can be taken lightly any more, margins are closer than they ever have been and any team can beat any team on the day.

This is why the Premier league is one of the best leagues in the world. (or in my opinion – THE best.)



Winnable like WBA away


West brom was very winnable. Doesnt mean shit these days.

Vladimir's hetero bitch.

How many more times are we going to underestimate the opposition or be too sure of ourselves?


Damn. Just knew Coquelin injury was going to be serious. The way things go with Arsenal injuries, we probably won’t see him again until March, at least. Really can’t believe how many big injuries we keep getting.


I hope it’s not a long term injury. However if it’s then he’ll probably come back around the transfer window, so we can once again sit back and not buy anyone.

Yaya Binks

Such a shame there was ABSOLUTELY NO ONE better than Flamini or Arteta during the summer transfer window that Wenger could’ve bought to strengthen the team, its the sorry sorry state of football world wide what with that being the case *sigh*


Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not?

William Carvalho (i.e. the the Euro u21 player of the tournament) was there for the taking…


he would fit straight in then…;-)

Don Cazorleone

Who do you think was out there that is better than both of those players, that would have come and sat on the bench as 3rd or 4th choice backup?

This isn’t fifa. It is real life, with real careers.


We can kiss any chance of winning the title goodbye. Simple as that.

Don Cazorleone

Chin up buttercup, lest you look fair-weather. πŸ™‚


Our season imo ended the minute Coq came off and Arteta (at fault for both goals) came on.

Me So Hornsey

The Coquelin injury for me is far, far more worrying than the result.

For even Wenger to call it ‘severe’ means a possible season ender. Very very bad day indeed.


Means we need to buy a quality DM as soon as possible!

Mesut Ohno

January 1st it is then.

If Coq is out for season, who is available to replace him?

Is Wanyama worth the money Soton would want?

Don Cazorleone

I’d be in for either Lars or Sven Bender… personally

Shwoooooz Caproooz

I suppose our season is now officially over. Coq’s injury was the one thing I feared most, despite the entire right midfield being out. I dunno how the team will perform and how we are supposed to get out of this hole. Looking back retrospectively, I feel that we missed a trick not signing Schneiderlin.


I’m very much a Wenger supporter but I must admit that seeing MS go to Manchester United hurt.


I know a lot of people will probably diaagree, but with Coquelin out injured, I would like to see a chance be given to Chambers in Coquelin’s slot. I know he lacks experience there but under the circumstances I think he would be the better alternative, or even move Debuchy up to there. He seems to struggle with pace but in that position it is not so important.

9 o'clock

Debuchy does have experience as a DM (although I don’t know how recently), so it is possible. Regardless, while Debuchy was available at the time, Wenger chose Flamini. Chambers seems incredibly risky, but I imagine he may finally make the bench as the backup.


Chambers isn’t as quick or athletic. Part of Coquelin’s establishment is also his timing and foresight. That’s why it took him a while to get here.


I also think Debuchy has somewhat of a similar disposition as Coquelin. He plays angry like Coq.


Whether we like it or not, Arteta is finished. It’s nice to have him off the field, but that’s it.


If we signed Schneiderlin, he’d be injured now.


Quality! πŸ™‚


Not sure what to make of our title pursuit now. I think I’ll just stop paying attention to the table and just watch the matches not caring about our place in the table. One step forward, two steps back.


Play chambers centre mid


Why did we even bring Arteta on? Why not Flamini? At least the Frenchman is more match fit.


Schneiderlin or not we needed someone as back up in that position. There had to be someone out there available as back up to Coq as there was no way he’d go a whole season without an injury.

I could except us not getting a striker as there’s clearly a lack of them available but don’t tell me there wasn’t some wardrobe in Europe that wouldn’t have done a job.

And no I’m not Wenger out.

Red side

Play Gabriel holding midfield now Martin keown s love child deserves a run in the team ,

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

If this injury is “severe” I feel this is an Eduardo v Birmingham or Ramsey v Stoke moment. Title challenge over. Enjoyable while it lasted.


Wenger is really fond of making unnecessary gambles isn’t he?
I mean, was there REALLY any need to take a gamble on just having Coq and that he would be fit all season? Especially based on our injury rates for the past decade?

Stevie Wonder could see this coming.


And he doesn’t even like football


I don’t think it’s wenger’s fault.The fault is with our British core.The likes of Jack,theo,chambo and Ramsey are injured when we need them. Jack and chambo may have extraordinary talents but they need to understand they are ordinary players until they can perform atleast half a season injury free. Players like them are the reason Wenger has consistently avoided dipping into transfer market. If they don’t repay the faith that manager or the fans have shown in them over the years they are free to walk out. I’d rather we have reliable players than waste talent in the treatment table.


Fantastic. Absolutely incredibly fantastically poo. Unbelievably predictable.


Everyone except Wenger knew this would happen..Any idiot could have predicted this..But Mr 8 mil a year gambled on Coach Arteta and admittedly brilliant future billionaire but nearly done at the top Level Flamini..To be fair Flam has been okay when he has played this season bar the Wednesday game..But still. We let this guy go for free in 2005…Yet he is now our only fit Dm…That level of negligence by a person in authority in any other walk of life……


I’m surprised you did’nt get thumbed down.But when shit inevitably happens,Arsenal fans do get back to reality from time to time,before they drift back into dreamland,especially on this site,like when we hopefully win next week.


Its the insanity of being trapped in groundhog day for 10years.

Don Cazorleone

You are not Arsenal.

Don Cazorleone

The most Groundhog thing about today is coming to the comments section and seeing all the “Wenger out/I told you so’s” laying about like worms after a flood. Bore me later.

We are currently 2 points off 1st place in the league.
So take your misplaced sense of self-entitlement somewhere else.
This idea of “We are the Arsenal, so we should be winning everything”. Nope, we have to work hard, just like every other team in this league.
And this is us doing it.

Get behind your damn team.


… and Campbell should not even be on the bench. His horrendous misses prove that he is not ready fr this level of football. Sell him in January. Buy a defensive middy …


Just like Christmas, Arsenal’s mid-season injury crisis seems to get earlier every year.


I’d say give Chambers a run of games in that number 6 position if Coquelin should be out for a longer period. We’d still have Gabriel and Debuchy on the bench and could bring Flamini on in the last 20-30 minutes if we need to defend a result. I think Chambers can be really good in this position if he gets some consecutive games. He will surely make a few errors in the first games and that is bad because we cannot allow too many errors in the next weeks but on the long run it will be better for… Read more Β»

Hector's Bellend



We all love him, sure, but Arteta’s done. I hope for everyone’s sake he calls a day on his playing career after this season. At least, with us anyway.

And enough about his goddamned hair already.


no such thing as enough with hair like that


People will be singing songs about his hair long after he’s gone..


Now I hate to say I told you so but when I suggested that we’d struggle to win the league because we don’t have a deep enough squad when you consider the inevitable injuries that we get each season I was given the thumbs down treatment on here. It’s all too predictable.


It seems like Le Coq jabbed his heel into the ground during the 50/50 tackle sending shock waves up his leg into his knee and shattering all our hopes. But the Coq will return in style like Ron Jeremy in wrecking ball.


Oh god, I hope he returns with more class than that.


In Arsenal’s lexicon, You suspect the term ‘severe’ means 2 to 3 months. But I’m optimistic because he walked off the pitch. Who am I kidding?


Somebody remind me again. When will Welbeck and Wilshere be back? And Rosicky?


Think the last comment was ‘a bit longer than that’ – whatever that means.

Va va voom

With all that cash Flamini could be paying the injury gods to help him get a place in the team.


The failure to sign a back up to our Coq was always going to be our Achilles heel and, as such, as predictable as us being sloppy after a break just as we were vs West Ham first game. The silver lining is Arteta being out too (he’s a lovely bloke and will be a good coach I suspect but his legs have gone) and I do quite like the idea of throwing Chambers or even Bielik in at the deep end. Might just be like a Coq rising up again……


Comment:He didn’t replaced an injured Coq.. just came from the bench and gifted 2 important goals for them..and back to where he came from.. What a shame from expected leader of this great team?.. next, stop being too aggressive!




I’m sick of hearing all this crap slagging off Wenger. When we’re on a good run he’s a genius, when we lose a game or a player gets injured a lot of people take out their frustration on him and are sharp to point the finger. Yes, we could have spent more in summer but that’s gone now and there’s nothing we can do about it. With a little less bad luck we would be top of the table so we can’t be doing that bad, so let’s just get on with it. Coq’s been in great form and yes… Read more Β»


Season over

Mesut Ohno

“No way man, no fucking way”

Arshavin's fake moustache

We’re in some real pretty shit now


All talking about buying big to replace Coq, need to remember where he sprang from.Hell lets splash out on M’villa or whatever from the armchair laptop. Cest la vie


Playing Gabriel in his place is not a bad option, seeing that Ramsey Walcott and Ox are only a few weeks away to a return the midfield should be a little more reliable. Gunners should just drop out of all the other distractions like the Champions League and fight for something realistic.

Arseology - Reloaded

And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually.


Time for Mr Flamini to step up.

In pre season Wenger was trying out a new system with Wilshere playing in the DM position. Who knows maybe we can try that if this is a long term one

Ps: That’s if Wilshere returns early


Yeah lets base our strategy on Wilshire being not injured…:-(


How about we start buying injured players in the January transfer window?
Here’s why:
They would be much cheaper.
We wouldn’t be disappointed when they got injured, because they already are.
It cuts out the middleman and would speed up the whole process!

Don Cazorleone

we already tried that with Kallstrom didn’t we? πŸ˜‰


Oh yeah, don’t worry I will come up with another about buying players with wooden legs…I’ll get my coat!

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