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Debuchy ready to play waiting game

Mathieu Debuchy says he’ll wait until the end of next month to see what his future holds at Arsenal.

The French international has fallen behind Hector Bellerin in the pecking order and feels his European Championships place is at risk if he doesn’t play regularly.

He’s started three games recently however, and his performance against Sp*rs yesterday was much more like the player we know he can be. However, speaking to Canal+ after the game he hinted that he’s ready to consider his options if the young Spaniard continues to keep him out of the team.

“I am dealing with it,” he said.

“I am trying to stay strong. We are going to remain concentrated until December, after that I will see.”

Back in August, Debuchy made his unease clear, talking about his absence from the side.

“In my head I thought I’d return to the starting lineup after my recovery. But at the Community Shield against Chelsea, Wenger chose him, [Hector] Bellerin.

“It was a surprise and a disappointment. Let’s say it crossed my mind [leaving]…but I want to be at Arsenal and to regain my place.

“He [Wenger] told me nothing was gained and that there’s a lot of games over the course of a season. He knows I’m worried though because there’s an important deadline at the end of the season.”

It’s clear he’s unhappy, but ultimately it will serve Arsenal no purpose to let a player of his experience go – especially when we know we suffer injuries.

The onus is on him to perform better and more consistently. Bellerin is expected to return after the Interlull, so I doubt we’ve heard the last of this one though.

Listen to today’s Arsecast Extra – discussing Sp*rs, Ozil, Giroud and gigantic ants.

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Nice knowing ya then Debuchy.

Because Bellerin is just undroppable atm.


As much as I feel sorry for the guy as prior to his long injury lay-off he looked fairly decent for us.. but this is top flight football here; If you aren’t performing at the level necessary to warrant a starting place, you aren’t going to get a game. That’s how it works, and Its not as if Debuchy hasn’t had opportunities to play, because he has, and unfortunately for him, he hasn’t capitalized on the opportunities that Arsene has given him. Its not as if Arsene has frozen him out of the side, and not given him an opportunity… Read more »


Debuchy, 30 seconds later: “Ahh the waiting game sucks! Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos!”


Can’t say I’ve particularly warmed to Debuchy’s attitude. Get on with it mate. Instead of playing all sour grapes and thinking you’ve got a right to that national team place, how about actually just paying attention to what Hector is doing? Because it’s incredible. The kid has some of the best stats in Europe. Some of what he’s doing (clearances, assists, lightning speed) takes your breath away.

I was talking to my mum about Hector and she said “ooh I know, I love him, he’s like a son to me”


He provides healthy competition in that position, especially when he can be consistent after a run of games. With Sagna now getting regular game time at Man City though, Debuchy is obviously concerned since they’re both vying for that international position.

However if he does leave in January does that mean we’d have to recall Jenkinson? If that is even allowed of course. Youth on our side is great but there’s no replacement for experience.

Whatever happens I hope we can maintain our run from January onwards, if just to leave Chelsea further and further behind 🙂

Mark Hughes

The thing is, the youth on our right side is far better than the experience on our right side.


Could be wrong, but from the bits and bobs I’ve read we can’t recall Jenko, so Debuchy won’t be going anywhere.


I hope he stays , at least until the summer , as I would rather call on debuchy than chambers for defensive cover.

Aran Watson

He has again revealed his focus is entirely next summer. That’s his right, but I hope we drop him either this winter or summer for a player who really wants to be part of this squad and play for Arsenal. I may be reading his tone wrong, but just sounds like the team means nothing to him.


Yeah I was surprised that the complaint seems to be more about making it to the Euros than contributing to the League cause! If it’s a pressure tactic to getting more playing time its slightly better but I’m not sure it is. The guy who he is competing with, is making a big contribution. The season is long, the busy period is coming up, he being an experienced member should know that he’ll get chances to play…and impress! If he is really concerned, it should be a private word with Wenger than threatening in interviews! I actually hope to Jenkinson… Read more »


I agree. I find his remarks very disquieting. There seems to be a fair bit of ingratitude in him. He’s shown some promise over the last three matches, but if he wants to have more playing time he’s simply going to have to be better than Bellerin – and right now he’s not.

The choice is his. He can either whine his way into a January transfer, or he can buckle down and get better at his game. I hope he makes the right decision but I’m not holding my breath.


I think you are pushing it a bit too far. First, he was speaking to a French media. Then, he is not that young any more. What he is speaking about is not this year but next, because he knows that for this year he has lost it. So he reflects on the consequences of this fact, and the first that comes to mind is that he won’t be part of the European Championship. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for Arsenal. You are harsh on him because he was good before being crushed into pieces, twice. He has reasons… Read more »


Debuchy’s attitude stinks. He has no stomach for winning back his place and most likely won’t. Luckily we’ll have a battle hardened Corporal Jenks back next season and we can fuck the French fanny off to France.


A bit harshly put, but in essence correct.


I’m sorry but if a 20 year old is keeping you out of the team there is only one person to blame. Albeit it a ridiculously talented 20 year. Take a leaf out of Monreals book keep you down and concentrate on your own game.


I have no problem with shipping Debuchy out in the summer and bringing Jenko back as Hector’s backup, and I doubt legendary Arsenal fan Jenko would have any issue with that arrangement either. Not as keen on doing it in January (unless we can call Jenko back early); going into the business end of the season with Chambers as cover at both right-back and center-back isn’t exactly an edifying proposition.


AW must have been aware of this when he had Jenkinson sign a new contract during the summer. I think Jenks would be more than happy to come back and fight for his place in the team.

Mark Hughes

A 30 year old RB is fairly easy to replace with another experienced RB to provide cover. Maybe Mathieu and/or his agent should really consider their options and whether this tactic is really worth it.

I don’t recall Arsene taking kindly to his decisions being questioned and ultimatums being issued by backup players.


I’m so disappointed with his statement. This simply show that he’s rather thinking of his personal gains rather than the team. The earlier he’s gotten rid off the better it would be for the club. Chambers cannot do any worse than him and should be allowed to play instead of this loser!


Steady on chap ,
he’s an arsenal player not a loser .
He’s upset he’s lost his place to a 20 year old.

bims lay

Bellerin “the flash”, is undroppable right now, period. I don’t have the comparative stats right now, but i am sure he must be pushing for one of the best, if not the best RB in the premier league right now, and i am also sure, if he continues developing at the same rate, his stats at the end of the season will make him in contention for one of the best RB in europe. the boy can hardly put any foot wrong right now!. i am a fan of Debuchy, and i believe he is an out of form quality… Read more »

Яков Аршавин

Hector will keep anybody on the bench so no hard feelings Matheiu. Suck it up and work at making yourself better.


Can’t say I’m critical of debuchy’s play but his attitude seems all wrong. Let’s get someone else in with the right attitude.


A title isn’t won with your best 11 alone, it’s also won with your bench. (Especially when you’re named Arsenal, top of the injury league) As much as his attitude stinks, we do need a (luxury) backup like Debuchy for our title push because shit can, and will, hit us hard. He must understand his role, while we must continue to support him, if only for pragmatic reasons.


Its okay Debuchy, there is no shame in losing place to Catalan young player of the year.


Can’t see us letting him go in January unless we can recall Jenks. Which you typically can’t according to a year long loan contract, so we’d have to buy the rights to terminate it early back from WH, which I don’t seem them being too keen on either.

Plus I’m not sure Jenks would really prefer to sit on the bench waiting for Hector to get hurt either, when the alternative is playing the rest of the season with West Ham pretty much every game.


I hope I’m wrong, but I think you’ve hit on something there- Jenko’s doing well with the Hammers. And with a new stadium coming, they’re on the rise.

Anonymous Physicist

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here regarding Jenkinson. He seemed very pleased to go from sitting on the bench for his boyhood club to regularly playing for a smaller prem team last season. I doubt that will suddenly have changed. I also doubt that will change next summer, so personally I wouldn’t be surprised if we went on the hunt for a new RB if Debuchy eventually forces his way out. That said, I can only see us letting Debuchy go in January if we can find a very solid new backup RB. We have no… Read more »


The future looks grim for Debuchy as Bellerin is just different class at the moment. Think he’ll demand to leave but unless we can call Jenks back he won’t be going anywhere.

Dreading European Championship and all the Barca brigade whistling in Hectors ear.


Debuchy I thought seems like he is regaining form, made some good steals although it seems he is wary of being out paced (A fitnes issue?) and tends to sit deeper plus does not close down wide players quickly enough. He was absolutely flat before he was taken off, likely out of steam again suggesting match fitness affecting his play. He will possibly get another game or two before we put Bellerin back in on account of opposition after the break and at risk of returning Hector in too early. If he can recover fitness, I think his game will… Read more »


Plus I think since he lost his dodgy Mohawk, things haven’t been the same. New haircut?


Sounds like all he really cares about is the Euros! Pull your finger out of your arse and compete for that RB position and maybe you will get to play at the Euros no?


Great picture.


Bel is a different class. First name on the team sheet for me. Either demonstrate I’m wrong or move on and don’t disrupt progress. Welcome Jenkinson next year to disrupt progress!


Surprised by a lot of these comments. Debuchy never complained that Hector is being picked over him, merely that he wants to be playing 1st team football, particularly as there is a Euros in his own country in the summer. Obviously that is a concern for him, I would be more worried if it wasn’t. Also he’s not an idiot and can see how good Hector is and how he provides a greater balance with the Nacho man on the other side, therefore he knows he must consider his options, it’s not about a lack of fight, I would say… Read more »


A charitable interpretation but probably fairer than mine (below). If you’re right though, it does raise an interesting question: if he leaves (rather than staying and fighting for his spot) isn’t he conceding – effectively – that he’s not good enough to win a place in the Arsenal first team? So, unless he absolutely flourishes somewhere else, how is dropping to a lesser team improve his chances of getting into the French squad? And, if he’s confident that his form is going to return/improve with regular game time: why isn’t he focused on using the window Hector’s injury has provided… Read more »

Mark Hughes

“In my head I thought I’d return to the starting lineup after my recovery. But at the Community Shield against Chelsea, Wenger chose him, [Hector] Bellerin. It was a surprise and a disappointment. Let’s say it crossed my mind [leaving]…but I want to be at Arsenal and to regain my place” from Mathieu’s own mouth. Seems to me like he is complaining about Hector being picked over him and also that he’s changed his tune about trying to regain his place.

Jack Wilshere's fibula

It’s funny, he seems to be convinced that regular football will make him a quality RB again and a shoe in for the France squad. Pretty sure he’s playing regular football ATM. You Somebody Call a waaaaambulence.


He looked good before his injury and I was happy he joined the squad but he’s never regained that form since. I understand lack of game time might have a lot to do with it but he’s not going to bump Bellerin on the basis of age! He has to try and play his way back into the position and if he’s not up for the challenge then farewell it is. I’d much rather have Jenks back than a wantaway Debuchy sulking on the bench. Wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves and still doesn’t make le bleus.


I do think regular starts would recover his form, but it’s a different kind of form from Bellerin’s deadly talent.

If he had simply been saying he wants to play for Arsenal I’d have more sympathy. The club must look out for its own interests.


Get rid. Was a silly signing in the first place and nowhere near as good as Sagna or Bellerin. I would argue Jenko is as good or better, homegrown and younger too.


I thought he was a very sensible signing , nobody knew he’d get two pretty big injuries and hector would turn out absolutely amazing

Naija Gunner

He doesn’t need to wait till January before he decides, why? If he was doing better, Hector B wouldn’t have benched him. He should take a leave from our humble and hardworking Monreal and Gibbs

Naija Gunner

*’a leaf’ my bad was furious by his whinning!


How much is Bellerin worth right now?


To be fair, reading the article containing those quotes: “he (Wenger)…” makes it sound like Debuchy is afraid to say Arsene’s name, bit like Potter & friends. I am also slightly worried about Debuchy only concentrating till xmas. Does that mean afterwards he won’t concentrate no more? Does that also mean he is concentrating right now, because if he is, what does that tell us about his qualities as a player? Jokes aside, even if half of the quotes are true and in context, Debuchy is not good enough and never will be. In my opinion he has never been… Read more »

Lightening Pace

Let him go, best for all parties imo.
So to plug the shortage in that position, while we wait for Corporal Jenks to head back to North London, I believe a decent loan option would be the most practical solution; the Kim Kallstrom loan we took a few seasons ago is a good example of how to go about it.
Don’t know who that would be but I hope the guys whose job it is to source loan players are on it.

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