Friday, August 19, 2022

Gabriel: Let’s not make things more complicated

Gabriel says Arsenal must not further complicate their Champions League hopes any further by losing to Bayern Munich on Wednesday.

After defeat in their first two games against Olympiacos and Dinamo Zagreb the Gunners gave themselves a lifeline with a 2-0 win over the Bundesliga champions on Matchday 3, however, they are well aware that another loss could leave qualification for the knockout rounds out of their hands.

Speaking ahead of the trip to the Allianz Arena the Brazilian centre-back told Arsenal Player of the need to attack with intelligence:

“I think we feel more confident within the competition than after the first two games. We had two defeats and we felt a bit down but the group is very strong, so we managed to overcome that and we managed to recover against a great team that will probably fight to win the competition as well.

“With this victory [against Bayern], we managed to get up and running and realise that anything is possible in football, thanks to the confidence and ability of all the players.

“I think at home we were able to impose ourselves a lot more. We attacked a bit more but I think when we play away, we also have to have a slightly different outlook.

“That doesn’t mean we’ll spend the whole game defending. We’re a big team, we’re Arsenal and we need to attack because we need the result.

“But we need to attack with intelligence and make sure we don’t suffer a defeat and complicate our situation for the rest of our competition.”

If Arsenal do lose on Wednesday and Olympiacos beat Dinamo Zagreb it means a draw between the Greeks and Bayern on Matchday 5 would see both secure safe passage out of the group stage. That would leave us facing the possibility of Europa League football (in its previous incarnation as the UEFA Cup) for the first time since we reached the final in 2000…and loads of games for the rest of the season on Thursdays and Sundays.

We don’t want that. We really don’t want that.

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Man Manny

I have a good feeling about this game. It will by no means be easy but this team has shown that they can be resilient when the need arises.
Bayern will certainly come out of the blocks searching for an early goal; if we keep them at bay for the first 20 – 25 minutes, frustration will set in, especially if they are unable to create clear-cut chances.
We can then pick them off.


We don’t deal with “if” around here, Mr. Manny. 1 point would be great.

the only sam is nelson

if that happens perhaps our last game will see early season net-buster Owen Goal recalled to ensure we finish bottom of our group rather than having to consort with the likes of Liverpool or T*ttenham

Ozil's New Boots

UEFA Europa League final – Sp*rs v Arsenal.
Ugh, saying it makes me vomit.

the only sam is nelson

the final is going to be played in Switzerland, which is (to adopt Jamie Redknapp’s favourite word) literally where people go to die

Anonymous Physicist

Being in an extra competition can only be bad for your league performance if you take it seriously. The game against Sheffield Wednesday clearly had no influence on our league form. We probably shouldn’t have played Ox and Walcott if they were still at higher risk of getting injured from the previous week, but that’s just something that has to be managed slightly better (and freak unlucky injuries can also happen in training). If we’re still in it by the time some of the injured players are coming back it could even be useful to help get them up to… Read more »


Poor lad still doesn’t know that making things complicated is the rasion d’etre at Arsenal


Really? Is complicating things the reason AFC exists?


We’re a big team, we’re Arsenal.

Oh I love this man.

Mein Bergkampf

“And the archangel Gabriel appeared unto them and glory shone around” Luke 2:9.

Even God gets it.

Me So Hornsey

On the other hand, if we beat Bayern, then beat Zagreb then beat Olympiacos by 2 clear goals, don’t we end up as group winners!


YES! except for the small matter of goal difference…

Man Manny

Our bench is my only concern. Two weeks ago, we had guys like Giroud and Ox come in off the bench. Who do we have now? Iwobi.
To add to that, we have the small matter of a derby on Sunday.
If we scale through this week unscathed – at least a draw at Bayern and a win on Sunday – then I’ll install us as favourites for the epl.
The momentum would be priceless and difficult to stop with Ramsey, Ox and Walcott coming back after the break.


It’s really not loads of extra games it’s just one extra round.

(and as we regularly play a CL qualifier, it will end up being the same number of games this year as most years.)

Denilson's Silver Pelvis

That may be so, but is it worth to play those Europa matches when it could cost us injuries, and will certainly fatigue us for the league? I’d rather be out of Europe completely and be able to focus on the PL than throw in a match every Thursday trying to win a UEFA consolation prize.

Bould's Eyeliner

The main difference here is that CL games are played on Tues-Wed, whereas Europa games are on Thurs. Less rest before the weekend games-one day makes a hell of a difference in match prep.

Rip Van's Winkel

“Kill Bob! Kill yourself!! Kill the whole world!!!”


Priceless Blackadder quote?


If results go as they should, (not expecting anything away to bayern, happy to be proven wrong lads!) we’d need to beat Olympiakos by 2 goals to get through I think.

It’s definitely doable. Obviously relying on other results isn’t great, but that’s what happens when you play like thundercunts in the first two games.


Also, think I’m starting to love Gabriel.

Anonymous Physicist

I don’t understand these comments taking a 2-goal win away to Olympiakos for granted. To me, that’s at least as difficult as getting a point away to Bayern, if not more difficult. Especially if Olympiakos can get through to the last 16 just by preventing that 2-goal loss.


I said it’s doable. Which it is. Not taking anything for granted.


What is this Thundercunt word? It seems to be stirring quite a number of loins in our beloved Arseblog News


Provided Olympiakos doesnt manage a point at the Allianz…


All those quotes, are they really Gabriel speaking?
My opinion of this guy is continuing on an upward spiral.
I want to be his gimp………!

Rip Van's Winkel

That’s a big commitment.


Definitely want us to win but if we lose we really need to lose the remaining games to make sure we don’t drop in to the Europa League. While we could use some young players in the Europa you can guarantee tiredness & injuries for some of the senior players who are played – not what’s needed with the PL challenge going well!!

Zorro in the Box

Then again, treat it like the Capital One Cup till Feb, field the squad and if our league challenge falls, we can go all out for this – CL qualification is part of the prize…

Glory hunter

I love this guy, I would play him & Kos but as we’re probably going to play very deep I’m sure Mert will most likely start.
I have a sneaky feeling that we’ll erm sneak a cheeky victory. Either way I’m putting some money on it


BM will come out with all guns blazing. Now if Arsenal can stifle the BM danger men and hit on the counter,there is no reason why the Germans can’t be beaten. Imho,the Bundesliga aint as competitive as the epl. That’s why BM can win 10/11/12 matches ina row. In the epl.most top teams can win 8/9 games in a row.Of course I aint belittling the BM team. Arsenal must keep it tight and try to score first.I expect Ozil,Sanches and Cazorla to be heavily . marked.Watch out for Robben. He must not be allowed to run or given time and… Read more »


Complicated? Doesn’t Gabriel know which club he plays for? We are the champions of complicated chaos

Mach iii

If we get a result, then bayern will get a result against olympiakos!


The more I read about Gabriel the more excited I get about him becoming a stalwart in our team. Passion, determination, intelligence and most importantly he already knows what it means to be an arsenal player!!


Best outcome is Dinamo win, we win, everyone on 6 points going to the final 2 games.

Just don’t Arsenal it!


My bet 6-6-6-6…


“But we need to attack with intelligence and make sure we don’t suffer a defeat and complicate our situation for the rest of our competition.”

Is this a shot to Chambo. Haha. picked words right out of mouth.

Andy Mack

That’s a seriously impressive interview for a guy that doesn’t speak English……………………


Agreed it is an impressive nterview. I must say, however, that one can express oneself without using English 😉

Andy Mack

OK, so it’s a translators version of what he said then.
Thanks, I was intending to watch it later.


Michael Owen expresses himself without using English every day of the week.

Naija Gunner

‘We are a big team, We are Arsenal ..’ Priceless!
I love this Guy. COYG.


I was abit worried we were going to lose then i saw THE JEFF in training.


Love Gab’s attitude on the pitch and now off the pitch… and am I the only one that thinks he is really quick?!!


Yeah ideally ww want Champions League progress but if it did come to Europa League football it’d be some experience for to throw on all the youth team players or players who are benched every European game from there on out. Would be far from the end of the world and would actually help give players experience and the more mature players not getting their game – some actually game time. Which they’re not gonna get now cause we’re out of the League cup.

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