Thursday, June 1, 2023

Norwich 1-1 Arsenal – player ratings

Dropping more points to opposition any realistic title challengers should beat, and picking up more injuries, made for another frustrating day at the office.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Mr. White

From having world class strikers to, Mr. Olivier Giroud. Just sayin it makes me so happy. Theo is no world class striker but the best option we’ve got. We were so dangerous until he got injured. Looking forward to having him back first choice upfront


I agree, as much as it pains me to say it (to clarify I dont rate Theo or Oli), but with Walcott in the side we look so much more dangerous, and teams are too scared to press us high up the pitch because one well placed ball from Ozil over the top and Walcott can make something happen. I think Theo also gives Alexis and Ozil more space too, because defenders drop off a lot more to help close the distance between them and the goal keeper which in turn gives those guys a tiny bit longer and more… Read more »


Giroud and Walcott where once a world class player called Gircott’ who was split into two good sometimes great players

Dawn Oliver

If Giroud hadn’t chased that ball back to the goalie, would he have rushed the kick and made the error that gave Sanchez the ball to pass to Ozil for the goal?


He’ll score 5 in next 5 games and we’ll be set for championship again, allright.


I miss Francis already


Yup, Flamini just doesn’t cut it, no matter how you, erm, cut it. He’s a liability/non-factor in possession too, which doesn’t help things. Ah well.


He left Made in Chelsea two years ago mate. Just move on.

Lord Nicki B

Sigh. We go on to pull off another Arsenal. What is it with us and flattering to decieve. We’ve been consistently the almost there team. Not quite the real deal. That’s 5 points dropped in 2 games. We could realistically have been top of the table. But now. We’re without Alexis, Koscielny, Coquelin and Walcott. 4 names who pick themselves for the first team. Rambo and Ox returns, Kos and Alexis goes. Damn this merry go round I hope we get to the top or remain in contention by the time the injury victims get back. And let’s all back… Read more »


You seem quite the glass half-full kind of chap. Any more encouraging words?


Quite right. One thing is becoming quite clear – even hoping against hope, we certainly won’t win the league but as said before, can we at least put up a fight till the very end? That will be the least that Wenger and the fans deserve in his last season.

Even for that to happen, the fear needs to go and fighting mentality needs to emerge – we could have played for 30 mins more y’day in their half and not troubled their goalie.


we needed a striker and a dm over the summer. got neither. we should be running away with the title in this shit league, but instead we’ve got stubborn wenger trying to prove to the pundits that he knows best.


The injury front is not acceptable anymore. Is it that we have to change our game?
God I hope not because i love the Arsenal way of playing….pissed off right now…COYG


I Can’t tell if Cazorla is on form or out of form anymore, his shooting used to win us games now it’s costing us points.


His form and lack of confidence & drive are worrying of late (add to that, playing with injury) – he is a vital player in MF and attack and can do much better away from home.

John C

Ozil and Sanchez can only carry us so far, we need greater depth of quality in attack to win this league in my opinion. Not a fan of Ramsey but don’t really think Campbell or the OX appear to be the answer either, Walcott is probably the best bet because he’s a proven scorer from the right but we really need to look for better.


Campbell not the answer? 🙂

John C

Haha i don’t think he should have been dropped but that doesn’t mean i think he’s necessarily the answer.


If he had of started we would have won that

John C

Possibly, there’s definitely some logic thinking that having a team picked on form/merit not on reputation or rank on the managers hierarchy you’d see greater commitment and effort to remain in the team.


You are right, it’s a pity Wenger doesn’t have your foresight.

John C

He didn’t, he should have read what i wrote on the article before kick off shouldn’t he?


I thought Chamberlain played well actually, see really good crosses and genuine pace. Needs to start the next game


Oh dear!


we need more than Walcott


Ramsey was crap for their goal again, all of our options for the right hand side can’t be relied on to defend, Campbell aside maybe but he’s not played enough games to say for sure yet.


Feel sorry for Cech…Has nearly nothing to do all game and then gets beat with the teams first shot on goal…He must be pretty pissed. Gabriel was decent wen he came on, and had a good game overall but he made about 3 mistakes within a second and the goal was ultimately his fault, Brady did carve through Ramsey, Flamini and Bellerin like they weren’t there aswel. Merts had a decent game but is always one missed tackle or header from leaving gaping holes in behind…Still does not jump or mark anyone at corners despite being the tallest on the… Read more »

Arsenal Supporter

Giroud did nothing? Do you think the goalie would have made such a poor clearance, which led to the goal, if Giroud hadn’t been pressing him? Also am I the only person that sees the opposition pulling and climbing all over him all of the time, in every game?


Cohesion, cohesion… Clearly when you play like Arsenal, and you have Arsenal’s injury history, you shouldn’t count of cohesion to get you through the season. A few players out and the cohesion is fucked.

John C

Does anyone know when Indosat will be ready for the first team?


Ahahahaha… BTW Indosat just change his name to Oredoo in Indonesia, so Indosat won’t appear


Not forgetting “Automatism” and “team spirit”…that was meant to turn Giroud into a world class striker and stop all our injury problems and make us win the title with virtually the same set of outfield players.
Meanwhile, it still hasn’t improve our poor mentality. This team is not good enough to win the league.


God! one Of those games that got you questioning the sanity behind supporting arsenal. thing is, I just can’t bring myself to stop loving arsenal for a second.


Nothing we could do about kos injury but alexis was 100% wengers fault. He knew he was in the red zone and had a dodgy ham this week. Thats how you make players injury prone, dont play them through the pain, you rest them and use your squad depth. Of course its harder to rotate when you dont buy the players you need when you had the chance and have to rely on players who are constantly injured to stay fit. Then you wonder why the atmosphere is so bad at home games because you have lost all the good… Read more »


How can you possibly say it’s 100% his fault without knowing anything behind the scenes?
Are you Columbo?


Ok if im being fair 99% wengers fault, because there is a margin of bad luck. Alexis has had no pre season, thats not wengers fault, but he had no break before the start of the season and was rushed back to action against west ham because of poor preparation and not recruiting sufficiently. In my engineering firm this would be called poor resource management and negligence. He then acknowledged that he would not recieve any rest during internations for world cup qualifiers and still played him 90mins every game. He then acknowledged this week that he had a hamstring… Read more »


3 of the top 5 most important players in the team are out injured (Cech and Ozil the other 2). Coquelin – 3 months, Sanchez – at least a few weeks and hopefully Koscielny will be fine for the next game. ridiculous.
Will be interesting to see how we play without Sanchez for at least a few weeks. Ever since he joined he’s played almost every game and now we’ll see if we can cope without him or not.


Chamberlain was to Come on and play on the left but he ended up displacing Campbell (who is better suited on the right) because he thinks he is senior than him?


When Ox started playing in the first team I can remeber him telling Mikel Arteta and Kos to “fuck off” , clearly and on camera, when they told him to close a space and defend. In both instances he turned his back on them, sauntered off, and the opposition went straight through the gap and scored against us. He’s basically been the same ever since and in my opinion he’s a very selfish and overrated player who doesn’t seem to grow up.

Eric Blair

What? When was this? I would like to see some evidence of this because Ox has never seemed like that kind of person.


@ Vonnie. …what an imbecilic, moronic; fatuous and baseless comment….the kind of comment the classroom snitch would make to the head master in school. Remember that little weasel? Yeah we all had one in our class. You’re attempt to make the Ox out to be Diego Costa proves to me either one of two things: that you’re either on day release from the local nuthouse, or your off the meds…forgive me if you’re six years old cos I like kids, but v if you are, please don’t skip school….as shitty as it can be most days, you don’t sound like… Read more »


Going into december two points of top and still able to go further in CL and FA cup. Not too bad…

We need to get passed the nxt few weeks and we will get players back.

We will get a trophy this year only question is which one

Lets all chill out


Great positivism but I want to scream…”we have lost Coq and Sanchez and Giroud is rubbish! The way this season is going..the title is ours!! COYG!


We already know. The top four trophy.


Nowt wrong with that!


If Carzola is injured as Wenger mentioned post-match we are going to be in some serious trouble. Tough day for Sanchez to play with a tight hammy in those conditions, but Wenger didn’t have much of a choice really. So tired of Giroud’s walking around in the box instead of moving to get in front of people especially on all of the near post crosses he watches the defenders clear with ease, but more than that his failing to hustle back on defense when things don’t go his way (either when there is no call or when he doesn’t get… Read more »


At first I would say we are not in critical position as someone refers to be in it, we are still 2 points behind City. I really disagree with most Arsenal fans that we are in this situation because Wenger didn’t buy any outifield player. I think we need to address our injury problems inside and not outside with transfers. If I am not wrong we are having 9 players out injured. No team in a world would cope with that. We need to analyse if there is problem with Wenger trainings, his lack of rotation or our training pitch.… Read more »


Just remove Giroud’s name from the last sentence and your analysis will be fine by me


I have Giroud as smart player but he is often let down by his technical abilities and his speed. But he understands the game (good reader and anticipator), he knows how to get in a good positions…


7 of our 10 injured players have impact injuries, so what has Wenger’s training or the pitches got to do with the injuries. “Wenger’s training methods” is a great soundbite, that the keyboard fitness experts like to throw about, without as much as one iota of evidence to back it up. All 3 players injured today are said to be from kicks, Coquelin was an impact injury, as was Wilshere’s, Rosicky’s and Welbecks. Maybe all we need is for refs to stop letting opponents get away with kicking our players.


The initial injury may well have been impact it’s after that that is the real concern.

Misdiagnosis of injuries, inaccurate recovery periods, rushing players back from injury, injured players playing. Playing players in the ‘red zone’ for whatever that means but apparently wilshere can’t play for England when he’s in it

As has been stated previously, when getting dicked by bayern by half time and the game won against zagreb why on earth is sachet left on?


This. A vital point not often stated is how incredibly dumb and naive the team are in protecting themselves and rising to protect. Alexis was clearly pushed into the pit and what was the team mates’ reaction? Nothing. This is a time-tested tactic employed by all big teams but Arsenal? No wonder, our injury count is always high and even poor oppn. feel like they can clatter into them and get away with it. I don’t think Arsenal are too nice – they are too dumb. Had that been Barca and say, Suarez, or Bayern and Muller, the whole team… Read more »


Such a flat performance. These really are games we should be winning. Frustrating more than anything

Consistently sensible comments ... but only in patches!

Another disappointing performance from a team that is in danger of being even more inconsistent in a league full of hopelessly inconsistent sides. In fact, the only thing giving hope is that we are only two points off the top and our main challengers have been equally inconsistent. No disrespect to Leicester but they are only where they are because this has been the most inconsistent league in years. Even Sp*rs are being made to look like possible challengers (which tells you everything you need to know about this PL season)! Oh Arsenal, if only you can achieve your usual… Read more »

Arsenal Supporter

Then know nowts will say we only won it because everyone else was crap! Who wants that? I’m happy to watch Arsenal play beautiful, non cheating, non parking the bus football and consistently finishing higher than others that cheat, but dont have as much money to buy, as those that do finish above us!

Stringer Bell

News flash….. Untold Arsenal have blamed the ref, who would have thought.


The sense of perceived injustice plagues this team. They need to channel that shit into hate for their opponents and let if fuel them, rather than bitch and moan. Arsene is guilty of this, too.


Vintage Arsenal. Im reminded of the Djourou, Denilson days. With Arshavin at CF. Scandalous display today. Missed opportunity. Thrice inside 3 weeks. I think we are the losers today. Chelsea drew against a decent spuds side. A game they were widely expected to lose. United drew against a high flying Leicester side – a game they were widely expected to lose. City won in resounding fashion. Liverpool won too away at Swansea. To top it up, we lost axis and koscielny to injuries. Its widely understood that ee tempted fate with Alex and got burned but that is besides the… Read more »

Tim E

We had no zip last 30 mins. .. why are we not fitter? Other teams manage it.


2 games in 4 days … Norwich could have won 3-1, Cech was super saver. What has happened to the va va voom we blew Man Utd away with? Now that was football gold.


That ryan bennett guy is a twat. Should’ve had a red card for pushing Alexis. That could also have been a reason to why he got injured.

David C

surprised more people aren’t talking about how dirty that push was. Remember Debuchy getting hurt by that ugly guy from Stoke? Same thing and just as dirty. If this was the NHL (National Hockey League – a contact sport) that player would still face retroactive punishment for that nonsense. Very shocking.


being honest ,, I think we need a change at the top . ….. I know …. i know …. thumbs down and all that ,,,
but at this moment in time can anyone truly believe we can win the title under Wenger ????

Arsenal Supporter

very clever! I disagree with your first comment but agree with your second! so no vote!


I’ve seen more passion in a fruit bowl

Eric Blair

made me lol, thanks 🙂


Somehow ,considering our injuries and recent results, we are in touching distance of the top of the league. We have more injured players than before this weekend but we are not out of it , obviously. We have either got away with it ,and Alexis and Koscielny are not as badly injured as first thought, or we are indeed fucked because I cannot see Arsene investing enough in January.


Wenger made a mistake in playing Alexis, a player clearly in the red zone. It doesn’t matter if Alexis told Wenger he was feeling fine, the manager needs to make a cold-blooded decision based on what his feel of the situation is. And Mr. Blogs, no matter the sport, no manager can always trust his players. The best managers always have a good nose for BS.

Dan D

I’ve said it consistently in here that our defending troubles me. We give away far too many chances and rely on Cech far too much, and we also concede too many soft goals.

For a club with title aspirations that once again, wasn’t good enough.

And the injury scenario is quite frankly ridiculous.


I agree that our defending is not what it should be, once again today we aided their scoring of the goal. Ramsey and Cazorla put in half hearted efforts at stopping the build up to the goal, Per was not marking anyone, Gabriel was out of position and his efforts at a tackle was poor, so that is four players who each could have done more to prevent the goal, and I’m not sure where Flamini was at the time either. it was the same story v WBA last week, and v spurs a couple of weeks ago too, soft,… Read more »

Arsenal Supporter

maybe people should stop putting pressure on the team! There are no ‘easy’ ‘supposed to win’ teams in any of the 4 divisions! Plus how that player wasn’t sent off for shoving Alexis into the camera pit is beyond belief!

Surrey Gooner

The lads need to grow a pair or they may as well stay at home cause they WONT WIN THE LEAGUE with many more days like that


^^^ It’s true what’s mentioned above. So what’s with the thumbs down? I give you a thumbs up…


gotta say I don’t think it’s good enough the ‘he said he was ok to play’ line. with all the experts working at the club, fitness, physios, doctors, strength and conditioning etc, plus all the data they collect and talk of players going into red zones where they are more likely to pick up injuries, how can we ignore all that and just go with a player’s opinion? Esp in a case like alexis’, where it is always going to be ‘Play me’. Just sounds amateurish to me. Someone dropping the ball hear for me at the club, and we… Read more »




Relax every one.
The team will hang on for a few weeks. Alexis and company will return, and in January we will be sitting in first place.


Some really curious things I thought during the game: Olivier, whether world class or not, hardly gets any fouls in his favour to be fair. Did he seriously stomp the grass with both feet, at some point after a cross, like a little schoolgirl having dropped her lollipop? Also somehow the ref managed not to even book ryan benett for shoving Alexis into the pit. Not fair.Not resting Alexis was a mistake I believe. Kos seemed to pick up the hip problem far earlier than the tackle shown. These days, being 1:0 up we seem to be a team kinda… Read more »

Arteta's Pomade

Annual injury crisis…..i am used to it


May be a long ranty type post but its a shit day and Arsenal just made it worse. Despite an awful November we are still within points of the leaders etc etc but its very annoying always being the ones chasing…Especially when everyone around you gives you multiple opportunities to capitalize but you continue to spurn them.. Wenger needs that Holly Holm kick to the head to wake up out of his idealistic reality.. I know he is our best player (arguably) but when you are told Sanchez is in the red, has a tight hammy and YOU HAVE SEEN… Read more »


Giroud was involved in the goal, open your eyes!


Jetlag will do that to a team.


I f*ck all of you who say Ramsey is not the right choice. Remember when he was fit and made the right side become the God’s side – together with Bellerin.


The fact that people are still making excuses for our piss poor performances over the last 2 games is laughable at best. This was supposedly meant to be the “easy fixtures” we were meant to breeze through and be top of the table. its simple, we are not going to win the league anytime soon. Champions do not lose a one goal lead against teams like West Brom and Norwich. This team is just not good enough. We’re starting to run out luck and our usual “start well and finish badly” or “start badly and finish well” is starting to… Read more »


And we scored only through goal keeping howler


deja vu, groundhog hog day, seen it all before. i wait all week for the one thing that gives me the most joy and i get this. sadly, it’s so predictable.


Tare up that practice ground already. WTF, how many hamstrings is it now? DO something, anything.

Don’t like Giroud, no hold up and poor technique and first touch which makes his linkup play totally AWOL. For a big “strong” guy to fall that much… I’m Swedish so i follow Zlatan pretty close, now thats a hold up-player! If thats the way Wenger wants to play (not how he plays based on the squad) Ibra would work miracles at Arsenal.

Mr Hanky

I reckon the person who most needs to grow a pair is Arsene Wenger……how about not always protecting the players when they don’t deserve it?
There just appears to be a culture of excuses being accepted


This season has pretty much been Ozil vs the world


Cannot agree more with assessment. Giroud did put some effort in for the goal. Thereafter, felt he lacked movement in and around the box but the crossing in second half was poor (particularly from Monreal) To some extent we became a bit lazy and slow with our build up. Alexis was a huge miss and Santi clearly was not 100% after the knock. Those who keep harping on about Gabriel to replace Per should WAKE UP and pay attention. Gabriel is potentially a good player but like Kosicleny first season has some adjusting to do. His positioning for the first… Read more »

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