Wenger on January transfer moves


Arsene Wenger has admitted that the injury to Francis Coquelin will have an impact on any potential January transfer moves.

The Arsenal manager is still waiting to see the extent of the injury, but says he’ll do what’s necessary in January if it’s a case that the midfielder is going to miss more than the minimum 2 months touted earlier today.

“Yeah, of course. That depends now on what comes out of the scan for Francis, and then we see. I will do what is needed, knowing as well that in January it’s not an ideal transfer market.”

In the meantime, Wenger is backing the players he has to be able to deal with the absence of the 24 year old who has become so important to the team.

“Anyway, there’s nothing we can do now. The transfer window opens on the first of January, so even we would want to buy, we can’t.

“I believe we have the strength in the squad to deal with that problem quite well.”

Let’s hope so. And then let’s hope we find the right player to buy in January. Then buy him. Then watch as he plays like a GOD and wins us the title almost single-handedly.


Listen to today’s Francis Coquelin memorial Arsecast Extra

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Hurrah indeed!

*Cue countless comments pointing out that we should have signed a world class DM in August who would have been happy to sit on the bench waiting for his chance now*

Tosspot Nonce

That’s how it works. You buy players and they compete for a place in the first team.


Sit the bench or rotation?


I’m an Arsenal fan, would you mind explaining what rotation means?


It’s like when we say how tired Alexis is every game. Sometimes we take him off at 86 minutes. That’s rotation.


Rotation is leaving Cech on the bench against Zagreb or the Greeks. In fact, look at birth line ups that’s rotation. Squad members who get a chance to prove they can compete for a starting spot but flatter to deceive


That’s the one, buying a World Class DM who is currently no better than Coquelin for £30-50m, give him a few minutes here and there, expect him not to be injured (ha) and then expect him to come on and play like he hasn’t been out of the side for 3 months because Coquelin is injured.

Yeah, that’s what we needed, apparently.


Yeah Giroud was sitting on the bench till Walcott was injured!

Clearly there is a problem that every year we have an injury crisis, which used to put our 4th spot league finish at stake, now it’s adding unwanted pressure to a title challenge!

Why do people have an issue with utilising the squad size – it’s not unlimited, why not use it?

Where does this ridiculous notion of sitting on the bench come from?

When was the last time a player left us sighting lack of playing time? Diarra?


In fact players like Sagna and Clichy have left us knowing they would be warming the bench most of the time at Man City.


We have four players or more who can play there. Why is everyone saying we should have bought a DM? Coquelin, Arteta, Flamini, Chambers, Wilshere and even Ramsey can play there. Sure not all ideal but Coquelin is the main man and you can’t buy some other sick player for that position as he needs to make it his own to develop into the world class beast he is becoming. We got unlucky.


As good as coq is there are better and platers just as good

How’s this for a crazy idea. You have 2 very good players for each position and they push each other to both become better players. The challenge of one another spurs them on and even, yes even in a game away to a Munich or barca you play both!

John C

That’s not rotation, that’s having vastly inferior back up players who you bring in en mass against teams the manager think are crap, which evidently doesn’t work. Rotation is having a squad of 20-25 equally or as close as possibly talented players, who can seamlessly replace each other in the starting line up and that provide enough depth to keep players fresh for a 10 month, 60 game season bearing in mind that its prudent to expect 3/4/5 players injured at any one given time. Squad rotation is not having Coquelin (good player) with 2 substandard replacements like Arteta and… Read more »


For people wondering how to keep a squad of top quality players happy enough wiht haring playing time?

Well Madrid, Barca, City and even United have shown us, you do it by winning stuff. Few players with a respectable amount of game time really want to leave if you club is winning stuff.

So how do you win stuff, one might ask?
Well, by having a squad of top quality players.

It’s like magic.

Stringer Bell

Haha well put. Best not buy top quality defensive mid in case the coq has competition. Let’s stick with arteta and flamini. That we can win the league. Cunts


Wow this sounds so easy! Someone better show this to Wenger right away!

Gooner in Chicago

I think rotation would be like how Gabriel has been integrated into the starting 11. The situation with our 3 “starting” CBs is a pretty good example of rotation. Look, in my opinion which ceratinly is of no importance in the grans scheme of things, if we can do it with Gabriel, we can do it with 2 DMs and the way we would have with Alexis if Welbeck was available. Arsene took a gamble not buying and it misfired. I don’t see the need to defend his decision there, nor do I see a need to keep going on… Read more »


It’s not wenger’s fault.We have enough quality to cope until January. Ideally Ramsey is a direct replacement for Coq and wilshere for cazorla. This is in addition to flamini and Arteta who are there to make up numbers. Upfront you have chambo,rosicky,welbz and Campbell who more than make up for the numbers.I keep saying the problem with the squad is the British core excluding Theo,welbz and gibbs.They don’t seem to take playing for Arsenal as seriously as other players for example koscielny or Alexis or Santi or nacho do. You see wilshere coming on and behaving as if he is… Read more »


So basically, Wenger’s to blame because City, Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern can all pay mega millions for big name players and the fact that they are all bankrolled by billionaires, a brand 2-3 times bigger than us and with income revenues vastly superior to our state of finances is totally irrelevant and not a valid point? Haha, we have so many fans living in a dream world, it’s hilarious. “Spend money like City do, without a billionaire owner to cut the cheques”, “Pay wages that Real Madrid and Barcelona pay, who are continually under tax evasion scrutiny due to their… Read more »

John C


Arsenal’s wage bill 2015 is £180m a year
Bayern’s wage bill is €180m(£126m) a year

Our is almost 50% larger than theirs.

Arsenal’s highest paid player is Ozil on £140,000 a week, Sanchez £130,00 a week
Bayern’s high paid players are Ribery, Lewandoski, Robben and Lahm on €160,000(£112,000) a week

Where can’t we compete?


John your meant to shout megs when you do that to someone!


John :

England luxury taxes are much higher than German luxury taxes. So a Sanchez on 130k a week, probably takes home lesser than a Lewandowski on 112k a week. It’s not right to just compare on just a gross wage basis.

That is what I remember reading. I can be corrected by anyone who actually knows about these net wages.

John C


Top rate of income tax in the UK is 45% over £150,000 a year
Top rate of income tax in Germany is 45% over €250,000 a year

It’s pretty much the same and the differences won’t be significant

John C

Look at Bayern Munich and have a see what rotation means!


Bayern Munich, Bayern Munich… oh, you mean that team that is worth $1bn more than us. Yeah, we should do what they do, despite not being as rich as them. Then we could splash out millions on players for bench warmer roles and pay them a King’s Ransom each week. We’re that flush, right?

John C

Arsenal are the biggest club in the richest city in the world, the land the emirates sits on is worth more than Bayern Munich!!

Arsenal have the money, the location, and the fan base to be bigger than Bayern, Barcelona, Real Madrid but are hampered by a manager who’s obsession with not spending a penny is holding us back.


You’re right, of course. We shouldn’t rely on players like Sanchez, Ozil and Cech that come in to the club on free transfers, we should spend some money instead.

John C

Sanchez, Ozil and Cech will all do what Fabregas, Van Persie and Nasri did before them and leave if it’s left all to them! You need more than 3 or 4 top players to win the league or Champions league.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Swish, if you can’t develop enough very good players (which is our situation) then you have to buy or you manage to get a CL spot and blow it in two games against smaller teams.


We’ve spent £250m over the last 5 summers, can someone explain to me how we don’t spend money?

Ian Drake

50 game season, I’m sure heaven forbid we could accommodate a great quality back up DM.


Or: -Sign a World class DM who is better than Coq (they exist) who would have taken his spot (teams that win the league generally value winning the league over the feelings/development of players) -Sign a player who is roughly as good as Coq and let them battle it out -Sign a player who is maybe not as good as Coq but better than Flam and Arteta (they also exist) Going into this season (when we are truly close to the title) with tons of money in the bank and with Arteta and Flam as the backup for Coq was… Read more »


Agreed, very steady and wise analysis. You should consult for Wenger.

David C

you are dead on!

Why is that Own Goal fellow playing for the wrong team? We need him back.

But seriously, we sign little tiny players. We have no toughness on this team and most teams we play against are bigger than us. Our two biggest players (Giroud and BFG) are also two of our softer players. I am fans of them both, but the Coq is probably our toughest player. We have been ignoring size and strength for too long and I really think that is a reason why so many of our players keep getting injured.


Why sit on the bench. You play the best player. Competition is good for all players. If we signed someone and they perform they play simple as that. It’s what successful teams do
I have had this bolox about don’t want to ruin this player or that.


He did it with Ospina and Cech, don’t see why it’s suddenly impossible to do the same with Coquelin


One word for you my friend, rotation!


Why oh why did you waste time all summer when that was the ideal time to buy…how could coq have played all games at high level even if not injured…we know flam and arteta are not good enough anymore…they did they service and i thank them for the past…stop thinking Arsenal money is your money and spend it for gods sake!!!

ill be disappointed if we finish just top 4 again…


What’s Benzema up to now???


Wearing striped pyjamas

Wenger has a large Coq

Caught up in a sex tape scandal


Also getting beat 0-4 against Barcelona.


I hope he spends money. He’s proven to be less prudent in the last few transfer markets by making big signings. I seriously hope he spends money on a good back-up to coq. With all due respect to Flam and Arteta, I don’t think we can stay on top of the league with them in the team and no coq.


Probably something to do with us paying off our stadium and now reaping the benefits. Could just be a coincidence though. If a world class player is available, Wenger will buy him, he’s proven that much. Sadly, and I might be alone in this thinking, but World Class players are well… rather good. World Class players also become a bit of a key player for their respective team and whilst I understand that many think that because Wenger was so eager to sell his key players for the best part of decade (nothing to do with maintaining finances due to… Read more »


Less prudent?

Alexis for 35m as oppose to Martial for 36m?

Ozil for 42.3m as oppose to De Bruyne for 55m?


That good sir is proof of intelligence!


World class players by which they mean say a Falcao before we realised he wasreally rubbish in England? Giroud isn’t world class but he continues to bang in the goals. World class by which they mean Coquelin who was to most of these same voices ‘get out while you can” a season ago instead they wanted an Mvilla or Melo or Wanyama. World class like the Rback that is not Bellerin because who brought this bloke through again? World class like Santi being shifted into the middle as he has done with Walcott and Henry up top and Toure at… Read more »


I’d actually take M’Villa right now. He’s head and shoulders above the stench of Sunderland.

I’m guessing you probably haven’t been watching him have you busy? Too busy writing up and posting you constant thesis on how Wenger is perfect.

He’s a man, and men make mistakes. Not getting a DM back up was a mistake, cover it with as much waffle and exaggerations such as “But where would Wenger get a peak Gattuso to sit on the bench as back up to Coquelin? as you like, but any sane and reasonable fan can acknowledge that.


Thank you very much!!!
Funny thing is last season he was going on about how Flamini was better than coq and all. We all know if Arteta didn’t get injured, Coq would DEF not been with us this season.
He was on the last year of his deal and still went on loan to Charlton. But according to him, Wenger knew Coq would be the one of the best DM in europe, hence why he let him go to Charlton and play Arteta and flamini over him.

John C

The question people have to ask themselves is if Coquelin was playing for West Brom or Sunderland would we be looking at him? and if so would they be in a better league position? My opinion would be no and no.


You keep going on and on about Walcott, but has he REALLY proved that he is world class?? Apart from some good games, Theo has been ok.
Stop your Wenger obsession and admit he makes mistake. This injury to coq will hurt us more than you think. Speaking of coquelin, weren’t you the one going on about how he was “at best as good as flamini” last season??


i agree with most your comments but insisting with arteta is a mistake. therefore yes wenger should have got a player not only to keep coquelin in check but also capable of being better than all three (coquelin, arteta, flamini). you saying none were available? i refuse to accept that. im all for wenger humiliating the epl/sky axis of evil and winning it with bielik and gnabry but lets be realistic…. arteta is not even good enough to play 8aside in colney hatch astro tuffs, let alone proper professional competitive fixtures in the premier league. Not strong enough physically or… Read more »


I remember when Gallas did that by sitting on the turf at full time. What a hero, Arteta needs to look to him for inspiration…

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

There are world class players with PSG in league 1 and even sitting on the bench. Yes, I do know the reason is money.


Spot on Swish! I’m getting fed up with the mentality of “let’s spend some money” regardless of whether we’re actually getting someone who will improve the team. Remember, Sp*rs spent all of their Gareth Bale money and ended up being just as shit as they always were. Team spirit and identity is massively important. Thank Christ we didn’t get Benzema!


Any alchemists from shing are welcome at the emirates.

Man Manny

I predict that the loss of Coquelin will not affect us as the media is portraying. Under normal circunstances it should; but I see Flamini and Chambers rising to the occasion.
The imminent return of Ramsey, Ox and Walcott is quite a boost to morale.
This is called “The Audacity of Hope.”


I like your style my ‘Half full’ friend….. I’m the ‘ying’ to your ‘yang’ and I believe we’re fucked 😉


You mean to say we can’t beat Norwich with this team? Hell Liverpool thrashed city and a fully fit Liverpool is worse than our B team. It’s all about the attitude of squad.You look at a player like gibbs, I appreciate him because he can very well go on moaning about his lack of playing time but he doesn’t. On the other side you have debuchy who seems to be moaning because he has a target to play in Euros.I mean if you really have such important targets then you can very well go on and play for some team… Read more »


So the January transfer market isn’t ideal….just as well we bought wisely in the summer…..lol


A World Class keeper who has probably saved us 8 points this season already. You’re right, terrible purchase.


Should never have been the end of our spending though.


World Class players don’t grow on trees. There needs to be a) willingness from the player to join Arsenal b) willingness from the club to sell player to Arsenal and c) scrutiny from Wenger to make sure that said player benefits us in any way. Ozil joined us because Madrid bought Bale, Sanchez joined us because Barcelona bought Suarez. Cavani didn’t want to leave PSG and neither did Benzema. Player X that you suggest does not mean that the rules of willingness from both player and selling club are instantly ignored. Your want means absolutely diddily squat to both player… Read more »


Why must it be “schnederlin playing second fiddle to coq”?? How about “sign Schnederlin and he can compete with coq for a first team place”
People like you are acting like there’s no DM in the world better than Coq(which i find ridiculous and i’m a huge fan of his).


to be fair any good DM woulkd have done he dont have to be world class …arteta legs are gone (and get injured alot)and flamini is average with few flash of good peformance, if not world class striker was avalaible a right side midfield could have been nice


Swish you’ve wandered outside long enough.Get back to Untold before you’re lost again.


There’s always an assumption in these discussions that the hypothetical player we could have bought in the summer but didn’t would be totally immune to injury.


Maybe if Coquelin, Cazorla and the new midfielder would have rotated none of them would be completely tired by December and would stand a higher chance of staying injury free. Of course injuries happen, but this is as silly argument as it gets. Why sign Messi and Ronaldo when they aren’t immune to injury (though apparently Ronaldo is)…


john there is also the assumption that the hypothetical player would have automatically been a success, for example Kondogbia was many peoples favorite, at a cost of €35M, but he was recently voted by fans as one of the worst signings in Italy this season. Its similar to how so many fans had so much to say about AFC not signing Manzukic or Jackson Martinez, after all the all knew these two are world beaters and would fire us to the title, now six months on and both have flopped at their new clubs, but not a peep of admittance… Read more »

Andy Mack

Very few (less than 25%) of signings are viewed as being a success in their first season. It takes quite a long period to understand and expect your team mates positioning and movements at this level.


Excellent comment Eduardo! Totally agree.


Coq scheduled to return around the window closure, so we don’t have to spend the money.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he has a set back just after the window closed going by the pattern we have had before!


Phillipe Auclair brought up an interesting point on the live Arsecast Extra last month. What about Lassana Diarra? Has genuinely been in excellent form for Marseilles. Would be a shrewd buy that would add a lot of quality and cover for Coquelin, while not being a super long-term solution. Not an attractive move, but may be pragmatic. Even if we don’t add, I believe we’ll be able to find a solution to cope with the loss of Coq.


Despite his 6 month stint here previously after he began pushing for a move away after only a month of being at the club? I’d rather not have the Dolphin headed cunt back.


Headline should read :- ‘Wenger promises to close the stable door four months after the horse bolted.’

They don’t call him insightful for nothing. In fact they don’t call him insightful. Stand by for the return of Kim Karlstrom or Inamoto. If the season goes down the plug hole we might as well have a good laugh watching it disappear.


We didn’t need a World Class DM, we needed a payer that we can rely on to actually be fit to play and be better than Flamini. Arteta is cooked, Flamini is Flamini.


Flamini is a way better player than many give him credit for.

I feel Wenger made an error last game with Arteta instead of Flamini.

Plus Bellerin was struggling and we should have had Debuchy instead if so. Also thought Campbell could have come on earlier to Gibbs as he does get into dangerous positions. Give him more chances and he should by law of averages have a better chance of putting one away.

Al Gilmore

The injury list is ridiculous. I know some will blame Wenger for that – despite the overhaul of our training and in depth analysis of the injuries we get. Thing is – they are not all the same injuries nor as they all suffered in training or in matches. There is a fair spread of all types of injuries. Like every problem there is very rarely 1 thing to blame and therefore rarely 1 cure. Those who have the hump against AW will blame him – with nothing much to go on but the fact that he is in overall… Read more »


we have seven players out injured at the moment, Coquelin, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Wilshere, Welbeck and Rosicky
4 of them, Wilshere, Welbeck, Rosicky and Coquelin all have impact injuries, but of course the fitness experts across Arsenal web world and twitterland all know its down to training and Wenger.


He is not going to find the value that he wants in January and certainly won’t find a top DM like Carvalho. Hopefully he can do a deal like he did for Monreal and Gabriel in recent January windows where he gets a solid player that initially is a backup, but has the quality to step in a be a starter with no drop off. Who knows what other injuries will hit us, but so far they have hit us in the areas we all wanted to strengthen in the Summer (DM and striker) and could be reasons why we… Read more »

Flying Dutchman

Morgan schneiderlin would’ve been perfect…




I think that’s the shortest comment I’ve ever seen from you on here….and you’re spot on too.


Coquelin hasn’t played every competitive game and hasn’t been playing for France. So he has had rests.


Let’s hope we haven’t Coq’ed this season up. I’ll just grab my coat


It’s a World Cup/ euros year. January will be a graveyard transfer window.

David C

doesn’t a world cup/euro year mean there are actually more players looking to move? Maybe not starting 11 players, but good players on good teams that are looking to make sure they get more playing time?


Where did we get Coquelin? How much did we pay for this “world class” player. Who bought him? Where did we get Bellerin? Others will step up. If he doesn’t we have the January window to have a look around. I don’t see this as a problem. A set back for sure but hardly the national emergency the media will have you. People castigate Wenger for lack of depth. City have no one after Aguero and Bony out injured. Its some thing ALL teams will be moaning about frankly. No one feels they have strength in depth. The team all… Read more »


This strategy will lead us to the top4 again, nothing more. Someone might step up, but we aren’t going to win the league with Coquelins and Bellerins stepping up, however talented and good they are.


Yes, because if the 140+ year history of top flight English football has taught us anything, it’s that you must spend millions to buy players and not develop them from within. Afterall, it’s a well known fact that world class players enter the game at the age of 22 and are assigned to a random team who then must try to keep hold for him as long as possible like a game of hot potato.

Seriously, does nobody use context any more or is everyone preferring to run around like headless chickens screaming about how the world has ended?


oh just pipe down with your “superior-sarcastic” tone.
Sometimes I really wonder about the mental state of some gooners. Every year its the same story of how we are now ready to challenge. then by january, the tune changes and there are people ready to raise it.

Every goddamn year!!!


I’ve copied this comment and saved it. I will be posting it again in May – when I’m getting drunk in Islington on euphoria and glory and progman07 is eating humble pie.


We are world class at injuries. 🙁


to be fair , I thought we had good backup in arteta and flamini…sh*t happens..carvalho was talking about how he would love to play for arsenal recently…good luck getting him on cheap


Carvalho has played a total of 2 games this season, wait for it, due to injury.


He won’t buy. Not a whinge just going on experience and the familiarity of those words


Are we still so hard up that the need to sign a player as an emergency would impact existing plans to by player(s)?


It’s pointless repeating it now, but it was blatantly obvious that we needed to invest in cover for Coquelin over the summer. The notion that no-one would come because Le Coq was playing well is a patently silly excuse. Many other squads rotate players without creating unrest (Man United have an excess of DM’s and there has been no complaint from any of them). The problem is that – compared to the summer – we won’t be able to get anyone nearly as good in January. Let’s just hope, if Wenger does actually bring himself to buy, the person arrives… Read more »


Arsenal do not have injury crises they just hold on to very injury prone players. If you look at the list of the players who do get injured over the course of a season, it is always the same ones; Arteta, Rosicky, Walcott, Wilshere, Oxlade Chamberlain and occasionally Aaron Ramsey. Such important players being absent from the first team makes it look like we always have an injury crisis. Perhaps it is time to start taking this issue more seriously in the near future?


Exactly, the problem is that several of our homegrown assets are injury-prone. Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wilshere top the list followed by Welbeck and Walcott. Sometimes patience with injury-prone players pays off as in the case of RVP and sometimes it doesn’t as in the case of Diaby. I think Wenger is going to have to start prioritising these players and decide which ones have sufficient mercurial talent to make them worth gambling upon keeping, and which ones should be let go. Keeping all of them is proving detrimental to our game though.


Take Jack Wilshere as an example. Since 2008 he has played 100 games for Arsenal. That averages to about 10 games a calendar year. Or even Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who has 88 games since 2008. Compare that to Mesut Ozil who has 60 games since 2013! These are 2 squad players who are supposed to be our main back up to the first 11 which should allow us to rotate yet always fail to do so because they spend more time in the treatment room. That’s 2 positions on the bench ultimately ‘wasted’. Sorry to come off as blunt. I’m not… Read more »


Correction, Oxlade-Chamberlain joined in 2011…



Well said.that is exactly where we get the squad balance wrong every season.We don’t have that one versatile seasoned pro who gets enough wages to be happy in bench/reserves and at the same time is fully committed when he starts. This could be the only solution if we are to hold onto our injury prone players.
A classic example would be benayoun.
I loved the signing and the guy.Typical squad player. If we can find someone like that in January in positions we lack depth we are good to go.


If Coquelin is going to be back in two months then I do not see any chance of Wenger buying a DM in January, AFC do not buy a player cos we will be short for 1 month(4 league games). If Coquelin is going to be out a fair bit longer, then we might sign one. Anyway we have five weeks to see what the players already here can and will do. If Flamini, or Chambers take there chance and do the business then great, if not if might push Wenger to sign a player he wants, if he can… Read more »


It’ll be Frimpong back on loan during the mid season Russian league break


Arsenal have topped the injuries table every season since 2005. That cannot be coincidence. There is something wrong somewhere.


Not sure how wenger thinks we need cover for the coq now but we didn’t in the summer. We have the same two players in arteta and flamini as cover as we did then. Total and utter bolox and miss management by wenger.


voldermort, you will find taht Wenger hasn’t said we need to bring in another DM, in fact he has said the opposite, and that is with Coquelin and Arteta both injured,


Voldermort – I hear Chelsea are looking for new supporters, and I’m fairly sure your IQ qualifies you.


He better sign players, especially after his gamble blew up in smokes. This is so hard for some of us that love Wenger. Everyone saw this coming except him. What happened to the intelligent guy that took over in 1996? So frustrating.


it’s hardly worth stating it, it’s so obvious, but wenger doesn’t care if arsenal wins the league. i accepted this when he signed kim kalstrom. the following year he started the season with only 2 centerbacks. further proof was his stubborn refusal to sign a dm and only stumbling across coquelin when he had no other options. this past summer it was his refusal to shed the team of dead wood (arteta, flamini, rosicky, campbell) and sign sufficient quality players to boost the squad. i don’t get upset about it anymore. it just sucks having to wait for him to… Read more »


hahaha . . . #COYG


No January isn’t the ideal transfer market, you know when that was?
4 months ago


Bring Back Kim!


Let’s try Gabriel in CDM. . .He’s good at defending and wouldn’t struggle to pass the ball to Santi for transition. Just thinking


I wish we had signed N’zonzi


Seriously I really believe there is a big bunch of our own fans that is totally ungrateful to AW. He contributed significantly to our very own Emirates stadium. When he don’t win trophies, he accused of passing it and lost it. When he does win us 2 FA cups, then there’s people who says that it’s long overdue. He gets so much stick without much praise. Without him, just maybe Henry will not the the icon standing outside our stadium. He might even be a ‘Xherdan Shaqiri’ who ends up joining a team like Stoke. It is AW who converted… Read more »

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

1. Wenger WAS going to offload Coq. He stuck with worst players for longer so it wasn’t because “he saw something special” in him. He would not have extended his contract and the only reason he came back was because we had all of our midfield injured. He just got lucky with this one. 2. He did buy a World Class RB! Debuchy was France’s starting eleven RB ahead of Sagna. He got injured, Wenger tried playing Chambers and Bellerin and Bellerin grabbed the chance given to him. What are you talking about? I do respect Wenger. I love him.… Read more »


Seriously. Debuchy is a world class RB? I’m not sure many will agree with you. He is a international starting 11 no doubt. But world class RB? So Bellerin is better than world class?

Maybe a DM cover might be good. But what happens after Coq is back?

Another AW contribution… our 2 best players vs Dinamo
Is playing for us today mainly because of the AW factor


Totally Kosoxzil!

He's got no hair but we don't care...

I’ll hopefully avoid a few thumbs down by not banging on about why we didn’t we sign a DM.
What I do have an issue is that while I agree with Wenger that we have strength in depth now, the catastrophic injury list we have leaves us with a shockingly poor bench as we had against the scum.

Dave Malcolm

Yeah because Wengers word should be taken as gospel! For the past 5 years it has been “yeah we’ll spend big blah blah blah’ Bullshit! How much longdr are some supporters going to walk around blinkered! If we have enlugh quality then how come we couldnt even muster a fart in the second half og the season last? How come we didnt even finish in the top 4? The trith of the matter is that half the players arent P.L quality let alone ECL quality. We have a defence that leaks like a sieve, a Midfield without Santi that doesnt… Read more »