Saturday, December 10, 2022

Wenger outlines concern over Koscielny

Arsene Wenger has admitted he’s concerned that the events in Paris last Saturday have affected Laurent Koscielny deeply, so much so that the Frenchman’s participation against West Brom on Saturday is in doubt.

The Arsenal defender was clearly emotional in the build-up to the Tuesday night friendly with England, and Wenger says he’ll only play him if the player himself feels he’s 100% ready.

“He had a fantastic game against Germany,” he said, “and you could see that on Tuesday night he was not himself. It affected him deeply and I didn’t recognise the player I saw on Friday night on Tuesday night.

“I will talk with him. I have not talked to him yet, but I will talk to him to see if he is completely recovered and focused.

“It’s a big game for us. You have to trust the player in these kind of situations. Today in the Premier League you don’t get away with it with 80% focus. You have to be completely committed.

“What I will want from him is that he’s completely committed and feels ready. If not, I will not play him.”

The Arsenal manager also thanked the English football community for its solidarity in the wake of the attack, and revealed he had been due to attend the friendly at the Stade de France, but ended up watching from his hotel.

“In the end in the hotel we were quite secure,” he said, “but the streets were empty, completely empty. I was not far from the event and I think everybody who was in Paris on Friday night was in shock.

“What was targeted was the way of life, basically. Football, going out, listening to music. It’s more way of life that is targeted than any individual community.

“I was more under shock than fearful, because you could be scared of what was going on because it was four different places attacked in the centre of Paris, so you don’t feel secure anywhere.”

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Kos is a great guy in lots of ways. Hope he is OK and glad we have Gabriel if needed.


Pretty sure diego costa had something to do with these unfortunate events.


Poorly judged


Stay strong, Bosscielny. Arsenal needs you.

Simon Christie

Take all the time in the world Laurent, heal yourself mentally brother then come back strong. No one in the league would even think twice about it mate. You’re a strong mentally and physically player and it shows true character that this has effected you so strongly. Never be afraid to show your feelings.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Giroud is normally even more emotional. Who will replace him ? After all, he can score two and show a “I am Paris” tee shirt. Can also celebrate the third showing a finger to the animals who commited this tragedy.


I really feel for the guy , a reminder that footballers are human like the rest of us , and consistency is not something to take for granted


Such sad events. I am disgusted human beings can be so inhumane. But as blogs said in his blog a few days ago, football and way of life will go on. No matter what level of atrocity.

Kos is the boss for a reason. Hope he recovers fully, and him and Giroud get themselves a goal or two each ;).


Bart is a great guy, if he needs a bit of time then he should get it. Some things are more important than football. It didn’t really matter how the French team played earlier this week, that they turned up to show solidarity was incredible. Sometimes in football things are done with real class that are incredibly powerful and the singing of the French national anthem by both sides on Tuesday was one of those occasions. I hope Kos has not been too affected by the events last week. We will be looking forward to seeing him in an Arsenal… Read more »


Hope Kos is alright. Such an immense player and a truly decent guy. Great to hear Arsene isn’t willing to rush him back in if he’s not prepared or ready.

Wenger the fashion icon

For a guy who uses his own money to save an accordian shop that’s too much to take i guess. Stay strong Kos The Boss!


The pic is heartbreaking! On t’aime, Lolo!


The Boss.

Rip Van's Winkel

There’s a great scene in “Casablanca”, where the multi-ethnic clientele
of Rick’s bar sing the Marseillaise to drown out a Nazi drinking song.
Every time I see it, it makes me cry, and I’m not French or particularly
sentimental, but the power of idea over repression will always triumph.

Coq au Vin

This reinforces my opinion of Lolo being such a kind human being… Remember when he donated 500k to the failing accordion factory in his home town? What a caring individual.

Ps I had tears in my eyes during the Marseillaise on Tuesday.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Koscielny is a fucking badass.


Luv ya Koz


I wonder if it’s totally necessary to have a separate article on this single issue? It’s been discussed elsewhere, including on this site, and although it’s not as if Laurent will be reading this, it feels almost ghoulish, intruding on private grief, to focus so closely on one player’s possible emotional state.

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