Sunday, December 4, 2022

Alexis suffers injury setback, out till mid-January

Arsene Wenger says that Alexis Sanchez has suffered a little setback to his hamstring injury and will now be out until mid-January.

The Chilean was supposed to be on the bench for the 2-1 win over Man City but had a reaction to his hamstring problem in training and will now sit out the festive period.

“Sanchez will be back for around the 10th January,” he said after the game. “He had a little set-back. He was planned to be on the bench tonight.”

It’s obviously a blow as a tired squad is already at breaking point, so we’ll have to see how this affects us when the fixtures really pile up.

More on this when we have it.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

That sucks, but honestly the front trio of Walcott, Giroud and Campbell is really clicking right now, so maybe a few more weeks of forced rest isn’t the worst thing in the world.

The Gaffer

Campbell put in a right shift tonight and should of had an assist with a delicious first time pass into Ramsey, only for Hart’s face to interfere.


This is not a bad thing. Campbell and Walcott are fresh and playing into form. Only concern is when to rest Ozil, or maybe Wenger will need to take him off when we are comfortably in front.

Mexican Gunner

Could that be the reason for which he played the Ox through the middle?



Anonymous Physicist

Campbell fresh? Hasn’t he played every single game since the League Cup loss against Sheffield Wednesday, including his national team’s games? He may not have played much (at all) before that, but I doubt that’s helping him much right now.

I don’t get this silver lining stuff at all, especially after hearing Wenger say how tired everyone was last night. We’re playing Monday-Saturday-Monday-Saturday at the moment, and right now the only player we can bring on in any of the forward 5 positions is Ox, or Gibbs at a stretch.


We are playing a heavy price in terms of the length of his layoff, for playing him in every game he was available for!!


Does anyone think he’ll get in the side the way we are playing at the moment?



I like your spirit and the grapes were sour.



Rsa gooner

Injury God’s strike again…luckily if this squad is fit we can take the league. ..

Tim O'Connor

Not good. Especially as we will soon need to rotate to prevent more injuries. Time for the Ox to step up – thought he played well when he came on tonight. Gibbs on the other hand…


Gutted! Irrespective of the players who want to take their chances when other players are injured, we need a lot of players to be fit around this period for rotation.



INJURIES!!!! FECK OFF!!! Thank you, I just needed to get that off my chest.








chidi mbabie

ohh deeeaaarrr

Anonymous Kumquat

Cheers mate.


The low-rated comment has a spoiler about Star Wars in it, people. Don’t look at it if you’re a fan.


Great decision. What a tosser


Glad that post has been deleted, nice one bloggs. But now I look like I’m calling Antispud a prick! I’m not, honest, I’m sure he’s a very nice chap!


Got on here a little late, and probably lucky for it because I open all the hidden comments just to see why they’re so bad. Glad to hear it’s gone now as I haven’t seen the movie yet. Was it one of the regular trolls who posted it, or a brand new one?


*three-weeks-away-from-returning-from-injury klaxon*


Would someone delete this post? Serves no purpose whatsoever!!

bobby chapman

youre a disgrace. probably the kind of guy who hates on giroud then celebrates when he scores.


I have minimal knowledge, or interest in the Star Wars franchise, but I do gather from this comment that you’re probably a c*nt of Jamie Carragher magnitude?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

He will be back to spearhead the final drive to winning the PL. I am confident that Walcott will replace him in terms of goal contribution.


Normally I’d be annoyed but I came across some other tosser that couldn’t resist spoiling it for everyone else the other day.


Mesut Ozil is now as important as John Connor..


Is he the human version or the cyborg that Skynet remade?


Human version. I’m quite convinced that flamini was sent back from the future to protect him


Would thumb you up thrice if I could, Chan. Not like that you filthy feckers!


What Skynet John Connor? Everyone knows there’s only one sequel to the original in Terminator 2, and that Hollywood decided not to soil the legacy of the Terminator franchise by making more.




I think we will have enough to get trough the games win against soton away, and then we have 3 home games with Bournemouth and Newcastle in the league there is no easy game but we can cope without alexis as we did in the last couple of weeks in vital big games and then Sunderland ind the FA cup and after that liverpool which will see ready and fit alexis for that game, and looking forward more playing time for the ox we will rotate ox with cambell and walcott whir is a blessing as those 3 are far… Read more »

Umang Agrawala

It’s a shame such a comment doesn’t violate the comment policy.


No sweat!


I *really* hope you just made that up. I’m never clicking on hidden comments again


When we have to rely on Gibbs as first choice we will be in trouble


In case the thumbs weren’t a clear enough message, that simply wasn’t necessary to slate Gibbs like that.


Some fans are only happy when they’re slating someone. Gibbs is one of our own and a mighty fine player.

David C

I quite like when we bring on Gibbs to protect the left side. I also think his first touch on those long cross field passes is an amazing thing to watch. The best thing about Gibbs is that he’s putting his head down and trying to win a spot back, unlike DeBuchy on the right hand side.


You c*nt



Perry S.

who the hell really cares?


Cant wait for the next Wilshere setback news
(just a bit pissed off despite tonites win)


I was hoping he’d be brought back for Manchester city only for Dagenham and Redbridge to turn up for the better 75mins. Now I’m feeling guilty.


See the bright side. A team like arsenal should beat the shit out them all without one player. If we manage without him imagine how we will be when he comes back. Welbeck too. Wish him a speedy recovery. I can’t help thinking this is our year. Everything is pointing to that


You prick


Is there any injured player close to coming back anytime soon?

Hamburg Gooner

So you were watching Star Wars when the Arse were playing Man City?

Wenger's love child

We just beat the most expensive team ever put together in England. Mancity spent over 100 million pounds on outfield players less than six months ago. Wenger and his eagle vision, and his balls of steel and his unwavering transfer window PokerFace, spent neut. Yet… COYG!!!


The way Walcott and Campbell played tonight I’m sure another three weeks won’t be a problem!


You get banned for giving away the end to Star Wars?


Well done blogs.




Alexis blows up the fucking Death Star!


Really hope we can push on now and have a good Xmas period. It’s gonna be tough but I really believe we can win this title!….unless Leicester keep going haha

Ozil's eyes

Was down-thumped for saying I’ve lost faith with Arsenal medical team. 2 setbacks to big players this week.Not surprised at all. Infact and I’m expecting more of the same unless a January signing of Eva is done as soon as.


It just isn’t a perfect night for Arsenal without some new injury… *sigh*

Oh and f*ck that dude who spoiled Star Wars. I can pretty much guess what he wrote. Don’t worry, it doesn’t ruin the movie.


Hopefully we’ll get a boost from returning players to get us over the line this year


Damn, Alexis is human after all, I really was beginning to wonder. Now it’s just Ozil that I’m unsure of. 15 assists, fucking unreal.
And right before Theo scored, my son said it was stupid to have him on the left because he can’t shoot with his right foot. The folly of youth…
It’s an especially good day to be an Arsenal fan.


Let’s hope these Gunners learn from the last time we had a set of perceived easy fixtures. I believe we went D,D,L,W very recently on what looked like 12 pts on paper.


Back to Alexis, I don’t mean to be negative and I love him for his enthusiasm, but I knew he would do this. I hope Wenger has finally told him to sit the fuck down until he’s well and truly patched. In the end the staff has to rely on his feedback, but you know he wanted to play this match from past indicators. He has to learn that navigating injury waters is just as important as one big match for the club’s fortunes, and that if he keeps fucking up that hamstring he’ll end up with a recurring tendency… Read more »

King Kolo

Ah the three week setback… Maybe on the positive side Thierry thought Jack would be back soon. It’s time for The Jeff!

Naija Gunner

You guys gat me going nuts. I was scrolling up and down looking for the anti-star wars post, but couldn’t find it, until I got to the Blogs comment, to know that it has been deleted!

What’s wrong with all of you?…Am trying to enjoy our win against those shit oil-rich cunts from manchester.

I Love You Guys Like Mad! COYG…


This might be better for him and when he comes back refreshed he will be firing on all cylinders to help win the title


I hear Sanchez is back on January 10th.

Arsenal fan

Honestly, i am happy that he is getting some rest now.
Hope he comes back and fires us to to the Title 🙂

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