Monday, October 3, 2022

Aston Villa 0-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Top of the league after a 2-0 win over Aston Villa. It wasn’t the most exciting or enthralling game, or the most complete performance, but three points all important.

Here’s how the players rated.

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A city win next week would be massive and would open a four point gap. Even if we stumble in the hectic new year period and go from +4 to -2 of city till the end of January, we would still be in it big time with players coming back.


You’ve phrased that pretty badly. A “city win” reads as if you’re asking for a city win.

Don’t mind me, I’m in GMAT sentence correction mode.




10/10 for Ozil who reportedly blowed a kiss towards a Villa fan who abused him verbally as he made his way towards the tunnel after being substituted. They say you can’t buy class, couldn’t agree more.


I thought we bought him for 42 million quid


And here I was thinking I couldn’t possibly love him more than I already do… Be still my beating heart



The Wizard of OZ(il)

That double fake move from Ozil before the assist… Blimey, that was something to watch over and over again!

David C

I quite liked the Walcott pass on the build-up! I think he’s been watching Ozil.


I do too, thought I saw more than 1 inside of the boot passes from Theodore which coincidentally Mesut loves and excels at.

Toast with Butter and Jam

Do you think he might be playing with him as well?


The Ox
His Mojo is missing
Return it to Lost Property
We will have need for it long term

Arsenal ( Fans and Admirers)

Edu's Braces

Actually thought the Ox was quite good when he came on. Relatively anyway for sure.


Same here I thought the OX didn’t do that badly when he came on. people forget him an campbell may play in the same position but both play a different style of football. Campbell likes to hold up the ball and link with players alot more whilst The OX has the dribbling skills to take a man on with his pace. Hes just come back from injury so hes probably not fully fit yet….


Though, there was this ‘OOoooo’ factor about him that’s just not there. Is it motivation? Frequent playtime? Injury return wary-ness? He’s not maturing fast enough, is it?

Me So Hornsey

I thought Ox was much better today when he came on. Even though some things still never came off for him, his head didn’t drop as it has recently and he really put in a shift in, noticeably enough to wonder if he’s been looking at how Campbell’s managed to usurp him in the team.

Its a good learning curve. He’s 22 now, hopefully he’s realising he won’t be treated as one of the ‘kids’ any longer.

Getso gunner

I smell something very special about this team, winning 3 consecutive games without the defensive shield of Coquelin, creativity of Santi and goals of Alexis says it all. Go on gunners win any of EPL, UCL or both

The Car2n Goon

FA Cup and PL please. We’ll be the first team to win 3 consecutive FA Cup’s in the modern era. I don’t think we’ve quite got the quality to trouble Barca and Bayern yet- halt to be proven wrong though but, I crave the PL more than any other title.

The Car2n Goon

*happy not halt


We made the last 16 in style without our best central and forward maestros. I believe with the right strategy we can beat any team on the planet COYG

Dan Hunter

I completely understand the desire for the premier league but for me the champions league has got to be the holy grail, the one that got away. Champions league edges it by 51 49. It is the difference between a big club and a great club and it’s a catastrophe we have never won it.


I must say Rambo is looking immense at the moment in that central position. Exciting stuff! Nice win to cap off the week. Good job done by all. But would hope Ox gets back on track soon.


And more importantly he scored in the first two games after his injury so now will play naturally and not be obsessed to score a goal for weeks like he did before he got the injury, today had showed that he is not obsessed going forward and every time go for a goal he was disciplined and the goal comes naturally to him, the last week performance from him it’s pointing that reasmy is back in that brilliant from from 2013-2014 season. I said many times cazorla is brilliant player and very important to us especially in controlling the midfield… Read more »


Chamberlain is convinced he has a short period of time to impress when that’s not the case.

He wants to do something eye-catching and quick when sometimes all is needed is to stay calm and pass the football.

Like on one break away today a pass to Ozil would have been the easier thing to do but Chambo wanted a step over and a shot on goal. It backfired.


Flam was perfect. It maybe wasn’t a difficult game, but he held position, passed and tackled well , let Ramsey bomb forward, and didn’t pick up a yellow card.

Jack Lewis

Easy, Easy, Easy


If a keeper keeps a clean sheet doesnt that warrant a 10? indulge me here


Not if all he has to do is save potshots from distance. (no disrepect to Cech who is fast becoming my favourite keeper).

Goone's Farm

He did have a few hairy moments. That slip where the ball only just slipped past Gestede specially, but a solid performance still.


He did just about manage to “Szczesny” it at some point but recovered to Manuel Neuer the game to its end.


Are you saying that at the end, Cech came out to punch the ball at a corner, but missed it, allowing Olivier Giroud to score ensuring that Arsenal beat Bayern Munich……?

Arshavin's fake moustache

Would not swap Cech for Neuer

gooner rises

Ramsey of old is being molded back. Ozil is well Ozil and next game is a must win.


Mesut Özil: Level Super-Awesome achieved
I just googled the phrase “nicking a living” and got a page full of Özil related media nonsense. What is going on, Google?

Dan Hunter

Did anyone else go on Google to actually check that our was it just me…?

Gunner psych

I remember last season ox was the best player alongside Sanchez till December when he got himself injured on a sliding challenge…those injury do take it’s toll….let’s be patient with ox as we were with Ramsey and giroud…he has some serious potential he will come good I do believe…


Ox needs game time!


He already had enough game time to show us what hes got and so far its been nothing.. or who was playing all this time when CAmpbell was on the bench and couldn’t get a game?? THE OX exactly he had i believe over 10games straight in all competitions before he got injured in the League cup then came campbells chance which so far he’s taken and looks a way better prospect than the OX and i’m not surprised because people underestimate Campbell he’s actually technically more experienced than the OX he’s played in all the top leagues in europe… Read more »


And here we are. All the talk of our season falling apart with Alexis limping off to an injury…we’re still fighting and top of the league. Wake up Lawro, this is the stuff of champions (He deem to mention City’s stumbling performance to Swansea was stuff of champions when had we done the same, he would call us unconvincing) And all those naysayers on Flamini, something about his lack of discipline? Flamini’s positioning has been very discipline just ahead of the back4. He is a different player to Coquelin and we cannot expect him to bomb wide and slide tackle… Read more »


Well said.

9 o'clock

All these “Flamini bombs forward!” haters are incredibly frustrating: many fans and even some pundits don’t pay the least attention to what role various players are actually playing whilst on the pitch, and simply assume that Flamini = DM, when in fact he’s played just as (more?) often at CM since he’s come back to Arsenal, certainly during the past calendar year. They can’t conceive that if Flamini is on the pitch, that he could actually have been asked to do anything different than guard the back 4, break up play, and turn the ball over to the creative players,… Read more »


The fact that Schneiderlin doesn’t get on the field for Man “Untied” is not a reflection of his talent (or lack of).
You seem to suggest that van Gaal knows how to select a team?
He is a brilliant manager for Manure, long may it continue


For that matter those begrudging us winning against lesser teams should bear in mind Spurs lost (at home)to Newcastle. Does it fit the media narrative as well that Spurs are relatively unbeaten? The great pretenders, our constant shadow.

The media will big up Deli Ali or the Spurs when they win big in the Europa league against a Monaco a pale shadow of what they were when they surprised us last season.

The media, will they ever learn?:D


What do u think of Sp*rs after losing to Newcastle?




Honestly I don’t really care about Spurs. They’re pretty harmless. The only team I absolutely hate with a passion is Chelsea, absolutely hate them


i know, right! i know, our rivalry with spurs is traditional, but having grown to support Arsenal without the influence of any elder and experienced supporters, i have never grown to dislike spurs. They consistently finish in europa league places, provide good entertainment with their transfer dealings and in general, just give off the impression of a harmless PL team. But Chelsea, on the other hand… That team is a rival for me….

Me So Hornsey

You still need to hate sp*rs.

Toast with Butter and Jam

You don’t grow to dislike Sp*rs

You absolutely despise them the first time you come across them

2015-2016 = the year we'e been waiting for

Which brings us to somewhat of a dilemma on Monday night football…

Would you rather watch another mouthwatering episode of “Chelski lose and Jose loses the plot”?

Or would rather Leicester City drop points so we stay top of the league before the showdown with Man City?

Arshavin's fake moustache

Chelsea are also harmless 🙂




Agree 100%. This is Where Wenger falls down in my opinion. He bought the Ox on for 2 minutes in week. What is point of that. Today was an opportunity to give him some proper playing time. Campbell did well in the week but he is always going to be limited. The Ox at his best can take us to the next level and is someone that can do it against the very best. He needs to be given confidence from the manager and players around him. Play him.


bollocks! The Boss has being giving everyone opportunities this season, Campbell is only the latest.


Nonsense, Ox has been afforded opportunities this season it’s just that he is taking a longer time to grab it. Campbell deserves to be playing ahead of him atm. No question.

Ox hasn’t caught the eye since the community shield!


I just called Arsene (really!) to let him know he’s fallen down in your opinion… He was very concerned. Campbell didn’t just ‘do well’ in the week, you patronising muppet – he had an excellent game. More importantly, he continued a seriously upward curve and playing him today was an NB part of letting the form flow (so NB to a player who’s clearly been lacking in confidence and game time and who has proved to the manager that pitch presence is paying off). Ox, on the other hand, was injured during a serious run of form and doesn’t really… Read more »


Did he provide the ball either to Ozil or Giroud who were crying for it on the left when he should have? Either would have had a clear shot on target. Instead, he was greedy and stupid. Ozil, in particular, was fuming in the end.

Being ‘greedy’ is acceptable but not stupidity when you are trying to get back into the team or the manager’s thoughts.


FYI Fam, Sp*rs were beating at home. hahahahaha. Liverpool dropped points and I believe Chelsea will. Great weekend all together then.


beaten* maybe beating cos I hope it continues 🙂


…and as for that shower from Salford.


Good win think Campbell will turn out to be a really good player, his finishing and work rate are really good the only down thing about him is maybe his stamina, wish we could have scored more to improve our goal difference though


Yep.. clear concerns there but still he seems a team player and tries hard to track back or close down..

But what upset me most y’day were his hasty passes to initiate counters in the 2nd half when he could have easily kept it and relieved pressure. Sometimes, there was too much haste in build-up play from the team as a whole and that is disappointing. A spell of possession when you are 2-0 up does no one any harm.



Giroud's Beard

Solid performance overall. Kos and Mert looking like the solid defensive partnership of late last season. Ramsey looks to be enjoying the central midfield position, I wonder what will happen with Santi comes back? Alexis must be chomping at the bit on the sidelines waiting to return to this team.

On a side note… Glad we didn’t sign Benzema after all that waffle!!!!

John L

i think we all need to credit wenger for the last couple of games. for a manager that apparently doesn’t do tactics i think the teams approach to the last three games has been absolutely spot on.


Good 3 points, looked a little tepid but after Wednesday that’s to be expected. I’m feeling too that this may very well be our year, oh man how excited would it be to be crowned CHAMPIONS!!!!

Dan Hunter

I thought two seasons ago was the chance we have had in a long time to win the league but we made mistakes in the transfer market and were naive against some of the better teams. This year, I think the opportunity is even greater to win the league. Chelsea is out of the race, Utd has a terrible squad, and City are playing like punks and dropping points. The only thing that needs addressing is the defensive midfield position because I still think Flamini doesn’t have the legs nor the discipline to be a rock solid enforcer in front… Read more »


We have a better good chance to win the league because Cech is a GOONER!


I’m not surprised by Campbell turning into a good player. I’m more surprised by people who thought he would not and derided Wenger for chasing him around the Costa Rican jungle for a price of under 2m quid. He has already shown in the last world cup his attributes. We have a set up now with experience and quality in all positions that ensures our younger emerging talent have a better chance at transitioning into first team unlike the Denilson period. This is crucial. So Bellerin comes as no surprise, nor Coquelin and certainly not Campbell unless you think things… Read more »


I believe in Wilshere. He WILL be the next big thing in the next 2-3 years. He WILL peak at 25-27 years of age. He’s got it in him. Wait for it.


Hopefully by that time he will still have ankles to stand on. Future captain.


Jack is already a monster and will only get better. His issue is just being healthy enough to showcase it consistently. He’s one of the few midfielders perfect from deep that can slip outta high pressing and turn defense into offense with ease. He has a dangerous turn of pace with exquisite vision. And this is with all the start stops due to injury. I don’t know who questions his ability. Not a shot at the ox, but jack isn’t like him where he just has the attributes that would suggest he could become “world beater”. Jacks ability has always… Read more »


Ozil surely is struggling with fatigue with all that he has played lately and the amount of running he does (which is really not recognized by most), yet still is a key player in the match. Plus, he is carrying a bit of a calf strain so was glad to see Wenger get him out.

Getting really tired of Giroud whining when he doesn’t get the pass like when Ramsey scored instead of celebrating he stands there throwing his arms up as if Ramsey took his shot at a goal away.


Fucking what!?


mark you are an idiot, Giroud was clearly delighted at Ramsey scoring, there are many photos of him with his arms aloft and a massive smile on his face, at the moment of Ramsey scoring, but you seem to have an agenda against Giroud so try and distort it.
Try and take your own advice and stop whining at one of our players.


And this chaps is the extinguisher to whatever Fire Mark was starting.


He threw his arms up BECAUSE Ramsey scored, not in protest… you myopic twit!


What is going on with Gnarby?


Not a lot.

9 o'clock

He’s on a full-season loan at West Brom, rarely being included in the squad,let alone getting playing time

Fabregas bald head

wait, am i the only here who wants Leicester to win tomorrow?


the leicester v cfc game is a win win situation for us gooners, lcfc win means cfc have lost, that is a win, if lcfc draw or lose its a win for us as AFC stay top.

lcfc play Everton and Liverpool away in their next two games after tomorrow,

Gunner in Canada

And their last game before the new year is against citeh, another win-win for us.

Gudang Pelor

Leicester can lose point to others, but tommorow I say let the Foxes bite Moaninho head off.


If the Foxes win tomorrow they will beat a UCL KO Qualifier and be above all the other UCL qualifiers on the log.

Trixie Bird

Do you mean CL?

Dan Hunter



I felt Flamini was motm, all round most consistent performer for the whole game. Ramsey was off till he scored. Monreal and Giroud close behind him Flam.


I think Walcott’s contribution has been overlooked. He was responsible for both goals, the penalty and the amazing ball for Ozil, even if he did have an otherwise quiet game… I see great things in store for him.


That photo up there…. Does Hector not sweat?


it is good to be a gunner


Again Walcott did poorly defensively by letting Hutton have a free access to make numerous crosses. Thank God the boss saw it and brought on Gibbs to cover for Monreal.


When you really think about it, Ramsey more or less took what could have been Giroud’s goal by running straight into the oppn. box after his tackle 🙂 Any wonder then? We have seen this time and time again. That is one of the things I don’t like about his game, especially now he is played as a CM. Hats off to him on this occasion but if we lose the ball high up with him there as well, all we’ll have is Flam and the CBs to cover.. He needs to rein this in and learn to master his… Read more »

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